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Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 06

by SteveWallace©

How the girls' parents started swinging; incest starts

Sitting around the dinner table, the girls had just asked their mom and dad how they got started in swinging, and how the really met many years earlier. The question came on the heels of the confession by their parents that they had been involved with others for well over two decades. Jean indicated that her husband should start with his account of things, and that she'd follow.

Dave's Story (From the point of view of the Fran, Sheila, and Ally's father)

"I had just turned twenty four, I had a one-year old child, Sheila, and a freshly signed divorce decree. My ex-wife had decided after two years of marriage that the institution was too constrictive; she wanted her freedom. Later, she admitted that she wanted to screw around with some friends and didn't want to feel the guilt from our vows. I was unbelievably naïve at the time, so I went with the flow and we ended the marriage. Gwen went on to become the town slut, and we even kept screwing around after we separated."

"My friend Tommy Homdel cornered me one Friday as I got off work. I recall it was the first warm night of summer. 'Dave, old buddy, I need you to do something with me this weekend that I promise you won't regret.'"

"What's that?" I said.

"I've been invited to a swingers' party and I don't want to go alone. I won't know anybody there other than the one gal that invited me. You'd think that'd be enough, but I want a wingman. It starts tonight and ends Sunday at noon."


"Tommy told me bluntly, 'It's a fuck fest. Sonja, the girl that invited me, promised there will be more chicks than guys, and I think just about everybody is single. You're ideal, and this would help you get back on the dating circuit.'"

"Tommy was persuasive, but by then I hadn't been laid for a month and the idea of an idle fuck sounded pretty good. I said I'd go, but only after he promised to cover the admission fee of fifty dollars to defray the cost of booze, food, and condoms."

"I laughed later. It was the best fifty dollars Tommy spent on me. We were no sooner in the door, than I met Sonja. She latched onto me, and we were screwing ten minutes later. Heck, all around us, people were screwing or girls were doing each other. My mind clogged up, but I realized I'd better pace myself since this was an all-weekend party. I worked to bring Sonja to a happy place, and then we ended our liaison for the time being."

"My pecker was standing out straight and coated in her juices. I realized we'd gone bare back. Around the various rooms in this house were bowls full of condoms. I parked my clothing in a safe spot, and went looking for something to drink and that's when I met Jean."

Jean's Story (From the girls' mother)

"I was standing by a long table that served as an open bar, mostly beer and wine. This handsome guy walks up next to me; only his dick arrived about a minute or so before he did. We were both naked, and had both come fresh from fucking. I looked up from his impressive equipment, wet from Sonja's pussy, and fell in love as soon as I looked into his eyes. I knew, just knew we were destined to be together."

"Dave nodded to me and introduced himself. I tried to play coy, but Dave didn't do shy and helpless female. After he got his glass of wine, he walked away and I lost him. I got propositioned and went off with another guy. I think I had another fuck after that, and then I was back at the bar and the food table for some nourishment and to replenish body fluids."

"Dave was there again, only this time, he was ... well, let's say not ready for action. I said hello, and this time decided not to play coy. I asked him if he wanted to get together. In those few seconds he looked deep into my eyes. There was a long silence between us, almost as though we were connecting on some ethereal level or soul mate level."

"After our silence, he brought tears to my eyes. He said, "I don't think I've ever wanted anything more in my life." We moved to each other and kissed, our nude bodies pressing together. It was so exciting."

"We hung out together for a while, even went and sat on a front porch swing watching the cars go by, although we were in the shadows and completely naked. We snacked together and finished our drinks, and then we went off and found a bedroom and made love - and, oh, it was love. L. O. V. E. Love in big capital letters."

"By the time we finished, it was well past midnight. The house had gotten amazingly quiet. I think many people had coupled up for the night, and I know a few left to come back the next day. Anyway, Dave and I slept in each other's arms that night."

"I'd gotten my divorce decree in the week before. Fran was with her father for the weekend, the same way Sheila was with Gwen. I felt like I was free and available for the first time in over two years. I'd resolved to get myself fucked eight ways from Sunday at the party to make up for years of abuse and a long dry spell after things in my first marriage really went bad. A friend heard my wish and invited me to the party, and I was doing pretty well on making good on the promises I'd made myself up and dressed to become Super-Slut for the night."

"The next morning, we got up and both of us helped prepare a large breakfast for everyone in the house. People were there in all sorts of dress from nude to coat and tie. It was surreal."

"I was standing around after breakfast talking to Dave when a guy I didn't know came and asked me to go off with him for some 'morning fun.' Dave seemed to know the man, Tommy Homdel, and he urged me to go play, and so I did. I learned later that at the same time Dave had some fun with two women who wanted to play in a threesome."

"I had a couple of other liaisons, and then in mid-afternoon I found Dave again. It turned out he'd been looking for me. I was so flattered. He asked if we could exchange phone numbers because he wanted to ask me on a date sometime very soon. I told him I'd love to go with him, and we traded little slips of paper with numbers. I watched while he went and tucked the paper into his shirt pocket. Of course, we were still naked at the time."

Dave and I talked some more, and then agreed that we'd continue to have fun with others at the party, but meet up around ten o'clock that evening to make love and sleep together again, and so that's what we did. I remember reminding him to save something for me, and he promised. I guess you have a lot of stamina at age twenty four, because when we got together he made love to me twice, and then again in the middle of the night."

"I moved in with Dave a week later after we'd spent every week night in each other's arms. I think we both just knew we were destined for each other as soon as we met. Dave even had to care for Sheila that week, but that gave me a chance to see how caring and tender he could be. This was the guy for me, and he could make love like Casanova. Of course, we talked about what our life together would be like, especially with me bringing another baby into our midst."

"Going to that party set the stage for our dating, courtship, and marriage. We never gave up swinging. We liked the occasional variety and the fun of 'strange.' Those parties went on every month, and in those days it was rare that we missed one. I even met Dave's ex-wife Gwen at one of them. I'd come to think of her as an ogre, but she was a nice woman and we hit it off. That was good, because as Dave and I got closer and then married, she and I had to interact to handoff Sheila for various events or time with the other parent. Heck, we even team up and do Dave just for fun. We still see her from time to time, and many times she's spent the night in our bed."

"We developed some good friends in the area from those parties, people that we came to love and spend a lot of time with over the years. We'd bow out now and then for various reasons, for instance, when I got well into my pregnancy with Ally and then her first year, but we were drawn back in by the lifestyle."

"Now that we're older we continue but with friends closer to our own age, some of the same people that were at that swing party we met at are still involved plus new ones. We've gotten chunkier, a few have potbellies, things are sagging and drooping, and our performance often leaves something to be wished for. We still have fun. The parties are still monthly. In between we often get together with some of our dear friends - just one or two couples at a time. It's less hectic this way."

* * * * *

Back to Steve Telling His Story

Fran, Sheila, Ally, and I had paid rapt attention as the two older Henson's regaled us over dinner about how they met and their swinging adventures. I was spellbound, yet also found their descriptions arousing when I thought of what the parties they'd gone to were like.

In an aside with Fran, I whispered, "Should we tell them about last weekend?"

She nodded enthusiastically. I think Sheila understood my aside with Fran, and she winked at me and gave me an OK sign. I hoped Ally wouldn't mind.

After Dave and Jean had finished talking, I started slowly. "Well, maybe we have something to share about our last weekend."

Dave and Jean both perked up.

"We participated in a swing party too, of sorts. We've told you about the friends we met at our Tantric Love weekend, well they were friends with another couple and a nice single man, and last weekend we ... swung ... with them for an evening." I still didn't like the words swap or swing, but I couldn't think of anything different.

Fran interjected, "Steve connected with Nancy and Gale, and the three of us made it with Lyle, Chip, and Aidan. We even traded around during the evening so we each got time with each of the men."

Jean leaned forward and asked in an eager tone, "Did you girls like it?"

A chorus of "Yes" rang out in the room from the girls, followed by peals of laughter at the uniform response.

Jean said, "Well, then I feel much better about the slow seductions that we've been perpetrating on one another over the past couple of months. I bet this makes my husband think better of doing something with you girls." She winked at Dave.

Dave nodded. "I don't want to see any animus result from something we'd do. Could we all agree to be very communicative if any of you feel something is amiss? Anything at all."

All our heads nodded.

We cleaned up dinner and put away everything. Dave then called us together and he sounded serious. We stood in a circle holding hands as he spoke. "I just want to wax eloquent for a second at this turning point in our relationship. Prior to tonight we have touched each other in traditional and expected ways that have made us each special to each other. We have lots of labels for the roles we've played in each other's lives. Tonight we will change the fundamentals of our interaction, a change we can't reverse. We will become lovers, a new label. Before when I said, 'I love you' it was in familial way, but now that love will expand to include many new dimensions. I open my arms to hold you each in my heart forever in all the ways I possibly can."

We all turned and hugged each other.

Jean pulled me up the stairs of the New England colonial home, leading me to the guest room. She explained, "We have the only king-size bed; Dave and the girls will need that space."

Jean started to shut the door; I said, "Leave it open. There are no secrets between the girls and me - us. If one of them wants to join us, I want them to feel they can."

Jean looked at me as though I was a sage. She said, "You, my love, are a very wise man."

She flowed into my arms and we kissed. As we did I was aware of the girls and Dave moving down the hall to the master bedroom.

Jean and I made love three times over the next two hours. I surprised her with a third round, something she wasn't used to. She was as lovely to make love to as any of her daughters, perhaps a tad more zealous to be sure. I knew that she still carried her youthful enthusiasm for the sex act. As we went along, I learned her hotspots, those places on her body that turned her on, that made her writhe, and that made her pussy vibrate. The longer we went, the higher up the sexual excitement scale I took her, and then I made sure to take her over the edge with a well-orchestrated orgasm she later referred to as 'The Big One.' I joined her on that one filling her core with my man juice.

When we were through Fran and Ally were in the doorway smiling. Jean got embarrassed and buried her head in my chest. We were still connected.

Fran said in a voice tinged with laughter, "That loud scream could have meant murder. We just came to check things out and to see what we should tell the police when they get here. You having fun ... Mom?"

From my chest came a muffled, "Yes, dear. Do you realize you have a Greek god for a boyfriend - an Adonis? Don't ever lose this one, he understands a woman's body unlike most men - maybe any man I've certainly made love with - even your father."

Fran spooned in behind her mother and kissed her shoulder. She said, "Someday, we'll have to see if mother-daughter sex is as much fun as some of the other kinds of incest this family enjoys. We're still having fun in the other room if you want to come and join us."

I rolled onto my back, pulling Jean along until she was stretched out on top of me. I remained embedded in her pussy. I said, "Shall we go peek?"

She nodded enthusiastically with a wicked smile.

We got up and tiptoed down the hall. Dave was fucking Sheila in the missionary position. Next to him, Ally sat in provocative way, saying sexy and dirty things to him to urge him on. Fran saw us and motioned us closer to the bed. She held up two fingers to indicate that this was round two.

I gestured at each of the three, and Fran nodded. Dave had an opportunity to fuck each of them. Later, I'd get the skinny on that.

Jean said, "Oh, dear. I'm leaking. I didn't realize how ... prolific you were with your man juice."

Ally gestured her over to the bed, "Then come lie down right here. I know just the thing to help with that problem." She smoothed the sheet next to her father and Sheila.

Jean tentatively went and lay down. Ally immediately got between her mother's legs and started to lap and suck out the cum I'd deposited in Jean. In the process, Ally made talented use of her fingers, lips, and tongue, and Jean had another orgasm. I expected Jean to be grossed out a little at Ally's behavior, but she didn't blink an eye other than to move around to accommodate her daughter's fetish. I found out later that this wasn't the first time a woman had done this to Jean, and she admitted she'd helped clean up many of her friends over the years in the same way.

The scene was too much for Dave, however, who had tuned into what his wife and daughter were doing. He accelerated his pumping in Sheila until his body became a blur, he was moving so fast. They both came in a gorgeous fireworks display of pleasure and sounds of joyous moans. Sheila pulled him down atop her body in their afterglows and the pair kissed with new passion. Dave rolled off of her next to Jean and then they kissed as he stroked his wife's breasts. Both Sheila and Dave continued to pant for five minutes.

I was sure from the looks, words, and actions that we had totally tired out the two older Hensons. For that matter, I was tired too. I went back to the guest room and got into bed. A few minutes later, Jean slid her nude body next to mine. She moved so I was spooned behind her with my arms wrapped around her. Jean reached behind her and fondled my cock until it became hard again. I put the entire shaft into her body, kissed her, and we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night sandwiched between two pretty women: Jean and Ally. After a trip to the bathroom, I slid back between the two of them and went right back to sleep. I remember expressing gratitude to the universe for my life and the people I loved.

I expected some awkwardness in the morning, but there was none. Dave and Jean were up before any of the rest of us, and breakfast was well underway. Jean had whipped up eggs benedict for us, and the entire brunch was 'A' rated.

The only outward sign of the intimacy that had taken place the night before was more touching and little kisses of affection. Those came in all directions and from every person. I felt as though we'd broken down a barrier to express our kinder and more loving emotions. After our late brunch we packed up the car and headed back to my Cambridge apartment.

* * * * *

I wondered what the future would be like with the Hensons and with the Fabulous 5 we'd hooked up with a week earlier. I loved the sex, the intimacy, and the feeling of love from the women I'd been with. What bothered me were the few pangs of jealousy I felt when I knew Fran, Sheila, or Ally were fucking another man, even when it was their father.

I went on the Internet and started to search on jealousy, trying to analyze the baser feelings I'd had during both encounters, although I didn't feel too challenged by the girls' father, Dave. That research led me to several sites that talked about polyamory. I began to form some new behaviors and opinions about some of what we'd been doing. To cement a new way of thinking, and thus change how I thought about things, I decided I needed a set of principles to live by and to use to judge various situations. Thus, one afternoon I started writing the things that I felt were important to me.

There were a number of tenets to my emerging philosophy, and I knew it was mishmash of thoughts:

1.Jealousy is mostly a learned response; it can be unlearned by focusing on other higher and more enjoyable emotions.

2.Compersion is the opposite of jealousy - it is the love and pleasure we feel when others whom we love feel love and pleasure (even them having sex) from someone else. This is my goal.

3.You can love more than one person at a time. If I give my love freely, I will get the same in return times ten.

4.Society has us suppress our sexuality, but there is a lot to our sexuality to share. Be open to sharing.

5.Our boundaries (what we'll do or not do) are flexible, and change over time. Sometimes without our awaRenéss. Learn my boundaries, and consciously think about moving or removing them.

6.The future does not need to replicate the past. Find new ways to do the old.

7.We have a need for variety - variety in our sexual and relationship needs.

8.The best relationships are based on trust, respect, honesty, equality, openness and transparency, and of course love. Instill these traits in my interactions.

9.The best approach is not to own someone. Be non-possessive.

10.The deepest relationships are based on comfort and sharing of the partners' emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical selves, including sexual beliefs, practices, and kinks. Help people find their spiritual path, and they'll return the favor.

11.There is no normal. When someone tries to get you to adopt a behavior norm, they are trying to get you to adopt their beliefs about love, relationships, and sex. Their beliefs don't have to be yours.

12.Consenting adults can do whatever they like about love, relationships and sex.

I had some fine print on some of the points but these were the major points I grappled with during the week. The more I thought about and tweaked these, the more I liked the direction they took me in.

I went back and evaluated past and current relationships against my philosophy. My dates with Fran, Sheila, then both of them, plus Ally, plus Nancy and Gale, and most recently Jean. I played our times together against the background of our time with the Reddicks, Dunns, and Aidan, and also with Dave. I also ran the experience with Cindy at the weekend retreat through my principles. Things seemed to fit well, and I felt better about some of the dark feelings I'd had at the time. I also realized that I couldn't have written my statements before the retreat; that weekend helped so many things gel in my head.

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