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Cypriot Satisfaction

by whiteman369©

This is a story about my wife who was spending the summer in Cyprus. She had work over there for the whole summer and she told me afterwards every small detail about the horniest sexual experience she'd ever had. We'd had 3 and 4somes before, not regularly but just a few times and I'd always found it horny watching her with other guys.

She had met a guy over there called Nikkos. He was a friend of her mate's husband. My wife is Russian with an amazing tanned curvaceous figure and long brown hair, so she doesn't have problems attracting guys. She knew Nikkos fancied her and she quite fancied him.

One night at a club she'd danced with him and she snogged him. His hands were all over her. She didn't take it any further that night but when she got home she had to wank herself off, imagining his hard Cypriot cock inside her. She told me she really wished she'd taken him to bed that night because she hadn't had a shag for over a month.

Soon after, Nikkos said there was a party at his friends up in the mountains. He was going with his friend Vassos and he invited her. Vassos picked them up, first Nikkos and then my wife.

Nikkos was in the back. "Hi. Do you want to come and sit in the back with me?"

"Yeah, okay." my wife smiled. The weather was really hot and she'd said that hot weather had been making her so horny. She wore a skimpy, light pink, cotton summer dress. When she got in she noticed Nikkos had long shorts and a sleeveless black T-shirt on. It was tight and clung to his hard, toned hairy torso.

They all chatted on the way and the tone got more daring all the time. He told her how nice her dress looked and how it complimented her great figure. Vassos agreed that she had an amazing body. As Nikkos complimented her, he stroked the soft fabric of her dress, first lightly and then more solidly against her flesh. He stroked her thigh gently and then her stomach which she really loved. "You're so gorgeous," he said to her.

She started to stroke his bicep and then he kissed her. She felt his hard, wet tongue snaking around in her mouth and she pushed her tongue into his mouth. She felt his firm hand on her thigh and she put hers up his T-shirt and ran it over his firm, hairy chest and stomach and she pulled his T-shirt off. Vassos was watching in the mirror. She spread her legs slightly as Nikkos's hand was up her dress. He was on the left and my wife in the middle. his left hand gently caressed her inner thighs higher and higher and his right hand reached under her to fondle her gorgeous 32D breasts.

She was moaning softly as her arousal increased. She felt his hand stroke her pussy though her knickers. She put her right foot up on the seat to give him better access. He stroked the soft material of her panties against her hot, moist gaping labia. Her pussy hadn't been touched by a guy in all these weeks and she just wanted it in her so much.

Her hand moved down his naval and onto his crotch. She was gasping hard now as Nikkos pushed his hand up inside her knickers stroking her dark brown bush and then his thumb on her clit. "Oh fuck, yes. I love that," she cried as he effortlessly slid 2 fingers into her wet cunt.

She wildly undid his flies and unbuckled his belt. "Oh yes, your cock's so big and hard," she said in her sexy Russian accent. He told Vassos to find somewhere to park up as he slid his fingers in and out of my wife's wanton pussy. "Please, I want your cock so much", she cried as Nikkos lifted his arse off the seat so she could pull his shorts and boxer shorts down. She took his cock in her hand and started wanking him.

He was about 8 inches and thick. Nikkos now had 3 fingers inside her as she licked up his shaft and wanked his foreskin right back, exposing his full throbbing, bulbous glans. She wildly licked around his head, lapping up a trail of pre-cum and then he gasped hard as she enveloped his cock with her soft lips as her lover's fingers continued to pleasure her.

She was completely oblivious, but Vassos had found a quiet little spot he knew to park up. It was a small car park but he found a more private spot behind some forest. It was deserted anyway.

Once parked up, he turned round to watch them. The whole world to her was Nikkos's cock at the moment as she sucked him passionately, occasionally stopping to wank him and lick his hairy balls.

Vassos was getting really horny now and as he watched her giving his mate amazing head and took in the musky sent of her beautiful pussy he couldn't resist stroking her right breast. "Oh yes, I love that," she said as he expertly kneaded it.

Nikkos pulled her dress up and she briefly and reluctantly let go of his cock so he could pull it off over her head. Nikkos had pulled his fingers out of her cunt and she was now on all fours on the seat taking his gorgeous cock back in her mouth.

Vassos got out and opened the back door. He got a great view of my wife, her knickers still dishevelled and some of her gaping labia protruding. Nikkos unclipped her bra and pulled it off, then fondling her ample breasts like she loves. Then she felt hands on her perfect peachy bum. She was so aroused she hardly knew whose. Then firm hands in the side of her knickers pulling them off and then a moist tongue around her thighs and over her bum and then gradually along her pussy and the hands fondling her arse cheeks and the tongue lapping at her engorged clitoris and then exploring inside her welcoming gash, licking and sucking her sweet pussy lips.

She said she'd never been hornier than this, completely naked and aroused in the middle of nowhere with 2 rampantly horny Cypriot guys.

Now she did take Nikkos's cock out of her mouth. "Please, just fuck me with your hard cocks," she implored. Nikkos reached for a condom which had been blatantly placed near the handbrake and she desperately watched him roll it on his hard cock before taking him in her hand, kneeling astride him and guiding it into her hairy cunt. She gasped loudly as she ground down onto his balls. She pushed her tongue into his mouth as she started to ride him harder and harder.

As she fucked Nikkos, she watched Vassos strip off. He was about 21. His body was slighter and less hairy than Nikkos's manly body, but when he removed his boxer shorts she'd never seen a cock harder. It sprung up and stood rampantly against his stomach, 7 inches of aroused masculine flesh. She instinctively reached for it and he knelt next to them so she could wank him, my wife's tanned soft Russian hand giving him expert treatment. She reached down with her head. "Oh, fucking hell, I want to suck your hard cock," she told him. She started sucking Vassos's cock but she was becoming more intense as Nikkos held her slim waist and thrust into her.

After 2 or 3 minutes she let go of Vassos's cock and concentrated on fucking Nikkos. She rode him hard, wrapping her arms around his neck and letting him suck her breasts as she noisily got tenser and tenser and then with some almighty cries from her and then Nikkos, with Vassos's tongue all over her back and bum, she came as hard as she ever has done, clamping her sluttish twat around his cock as she felt him noisily cum, filling his condom with thick creamy spunk.

Nikkos sucked her tits as her orgasm gradually subsided as Vassos's hands and mouth were still all over her. She reached out for his cock again and it was amazing to feel his gorgeous hardness. She felt Nikkos softening and sat up letting him slip out of her cunt.

Her pussy was quite tender and sensitive after such an amazing fuck and orgasm but after the pleasure they'd given her, she knew she had to let Vassos fuck her too. "Do you want to fuck me now, darling," she asked him.

"Oh, yes please. You're the sexiest woman I've ever seen. Your body's amazing," he replied. She passed him a condom, pushing her head back into Nikkos's lap, she could feel his cock still semi erect on her cheek. Nikkos pulled her knees back exposing that sexy brown haired gaping pussy unashamedly to her second lover.

"Oh yes, just stick your hard cock inside me and fuck me please," she said looking firstly at his eyes and then at his cock. She felt his hard body between her sexy tanned thighs and then his hard cock inside her. She knew she wouldn't cum again yet but it was still remarkably pleasurable feeling his hardness thrusting inside her as she wrapped her legs around him.

He was so aroused that within a couple of minutes of shagging my wife hard he announced he was going to cum. "I want to cum on your tits," he said.

"Oh yes, give me that lovely spunk," she replied. He pulled his cock out of her delicious pussy, whipped his condom off and with a little help from my wife's lovely hands, he wanked off jet after jet of thick creamy semen all over my wife's sexy body, most on her breasts and some spurting up onto her neck and across her soft lips and cheek.

This was only an hors d'oeuvre for later when they got to the party but that's a story I'll tell later.

Written by: whiteman369

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