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The Yacht Ch. 03

by jimsjolene©

I could see that Mommy was beginning to like this more than she wanted to admit. Her body was twitching and I knew she was ripe to be Daddy’s and my slave. Sliding my supple body up hers. I was grinning and wiggling on her as I ripped off the tape from her lips. Mommy screamed. Daddy laughed. I could hear him moving around on the bed and then pulled myself back as daddy wagged his big thick cock at mommy's face.

"Suck my cock bitch slut, suck it like my good little slave" Mommy moaned as daddy pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. Daddy moaned then and began to fuck her lips. I slid back down between Mommy's legs. I slid my fingers into her cunt already so wet I began to fuck it, adding one finger at a time. Mommy's hips bucked and I knew she was beginning to like being our slave. I was now pushing my fist into her cunt. My fist was small and soon her cunt gave way and opened up as I began ramming my fist in mommy’s pussy harder and harder. Mommy screamed around Daddy’s cock as she came again. Daddy grunted, as eh slammed his cock in and out of her mouth then began shooting his load into her hot throat.

Reaching up to daddy I pulled my youthful body to His and pressed my lips to his. As I kissed him, I slid around to the front of daddy so that my crotch hovered over mommy slave’s face. Daddy commanded our mommy slave to lick her little girl’s cunt and make her cum for the first time other than masturbation. I cried out as mommy’s lips whispered over my smooth cunt.

“Oh daddy it feels so good. Our little slave is a such good girl. Tell me daddy how to cum.”

Daddy smiled and began to tweak my budded nipples. “Just relax baby girl and let what mommy is doing control you.”

Daddy was leaning down so his face was just even with my cunt, watching mommy slave as she licked my cunt.

“Fuck her pussy slut.” Daddy commanded mommy slave, “Shove your tongue in deep. Make her cum on your tongue.”

I was focused on Daddy’s voice but mommy’s tongue was plunging in and out of my cunt. I was sobbing now, it felt so good. I felt my body tensing. I was afraid. Daddy was twisting my nipples hard, and it hurt a little. But the pleasure from mommy's mouth was driving me wild. Tossing back my head and wailing loudly I came for the first time.

I could see Daddy’s cock was hard again. Collapsing on the bed still amazed at what mommy slave had made me do. I was on a high and the night was not over yet.

Daddy was doing something with Mommy. I watched as he untied her and forced her to roll over. Mommy was protesting. She was begging daddy to not do what he was doing but daddy only laughed and slapped her ass hard. I watched as the welt of his handprint made the flesh rise.

"Go in the drawer over there and get Daddy’s belt." he said to me.

I obeyed anxious to see what daddy was going to do next. When I had returned Daddy had tied mommy slave differently so she was on her hands and knees. Daddy took the belt and began to whip mommy slave on her ass, her thighs, and her back. Mommy screamed in pain and begged daddy to stop. I felt such a high watching this. Mommy made a good slave. Daddy swung and struck my own flesh with the belt. It hurt and startled me but the slow wave of pain turned into something else. I felt my own pussy throbbing again. Daddy grabbed me by the legs and pulled me to Him. I was on my belly as I felt Daddy’s big hand in the small of my back.

Daddy was grunting." I’m gonna fuck you good and hard now little girl and I want you to cum on my cock like you did for mommy slaves mouth. Understand?”

I moaned. Daddy's cock was pushing into my tight hole. It hurt. I was so tight and daddy was so big but I lifted my ass to take all of his meat inside me. I looked over as I lay beside Mommy. She was watching and I smiled at her.

“Daddy likes my pussy better mommy slave.” I hissed.

Mommy struggled in her bonds and I laughed then cried out as Daddy began to pound my sweet tight little cunt. Ohhhh it felt so good.

I cried out to him, “Oh daddy yes fuck me, fuck me hardddddd.”

Daddy was pounding away and mommy now was moaning and whimpering. Daddy pulled his big meat from my pussy as I slid under mommy. Inching myself back so my ass and cunt were right beneath hers. I felt daddy move and then his cock was pushing back into my pussy. I pushed up into mommy’s big titties. They felt so good and then I heard Mommy moan. She began to rock slowly back and forth. My smaller body was caught in her motion and it rocked with hers. My cunt was being opened and stretched deliciously by daddy’s cock. I heard mommy beg daddy to push it in deep and I wondered. As daddy fucked my cunt I realized he was slamming his fingers into mommy tight ass. He was using the belt on mommy’s ass and body and occasionally I would feel the sting curl under her to lick at my body. Mother and daughter almost one as we rocked into Daddy’s use. Mommy was screaming now and I was matching her own cries as daddy raped my pussy. I began to feel that feeling again. I was going to cum. My pussy began to get tighter around daddy’s cock, feeling as if I was going to pee I let go and came. Mommy too came with me and we both rocked and shuddered. Just then I felt Daddy’s cock get bigger and then flood of warmth seeped inside me. I knew daddy had just cum too. I collapsed under mommy and daddy laid on his back beside us.

Daddy’s deep voice reached my ears. "Untie your mommy slave little girl.”

I forced myself to obey and began to unfasten the bindings until mommy was free. She collapsed on the bed, panting and breathing deep. I drug myself in between mommy and daddy’s bodies. Daddy pulled himself up to look at us both.

"Things are changing here girls, from now on I will fuck you when I want little girl and you will always be available to Daddy, Understand?”

I moaned and nodded.

“Yes daddy.”

Then Daddy turned to mommy. "And you, no more will you push me around and take and not give. From now on you will be my hot slave bitch, I will fuck you when I want and even allow my friends you fuck you if I want it." Mommy slave moaned and nodded. " You will also obey your little girl from now on. If she wants anything you will give it to her and you will also be her slut slave in all ways. Do I make myself clear"

I looked at mommy and smiled as she nodded.

Daddy laid back down only this time he pushed himself between His two girls. I lay on one side of daddy, mommy slut on the other. Both of our heads, mommy’s and mine were nestled on Daddy’s strong chest. Mother and daughter, together, content to serve Him and even better, Mommy was now my slave. I heard Daddy’s breathing slow and I knew he had drifted off to sleep. Mommy slave looked to me and offered her lips to mine. I kissed her back, using my tongue. She tasted so sweet and good. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep. Content and anxious to start our new life as Daddy, daughter and mommy slave.

Written by: jimsjolene

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