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The Devil in a Black Dress

by LLanerla©

My breathing quickened into hard pants as my pussy became so slick that is was a struggle to keep myself open while I fought to finish myself.

"Here, let me help," a smooth seductive voice sounded from the direction of the stall door.

My eyes flew open and to my horror there stood the woman in the black dress. It was like a nightmare or a dream; I wasn't sure which. Here I was with my legs splayed and my pussy spread as wide as it could go. Worse yet my fingers were paused in the process of jacking myself off; and here in front of me, offering her help no less, was the cause of my ravenous desire.

My lustfully numb mind could do nothing other than nod. She sauntered into the stall with her large breast swaying seductively with each confident step. Mesmerized, all I could do was stare at them and imagine them bared for my enjoyment. As if I'd lost my mind for a moment I congratulated myself silently on picking the biggest one so there would be plenty of room for the both of us. That was my last thought as she knelt in front of me and replaced my hand with hers.

"Mmmm, God, you are soaking wet. When I saw you rush out I followed you in hopes that I could talk you into lifting your skirt for me. Imagine my surprise when I walked in here and found it gone!" she said with a tantalizing grin.

Chuckling a little, she ran her fingers up and down my soaked slit causing me to arch my hips forward silently begging for more.

I moaned at her words as much as I did at the teasing stroke of her fingers.

"I have to say though, the sight of your sweet little fingers fucking your sweet little cunt almost made me cum right there."

I gasped at her bluntly naughty words. It was unusual for dirty talk to turn me on as much as it was. Then again, I'd also never gotten so worked up by a woman before as well. Never had I imagined being with a girl, but dear god, I wanted this woman more than ever.

I opened my mouth to beg her to let me see her sweet little pussy; just so I could see if it was just as drenched as my own. Her smile caught me off guard a second holding my voice long enough for her fingers to attack my clit, rubbing it hard and fast. Causing my ass to lift up off the seat towards her. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, she stopped and stepped away. Confused, achy and nowhere near satisfied I let out a whimper giving her a pleading look.

"However, this is not the time or the place for this. Get dressed and follow me," she demanded.

She sauntered out of the stall leaving me to catch my breath alone. Reeling in this torrent of lust that was pulsing through me it took all my strength to pull myself together enough to move. Still horny as hell, I waited to hear the door close so I could finally get some relief.

Through the door I heard her voice waft back to me. "Do not touch yourself and don't put that sexy little thong back on."

I groaned as her commanding tone sent a fresh wave of desire coursing through me. I didn't know who'd put her in charge but I wanted to kill them... or thank them.

I cleaned up a bit and then panic when I realized I had no were to put my underwear. With one good look at the slinky little lace confection I tossed them out knowing the damp material would never be good again anyway.

She met me just outside the bathroom with my purse in her hand and began to stir me towards the door. Her hand never left my lower back as we walked making it obvious that she was claiming me. In exuberance and unable to help it, I threw flirtatious glances at every man that looked our ways silently bragging at having caught the eye of the hottest woman in the bar. Every man we walked by adjusted himself to hide the erection that I knew had sprung up as they all fantasized about the two of us.

One bold man stopped us on our way out the door and asked if we needed a ride home. Exceptionally large and daunting this man would have been the perfect male specimen if it wasn't for the slight beer gut that was beginning to form on top of his torn and faded Levis.

His excited breathless offer left no doubt that he was more than willing to join us. I blushed furiously but, she just pulled me close gave me a hard kiss that devoured my lips. The sweet softness of hers was a stark contrast to what I was used to but was no less stimulating. I allowed my tongue to trace over the seam, asking hesitantly for just a taste. She opened up just enough to allow her tongue to slid out and rub against mine. A whimper sprung up from my chest at the gentle strokes.

Her hand slid under my skirt to give my bare ass a slow caress. The air that rushed up my skirt left me with the realization she had exposed it to every man close by. They all had a perfect view of exactly what she was doing.

A chorus of groans and cat calls behind me echoed behind us. There was a war of embarrassment and arousal inside me. Arousal won as I pressed into the hand and wrapped my arms around her back, giving her better access. I was beyond caring when and where, I just wanted this woman more than my next breath.

She pulled away and turned back to the bold man. His eyes were bugging out of his skull and his skin tight jeans couldn't hide the rock hard erection that seemed to be plastered against his zipper.

"Tonight's mine, big boy. But we'll see about next time," she purred at him.

We hurried outside towards her car as the cat calls continued. She opened my door but stopped me before I could slide in.

"Lift up your skirt before you get in."

Once again I obeyed without question. She got behind the wheel leaving me bare assed in front of everyone that walked by. The torrid display embarrassed me and even worse sent my heated body up in flames.

My god! My modesty chastised me. What are you doing, young lady?

She opened the glove box and pulling out a long leather covered container.

Her hot gaze bore into me. "I want you to take this and slide it inside your sweet little hole.

Do you understand me?"

I opened the box to find a long white vibrator and right next to it was a little remote. As I picked up the toy she snatched the remote up. I looked from her to the white tube, extremely apprehensive. I wasn't a virgin; that wasn't the problem. The problem was that even though masturbating in a public restroom and going home with a woman were on the top of my 'Never Before' list, using a vibrator on myself in front of another person were next on that list.

This woman waited patiently and her stony expression told me she wouldn't be persuaded otherwise. Not to mention, if I was being honest with myself, I wanted it to.

Slowly, I slid it down between my pussy lips; taking a moment to stroke it over my pouting clit. The minute she turned it on, the vibrations hit my sensitive little nub hard and I flung my head back on the seat rest, unable to hold back a cry of passion.

As quickly as she turned it on she shut it off.

A frustrated moan was the next to leave my lips as I stared at the devil in a sexy tight black dress sitting next to me with an evil smile splitting her bright red lips. I fought the urge to lean over and kiss those lips... or strangle her, it was a hard decision.

"Do as I say and it'll be great. I promise," she said with such conviction that I believed her even though my body called her a liar.

When I nodded I knew that I had just given her the power to hurt me or please me and for some reason that didn't bother me as much as maybe it should. Then again, I'd give her my undying devotion if she'd just let me cum.

"First things first."

She slid a finger between my legs and gently pushed it inside me. I promptly opened my thighs wide so her finger would slide deeper as my inner walls clamped down joyfully. She pulled away and lifted her finger to show it glistening with my juices. Then slid my finger in her mouth and sucked it clean right in front of me. A moan spill from me at the carnal picture she was playing out.

"Mmmmm so good. I can't wait to eat that sweet little cunt. Now be a good girl and slide my vibrator up in there."

This time she didn't have to ask twice. I jammed her vibrator deep in me, desperate to satisfy the gnawing hunger deep inside.

"Good girl," she said with a smile in her voice.

I looked over at her and saw a wicked glint in her eyes moments before she turned the toy on and its pulsations hit. A soft cry flew from my lips and I started riding it in fast, awkward movements.

"Lift your feet up and put them on the seat. I want you open wide so I can watch as you fuck yourself."

The adjustments were hard but I finally managed to do as she said and as a reward, she turned it up a little more.

"Yes!" I hissed out.

She let out another delighted chuckle before starting the car. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the movement of the toy as I pushed it in and out. I'd masturbated a few times before but nothing I'd ever done had felt this good and I couldn't stop the almost continuous moans that came from my lips.

"Does that feel good, baby?" she asked softly.

"So good," I moaned.

"I hope you're not going to cum here in my car. This is just not the place for it," she admonished me and immediately turned off the toy.

I moaned in disappointment and pleaded with my eyes for her to change her mind, but she gave me a stern look and shook her head.

"Do not cum in my car, girl."

I gave her a frustrated look but nodded.

"Good. Now take it out."

I pulled it out immediately, trying hard to be the good girl she wanted. She took it from me and I was almost embarrassed to notice that it was so wet that my juices were dripping down her fingers. She did not comment on this, just indicated to the window on my side. I looked out and saw a young man, barely over the age of twenty-one, in a truck next to us. From his vantage point he would have a perfect view to where my lower half was bared. I struggled to pull my skirt down before he looked over at us. But, she had other plans. The evil smile was on her lips as she urgently honked the horn to get his attention. He glanced over at us and did a comical double-take as he took in the scene before him. His eyes grew wide when she showed him the glistening vibrator in her hands. Then took great pleasure from his mouth dropping when he saw her almost deep throat the whole thing. She closed her eyes obviously savoring the taste and the feel of it.

Her actions were so hot that I knew the guy must have been hard as a rock by the time she was done orally cleaning it. She watched the man avidly as she slowly reached down and slid it back into me. Something hit my clit and I looked down to see an attachment sticking up from the base. I had no idea when she'd manage to slip it on, but as soon as she turned the damn thing back on, the little protuberance slammed the vibrations straight into my sensitive clit.

I cried out and bucked against her hand unable to control the twitching of my hips. A loud honk startled me from the euphoria threatening and my desire laden eyes flew open. The light had turned green at some point without at least two of us noticing.

This lady, this devil woman, seemed unfazed at the commotion as she steered us down the road.

Her hand never left the juncture of my thighs while she continued to thrust the accursed toy in and out of my swollen hole. I had to bite the inside of my lip until I tasted blood to keep my orgasm from cresting over.

Finally, she pulled into a driveway and turned off the car before facing me. All of the sudden she grasped the vibrator and slammed it into me with short, fast, hard, thrusts. Instead of breathing, I whimpered and whined holding myself still knowing there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with the rhythm. She turned up the vibrations until it felt as if it was pulsing throughout my body and the precious control I had over my orgasm began to deteriorate.

I spread my legs as wide as they would go and held on to the seat giving up any pretense of trying to keep up with her and just let her do as she wanted.

"Yes, that's right baby. Take it," she said appreciatively. "You love being fucked hard don't you?"

I nodded, unable to speak as I gasped for breath.

I felt the first spasm of a climax and I tossed my head back to welcome it.

"You're gonna cum right now aren't you?" My voice was a tiny squeak as I cried.


"Don't want that," she declared as she yanked out the toy.

I slammed my hands into the seat several

times as she chuckled fiendishly. She tossed the toy back in its holder then slipped both into her purse before hopping out of the car. She came around slowly; a speed I was grateful for because it gave me time to compose myself. She held the door open for me and I stepped out as casually as I could. Readjusted my outfit nonchalantly I refused to acknowledge the huge wet spot on the seat.

As soon as everything was put back right, I looked up into her dark eyes that were swimming with approval and desire.

She slammed me back against her car and was instantly on me. Her lips attached themselves to mine like they were thirsty and dying for a sip. Her hands tugged my shirt up harshly freeing my breast with a bounce. She grasped my nipples roughly, rubbing and pinching them as if she'd been touching them for years.

I arched my back to force my breasts into her hands as those delicious fingers continued to pluck at my nipples until they were hard sensitive nubs. Then she pressed her chest into mine so our nipples could continue to tease each other. I wrapped my arms around her back as our tongues united in a foray of passion and exploration. My hands gripped the bottom of her dress and pulled it up until I touched her bare skin.

Her skin was so soft and supple I knew I could touch it all day long. I couldn't wait until she let me run my mouth all over her. My hand slide up the back of her legs eagerly searching out the spot where her thigh met her ass cheek. Slipping my fingers between her supple thighs I found the answer to my question. The heat and moisture that was dripping on to my hand made my head start reeling with giddy joy. This hard demanding woman was just as aroused as I was.

She pulled back, forcing me to abandon the area that I so coveted now. Without hesitation she dipped her head and captured one of my tortured nipples. She sucked it deep into the damp heat of her mouth. It soothed the ache her fingers had caused, but started another one deep inside me. Each tug of her eager mouth had me moaning with pleasure and grasping her hair to hold her even more firmly to me. She slowly rolled the nipple with her tongue before pulling away to once again stare into my eyes as if she found my response fascinating.

I gazed up at her through heavy lidded eyes.

"I want you naked," I whispered.

She stepped back and straightened my shirt diligently.

"This is not the place for that. Let's finish this inside."

She was trying to kill me, there was no doubt now. If she kept starting and stopping, I was going to end up spontaneously combusting.

My only respite was the fact that she seemed just as eager as I was. She took my hand and led me inside her house, then all but flew up the stairs to her bed room. She promptly shoved me onto the bed where I gleefully landed with a bounce. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched with greedy eyes as she grasped the bottom of her dress and in a slow teasing wiggle pulled it off.

"You're beautiful," I whispered, awe struck by this gorgeous creature.

She stood in front of me in all her naked glory nothing on but her black high heels and a dainty little strand of pearls. Her long legs going up and up until they hit the slightly rounded curve of her pelvis. Tucked sweetly in between her thighs were the smooth bare lips of her pussy. I stared only for a moment eager to see the rest of this beautiful woman.

Her waist was trim and firm with only a slight roundness that made me want to lay my head there. Then up to her full breast which were topped with little cherries for nipples and I licked my lips as I was caught up with the overwhelming need to bite them.

"Thank you, precious. Now it's your turn to show me what I get to play with tonight," she declared as she grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

She copied my position on the bed, but she didn't just lay there. This woman spread her legs giving me a perfect view of her glistening pussy. Then she ran one hand down her soft belly and dove into the shimmering wet depths. She parted the lips to show off the hard little clit that was poking itself out of its hiding spot.

I was rooted to my spot entranced by what she was showing me.

"I said strip, girl."

Jumping to obey her, I grabbed my shirt and whipped it over my head. Her eyes immediately became glued to my chest again and I could tell by the desire in them that she was remembering the feel of my nipples in her mouth. I reached up and cupped my heavy breasts unable to resist the ache in them as I remembered the feel of her lips as well. Drawing my thumbs across the nipples I grew even more excited as her eyes heated up and her breathing shorten. Her hand began to work her tight little nub faster and faster.

"Yes, baby," she breathed out. "Now pinch them."

Like the good girl I was, I obeyed. Her reaction was just as exciting as the touch itself. Craving more, I lifted my fingers up and sucked on them getting them good and wet before pinching my nipples harder and twist them slightly. I let out a breathy moan at the sweet pain that caused.

She stopped fingering her clit and gave me a stern look. "Ah, ah, ah. Don't get carried away, sweetheart. It's time to take your skirt off."

I whipped it off as fast as I could, anxious for her next order. She stood up once more and began to walk around me admiring my naked body from every angle.

"Beautiful. I picked well for my play toy tonight."

A decadent shiver went through me at being referred to as a play toy. She stopped in front of me again and caressed me with a gentle brush of her fingers.

"You can play with me anytime," I whispered back quietly, shyly.

She smiled, her pleasure showing and gave me a gentle kiss of gratitude.

"I just might, baby girl. Get on the bed."

I complied with her eagerly, unable to wait another moment for what she had in mind. As soon as I'd laid down, she walked to the foot of the bed and pulled out a few straps, quickly tying my ankle with them. Then she came up to the head of the bed and leaned over me with her bare pussy almost shoved right onto my face. The scent of her arousal was so intoxicating I lifted my head towards it hoping that I could get a small taste of it.

"No," she snapped pulling away slightly to clasp the strap around my last limb. "Naughty little

girl. You'll get your turn."

When she was finished and I was successfully strapped spread-eagle on the bed, she stepped back to survey her handiwork.

"Absolutely lovely." she whispered.

She reached one hand out and caressed the top of my bare pussy where I'd left just a little sprig of hair when I shaved that night. She drew her hand back and licked her fingers, once again savoring the taste of my desire. I swallowed at the scene. This woman really knew how to make something that should have been wholly revolting exceedingly erotic. Sliding her finger down once more she spread the sopping wet lips and began to gently flick my clit causing my hips to arch off the bed.

"So wet, so ready. Do you want me to make you cum, my love?" she asked sweetly.

"Yes, please!" I begged.

"Call me Mistress and I'll give you anything."

"Yes, Mistress, please let me cum!" I cried.

She pinched my clit hard jerking a scream from me.

"Good, girl."

She crawled onto the bed and positioned herself between my legs. Her mouth glued itself to my pussy ravenously and her tongue flicked quickly across my clit. My hips jerked uncontrollably trying too hard to keep up with her.

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