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The Naked Monster

by BBanner©

I took my girlfriend Betty to a campground for our vacation this summer. It being pretty hot, we spent most of our time in the pool. As a joke, I call Betty a nevernude, like from Arrested Development. Although she will get naked in private—but only with the lights off—she won't even wear a swimsuit, much less a bikini, in public. Instead she swims in shorts and t-shirt. Believe it or not, she was a beauty queen when she was a teenager, but she says that was twenty years and two kids ago. I keep telling her that her body is fantastic, but she's too self-conscious to show any skin.

After a long day frolicking in the pool we decided to hike to the top of the tallest hill in the park, which was supposed to offer a spectacular panoramic view of the countryside. Neither one of us felt like walking all the way back to our camper on the other side of the park, so I gave her my oversized t-shirt to wear while she left her clothes to dry.

It was beautiful out on the trail, but I kept my camera focused on Betty. Occasionally she would be silhouetted in the sun, and I would get a good picture of her body, nicely tightened up from all that swimming. It was great, but I wanted more. "You know what would be nice?" I tried to play it cool, like I was suggesting a game of horseshoes or something, instead of asking her to fulfill my greatest fantasy. "If maybe you'd lose that t-shirt."

"This t-shirt?" She hiked up the hem until it almost revealed her pussy. "But if I did that I'd be naked." Just the teasing tone of her voice and the way she kept playing with the t-shirt was getting me worked up. Was she really considering it? It was getting awful difficult to keep my camera in focus all of a sudden.

"I don't think anyone would mind." I gulped loudly. "I know I wouldn't."

"Oh I bet." She had her hands on her hips, her legs parted, one eyebrow raised with mock disdain. "You'd love me to walk around here completely naked, wouldn't you?"

"Hey, it is Nude Day."

"That's not a real holiday."

"It would be for me."

Betty dismissed my foolishness with a wave and disappeared around a bend in the trail. I stood there and fiddled with my camera to hide my disappointment.

"Hey!" She poked her head out from behind a fir tree. I got the most tantalizing glimpse of a bare shoulder. "Think fast!"

She fired the t-shirt at me like a slingshot. I stared at the indentations left by her breasts for long moments, too excited to process what I was seeing. But when I looked for her there was no sign of her. The trail split into three directions and I had no idea which way to go. I thought I heard her giggling off to my left so I chased after her, running so fast I could barely breathe.

She constantly stayed one step ahead of me. I'd catch the briefest flash of bare skin and she'd disappear into a tangle of branches with a giggle. I took a tumble on the trail and lost all track of her. I scrambled to my feet, completely confused. Up ahead, a bare leg extended out from behind a limestone shelf, then vanished.

But when I got there she was gone.

"Enjoying your holiday?"

I wheeled around, unable to pinpoint where her voice was coming from. Just a blur of pale skin between two pine trees and I was off like a bloodhound.

There, at the top of the next rise Betty stood, naked and proud. Her body covered in a light coat of sweat from the hike, her nipples swollen and stiff with arousal. I was so stunned that I had to pick up my bottom jaw off the cinder path.

She slapped her naked thighs and strolled away proudly, her taut ass cheeks flexing as she moved. I saw a couple—kids in their twenties—descending a trail that led from the next hilltop that intersected with ours at a dry streambed. The girl gasped when she saw Betty but I don't think Betty noticed them. Afraid she'd end the show if she found out, I didn't say anything.

I lost track of her again in the dry scrub after the streambed. Panicked, I called her name, but the only answer I got was my own voice echoing off the limestone cliffs. I was frustrated to the point of stupidity. She even had me looking under rocks. "You're going to wear yourself out if you keep that up."

She was reclining on a ledge, lying on her stomach with her chin resting on her folded hands, her legs lazily kicking back and forth. Finding the narrow gap between the rock and the hillside, I scrambled up a rough natural stairway to join her. I took picture after picture of her beautiful ass while below us hikers passed by, completely oblivious.

She rolled over, her hair flowing out from under her like a black waterfall. Her foot brushed against my crotch and she giggled about my hard on and how much precum it was dribbling. "You look like you're ready to explode." She sat up and licked her lips, her head less than an inch from my throbbing cock.

I closed my eyes and prepared to be engulfed in the nirvana of her warm mouth but it never came. Next thing I knew, she was racing farther up the trail, laughing all the way.

It's pretty hard to run with a raging erection. By the time I caught her, she was at another intersection. Two middle-aged women, birdwatchers, stepped out from the bushes and gawked at her. I expected Betty to freak out, but she just waved and kept on going, as casual as could be. They scratched their heads, then jumped out of my way. You would too, if you were almost run over by a man using a t-shirt to hide his boner.

The trail was growing steeper. Betty's pale white body contrasted beautifully with the grey limestone and red brown pine trees and green leaves. Her small, firm breasts bounced perkily as she jogged uphill. Finally out of breath, she stopped and rested against a tree just as two married couples appeared. "Hi!" She put her hand on her hip, squared her shoulders, and flashed them a pageant winner's smile. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

"I'll say," said one of the men. His wife slapped his shoulder, and the two husbands obediently set their eyes on the path ahead of them while their jealous wives stared daggers at Betty.

It was so great to see her so confident, but I was getting nervous. "They'll complain for sure." I handed her the t-shirt.

"Nah, I'm good." She tossed it over the side of the hill. The wind caught it, and it sailed out over the park below. Betty laughed when she saw the expression on my face and gave me a quick peck on the cheek to reassure me. Then she sprinted up to the summit, calling out, "Last one to the top of the hill gets sloppy seconds!"

Okay, I had created some kind of naked monster. I know that's what I wanted, but this was getting crazy.

I found her standing at the top of the hill with her arms and legs spread, allowing the breeze to wick the sweat from her body, her hair billowing in the air, her eyes closed, an ecstatic smile on her face. I was so overcome that I forgot to take a single picture. I had never seen anything more beautiful. And I had never loved Betty more than I loved her at that moment.

When she opened her eyes it was like a marble statue springing to life. She smiled and beckoned me over, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, crushing her breasts against my chest. My dick—so hard it was threatening to tear a hole right through the crotch of my shorts—was poking her in the stomach. While she kissed me, she traced my erection with her fingers. "Look at the size of this thing." She laughed. "Did I do all that?"

Dropping to her knees, Betty liberated my cock from my shorts and sprayed it with butterfly kisses. She made a total whore out of herself, noisily slurping on my dong and squeezing her breasts between her arms, waving her ass naughtily. It was so good my legs almost gave out. Here was my nevernude girlfriend, naked and sucking my dick for all the world to see. It was too much. My body tensed up and I was primed to detonate.

"Ah ah ah!" She gave my cock an expert squeeze to stop me from cumming. "I'm kind of horny, too." She leaned against a rock and offered herself up to me, spreading her pussy lips with quivering fingers. "You don't mind, do you? What with it being a holiday and all?"

I rammed my entire length down her soaking wet snatch in one thrust. God, it felt so good. She sank her teeth into my jugular vein and ran her nails up and down my spine, goading me to fuck her faster with her heels. I know objectively that it only took four or five minutes but it felt like geological epochs were passing, that we were absolutely still while the world spun beneath us like a drunken top. The sun shot through the sky like a yoyo while glaciers advanced and retreated, carving out a whole new world for us to explore. Our eyes were locked, and for an eternity all we knew of the universe was each other.

And then I felt the tingling in my balls that told me I was about to cum hard and suddenly I was conscious of everything—her pussy lips grasping at my shaft as I pulled out, the taste of her sweat on my tongue, the air idly fingering the hair on my crotch, the limestone digging into my knees, the large group of Japanese tourists photographing us from every conceivable angle.

Evidently they had climbed up the other side of the hill, but they were a lot less interested in the panoramic view of the countryside than they were in taking pictures of the two of us fucking like wild beasts. Grabbing her wrists, I powered in and out of Betty's muscular pussy like an oil well. She spread her legs wider so they wouldn't miss a thing.

Betty came first. Her box locked around my shaft and she started caterwauling, her cries of ecstasy echoing off the hills. That set me off, and I fired huge blasts of cum deep inside her womb. It seemed like neither one of us was ever going to stop cumming, like we'd been saving up all our lives. And in a way I guess we had.

We collapsed into each other's arms, completely spent. The tourists applauded. We were too exhausted to do anything but nod to acknowledged their appreciation.

"There they are, up there!" Park rangers were climbing the hill, determined to arrest us. Luckily the Japanese saved us. Helping us to our feet, each member of the group gave us one article of clothing, so that we all descended the trail, more or less fully dressed.

I looked over at Betty, her cheeks flushed, her hair tousled, a dangerous gleam in her eyes. She kissed me and laughed huskily. "You know, I think it would be great to be naked in the ocean. Let's go to the beach." She winked. "But let's not wait until the next Nude Day, okay?"

The beach? Did she say the beach? I was getting hard again just thinking about it.

Written by: BBanner

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