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Her Niece, Her First

by AspenFan2©

Heidi pulled back the curtains of the bay window and looked out of her second story bedroom. The sun was shining and the blast of warm, refreshing air hit her face as Heidi opened the windows wide. She glanced at the full length mirror standing alone in the corner of the room and looked the reflection of her body up and down. “Not too bad for 36,” Heidi smiled, running her hands along her neck, down to cup her large C-cup tits encased in a lacy white bra, then moving further down to her flat stomach, which she spent hours a week at the gym to keep. A finger played briefly with the little diamond piercing in her bellybutton, an acquisition recently gotten, before gliding down past her pussy, clad in matching white lacy panties.

“Not too bad at all,” she smiled, when out of the corner of her eye she saw some movement outside the opened windows. Heidi turned away from the mirror and gazed down to the backyard, where she saw Gretchen emerging from the in-ground pool, dressed in a skimpy black bikini. She walked over to a towel laid out on the grass and sprawled out on her back, taking in the rays of the early morning sun.

Gretchen was Heidi’s 18 year old niece, come to visit for the summer months, while her parents went through the painful process of a divorce. Heidi’s sister had thought it best if Gretchen stayed away while she and Heidi’s brother-in-law worked out the final details. So, Gretchen had moved into her Aunt Heidi’s house for the summer.

The two women got along very well considering their age difference, even though there was some very striking differences between the two. Gretchen was a very outgoing, confident, open-minded teenager who had just begun exploring life. She was a petite girl, standing about 5’2” and weighing just over 100 pounds, with short, dark black hair that barely made it past her ears. Gretchen inherited a natural combination of her father’s dark Latin skin and her mother’s fairer skin, giving her an light olive complexion that made her body glow. Her lips were full and pouty, giving her an innocent look. She had a lean and lithe body, going to the gym even before coming to live with her aunt. She had small and what could only be described as perky tits with nipples that always seemed to be hard. To round it off, her heart shaped ass was just too perfect for words.

Heidi was almost twenty years older than her niece, but her own body was in fine shape itself. Short, yet stylish blonde hair clung to her head, and hazel eyes looked upon the world. Her own body was in great shape, having tried in these years to keep up on her figure. Heidi was tall, standing at just under 5’9” with a well toned and sexy body. Long, well formed legs and a full, round ass made many a male turn their head. And while her niece's tits were small, Heidi’s were much larger, with very large, puffy nipples.

Gretchen had left behind a boyfriend when she moved out here for the summer, and had yet to meet anyone special enough to date. Heidi had had a string of boyfriends over the years, but recently had found herself in a dry spell.

Heidi found herself staring out the window, looking down at her niece. She watched as Gretchen’s tits rose and fell with each breath, and squinted to try and see any sign of those perpetually hard nipples. Heidi silently admonished herself for spying, yet did not turn away. She had caught herself staring at Gretchen more and more these past few days. Watching the way her body moved when they worked out at the gym together. Staring at the way her tight little ass swayed back and forth in those little sweat-shorts she wore to bed at night. Gazing long at the way her hard nipples always seemed to poke through whatever shirt or dress she was wearing. Heidi had started to become a little worried with herself. Her she was, staring at her niece, her own sister’s daughter with strange, lust filled thoughts running through her mind.

Heidi had never really admired a woman’s body before this. Sure, she could think that another woman was attractive, or had nice tits, or nice hair. But there was just something so sexy and innocent about Gretchen that made Heidi take notice. She knew the girl wasn’t a virgin, Gretchen had confided in her that fact on one of their first nights together at the house. But, the fact that it was her darling little niece was something that made Heidi swoon with unspoken lust.

Heidi watched as Gretchen turned over onto her stomach, and her tight ass came into view, the black thong bottom of her bikini hidden deep within the crevasse of that perfect ass. Heidi sighed at that wonderful sight and slowly slid her hand down along her panties. She moved slowly along the outside of her panties, feeling the wetness of her pussy seeping through the fabric. Heidi pulled a small wooden chair over to the window and sat down, placing one of her legs onto the window sill. She moved her hand underneath her panties, and gasped as her fingers traced along her naked pussy. She was extremely wet as she slid a finger inside and started to massage herself. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and imagined it was Gretchen’s finger inside her, her thumb rubbing Heidi’s hard clit.

Another finger slipped inside Heidi’s wet pussy, as her hips began to move against them. “Mmmmm,” Heidi moaned softly, as the two fingers began to move a little faster, soon being joined by a third fucking finger. She dreamed of Gretchen’s mouth on her tits, and pulled out one of her large tits, tweaking the puffy nipple between the fingers of her other hand. Heidi could envision the feeling of her niece's full lips sucking in her nipples, gently biting down on it.

“Oh God yesssss Gretchen,” Heidi moaned, pulling her nipple hard, as her fingers worked over her dripping pussy. “Yes sweetie, lick your Aunt Heidi’s wet pussy,” she whispered, moving her fingers faster. Her other hand left her tit and dropped down to resume rubbing her clit, causing Heidi to explode into an orgasm. “Mmmmm Gretchen, ohhh yesss baby,” she groaned in pleasure as her body almost slid off the chair.

Heidi opened her eyes after a few minutes and looked out the window, down at her niece. But Gretchen was no longer there, the towel gone as well.

The rest of the day Heidi couldn’t help but think about her niece sucking her pussy to orgasm. The times that they spent around the house, it was all Heidi could do to keep from masturbating right in front of her. Even though this was her niece, and Heidi knew these feelings were wrong to have, she felt so much desire for Gretchen that she could hardly control herself and had to retreat to the safety of the bathroom at least three times in the afternoon to finger herself to relief.

Late that evening, after a long day of hidden desire, Heidi entered her bedroom and got changed for sleep. She had just finished putting on her panties and t-shirt when she heard Gretchen enter the room.

“Hi Gretchen, what’s up honey?” Heidi greeted. Seeing her niece, dressed in a pair of small blue panties and her own t-shirt was already making Heidi’s pussy wet.

“I...I, umm,” Gretchen stammered, obviously trying to say something.

“It’s OK sweetie, you can tell me,” Heidi said, fearing it was something important.

“I saw you this morning Aunt Heidi,” Gretchen started, her eyes staring at Heidi’s legs. “After swimming I went to lie down for a while, but I wanted to see if you were up yet, so I came upstairs.” Gretchen shifted nervously in front of her aunt. “I heard you moaning and calling out my name, so I took a peek and saw you fingering yourself by the window.”

“Oh God,” Heidi cried, and plopped down on the bed, her head cradled in her hands. “Oh Gretchen, I’m so very sorry. I never should have done that and thought about you in that way. I’m your aunt for God’s sake.”

Gretchen quickly went to the bed and sat next to Heidi, placing her arm around her in a comforting manner. “Don’t be sorry Aunt Heidi, everyone masturbates,” Gretchen smiled. “And to be honest, I’ve been doing it a lot since I got here.”

Heidi looked up confused.

“You’re so beautiful Aunt Heidi, and most times when I’m in bed at night I think about you. I think about your body and your smile and your big breasts and I start to finger myself.”

The two sat in silence for more than a few minutes, their minds trying to get a grasp on what was going on, when Gretchen finally spoke. “Have you ever been with another woman before Aunt Heidi?” She asked.

“No I haven’t Gretchen,” Heidi answered with a soft smile.

“Not even kissed another woman?” Gretchen asked with a smile of her own.

Heidi shook her head and said, “No,” her fingers moving a stray strand of hair from Gretchen’s green eyes.

“That’s OK,” Gretchen smiled, her own fingers running though Heidi’s hair. “I have,” she began, sliding her body against Heidi’s, “I’ll show you what to do Aunt Heidi.” Gretchen ran her hand along the side of Heidi’s face and pulled her in for a kiss. It started out slow at first, their lips barely touching, then Gretchen ran the tip of her tongue along Heidi’s lips, pushing them open and sliding in. Gretchen began kissing her aunt in earnest, letting her fingers roam through Heidi’s soft, silky hair. She moved from Heidi’s lips down to her neck, running her tongue along the soft flesh.

“Oh Gretchen, we shouldn’t do this,” Heidi moaned softly, as her teenage niece sucked the flesh of her neck between her teeth, nibbling gently. “Fantasies are one thing, but I’m your aunt.”

Gretchen pulled back and smiled, running a finger along her aunt’s lips. With a quick move, Gretchen pulled off her t-shirt, revealing those small tits and the hard nipples that Heidi loved so much. She dropped the t-shirt onto the bed and took Heidi’s hand in her own, running them along the flesh. Heidi could feel the hardness of Gretchen’s nipples between her fingers and when her niece let go, Heidi’s hand still held her tits, massaging them. Her fingers caressed the nipples gently, causing Gretchen to let out a low purr of pleasure.

Gretchen returned to kissing Heidi’s neck, as the older woman continued fondling her tits with one hand. Heidi moved her other hand across Gretchen’s thigh, and all her protests about this being wrong vanished. Gretchen slowly lifted Heidi’s t-shirt over her head, exposing her large tits to her.

“Oh God Aunt Heidi, these are beautiful,” she said, cupping the large C-cups in her hands and giving the large, puffy nipples a playful stroke.

“Mmmmm,” Heidi moaned with desire at the feel if her niece's fingers pulling and flicking at her sensitive nipples.

Gretchen moved her hands down to Heidi’s hips, and slowly pulled off her panties, revealing her aunt’s wet pussy. Gretchen loved the sight of it, wet and glistening with juices of passion, a thin line of dark blonde hair just above it. She gripped Heidi’s hands in her own again, and moved them down to her own panties. “Go ahead Aunt Heidi,” Gretchen smiled.

Heidi could no longer stand it anymore. She need to be with this girl, her niece. Heidi quickly pulled down Gretchen’s panties and felt her own pussy spasm with a mini orgasm at the sight of Gretchen’s pussy. It was shaved bare and dripping juices along her thighs. The two women stared with hunger at each other’s naked bodies.

Gretchen ran a hand along Heidi’s large tits, gently pulling the nipple taut. “Oh yessss,” Heidi moaned as Gretchen lunged forward into a passionate kiss of desire and lust. Hands roughly fondled their naked bodies, their breathing now very heavy with passion, as their tongues eagerly darted into each other’s mouths.

After a long time, Gretchen broke the kiss and looked into Heidi’s eyes. “I want you so badly,” Gretchen said, pushing Heidi down onto her back on the bed.

“Then take me, Gretchen. My pussy is so wet for you, take it,” Heidi begged her niece.

Gretchen smiled and slowly began to kiss Heidi, running a tongue along her lips and down to her chin. She returned to the spot on her aunt’s neck where a hickey had already begun to show from Gretchen’s passionate kissing earlier. Her hands sought out Heidi’s tits, kneading the soft flesh in her hands. She kissed down to Heidi’s tits, and those puffy, poutful lips sucked a nipple between them, just like Heidi had imagined.

“Mmmmm that’s it sweetie, suck on my nipples, oh yesss,” Heidi moaned, as Gretchen’s tongue sucked and teased her nipples.

Gretchen reluctantly left Heidi’s tits, and kissed down her stomach until she reached what she had been yearning for. Gretchen ran her hands along the insides of Heidi thighs, gently squeezing and massaging them as she moved her mouth to Heidi’s soaked pussy. Gretchen’s tongue lashed out and began darting along her aunt’s pussy as eagerly as it had her mouth when they kissed.

“Ohhhhh yesssss,” Heidi moaned at that wonderful first feeling of Gretchen’s tongue moving along her wet slit.

Gretchen began to thrust her tongue into Heidi’s pussy, fucking her with it, while her lips sucked and hummed around vibrating the area in pleasure. “Oh God don’t stop Gretchen, eat my pussy, eat Aunt Heidi’s pussy sweetie, mmmmm,” Heidi groaned, thrashing around on the bed. Gretchen slid one, then two fingers deep inside Heidi, moving them in and out slow at first, then when she felt her aunt’s hands on the back of her head, she moved them much faster.

Heidi could feel her body building up with so much pleasure at the feeling of Gretchen’s fingers moving around her pussy, her tongue now flicking across her hard clit like it was a little nipple. “Ohhhhhh baby, fuck me with your fingers, yeah that’s it, mmmmm,” Heidi moaned, and Gretchen moved her fingers faster, slamming them into Heidi. The wet sounds of the fingers fucking Heidi’s loose pussy echoed in the room. When Gretchen sucked Heidi’s clit hard into her mouth, it drove her aunt over the edge.

“MMMMMMMM, OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS,” Heidi screamed, her hips bucking so wildly that it threw Gretchen back.

Gretchen quickly held down her aunt’s wild, trashing body and pressed her mouth against the oozing pussy, sucking in all of her juices. When Heidi had calmed down, Gretchen moved up and laid beside her. “Did you enjoy your first time, Aunt Heidi?” Gretchen asked, smiling and playing with Heidi’s nipples.

Heidi turned and kissed her niece deeply, with a large grin on her face. She

smacked her lips at the taste of her cum of Gretchen’s lips. “That was incredible,” Heidi smiled. “But, what about you Gretchen? You didn’t cum yet.”

Gretchen smiled, and began sliding down her aunt’s body. “Aunt Heidi, you have all summer to eat my pussy. Right now I want to concentrate on you,” she said, and Heidi screamed out in pleasure when Gretchen’s mouth returned to her pussy.

Written by: AspenFan2

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