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Nameless Breeding Slut Ch. 02

by LoveHugeBoobs©

All characters are eighteen years of age or older. This is a sequel to my story "Nameless Breeding Slut." If you haven't read it, check it out. Thank you for reading and please comment.


Jason froze in the doorway, not expecting what was behind when he answered the knock. He didn't hide his flabbergasted expression as he stared at the figure waiting on his porch. He gawked at the insanely and mind bogglingly hot girl standing on his porch.

The girl he had cheated on his wife with the night before was standing in from of him, in front of his house, smiling widely. Jason didn't notice her smile at first though, because the first thing everyone noticed about this particular teenager was impossible to overlook.

The girl's tits were fucking gigantic. The breasts weren't big in the sense that they needed a custom-made bra to hold their weight; they were huge in the sense that Jason was sure there was no bra that could handle them. The baps she possessed were unbelievably colossal. The round knockers stretched out for feet in front of her, and her big bubble butt acted as a counterweight. Even if she were to tip over, her immense chesticles would cushion the fall and prevent her face from ever hitting the ground.

Jason had seen these tits naked. He had touched their lovely flesh and sucked on their rosy nipples. But he was still floored by their size and shape. Jason took extra pause this moment because he had made a miscalculation.

Last night, Jason had been drinking at the hotel bar. He had become well lubricated while he was there, and his perception was a little fuzzy. Jason was shocked at this particular moment, because the miscalculation he made was about the size of his secret lover's boobs.

They were undoubtedly bigger than he had estimated the night before. His drunken haze must have threw him off, because the girl in front of him was sporting two tits EVEN LARGER than the already impossible juggs he thought she had. The fun bags too enormous for a bra were even huger than he previously knew.

The boobs shouldn't have been natural, but they were. He verified with his own fingers and mouth. Her mammaries were of back-breaking size, and the slut shamelessly and confidently carried them.

Most people would consider her preposterous chest gross and disgusting. Most men couldn't handle a girl whose breasts accounted for most of her body weight. But Jason's penis grew to an instant erection as he gazed at the raven haired girl whose name he did not know. Her unprecedented rack was perfect.

She was a vision of perfection in her blue sundress, which revealed a vast valley of cleavage. The thin material threatened to rip open, her prodigious boobs desperately wanting to break free. Wearing no bra of course, he could see the outline of her perfect nipples straining the fabric of her clothing.

"What are you doing here?" Jason accused weakly, his throat dry.

"Hi, stud," she simply greeted, her words dripping with honey.

Jason worriedly looked around, checking for wandering eyes, and made a rash decision.

"Stop standing there! Get inside!" he blurted out.

The girl accepted the invitation and took a few long strides into Jason's house. Jason double checked outside, just to be sure no neighbors saw him invite her into his home, and shut the door. He turned to the girl and stepped over to her, flustered and confused.

"Why are you here? Why do you know where I live? You are in my fucking house!" Jason's voice became increasingly elevated.

The dark haired beauty flashed her pretty green eyes at him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Your wife is away on business, right?" she said to him, smiling as if her unannounced visit was completely appropriate.

"Yes. That isn't the point. How did you know that?" he quizzed.

"I come from money, remember? We have ways of getting information," she informed.

Jason's mind raced. He couldn't be sure how much she had found out about him. His wife left earlier that morning for work and this girl already knew. It bothered him, but not as much as it should have. Even though he was confused, his erection was still raging in his pants. The gorgeous girl pressed her tremendous breasts on him and looked up to his eyes.

"I can't stay. I have some errands to run. I just wanted to see you before," she said, giving his firm butt a squeeze.

Jason made a grunt of surprise.

"Before? Before what?" he asked, trying to not to let on how much he loved her touch.

The nameless girl passed him and headed towards the door. Jason smelled her wonderful scent, the smell having a calming effect to him. His secret lover turned to speak, her voice becoming more serious.

"I told you who I am, Jason. I'm your breeding slut. I've chosen you. I told you I would be there anytime you needed your balls drained. I promised to provide you with young sluts, and today you are meeting the first. I called my friend and she will be here soon. I told her how...gifted you are," she said in a sultry tone, eyeing his package.

Jason just stared blankly.

"I'll see you again soon, but I have to make some arrangements. Have fun today. You will love her," the girl winked.

The girl whose name Jason did not know opened the door and left, her round ass bouncing as she walked away. Jason stood there, staring at the door, unsure if the encounter he just had actually happened.


Not even half an hour had passed when Jason heard another knock on his front door. His heart jumped into his throat, and he abruptly stood up from the couch in his living room. He nearly broke a sweat wondering what might be beyond his front door. Surely it was the friend the girl mentioned.

He thought that maybe it wasn't the friend his previous visitor was talking about. It could be a neighbor or door to door salesman. Maybe he had been sitting on the couch worrying about nothing.

Jason cleared his throat and walked to his home's entrance, placing his nervous hand on the door knob. When he opened the door and saw what was behind it, he knew he had everything to worry about.

There was a girl standing in front of him. More appropriately, there was a complete knockout standing in front of him. Jason's mouth hung ajar as he stared at this girl's gorgeousness.

Her shining blonde locks draped past her shoulders, framing one of the most striking and beautiful faces Jason had ever seen. Her lips were full and nose small, and the bluest of eyes were looking up at him. Jason didn't notice her stare immediately, because the rest of her body demanded his attention.

This blonde girl possessed a body that would turn the head of a priest.

Jason stared at long legs, smooth, toned, and exposed all the way to the thigh, just below her butt. A tiny mini skirt was plastered to her plump ass, pulled so tightly it threatened to rip away. The bottom curve of her hourglass came in at her waist, thin and tight with a flat stomach.

Then Jason's gaze took in her ridiculous rack.

Two giant globes were stuffed into a seemingly painted on light green tube top. The article of clothing rose just above her perfectly round nipples, leaving a valley of cleavage in which to be lost. Jason knew her nipples were round because they indecently pointed through her top's poorly concealing material. These breasts sat high and proud on the girl's chest, their huge size being surpassed only by Jason's nameless mystery girl.

Jason had no idea how this young girl didn't tip over. Her frame was tiny but her knockers were stupidly enormous. It must have been her thick bubble butt that balanced her body. Jason studied the fantastic rear end as the girl walked past him and into his home without invitation.

Jason snapped back to reality after realizing he had no idea who this person was, he only knew that she was unbelievably sexy.

"Who are you?" he gulped.

As the girl turned, her huge tits jiggled and she flashed an award-winning smile.

"Layla," she bubbled, giving a wave of her hand and tilt of her head.

Jason just stared blankly. She didn't seem fazed.

"She said you might be surprised! It's okay, I promise I'm super friendly," she assured in a sing-song tone.

Jason was dumbfounded and silent.

"She didn't say you were mute! It's okay! Relax!" Layla insisted with a giggle.

The sizzling and sexy girl shifted her weight from her heels to her tip toes, the innocent gesture causing totally inappropriate bouncing of her tremendously disproportionate curves. She kept looking at Jason, and tried to get him to respond.

"Don't be so nervous. It's not like we're going on a date. There's no pressure," Layla explained in a jovial tone.

Jason relaxed instantly. When he was approached in the bar last night, he instantly got the vibe of his mystery girl. Something sinister and predatory was in her movements and voice. On a subconscious level, he knew her intent. He thought any friend of his nameless slut would be evilly corrupting by association.

Contrarily, the atmosphere around this girl was sweet and comfortable, not that of a sex-crazed seductress. Maybe she wasn't here to seduce him. Maybe Layla wasn't interested in married men. His slut must have made a miscalculation about this girl, or maybe she just wanted him to meet someone she considered a friend. Maybe he was worried about nothing.

"She?" Jason pretended to not know.

"Oh, stop being silly. You know who," Layla said with pep and perk.

Layla stepped further into the living room and stopped at the couch. She slowly sat down on the cushions, her body making pleasing curves. Jason was sure her skirt would tear as she bent, allowing that heart-shaped ass to spring free. When it didn't he felt disappointed, but shook those thoughts from his mind. Even though he made a mistake last night, he was still married.

"It nice to meet a friend of...her...but this is my home. A girl that isn't my wife, alone with me, could look suspicious..," Jason voiced with concern.

"Don't be so nervous! Come, sit by me. I'll tell you about myself," Layla happily suggested, patting the cushion next to her.

Jason hesitantly walked over to the couch, and sat next to the friendly blonde. Her smile was incredibly warm and inviting, but Jason was focused on her no doubt warm and inviting cleavage. There was so much and he wanted to get lost in it. He shook his head to push away those thoughts as Layla started talking.

"I'm Layla. I am a good friend of our mutual one. I'm eighteen years old and I just graduated high school yesterday! Until then, I was a cheerleader for four years and class president. I also love to dabble in gymnastics when I can...though I am not very good," she said in one breath.

Jason imagined her hot body squeezed into form fitted gymnast wear, twirling and jumping around. Her breasts must be the reason she couldn't be that good, he thought. That was way too much weight to carry and be as agile as required.

Jason also noticed Layla avoided using his mystery girl's name. She may have been instructed to keep it a secret. Before Jason had the time to shake away his thoughts and send this girl home, his mind focused on her admission of being eighteen.

"Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself, Jason?" Layla asked politely.

Jason was thrown off for a moment. He hadn't told her his name, but he knew she was told before she arrived. Calmed, but still cautious, he proceeded to converse with her.

"What do you want to know?" Jason eased in.

"Whatever you want to tell me!" Layla bubbled, disarming Jason's guard.

Jason felt at ease again. Something was so genuine about Layla, and her charisma had a soothing effect on him. She didn't seem to have an ulterior motive. Even though he shouldn't have a girl alone in his house, especially one that looked like Layla, he was comfortable.

"I don't know what to say," he hesitated, "Do you know anything about me already?"

Layla started listing what she knew as she counted on her fingers.

"I know you are married. You sometimes like to hang out in hotel bars. And you have a very nice home," Layla observed around the living room.

Jason liked this girl. She was so nice and, by her tone, obviously not interested in him sexually. This girl understood he was too old for her and she was too young for him, he thought. Her conversation was normal and Jason didn't appreciate anything more at the moment. Except maybe her giant tits at which he kept glancing.

"Tell me more about you," he asked, thinking it would distract him from her bust.

"I just acquired a new hobby! Well, a job really. You could say it is a calling for the rest of my life," she shined.

"What makes it a calling?" Jason wondered.

"Because I love it. I love lots of things. I love gymnastics. It kept me disciplined for so long. I love cheer leading. It made me realize I like working with others. I love cooking. I make the most delicious food. I love reading," she listed in a quick breath.

Jason listened to her list all of the things she loved. It was no more informing than a group of things she liked, but her demeanor was so pleasant he didn't mind. Then his heart stopped at the finish.

"...Oh! And my tits! Of all, I love my giant tits most! My breasts are so heavy I need J-cups to support these huge knockers, when I bother to wear a bra of course," Layla informed excitedly with a quick shake of her bountiful bosom.

This girl delivered her words with such earnest glee and pep, Jason was caught off-guard by the mentioning of her more than big baps. Jason was mesmerized by the jiggling of the breasts before him. Layla was wearing no bra, and waves rippled through her great globes pleasingly as they swayed. Jason wanted to feel them in his hands.

"I love my ass too. It is so bubbly and round. The shape is so perfectly curved. I loved my flat tummy and my long, toned legs. I just love my whole body. It is so sexy and it turns me on!" Layla praised herself, her tone carefree as ever.

Jason was stunned. He was looking up and down Layla's incredible body as she was talking. Her cheerful delivery didn't make what she was saying any less dirty. Maybe it made it more so. His penis started growing in his pants, unable to deny his attraction any longer. Layla focused her blue eyes on him and continued to talk.

"I already know what you love. I know you love insanely big titties. Breasts way too huge for other men. I know you love girls too young for you. Barely legal sluts who want to choke on your fat cock. I know you love big, beautiful asses. The kind that can't help but jiggle and sway if a light breeze picks up," she rightly accused in her unwavering glee.

Jason stared, wide-eyed, his pulse racing as he listened to the true things Layla said.

"I know you have an enormous cock. I know you ejaculate like a stallion. It's good I know all of these things because it helps me with my calling, which I love more than anything I told you about," she told him as she put her hand on his thigh.

Layla leaned closely to Jason, and her cavern of cleavage threatened to fall from her top. Her lips were an inch away from his ear and his mind went ablaze with desire.

"What is your calling?" he gulped.

Like a cat before the pounce, Layla smirked.

"Being your breeding slut, honey. My purpose now is to take your cum anywhere and everywhere on and in my body. Especially if you are emptying your balls in my fertile womb. Especially if you are putting your seed in my belly," she whispered into his ear.

Layla placed her hand tenderly on Jason's crotch and felt his immensity. Inhaling as she confirmed the dick was huge, she slowly unbuttoned his pants. Jason was too enamored to protest and let her release his engorged member.

Jason's tool flopped from his pants into the open, and Layla yelped in impressed surprise. The penis was hard and stood more than a foot tall, hoping to reach the sky. It pulsed as the gorgeous girl stared at it, taking in the vascular detail which made her mouth water.

"I couldn't imagine a better dick than this," the teen said, beaming with joy.

Not taking her eyes off Jason's manhood, Layla pulled down his pants until he was completely free of them, and she returned to sit next to him. Jason felt the slight touch of her finger tips as she began lifting his shirt from his body, and pulled it over his head. Jason's fit body sat naked on his couch, not able to speak against the sexy teenager. He was in some sort of trance, allowing the buxom blonde to undress him.

Layla stood up from the couch slowly, allowing Jason to follow the curves of her body, and she stepped in front of him. She stood over his lap, looking down at him.

"You want to see what's underneath my clothing, don't you?" she spoke softly, tenderly tracing the inside of her thighs.

Jason couldn't speak. Fire pumped through his veins and he just stared up at Layla, hoping she could read his mind.

With a knowing smirk, Layla hooked her thumbs inside the top of her tight mini skirt, and lazily pulled it down. The article of clothing struggled, clinging to her skin and reluctant to release it to the open air, but it fought a losing battle. The bottom half of Layla's hourglass revealed itself as the skirt fell in a heap around her feet.

Jason's eyes widened as he looked upon her pink and clean pussy, which was perfectly shaped and no doubt warm. Even from her front, he could see two round ass cheeks jutting out from behind her. Her toned tummy was barely visible, her green tube top covering everything above her navel. The top was also tasked with concealing her giant globes, and seemingly failing. The fabric strained as Layla pushed her chest forward and gave her hooters a hard squeeze through her top, demonstrating their pliability.

"If you can produce a bead of pre-cum for me, I'll take off my top. I'm not gonna help. I won't touch. Neither can you. You have to do it all by yourself, baby. Then I'll show you these big tits," she challenged with another squeeze.

Jason watched as one of Layla's lovely hands traced the curves of her body until it stopped in front of her clean snatch. Jason's pulse sped up as he met Layla's gaze.

Layla extended her fingers onto her clit, and began rubbing in steady circles.

"Oh, I just love touching myself. It feels so good. I can't wait for you to feel this good too," she teased, her eyes closing as she continued rubbing.

Jason exhaled forcefully as the tension in his lungs released. Sexual pressure was building inside him, becoming harder to contain with each passing second. He looked up at the blonde bombshell as she increased the speed of her clit playing. She let out tiny gasps of pleasure as her hips rolled into her hand, pressing her clit tightly to her fingers. The masturbating girl in front of Jason caused his cock to grow more rigid, getting closer to revealing his pre-cum.

"You can do it, baby. Just one bead of pre-cum. Come on. Don't I turn you on?" she rhetorically asked, her fingers slipping on her wet cunt.

Jason's was throbbing so intensely it bordered on painful. Layla touched herself more purposefully, moaning as she flicked at her clit. The naked man below her gripped the couch with his hands, pressure inside him becoming unbearable.

A small bead of pre-cum escaped the tip of his penis.

"There it is," Layla approved, ceasing her masturbation.

The teen grabbed the bottom of her tube top and swiftly pulled it up from her pale skin. The clinging cloth caught underneath the overhang of Layla's colossal tits and lifted them as she pulled up her top. With a final tug, Layla brought her top over her mountainous mammaries, freeing them into view. Jason inhaled audibly as the unreasonably prodigious breasts fell.

Layla's huge boobs fell free, exposing her round and pink nipples to the air. Their enormity in size and weight caused bouncing of epic proportions as they desperately tried to settle from their fall. Waves went through the obscene orbs side to side and up and down, rippling through the vast valley of chest fat. Eventually, the chest spheres calmed, but Layla defied them by giving them a good shake. They swayed unbelievably again, making Jason harder than diamond.

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