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My First National Nude Day

by snugglebuck©

I'll never forget my first National Nude Day.

I decided to spend it on it by the Mediterranean Sea, on France's Cap d'Agde beach. Though I didn't come ogle, I couldn't help but watch the variations of humanity walk by. Old and young, short and tall, fit and not so fit, it was joy to watch the naked human parade walk by.

One person caught my interest, was this very small frail old gentleman. Wearing a large straw hat, his skin was well tanned and wrinkled. He walked so slow, each step seemed as if it may be his last. Every now and then he'd pause, take a rest, and look around. When he came to a stop, right in front of my blanket, he shaded eyes to stare at a figure approaching from the distance.

Walking along the beach, towards us, was a tall shapely breath taking beautiful young woman wearing nothing but sunglasses. With large ample breasts that swayed with her each stride, she looked like a headliner from a 1930s burlesque show. The crinkled old man was mesmerized by the sight of her. As she approached him, though beautiful, I could sense a haughty air about her. Yes, she was beautiful, but she was by no means humble. When she walked past the crooked old man, she did so with such resigned indignation, it was as if he wasn't even there.

As she past, the old man hailed her, in a feeble voice, "Miss...miss...can I have a talk with you?"

"What da ya want pops," was her curt reply?

"I was wondering if in the spirit of National Nude Day. If you wouldn't mind having sex with me on the beach."

At first the woman looked shocked at the proposition, then she broke out in a fit of mocking laughter. "Sure Pops, I'll screw you, right here, right now, in front of God and everybody. All you need do is prove to me, you can handle it. Just do a hundred pushups and I'll fuck ya?"

"A hundred pushups...a hundred pushup, let me see..." the old man mumbled under his breath as he rubbed his chin.

"A hundred pushups you say" he asked her?

With a swagger she walked up to him till she was so close that her nipples might have poke out one of his eyes. "Yep, that's right, you do a hundred pushups, right here on this beach, and I promise I'll let you fuck my brains. So how bout gramps, you got what it takes?"

"I gotta do a hundred pushups you say...just a hundred... and you'll fuck promise," he asked with a bit of hesitation.

By now a curious group of onlookers gathered to witness 'truth or dare' duel between the nudes.

Yep, that's right! You do 100 pushups in a row, and I'm yours. I promise on my honor.

The old man paused, rubbing his chin in deep contemplation, the small crowd awaited his answer.

"A hundred pushups, yep, I can do a hundred pushups easily!" The crowd burst out in hilarious laughter at his answer.

A look of both disgust and pleasure swept across the woman's face. She enjoyed humiliating her geriatric admirer, and you could tell she was hoping to embarrass him even more. "So if you're going to do it pops you'd better get started, or if wait too long you might be late for your own funeral." Once again the crowd raged in laughter.

Okay...okay..." he mumbled staring straight at the massive boobs in front of his face. "A hundred pushups...okay...ready...set...go. Cupping a hand under each of her breasts he began bouncing them in rhythm to a chant. "A one.., and a two..., and a three..., and a four..., and a five."

"See," he said looking up into the eyes of the astonished woman, "I told you I could do pushups." "And a six...!"

Age can indeed, triumph over beauty, even when both are nude!

Written by: snugglebuck

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