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The Farm Ch. 05

by VenusButterflies©

I was lying. I still didn't want to be here, my mind hadn't changed - though my feelings about Liam were in a state of flux, a strange mix of abhorrence and lust.

The other women again started asking me questions, but Mindy told them to pipe down and asked me, "What happened with Alicia?"

"Who's Alicia?"

"The woman you threw your plate at yesterday."

"Oh . . ." I shoved some ham in my mouth and didn't answer.

"Did you get punished?"

"Um . . . Yes."

"By who? Who's your Master?"

"Liam, apparently. He's the one who punished me."

Some of the women cooed and murmured about how lucky I was.

Mindy winked and smiled at me and said, "We're lucky, no?"

"Yes, very!" I replied, barely masking the sarcasm.

Mindy studied me as if she was trying to figure out how to say something without hurting my feelings.

A girl with long, straight, light brown hair in a white négligé introduced herself as Sarah and asked me, "So how'd you find out about this place?"

I looked at her incredulously. "Weren't you here yesterday?"

"Yes. You threw a plate at Alicia. We figured you didn't like the food. It was totally rude of you, by the way. You deserved whatever punishment you got."

I couldn't decide whether or not to ignore that, but I felt like I could shoot laser beams from my eyes. I looked over at Mindy, who seemed tense. "What?" I asked as she stared at me.

She ignored me and turned to Sarah. "So, Sarah," she said, "How's Fred?"

Sarah pouted and shoved a piece of bread in her mouth. "I don't get it. The new bitch gets the good one even though she's obviously ungrateful, but me . . ."

I took it that Fred was her Master, and smirked. Sarah caught me and said, "You don't deserve any of them, even Fred."

I laughed, "Especially not Fred!"

Mindy kicked me under the table and I exclaimed, "Ow!" When all the girls looked at me I just said, "I uh . . . just got a Charlie horse in my calf. So anyway," I hurried, "what do you all do on your down time? Do you even- do we even get free time?"

Mindy replied, "Mostly watch TV or read. But we only get a couple hours."

"Where do you watch TV? Where do you get books?"

"Well, they have a common room set up just down the hall from here. And the books . . . Pa makes you service him to take one out of his office. And you get punished if you bring it back late. But I prefer reading so I deal with it."

A blonde, pregnant girl commented, "We know it's just because you like sucking his cock, you slut."

They all laughed, including Mindy. Sarah said, "It's really just because she likes being a know-it-all."

Mindy rolled her eyes and said to me, "I've been trying to get Pa to lend me The Art of War to no avail-"

"And she won't shut up about it!" exclaimed Sarah.

Mindy nodded her head at Sarah and said, "This one's content with her Dr. Phil."

"Ah," I nodded. "When do you catch that?"

"Oh Missy has lots of his episodes recorded."

"Oprah too!" Sarah chimed.

"They uh . . . have a selection they like us to watch," explained Mindy.

"Star Trek wouldn't happen to be in that selection, would it?" I asked doubtfully.

Mindy laughed, "No, but I wish it was! ...Oh, Vivienne!" Mindy got excited and bounced in her seat. She held up five fingers and asked, "How many lights?"

I smiled and said, "Four. There are four lights."

Sarah said, "What the fuck? Those are fingers, not lights. And there are five. Learn how to count. Moron."

Sarah didn't know what we were talking about.

Mindy and I ignored her.

I was feeling a bit more at ease, certain that Mindy at least would be a friend. I asked, "So is there a similar reading selection?"

"Well it's just Romance novels. But it's something, at least" Mindy shrugged.

"What? Why just Romance?"

"That's just how they do it. Who knows? Oh, and the Bible, of course." Mindy rolled her eyes.

"How long have you been here?"

"I've been here just three months. Sarah here's been here- what is it, Sarah, three years?"

"Two years. I've been bred twice," Sarah replied proudly.

"Right. And Ginny - the pregnant woman with short auburn hair in the blue satin babydoll - has been here five years."

Ginny smiled at me, "Been bred four times."

Another pregnant woman introduced herself as Pam, she'd been here four years, been bred three times. Once she had a miscarriage. And, to my horror, she was punished for that.

Pam explained, as if I should agree with the reasoning, "It was my fault, of course. My mind and my body were not one. My mind had created a hostile environment for anything to grow in. But Drew, he corrected that. Said I'd been . . . Oh, how'd he put it? That I'd been slippin'. Wasn't myself. Showed me everything I wasn't doin' right."

"Like what?"

"Like . . . Oh, I kept on talkin' about home. I missed my folks, my sisters . . . But he reminded me that you're all my sisters now, that I'd miss you all terribly if I left, and them too. He reminded me how much I need this place."

Sarah sighed and almost rapturously exclaimed, "I love this story"!"

Pam smiled at her and reached across the table to take her hand. "See? Sisters. We have a real deep bond. . . . Anyway, it took Drew five days to make me come to my sense-"

"Wait," I interrupted, "I thought you were being punished?"

"Well I was! Of course! For five days I was in that dungeon, because I had punished them by miscarryin'. I withheld what was rightfully theirs, like a dirty, selfish whore. I self-aborted."

I almost choked on the bread I was eating as I gasped. "How does one 'self-abort'?"

"Like I said, by doin' what I did and creatin' a hostile environment for the life inside me."

"But you haven't explained how you did that."

"I told you, I started talking about my other life, the one I left to come here and serve for the good of the people. My mind and body were not in the same place."

My brain felt like it was going to explode. "So . . . you miscarried because you . . ."

I just couldn't wrap my brain around it. I didn't want to. I realized that pretending to be okay with being here, biding my time until I could find a way out, was going to be a challenge all on its own.

She answered, "Because I willed it to happen. I was ungrateful. I showed no humility. I pined for my other life. Now I realize that this is the life I was meant to lead." She studied my face. "Oh honey, you look so confused. Maybe you could benefit from some time with Drew. I'm sure he'd arrange with Liam to-"

"No! No, I totally get it. Totally. Totally get it. You weren't in your right mind. I can understand that." I wanted desperately to give her some sort of drug . . . but as my mind listed the possibilities I doubted that anything less than electro-shock therapy would help. She was smacked into it and had to be smacked back out if it. At least, I wanted to smack her.

Pam smiled, "Yes. I went against my own good. You see?"

I nodded, "Oh, yes. I'm so relieved for you."

"And since then, I've carried a pregnancy to term three times."

I smiled and mustered up as much enthusiasm as I could when I spat out, "That's great!"

Then there was Angela, a petite strawberry blonde, who was on her third pregnancy in five years. And Raina, a tall, lithe brunette, was on her second pregnancy in two years. And then there was Madeleine, another redhead, who'd been there a total of ten years and had been bred seven times.

Madeleine explained, "They like to give us a break, they'll put us on birth control so that the men can continue to cum inside us."

"Wow," I blurted out. "That's real . . . real thoughtful of them."

Madeleine smiled. "Isn't it? I'm going to work for them when they can't breed me anymore."

"Don't you . . . don't people purchase us?"

Mindy said, "Yes! Yes they do. So far four girls have left since I've been here."

"Four girls in three months? Why haven't you all been purchased?"

Mindy shrugged. "Asking price. Every girl has a different price. Didn't they tell you that when you came here?"

Sarah said proudly, "We're prime stock. Grade-A breeders, they all say. They really treat us well here. You couldn't ask for better Masters, or a better calling. We might not get what we want, but they always give us what they need. We're serving the Earth by propa- um . . . by spreadin' our DNA."

"So . . . how'd you . . . find out about this place?" I asked Mindy.

"Well . . . I'll tell you about it later. The bell's about to ring," she said, nodding up at the clock above the doorway behind me.

Sure enough, the bell rang and it was time for everyone to get their exercise, except me. Before she left Mindy said, "We'll have to chat more. Night shift is done around two or three."

"I'll be asleep, though."

"No you won't, because I'm gonna wake you up," she giggled.

I couldn't understand why she was so damn cheery. But I asked, "Are we even allowed-"

"As long as you're up on time and ready to go, you can stay up all night if you want. I'll see ya later."


"We have a lot to talk about. I wanna know more about you. What's your last name?"

"Would you believe me if I said, 'Westwood'?"

Mindy giggled, "Absolutely not, but you're funny. What is it? Tell me," she practically demanded.

"Uh . . . Well if it's that important to you, it's Mills."

"Mine's Harrington. I'll catch ya later, Mills."

She ran out to catch up with the others, and I was left at the table alone. I sipped my water and was about to get up and leave when a strong hand gripped my shoulder and made me jump. I turned my head and looked up at the guard.

"Yes, Sir?"

"Come with me. They're waiting for you."

"Who is?"

He didn't answer. Instead he made me get on all fours and crawl after him through the halls until he stopped just before a large closed door and said, "Go in."

I knelt up, turned the brass knob, and opened the heavy wooden door into what I assumed was a drawing room, painted in pale yellow, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the fields.

Directly ahead of me on a beige couch sat Missy, naked, her legs spread wide open as she sucked and jerked her husband and her sons, working in a way that made her look like some surreal, redneck Vishnu. And then I saw that Liam was in a chair to the side. He was naked, tied up, gagged, and his cock was reaching to the sky. My mouth dropped open when his tormented blue eyes met mine. I almost apologized, but then Andrew said, "If you're going to keep that mouth open, it'd better have a cock in it. Come over here."

I crawled to them and watched as Missy serviced her family, and looked over at Liam, who was also watching.

"The good news is, yer clean. But the bad news is, as you can see, Liam is being punished," said Andrew. "We saw what he did in the shower with you. Naturally, you could not say no, but he ought to have more control over himself. So he will watch as we all fuck you."

I had no idea how to respond. I looked over at Liam, who groaned as he watched his mother jerk and suck her sons and husband. I shuddered and wondered just how this situation came to be, then thought better of wondering.

Andrew walked over to me and grabbed me under my arm to lift me to my feet. He sat me down on the couch next to the very engrossed Missy and arranged my limbs so that my legs were spread wide and bent back and my pussy and ass were fully exposed. Missy, with Drew's cock in her mouth, pulled a set of leather cuffs from behind her and handed them to Andrew. He quickly cuffed my wrists to my ankles and it was done: my pussy was now an offering to each of them.

Andrew slid his cock against my cunt and said, "Missy, you're gonna have to get this slut nice 'n wet for us."

"Yes, darling," she smiled.

As she climbed down to her knees he slapped her face hard, and she cried out. "It's Master to you, slut. You know that!"

Missy winced and said, "I'm so sorry, Master. I was just-"

"Shut up and put yer mouth on 'er pussy. We don't have all night."

God, what a dick, I thought. I felt bad for her. Missy looked ashamed for a moment until she locked eyes with me and flicked her tongue at my clit. Then she smiled and pressed her lips to my pussy. The men all stood around us, stroking themselves and groaning. I heard Liam growling and looked over at him. He was watching his mother intently.

Andrew knelt on the couch and put his cock to my mouth. I accepted it and he thrust his full length in and hit the back of my throat, gagging me.

"I bet yer excited to get fucked by a bunch of men, huh?" said Andrew as he fucked my mouth.


"What? Did you just say no? What do you mean, 'No'? All sluts like you like gettin' fucked. You wouldn't be here if ya didn't!"

Oh. That. I'd almost forgotten.

Missy moaned as she watched me suck her husband's dick and started lapping at me harder, swirling her tongue all over my engorged flesh, until I couldn't hold back anymore and a moan escaped my lips. I could feel my juices dripping from me. She was voracious, on a mission. I held Liam's gaze. And then it occurred to me that Liam really did fuck up, but not in the way they thought. He'd neglected to indoctrinate me like the rest of the women had been. And Mindy too. I decided that if I couldn't do anything about this situation, I'd at least make someone else suffer a little more. Fuck it.

So as Missy ate me out I directed the ecstasy I couldn't help but feel at Liam, like a dagger. Liam struggled in his chair, stomped his feet, and said all manner of muffled expletives through the red ball gag, which was shining with his saliva.

Missy slid two fingers inside me and that sent me over the edge. She sucked at my clit and assaulted my g-spot. Even she was throwing sideways glances at Liam now. As I convulsed and gushed and squirted all over Missy's face I screamed and sobbed, "Oh! Oh my god! Liam!"

Liam's eyes were blazing and his face was red. Beads of sweat had formed at his temples. He was glaring at me. I felt as though he would devour me. I shrank back a little and looked away.

Missy got up and sat down next to me. She kissed me and made me lick my cum off of her lips and chin. I felt someone plunge into me. It was Andrew. Missy rubbed my throbbing clit as she watched her husband fuck my dripping pussy. I alternated between watching him work his cock and watching pained and angry expressions erupt on Liam's face. I was so satisfied at watching his torment that I hadn't even realized I was smiling until Andrew started cumming deep inside me, slamming into me as his cock throbbed against my walls.

"God, you little fucking whore. Look at you smilin' like that. You like takin' my seed inside you, don't you, you little cumslut."

"Mm... You like that, slut?" asked Missy. "Bet you wish it was Liam's cum inside you, don't you?"

"Mhm!" I moaned, looking straight at Liam.

I could have sworn he yelled something like, "You fucking bitch!" But his gag was in the way. So I smiled wider.

Andrew pulled out of me and Drew was next. Missy continued rubbing my clit and almost as soon as Drew's cock penetrated me, I was cumming again.

"Yes! Oh god!" I cried as I came all over Drew's dick while I looked into Liam's eyes. They seemed darker now, a muddled shade of blue. Liam wrested against his bonds, so much so that I thought the chair might tip over. I giggled as the image of him on the floor, utterly helpless, appeared in my mind and I focused on it so hard that I'd forgotten I was looking right at him. The look he shot back at me tore me out of the fantasy. It was almost murderous. I shivered and looked away. But then I quickly looked back at him and pled, "I'm so sorry!"

Drew called me a bitch and told me to shut the fuck up, Liam was getting what he deserved. Missy put her smooth hand around my throat and started choking me. Drew slammed into me harder, railing on my cunt. As I struggled to breathe I came forcefully, pushing Drew out of me and squirting all over him, the floor . . . Liam. I watched as it landed on his chest and his face. He practically sobbed.

I started feeling guilty. I felt the urge to alleviate his frustration. This was no good. I couldn't give him the satisfaction. I had to continue. . . . I thought about what I told John, how I couldn't take myself seriously in a dominant role. But I wasn't in a dominant role at all. And yet I still had the power to fuck with Liam's mind.

I heard Drew groan and felt his warm cum start filling me. I moaned and tensed all over as he pulled out and smacked his cock against my clit.

Fred was next. He slid inside me and said, "Yer gonna be filled to the brim when I'm done with ya, you dirty fucking whore."

I dared not say anything about his size, how he sucked at using it, or anything else. I just quietly took it.

Liam seemed calmer as he watched. I guessed he felt no competition with this brother. Missy looked at him too as she lazily played with my nipples and said, "You havin' fun, darlin'?"

"Mm-mm!" He shook his head.

"Well, that's what ya get when you use one a the girls before she's initiated, you know that."

Liam groaned and screwed up his face. Missy continued, "You thinkin' about how you fucked her? Rememberin' her sweet pussy? She tastes real good, I know I'll be going back for seconds. Don't you worry, baby. You'll be inside that sweet, juicy cunt before you know it."

Liam threw his head back and groaned. Fred kept fucking me but frankly, for him, I couldn't muster up any passion. Missy pulled my hair and I yelped.

"You like gettin' fucked by all these men? Huh, slut?" She yanked my hair back again.

I whimpered, "Yes!"

Fred groaned and I felt him filling me. I could feel my pussy overflowing with cum now, felt it oozing down my ass onto the beige couch. I watched as Liam took the sight in, looking as though someone had just kicked his puppy.

As Fred pulled out, I felt a stream of cum pour from my pussy as though it were a waterfall. Liam groaned and exhaustedly struggled against his bonds.

Missy got up and removed the gag from Liam's mouth. She asked, "Are you sorry now, Liam?"

"Yes, mother, I'm so sorry I disobeyed you!"

"Are you saying that because you mean it, or because you need to cum?"

"I mean it!" he insisted. "Please! Please believe me! I was weak!"

She smacked his flushed, sweaty face. "You're damn right you were weak. Maybe we should whore you out."

"No! I swear I won't do it again! I understand now! Oh god!"

Missy had started stroking his stiff cock as she straddled just above him. He groaned and I swore he would cum right there. But he didn't. I looked over at Andrew, Drew, and Fred, who were all watching the scene wearily and without much interest.

"My little baby doesn't like bein' punished, does he?"

"No, Ma'am!"

"You like havin' things your way, don't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"We all think you've been very selfish. Why should I let you cum?"

"Because . . . because! I swear this is the last time!"

"You're damn right it's the last time!" she shouted in his face, making me jump. "Tell me you're a slut!"

"I'm a slut! Oh god! I'm a slut!"

It was almost sickening to watch him grovel. I couldn't believe that this was the same man who had punished me and fucked me so well. I found myself shaking my head. The movement must have caught Liam's eye, because when I looked at him again he was watching me. Missy turned and said, "What did you just do to him?"

"What? Me?"

"No, the other slut next to you with a cocktail of cum in 'er cunt! Yes you!"

"I didn't do anything!"

Liam said, "She was shakin' her head, I saw it."

"So?" I replied. "I was just thinking of what a shame it was that you were being punished for something I know we both enjoyed," I said sweetly.

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