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Bedridden BBW Mom Ch. 02

by taste_tea©

***Author’s note: This is a fictional account of an incestuous affair between a mother and her son. If you have not already, go back and read Bedridden BBW Mom. It will be continued if I get some feedback. So, let me know what you think.***

When Nick awoke the next morning, the first thing he saw was Thalia. She looked so sexy lying there with her hair all tousled from their lovemaking. He leaned in to kiss her, his hand automatically going to rub her tummy, moving up to her breasts. He felt her nipple harden against his palm as he massaged her massive breast. He licked his fingers to moisten them, and began to rub her pussy. When his hand arrived, he was surprised to find her already wet. She was a deeply sensuous woman, she had started to lubricate even in her sleep. As he slipped two fingers inside of her, her eyelids fluttered open. He pumped his fingers into her and massaged her clit with his thumb. She began to grind against his hand. He found her hip gyrations so arousing. She was moaning in pleasure. Soon she was crying out in bliss as he brought her to a thunderous orgasm with his hands. He brought his drenched hand up to his face and licked it clean. He could not get over how good she tasted. It was complex and delectable. He leaned down to kiss her. Their tongues quested in each other’s mouths; the only goal was ecstasy. When they finally broke the kiss, Thalia looked at her son adoringly and started to cry.

“That was a lovely way to wake up, however, it cannot continue,” she sobbed.

“What do you mean?” asked Nick apprehensively.

“We both know this is wrong,” she said, “When I was getting off while you were bathing me and you were cumming in the next room, we could pretend it was not, but now we cannot ignore it, this just cannot continue.”

“I will not accept that Mom. Last night was the best night of my life. I still feel like am riding on a cloud. What we did is only wrong by some people’s outdated standards. What is done in love between two people is not wrong. Listen, in my philosophy class in school we talked about Socrates. He said that the opinions of the masses and the ill informed do not matter. The only opinions that matter are ours. I do not think any less of you for showing me how deeply you love me. We have only transmogrified our love. One thing you said is right, we cannot ignore it. I will not ignore my feelings for you. I love you too much to disregard it. I love you and want you so much it is painful. I need you. And if I do not have you soon, I think I am going to explode.” He punctuated his impassioned tirade with a profound kiss.

“Oh, son,” she said breathlessly, her large bosom heaving. I had no idea you felt that strongly. You have convinced me and I cannot hide my feelings either! Now get over here and give your loving mother the fucking of a lifetime.”

He moved between her legs, which she spread invitingly. He grabbed his six-inch cock at the base and inserted the head into her sopping wet cunt. At first, his stokes were shallow and gentle, but they became stronger and deeper as they went on. Before long, he was thrusting with all of his might. As he steadied himself with one hand, the other massaged her smooth breast. They both cried out with complete abandon.

“Oh god, son! Oh, oh! Fuck your mother! Fuck me with that hard cock! I love how your huge balls slap against me while we fuck,” she cried as she came.

“Shit Mom, I am going to cum!” he said huskily.

He came like a fire hydrant with one final thrust deep inside of her.

“Wow Nick,” she said, rubbing his chest, “that was amazing!” She caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall and said, ”Oh my, I have that doctor’s appointment in an hour and we have got to change these sheets before he gets here.”

Nick sprung into action. He quickly washed his mother and powdered her down. Then he helped her to the restroom. He quickly changed the soaked bedding and helped Thalia slip into panties and a housedress. He barely had time for a quick shower before Dr. Fox rang the doorbell. He led Dr. Fox up to his mother’s bedroom, and told her that he was going to run a few errands and left Dr. Fox to work.

While he was out, he arranged for a huge steak dinner for two, and picked up a dozen roses, and some chocolates, and a couple of bottles of good champagne. He returned home and stowed his purchases in his room, then hurried up to the room to find Dr. Fox just finishing.

“Your mother is making a remarkable recovery Nick. The bed rest has done its job, because her back seems completely better. I am taking her off complete bed rest, but I want her to limit her time out of bed.”

“Don’t worry Doctor,” said Thalia with a sly wink at Nick, “I will still spend plenty of time in bed.”

Dr. Fox continued. “I put a new, waterproof cast on, so now she can bathe any time she wants. Just take it easy and make sure you offer her plenty of support.” Dr. Fox gathered up his materials and left.

“Well Nick, he said I could bathe, you want to give it a go in the whirlpool?”

“Sure Mom, that would be great.” He helped her undress and pulled down his own pants, his already hard cock pointing at the ceiling. After he had filled the bathtub, they cautiously got into the huge whirlpool. Nick played the part of attendant, washing her hair and soaping her all over. He rubbed her clit until she had cum twice. When they were done, they carefully got out. Nick carefully dried her and gave her a massage with warm oil. He spent a lot of time rubbing the oil into her behind, one of his favorite places on her body. After he was done, he reached into her closet and pulled out a tight red dress. “Mom, I want you to do your hair and wear this for dinner, I have got something special planned.” She looked at him suspiciously, but acquiesced.

He went to his room to get ready. He shaved and showered, putting on his best tuxedo. He gathered the roses, the chocolate, and the champagne he had chilled and went up to her room. Her face lit up when he stepped into the room in his tuxedo. She was resplendent. She was sitting on the bed with the red dress, his favorite. It stretched tightly across her huge bust. He could see her nipples poking thru the silky material of the dress. Her hair was done artfully, and she looked radiant. He put down the gifts and helped her to the table set up in the huge bedroom. He lit several candles all around the room, put on some music, and opened a bottle of champagne. The doorbell rang, and he rushed down to pick up the dinner. He brought it up and they ate by candlelight. After dinner, he helped her to the bed.

A little tipsy from the champagne, they were soon involved in an intense kissing session. Their hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies. Nick stood up and started to dance to the music for his mother. He slowly stripped off every ounce of clothing until he was wearing only his hard-on and a smile. He helped Thalia out of her dress. He noticed that her pussy was soaking wet. The smell of her arousal was delightful. They got down to the serious business of kissing again, his hand finding its way to her drenched pussy. He got to his knees in front of her and began to kiss all around her pelvis. He found his way to her cunt. He licked her all over. She tasted so good. He licked her clit and inserted two fingers into her. He fucked her with his fingers as his tongue caressed her clitoris. Her legs closed in on the sides of his head, catching him in an inescapable hold, but he did not mind. She ground herself into his face.

“Oh, my goodness!” she exclaimed loudly. “Stay right there, right there, oh god!”

He heeded her instructions and continued licking her in exactly the same manner. Soon she was quivering in orgasm. His face was bathed with her love juices. When he came from between her legs, his face was shiny with her fluids. They kissed tenderly.

Thalia turned on her side, offering him a magnificent view of her sweet sweet ass. His hands roamed all over her ass. It was smooth, soft, and firm. He slapped it, eliciting a shriek of surprise from her, and watched it jiggle. He placed his hands at the opening of her sex and spread the lips. It was so fascinating the way her wetness glistened in the candlelight. He entered her pussy from behind as she lay on her side. This was great. He had never had sex in this position before, and found that it offered a wealth of pleasures. They both cried aloud in enjoyment.

“Oh, shit,” she cried, “Fuck me good you mother fucker. I love your cock. It feels so good inside of me.”

It turned him on so much to hear her talk dirty like that. He grabbed her ample hip and thrust with renewed intensity. He was like a jackhammer, pistoning into her. He felt his climax approaching rapidly. He roared and shot his seed forcefully into her.

After he had caught his breath, he said, “Mom, that was fantastic. I cannot believe how sexy you are. I could spend all day just loving you.”

Her smile was beaming and full of love as she looked up at him.

I would love to try something different with you next,” he said.

“What’s that son?” She asked.

“Mom, I want to try anal sex with you. I have never done it before, but I would love to try it with you. “

She looked into his eyes and said, “I am an anal virgin, but if you promise to be gentle, I would love to try it.”

He lubricated his still hard cock and her rosebud with water based lube from her ‘special drawer.’ She maneuvered onto her knees, putting a couple of pillows under herself for support. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into her nether opening. It was tighter than he could have imagined.

“Go slowly Son,” she said breathlessly.

Slowly he worked his way in, giving her time to adjust. His hand went under her to play with her clit. Soon she cried out and started shaking with orgasm.

“Oh wow, this is marvelous!” she shouted.

“Damn Mom, you are right. I have never been so turned on.”

He was sure that her screams and his yells of passion could be head by the entire neighborhood, but he did not care. His strokes picked up speed. Soon they had a tempo going, each thrust punctuated by the slap of their flesh. His balls were striking her as he pumped. He felt a monstrous orgasm approaching. He let loose, yelling hoarsely as he emptied himself inside of her. They collapsed in a tangle of limbs, both still amazed at the tremendous experience.

Written by: taste_tea

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