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Meeting Malcolm Pt. 02

by gracesnowpaw©

The next day, I found myself awake earlier than usual and eager to get to work.

I jumped in the shower and shaved myself to perfection in case Malcolm wanted more. I spent more time than usual on my bald pussy and once again found myself rubbing it. Grabbing the shower nozzle I used it to bring myself to orgasm, before continuing my cleaning.

I picked out a blue dress with a deep cut oval neck that plunged deep revealing my cleavage. With the help of a sexy push up bra, my 34B breasts popped out the tight opening of the neck line. I put some unworn stockings that Jake had bought me on and clipped them to my garter belt before sliding my panties on over top.

Arriving at work, the front was already unlocked. Malcolm greeted me casually like nothing had happened. "Good Morning Melanie."

I smiled and walked past him to put my lunch and purse away in the back.

"How was your night?" I asked when I realized he had followed me in to the back.

"I had a hard time sleeping." He replied with a lot of emphasis on the word hard.

His hands pulled my hips back in to him. I kept having the same dream about a slutty little red head.

"Oh that sounds terrible." I mocked.

His hand grabbed at my ass through the thin material of my dress. His hands traced the garter belt through my dress. "This is intriguing."

I felt his hot breath against my neck as he gently kissed my ear lobe. His hand slowly pulling my dress up. I put my head back on his shoulder offering him my neck. The hem of my dress was about to reveal my ass cheeks when the customer chimes went off.

"Hop to it" He said as he tapped my bottom.

Quickly fixing myself as I walked out to greet the customer.

He was a regular and he made no bones about looking me up and down. "You look more gorgeous than usual Mel. Did you get all dressed up for me?"

"Oh of course Greg." I playfully slapped his elbow before heading to the back to get his size.

Immediately upon entering the back of the store Malcolm walked up behind me and started kissing my neck again. I was slowly melting and certain my panties were already soaked.

I found the right shoes and made my back to the front. Malcolm never let me go until we were close to the entrance of the store front.

After cashing Greg out, I made my way in to the back of the store.

Malcolm walked out and said he would be back shortly. He had to check on another store.

Just before lunch, Malcolm returned.

"Now, where were we Mel?" Malcolm pulled me back to him. His cock was grinding against my ass.

"You gonna be a good girl again tonight Mel?" He whispered in my ear causing electric shocks to my nipples.

I just looked at him with studying gaze. "Maybe, what do you have in mind?"

"I grabbed us a nice hotel room so we can get comfortable." His smiled widened.

The afternoon continued on and all I could think about was that Malcolm was going to take me. I had so many feelings racing through my body I couldn't keep them in check. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to focus on work to distract myself. The store had never been so clean.

Malcolm walked to the front of the store and closed it at the end of the day. "You ready to get some dinner?"

I smiled, "Ooh a date!"

He took my hand and walked me out to his car. I'm not a car person, but I know it was a Cadillac and it was very nice inside. He put his hand on my thigh as we drove and lifted my dress until he could see my panties. "I was wondering if you were wearing those you naughty little thing."

When he pulled up to the hotel I looked over at him. "What happened to dinner?"

"You hungry now? I thought we could go after." He smiled. "What I want isn't served in any restaurant."

Taking my hand we went up to the hotel room. It was a modest business room with a single king bed in a separate room, a sitting area and small kitchenette with a table for two.

"Fancy!" I giggled.

He walked me to the couch in the sitting area and I sat down. Standing in front of me he unzipped his pants and pulled his dark black cock from its hiding place. "This is what you thought about all night isn't it Mel?"

I nodded, "YES!"

His cock was rock hard already and stuck straight out from him. I grabbed him with both hands and stroked him as I licked and sucked the fat head of his cock. His hips slowly rocked his cock in and out of my mouth. He appeared to be much more subdued today and wasn't trying to kill me with his cock.

I sucked him for a while before he took his pants and shirt off. He was beautiful. His dark skin, muscular frame and abs. He sat down and I kneeled over him on the couch while I sucked him. His hands pulled my dress up to my waste revealing my ass.

"Mmhmm, that's a fine white ass girl." His hand slapped my ass gently.

I kept sucking his cock and stroking him. This time I was going to do my best to not wear it all. His breathing began to labor and I sucked him deeper in my mouth. His fingers had my panties pulled aside and were furiously fucking me.

"I'm gonna cum!" He shouted for all to hear as his cock erupted.

I moved my face clear and stroked him as his cock twitched and shot his seed up on his bare chest. Pulling his cock to my mouth I sucked the remaining cum from his cock.

"Ready for dinner now Mel?" He stood pulling his pants on.

"Yes, that was just what I need for an appetizer." I smiled wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Leave your panties here. You don't need those now." He smiled his most devious smile.

I slid them down my legs and left them on the coffee table as we went out for dinner. The restaurant was fancy and like most of these places, it was pretty dark. Malcolm made no secrets about pulling my dress up so he could play with my pussy while we waited for our meals.

He kissed my neck and ear before turning my face to him to take me with his tongue. His soaked fingers danced over my clit driving me insane.

"Cum for me!" He whispered in my ear.

I put my head back against his arm and orgasmed. He pressed his lips against mine to muffle me until it subsided.

"Better?" He smiled.

"Much." I starred in to his devilish eyes.

After dinner we made our way back to the hotel. We were barely inside the room; he started kissing me and grabbing me through my dress.

"We have to hurry." He panted.

"Why?" I inquired.

"I have a quick meeting here in the hotel room. Then we can have some real fun." He squeezed my hand.

He slowly unzipped my dress kissing the flesh of my back as it appeared. Once fully unzipped, he let it fall to the floor. Stepping back he gazed at me.

"Damn! That is way better than I ever imagined." He giggled as he moved quickly to me.

His fingers toyed with my pussy feeling how wet I was.

"Get on the bed." He took my hand and guided me to the room on the side.

"On your hands and knees." He instructed.

Walking behind me he moved my feet wider apart as he stood behind me. His cock touched my pussy lips as he stood there. "You ready for this cock my little fuck toy?"

"You have something right?" I reached under to feel his unprotected cock.

"Baby, no rubbers fit this big nigger cock. Aren't you on the pill?" He was blunt.

"I'm on the pill, but it doesn't protect against..." His cock plunged in to me.

I screamed out as his cock stretched and pushed deeper in to me. With his hands on my hips, he guided me to his rhythm as he pushed more in to me. I coughed as he proved deeper in to me.

"Oh fuck yes! My lil white slut has a nice tight lil pussy for me to use." He smacked my ass hard causing me to scream out.

"You like my big nigger cock in you, don't you slut?" He was fully back in his dominant mood.


"I can't hear you slut!" He smacked my ass again.

"YES," I screamed louder.

"Yes what Mel?"

"Yes I like your cock in me!" I was literally screaming now.

"You like my BIG NIGGER COCK fucking your little white pussy don't you?" He screamed out as he plunged in to me harder.

"YES! I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK SIR!" I screamed with labored breath as he pounded me.

His balls slapped my clit as he pounded me until he was ready to cum. He buried himself deep in me before pulling it completely out and shooting it all over my ass hole and pussy. It felt like a cup of cum was running down my crack.

"You need to earn that big load in your Mel." He fingered my soaking wet pussy.

"You better get cleaned up; our guest will be coming soon."

Written by: gracesnowpaw

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