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Frat Party

by Psurprise©

It was the first weekend of the new school year. It was still warm and muggy as August seemed to drag on, and on, and on. But for college students, this was the best time of the year. Classes had just begun, but the work load hadn't. The first two weeks of school were always more "play hard" than "work hard." And this weekend was to be no exception.

The small group of friends gathered at a local pizza place for dinner. It was greasy, New York-style pizza, and it was some of the best in town. After the pizza joint, it was time to go back to campus where the pre-partying would begin. Thankfully, one of the members of the group was already 21, a result of a few too many parties and not enough homework submittals on time. So procuring the requisite alcoholic beverages was not a problem. They returned to one of the member's room and began to have a good time.

They played cards, watched some baseball on TV and mostly just hung out. Conversations were had on what the plan was tonight. Like most weekends in the past, there wasn't a set plan. The group would just kind of "go with the flow" of what was going on tonight. The frats were rushing again of course, so there was to be no shortage of parties. So the group decided to head down to the cul-de-sac of frat houses a few blocks from the dorms.

About 8:30p.m., the group headed out. A few of them had met some members of some of the frats and had become at least acquaintances, so they felt they should say hi to some of them. By 8:30, the parties were just in the very beginning stages of getting started. It was still slightly light outside, and some of the bands the frats had hired for the evening were setting up. So the group mostly just hung out on a couple of benches near the street and waited for more people to show up.

Around 10p.m., the partying officially got started. Bands were playing some sort of reggae-funk-rock music while in other houses DJs were spinning some house music. Soon, there were people everywhere.

There were two members of the group that an outsider could tell were getting more into each other as the night went on. They had a great time together at the pizza place earlier, and they laughed and goofed off together in the dorm drinking some cheap beer. This might be an exciting night for both of them.

Both of them were genuinely nice people. She was a blonde with a little red in her hair while he had a dirty blonde look. Her most prominent feature was easily her breasts, as any other word other than voluptuous would do them a disservice. He liked her breasts, although he would tell you he really wasn't a "boob man." He would also tell you that he wouldn't give them up either.

The two of them became basically inseparable as the night went on. She was able to get her hands on a few more beers by using her wily charms and possibly some of her assets, and they continued to drink and move from house to house as the evening progressed.

It was in one of the newer frat houses that things began to get a little more passionate. They had not kissed yet, although it was obvious that this wasn't going to be a problem. However, he was just a little shy and wasn't sure where or when the right moment was going to be. Thankfully for him, he didn't have to worry about it.

As they were heading up the stairs in one of the houses to try to procure another drink, she stopped him, grabbed his hand, and pulled him toward her. She immediately opened her mouth and gave him one of the most passionate kisses he had ever experienced. He was a little taken aback by the kiss, but quickly realized that she (and he) wanted more. They continued to kiss deeply for what seemed like 20 minutes which in reality was probably 10 seconds. As they both looked at each other after the kiss, they smiled, and then went silently back up the stairs to find some drinks. It didn't take long before they each had a Solo cup in their hands and were heading back downstairs to dance.

After another 20 minutes or so, again out of drinks, they both decided to try to head back upstairs to find some more drinks. As they headed up the stairs to the third floor, this time, he grabbed her hand, pulled her back, and reciprocated her earlier kiss. Although by this time, they had drank a few more beers and things got a little steamier.

As he stuck his tongue in her mouth, his hand instinctively reached for the top of her jeans. He easily slid his hands down her pants, feeling like a child in the dark looking for a light switch. He easily moved her dark blue thong out of the way, exposing her bush in his palm, as he gently tickled her with the tips of his fingers.

Finally, he reached far enough in that he could feel her pussy lips in his fingers. He slid his fingers up and down her slit, rubbing her clit with a little bit of force. She instinctively pushed her hips out, exposing more of her pussy to his fingertips, and he slid them to the bottom of her pussy and then back to her clit all in one smooth motion.

They stopped kissing for a moment, and she looked at him with lust in her eyes. At this point, he curved his index finger inside of her pussy, and begin stroking her clit more vigorously. She said to stop, but it was clear she only said this because she thought she had to, not because she actually wanted him to stop.

He could feel his fingers becoming wetter and wetter with each pass up and down her pussy. Every other pass or so, he curved his finger and played with her clit again, causing her to squirm slightly. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he pulled his hand back, not all the way out of her pants, but just enough to move her panties back to where the needed to go. He noticed they were almost soaking wet. He gave a last rub up and down her bush and pulled his hand out. He immediately put his fingers up to her mouth, and she viciously put them in her mouth, tasting the juices that she had made the previous few minutes.

It seemed like they had forgotten their mission of finding more beer, and instead went back to her dorm room. Amazingly, her roommate left a note on the door. She had probably gotten homesick already, and was gone for the weekend.

They went into the room and locked the door behind them. Their clothes came off immediately, she glancing at his long cock already glistening with pre-cum while he looked at her tits and bush with eerie desire. She got down on her knees and began to work his cock in her mouth. Her kiss was not a fluke, she really did have some tongue skills.

He threw her on the bed, rolled her over on her back, and inserted his rod straight into her glistening bush. It didn't need any lube, she had made enough for 3 people, and he began to fuck her vigorously, with straight, deep penetrations. He could feel the tip of his cock pull on her pussy lips after every time he pulled out, and then felt her pussy lips push back in with every insertion.

Soon he was on the edge of orgasm, and at the last moment, pulled out to shoot his cum all over her supple tits. He couldn't remember a time when he shot more cum than that evening. She took her finger and gathered some of his cum and put it in her mouth. She was pleased she was able satisfy him, and he was eager to let her know how much he enjoyed her. This wasn't going to be a one-night stand for sure.

Written by: Psurprise

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