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A Wife's Gift to Her Sister

by persistentlyhorny©

I am a wife of 10 years and have a couple of children and enjoy a good sex life with my husband Allen. Sandra, my 4 year younger sister, has been married about 6 years and also has a couple of children I have noticed that my husband is taking a more keen interest in my sister and I know why. Both my sister and I have done well getting back fit and trim after our pregnancies, the only difference is that I lost a little boob after each child and my sister gained a lot of boob after each child. Sandra has a more voluptuous figure, but we otherwise are similar in size except for the glaring difference of our breast and I have to confess that I am somewhat envious.

About a year ago we were at my sister's house enjoying the pool and outdoors. My husband and I were sitting together getting some sun while my sister played in the pool with the older kids. Allen had one eye on the younger kids playing in the sandbox and one eye on my sister bouncing on the diving board. Without looking up from my book I asked my husband if he liked what he saw. He looked right at me and without any hesitation said, "Of course, she does look a lot like you, you know." I smiled at how effortlessly he weaseled his way out of trouble.

Occasionally I would catch Allen flirting with Sandra, but she acted as if she were not too interested. See, my sister is rather prudish about sex. A few times when we were alone, I tried to bring up the subject of sex with Sandra and she would have nothing to do with it, instead steering the conversation to a completely benign subject. I hoped for her husband's sake that she was putting on an act, and in fact was a crazed sex machine behind closed doors. But I really doubted it.

A few weeks ago, my sister came to visit; she was very distraught over the fact that she thought her husband was cheating on her. I was somewhat surprised. I never had figured Tom to cheat on my sister. After we established the fact that she had no proof of his infidelity and I imagined that her suspicions arose more from guilt than circumstances, I knew that we needed to have a long talk.

In order to get her to listen to a subject that she did not want to talk about, I gave her a glass of wine telling her that she needed to calm down. If my brother-in-law did cheat on Sandra, I would never justify it on any excuse, including lack of sex at home. But I did start explaining to her that a healthy and active sex life was crucial to a successful marriage.

After another glass of wine she finally broke down and explained her fear and aversion towards sex and that her husband never really fought her about it. The few times they had sex was when she was feeling real guilty about it or when she was trying to get a favor from her husband. Therefore she never really enjoyed sex.

The scary part was her attitude. It was: "Ok, I've told you the problem, but there is no answer. I don't care for sex and that's that." I knew that she was going to need some powerful persuasion to get her through this mental and emotional wall. One more big glass of wine should help

I looked at my watch and knew that I had just a few more minutes of verbal preparation before I put my plan to work. I tried to show my sister the outcome of her stubbornness. The constant lying, suspicions, the hate, and then, what about the children? About that time I heard my husband come in the front door.

I headed him off in the living room and told him what was going on and gave him a basic synopsis of my plan. He was speechless, but the look on his face was of unbelief. Was he really hearing me right? I told him to do exactly as I said, "and don't enjoy it too much or you will piss me off big time."

He went through the dinning room to our bedroom as I went back to the kitchen where Sandra was nursing the large glass of wine I gave her. "Sandra baby, I'm sorry, but you must now do some things that your not going to want to do," I said. She nodded in agreement, slightly drunk, thinking I was going to make her go home and apologize to her husband and then have sex with him. Little did she know!

I slowly walked her back to my bedroom where my husband was. Softly explaining that the health of her marriage was dependant on her doing some drastic things. When we entered the bedroom, she saw Allen and wondered how long he had been there, slightly confused from her wine. I then told her as gently as possible, "Sandra, you are going to have sex with my husband and you are going to love it or else."

Her reaction was a mix of confusion and surprise. All she could muster was, "What?" I motioned to my husband not to do anything until my sister was completely ready. I was delighted that the seriousness of our talk and the wine was making her realize that there was no other way. She looked at me and timidly said, "You can't leave my side for a second!"

I wasn't planning on that. I thought this would be very awkward but then, I assured her, "I promise." I was still expecting my sister to wake up from this horrible nightmare and run out the door screaming. We would have to go slow. Without saying anything I started taking her clothes off. I removed her blouse, I unhooked her bra, and then I heard my husband gasp involuntarily as my sister's breast spilled out of the tight confines of her bra. "Well," I whispered in her ear, "we know what Allen likes, don't we?"

"Wait…" she resisted when I went to help her with her panties. As well as she was doing, I knew we couldn't go too fast.

"How about you and I take off Allen's clothes," I suggested. Sandra finally allowed a small smile on her face.

I sat my sister on the bed and went around on the other side of the bed and took my husband's hand and led him to stand right in front of Sandra. I then went behind him and brought my hands up in front of him to start unbuttoning his shirt. "Take off his pants, Honey," I instructed Sandra. She was so cautious; as if Allen would bark at her if she touched him. That was the last thing she had to worry about. After his shirt and slacks were off, I noticed that Allen had already taken his shoes and socks off.

There he was, in nothing but his boxers. All three of us were breathing so hard. The feeling I had, the sounds, the smells were so surreal. I don't think I have breathed this hard from sexual excitement since Joel Roberts and I played 'Doctor' one afternoon when I was still in elementary school. "Go ahead, take his shorts off," I finally told Sandra.

The smile went away and she nodded her head no. "It's all right," I coaxed her, "let's pull them down together." My husband and Sandra were shacking from anticipation. I squatted and took the back of his shorts while Sandra took the front of his shorts and we quickly pulled them down. When my husband's cock sprang out and almost hit Sandra on the nose, I thought we might loose her. The look on her face as she starred at my husband's rock hard erection was curious. Was it because it was so big, or the fact that it was probably only the second cock she had ever seen?

The silence was finally broken when Sandra nervously said, "Oh boy!" Before she panicked I laid my husband down on the bed on his back and told Sandra, "Come here and help me." I knew it would not take long for his missile to launch, so we would get him off first to calm him down.

Then my husband spoke for the first time, "Babe, Sandra might feel more at ease if you would take your clothes off too. I gave my husband a dirty look but relented when I saw that the idea pleased my sister. I quickly tore off my clothes to hasten the initial embarrassment. It didn't help when Sandra stared at my shaved heart shaped pubic hair. "Damn," I thought, "she must think I'm a pervert."

I then jumped on the bed and lay parallel but reversed to my husband so I could put all my attention to his throbbing cock. "Sandra," I begged, "lay on the other side of Allen so you can help me." I then took her hand and made her start stroking Allen's balls and lower cock. I kept my hand on hers encouraging her as I began to slowly kiss, then lick, then suck my husbands cock. He began to moan and Sandra and I could hardly breath. I wet his cock as much as I could and started forcing it down my throat. Up and down slowly until my lips finally brushed Sandra's fingers as she gripped the base of his cock. I felt pretty proud as Sandra mouth was gaped open in disbelief watching me deep throat my husband.

When I felt my husband's wet fingers separate my vulva and then gently pressed two fingers up my pussy, I knew he was about there. "Allen is fixing to cum," I informed Sandra, help me get him off, Ok?" I figured that as excited as he was, that I would not be able to initially take his cum in my mouth.

I continued to coax Sandra's hand on his balls with my left hand, and with my right hand I slowly stroked his long hard shaft lubricated by my saliva. The muscles in his thighs started trembling even though they were flexed and hard as rocks. He grabbed Sandra's ample butt and stuck three fingers up my pussy with the other hand as far as they would go. And then… Wham!

Even though I tried to hold his cock straight up, he was shaking so much, he started coming all over us. After the second surge, I gently laid my soft weft lips and tongue over the sensitive head of his cock and started jacking him off with my right hand.

Cum was dribbling out the corners of my mouth as Allen started wheezing. Allen finally relaxed. I looked into Sandra's glazed eyes as I lick my lips and swallowed his sweet cum. I then started licking up his sweet cum off his cock. "If you don't hurry," I challenge Sandra, "I'm going to get it all."

Sandra then said with distaste, "I can't believe you sucked his cock much less let him cum in your mouth and swallowed his cum." Sandra then let go of Allen's balls and started playing with the thick cum that was oozing down her fingers.

Sandra started wiping the cum off her fingers onto Allen's stomach. I was still holding his softening cock in my right hand as I lapped cum off his balls. Sandra rose on her hands and knees and her large breast swayed under her so heavy and full. Allen amazingly became hard again in my hand by simply watching this erotic act. "Well, I don't have to figure out how to get you hard again," I said.

Allen quickly stood up on the floor and laid Sandra on her back. He then picked up her legs and put them on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her full thighs and picked up her ass off the bed and dragged her butt to the edge of the bed. She gasped as her panty covered pussy brushed Allen's balls. He was so strong, he moved her with such gentleness and with such ease. He gently took her legs off his shoulders and placed the balls of her feet on the box spring railing that surrounded the bed. He propped her head up on a pillow so she could have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.

With Sandra in the position Allen wanted her, I was surprised and pleased that my husband had not forgotten about me. He took my hand and directed me to lie down next to Sandra to comfort her. I laid on my right side with my head on the same pillow Sandra was using. I looked right into my sister's pretty face. I placed my right arm under the pillow and forearm out the other side so that I could caress Sandra's hair with my right hand and swirl my fingers in the blotches of cum that had landed in her hair. I then took my left hand and interlaced my fingers with the fingers of her left hand. I was surprised how wet both of our hands were from Allen's cum.

With both of us girls breathing hard again from the anticipation of Allen's sweet caresses, with one quick fluid motion he removed Sandra's panties from her now naked body. He took a deep breath to inhale the heady perfume from his two favorite girls dripping pussies. I think Allen was thinking about kissing this gorgeous creature on the lips that lay before him as a perfect sacrifice. Kissing is one of Allen's most exciting foreplay. Yet he knows how personal this act is to me. Isn't it ironic? He knew he was fixing to fuck my sister with my blessing, but hesitated to kiss her on the mouth. I was pleased.

Instead he did what he had been wanting to do all evening, kiss and caress Sandra's full but firm breast, her nipples were hard and grew slightly longer as he teased them with his tongue. Her heavy chest heaved as she became short of breath. He wet one nipple as his mouth then went to the other nipple. His hands cupped her breast and started expertly teasing her nipples with his wet fingers. He pressed her large full breast together and smothered his nose between them to smell the sweat that was beginning to form on her chest.

Then while ravishing her nipples with his saliva soaked fingers he began to kiss her belly until he found her belly button and tried to find a way into her with his tongue. That was Sandra's first moan and I knew it was to be followed by many more.

He did not want to leave her breast and belly, but there were other gifts to be opened, and Allen was intoxicated by her beauty and sexiness. Allen started kissing his way down to her pubic hair. There he twirled his tongue around her soft hair on top of her pubic mound. Then Allen got down on his knees and picked up Sandra's thighs so that she would rest her feet on his shoulders.

Then she turned her head and looked me in the eyes with a worried look. I knew this was awkward for her to be so spread out in front of her sister and brother-in-law. I kissed her lightly on the cheek to calm her. I told her not to worry, that we would not shame her, that she was going to experience pleasure as she has never before. With worry still on her face, she gave in to my husbands positioning and looked intently to see what he would do next.

Allen on his knees then put his face close to her tunnel of love. He then put his arms around her thighs and placed his hands on her pubic mound and started to wet his fingers. Then he slowly gently started separating her pussy lips with his wet fingers. I saw him open his mouth slightly and curl his tongue so that saliva would run down and stop on the curve of his tongue. He then took that very wet tongue and slowly swiped Sandra's clitoris with the full length. "Oh my God!" Sandra said.

I squeezed my legs together as I felt a glorious twitching nerve run from my clitoris to the pit of my stomach. Damn, I am hornier than I thought. But I knew why! I knew what Sandra was fixing to get and I wished it were I laying there spread before my husband's mouth. I have to admit, he's good at this! I would have to wait; I'm too shy to masturbate in front of my sister.

I personally am not fond of the taste of my pussy. Many times have I tasted it while sucking my husband's cock after he would fuck me. My husband on the other hand loves eating pussy. He says that it is the honey that a bear would risk his life for by climbing a tree full of swarming bees. I know he doesn't really like the taste, what he loves is the uncontrollable passionate slut that arises out of prim and proper ladies who have had their pussy and clit ravished by his tongue.

He is now giving her the works. He flicks his tongue on her clitoris then with two fingers of one hand he spreads her pussy lips and then the fingers of the other hand take over torturing the clitoris while the tongue and lips kiss and eat and probe her drenched pussy.

I know Sandra is looking at this bizarre sight and thinking how decadent yet erotic it is. Her feet are on his shoulders, her legs are spread in a most vulnerable way, his face is in her most private parts, this man that she has never known intimately, to see, to smell, to taste, to drive her insane.

Sandra is really into it now; she is saying things that I never thought I would hear her say. Her thighs and ankles are shaking uncontrollably; her toes are curled. She is moaning like an animal in heat. She is helping him with her free hand spreading her pussy for him But I know all too well, that as much as she wants to cum, he will not let her just yet.

When he senses that she is about to cum he slows down on her clitoris. There is so much juice running down her crack that he runs his finger from the inside of her pussy down across her puckered butt hole and continues down the crack of her butt and back up again. She does not notice this lubricating of her butt hole with all the attention on her clitoris. He then starts using all this juice to wet and lubricate his fingers of his left hand.

When he senses that she cannot take anymore he takes his index finger of his left hand and spreads her pussy with it. Sandra is using her free hand to spread her pussy also and Allen puts his right hand on top of her hand, which is on top of her pubic mound in order to hold her down in case she jumps. He lays his tongue wide, wet and soft on her clit so that she will start cumming. Instantly Allen takes his third and forth slippery fingers of his left hand and inserts them deep into her pussy. At the same time he inserted his small finger into her butt up to the first knuckle.

If I had not known better, I would have thought my sister had started convulsing. Her eyes literally rolled into the back of their sockets. It was a good thing that Allen and I were holding her down as we were. She was bucking and gyrating her hips. He let her control her orgasm by holding his tongue still on her clitoris while she thrashed about.

I could not believe how long she was cumming. She could not seem to come down. When Allen thought she was coming down, he would knead his tongue into her clit and press his fingers deeper into her, which started her bucking again. Finally there was nothing else to take. As she started coming down, Allen let his finger slip from her butt first, then her pussy. He gently kissed her clit with soft wet lips.

I was about to cum by just rubbing my legs together. But I so wanted to wait for the bliss of his tongue. My husband sensed my need; I was please considering his preoccupation with my sexy sister. He picked up Sandra's lifeless body and laid her fully on the bed. Her glazed eyes were partially open as was her mouth. Her limbs were shaking from fatigue. Her legs were clamped together trying to quench the ache between her legs.

Allen told me he wanted to get me off, but we needed to hurry so that he could finish Sandra. I agreed and told him to eat me just like he had done my sister. Oh my god did I cum, and cum, and cum. That was a welcomed relief! Sandra was practically oblivious to my antics. But that was about to change.

Allen and I crawled up on the bed next to Sandra. I held her hand again and smiled. When my husband crawled between her legs, she started weakly protesting. "No more…" she said. "Shhh darling," I said, "he's not going to rub your sore clit anymore. Just relax and trust me." Even though Sandra was still wet, Allen spread her legs and licked her pussy with his saliva-drenched tongue.

He picked up her legs and placed them on his shoulders so that she would be able to feel the full length of his cock. He stood up on his knees, his cock sticking straight out from my sister's thighs. I bent down placing a hand on the outside of Sandra's thigh and started greasing my husband's pole with my tongue. I then lay back down next to my sister and looked up at Allen and said, "Careful babe, that's my sister you're fucking". He winked at me.

When he started entering her pussy with his cock, Sandra's eyes opened wide for the first time in a while. Slowly Allen went deeper and then backed almost all the way out. He kept going deeper then out until he only had another couple of inches. Sandra was tentative, yet started responding with deep breathing and whispered moans. By the time he penetrated her all the way, Allen was also breathing hard. It only took a minute of his long slow but deliberate strokes before my sister came again.

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