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Wife's First Black Cock

by jbtbga©

Our only experience swinging was in Jamaica. I found how enticing Terry can be to other men, and how excited I got watching her fucking. She truly enjoyed sex and got off on all the attention. We decided to find some playmates upon our return. It took a few months and sifting through email from a few web sites, but I finally found a reasonable single male. Martin appreciated her photos, seemed well spoken and had the added benefit of being a well-built black man who was quite well endowed. Thick and a good 9 - 10 inches. Significantly bigger than Terry was used to with me. We scheduled a date at a very nice hotel downtown. Terry only fucks other men for me in 4 star hotels. Go figure...

She was as nervous as I had ever seen, and slightly bitchy during the day. Normally I might have withdrawn a bit but not this day. We spent the day shopping to pass the time, a few clothes and a household item. I was floored when she suggested a new video camera. An impulse buy which gave me an instant erection thinking about the upcoming evening. After a brief dinner, we returned to the hotel to get ready. She took a leisurely bath and allowed me to "practice" with the new camera while she fingered herself in the tub. I then had the distinct pleasure of trimming her pussy to my desire with her spread eagle on the bed. I had picked out a tight red velvet textured outfit - a short skirt without panties and a top which tied in the front. Dressed to kill, and looking both sexy and slutty. A glass of wine to calm the nerves and off we go.

We sat in the lobby for a few minutes, waiting for Martin to arrive. We had actually not seen pictures above the neck, so we scrutinized every black man walking into the lobby. Finally, a tall gentleman made his way toward us and introduced himself. Bingo. As soon as he sat down next to Terry on the couch, I saw her nervousness melt away. She was immediately comfortable and it was obvious they both found each other attractive. Another glass of wine, and we headed off to find a bar to relax and get acquainted. I drove my SUV, while Terry and Martin rode in the back.

We found a cigar bar which was surprisingly empty, and made our way to a dark area in the back. We claimed a couch and sat Terry in the middle with Martin and I on either side. Perfect. Martin talked a bit about his previous experiences swinging, and we relayed our relatively modest experiences in Jamaica. Slowly the place filled up, and we were surrounded by other couples and groups. A young woman in a skin tight cat suit straddled the lap of an older gentleman directly in front of us. We watched as he rubbed her crotch through the cat suit. I wondered how Terry was feeling, and slipped my had under her thigh to find out. My fingers found her pussy wet. Martin and I switched places so he could do the same. She kept her legs crossed the same way to give him access to her pussy. Now the other couples were watching us. Terry leaned back and closed her eyes for a minute, enjoying the finger fucking she was getting from our new friend in front of strangers. She then announced that we had to leave, so I quickly paid the tab and off we went. I went to the parking lot to find my SUV, leaving Terry and Martin leaning on a car. She had spread her legs so he could continue to finger her, with a patio bar across the street. They finally joined me in the SUV, again in the back seat. He continued to finger her pussy while she unzipped his pants and began sucking him all the way back to the hotel. Through the rearview mirror, I could see her struggling to get his wide cock in her mouth. She managed admirably, but had her jaw and mouth as wide as possible.

Once back in the hotel room, Terry excused herself to the bathroom to change. I already had the video camera set up, and my digital still camera was also waiting. SHOWTIME. Terry strutted out in a white half cup bra, perky nipples exposed, a white garter belt with a white lace thigh high hose and a patch of fabric barely concealing her wet pussy. She laid down on her back with her right leg to the side. Martin wasted no time in pulling her panties out of the way to continue finger fucking her. A couple tugs on the side strings and there was Terry, legs spread with a black man she'd met hours before fingering her to frenzy. I manned the video camera but quickly became entranced. I had rarely seen her pussy lips so swollen. She was writhing her hips as he tickled her clit. With the video on autopilot, I grabbed the still camera and began watching my fantasy unfold.

Terry spread her legs apart further as Martin continued. He shifted up to his knees and lifted her legs back as he began gently entering her swollen pussy. I took several pictures of the two of them in this position, some from the side to catch both of them, a close up of her face in ecstasy, and several from behind them with an incredible view of this thick, long black dick spreading her pink engorged pussy lips. The contrast of his black cock and balls against her white skin was startling. Martin also possessed tremendous will power and had not yet cum despite a good 20 minutes of pounding her pussy and a few rather obvious orgasms from Terry. I could not sit behind my camera any longer.

Stripping off my underwear and shirt, I quickly joined them in bed. Martin was still fucking her, so I caressed her gorgeous breasts and deeply kissed her. She was a woman on fire as she tongued me as deeply as ever. I slid up to her head and placed my cock in her face. She turned her head, opened her mouth, and began sucking my cock like it was the last she'd ever get. Must have been too much for Martin who developed quicker breaths and more rapid thrusts deep into her pussy. Within a few moments, he was shooting his cum inside her. After less than a minute, she pushed him away and pulled me on top. I had never experienced her cunt so loose and sloppy. Gushing sounds punctuated my every thrust and we already had a huge wet spot of pussy juice and cum. The thought (and feeling) of fucking my wife for sloppy seconds was overwhelming, and I quickly spent my load inside her too. Probably one of the most intense orgasms of my entire life. I collapsed to the side, and after a few minutes we began a little more small talk.

Regaining partial strength in my legs, I wobbled to the video camera. We had just finished recording on a 60 minute tape! I rewound the tape and began watching the action all over again. The volume was turned up, so we could all hear Terry moaning (again) from the fucking Martin was giving her. Not more than 10 minutes elapsed before Martin was up and ready to go again. Terry didn't need much convincing either. A little more nipple and clit teasing brought out the heavy breathing. Her legs spread revealing the still wet pussy. This time I laid beside her as he fucked her again. I even held her leg up to spread her a bit more and let him thrust more deeply. I tried kissing her but she was obviously concentrating on the large black cock stuffing her pussy. She must have cum a couple more times before Martin dumped the third load of the evening into her well fucked pussy.

By now it was nearly 3 AM. Martin dressed and left, with promises from all to repeat the evening soon. I readied myself for sleep, but Terry had other ideas. She took my semi-erect dick and lovingly sucked and stroked it to attention. Bringing a pillow under her hips, she lay face down on the bed and once again presented her pussy to me. We fucked again until we both came, then collapsed beside each other into an oblivious sleep. Next morning, well actually 4+ hours later, we enjoyed breakfast in bed and fucked one more time before getting ready to go home. She was quite sore for a few days afterwards. Told me it was from the vigor of the fucking she received but I got to fuck her loose, sloppy cunt twice after she'd taken the entire shaft of Martin's long, thick dick. I think Martin had a bit more to do with the soreness than I did, but that's all right by me. I had just experienced the fantasy of a lifetime, watching my pretty sweet wife fuck another guy.

Happy Hubby

Written by: jbtbga

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