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A Gift From His Father Ch. 18a

by Absolutelywickedthoughts©

He shoved his long thick hard cock slowly back and forth into the attractive golden haired woman, as her legs wrapped tightly around his torso. She would have been howling at the top of her lungs, had it not been that her mouth full of her co worker's red hair framed pussy, so all that could be heard were deep moans of her pleasure. To her surprise she was enjoying the taste of her coworker and her scent was intoxicating. She wondered why they had never gotten together before and why she'd never considered having a fling with another woman.

The redhead beauty had cum twice already and was getting close to another huge climax. She felt so comfortable and sexy as she squatted over her friend's mouth and talented tongue. She'd never had sex with another woman before, and certainly never thought of having a three-way. She couldn't imagine how this guy was able to talk them into it. He was cute, but otherwise was a total stranger. That may her almost panic and then it faded as yet another climax crashed on the shores of her mind and the tsunami of ecstasy washed over her again.

As she let loose her screams of passion her large store bought breasts jiggled like the real thing. They had never done that before. It was the only thing that she missed about her breasts prior to her surgery; they no longer wiggled like they did before. Sure they were larger, and she loved the attention they gained her, but she missed the fluid motion. But now they felt like they used to only bigger and better. They swayed and reacted naturally. Her nipples seemed to have grown somewhat larger too, begging to be sucked. She looked into the eyes of the man who was fucking her friend, and he looked back holding her gaze as she came again, not quite as hard this time. She didn't remember ever being able to have multiple orgasms, she didn't think she was that lucky, but here she was coming again.

Who was this guy, she licked her lips as he watched he seemed to be looking right into her mind. He was muscular, without being muscle-bound, more of a swimmer's body she finally decided. He smiled at her as he untangled her friend's legs and put her ankles onto his shoulders so that he could go deeper. As she watched she hoped he'd save some of that hard cock for her. The thought caused her to shimmy and her naturalized breast jiggled again and she suddenly got the urge to try to suck on one of her nipples.

She hadn't been able to do that since the surgery, she blushed as she remembered that night, she was pretty drunk and her boyfriend had dared her, but they were too rigid and stiff. Now however as she reached down and brought he left breast to her mouth pulling the large nipple with her lips, she noticed him looking at her in a way that she thought he knew her story. She was concentrating on him so much she was unprepared for the immense pleasure and she came again almost drowning her poor co-worker who was still below her lapping at her pussy.

After several more minutes the women reversed themselves while the man penetrated the redhead from behind. She was surprised how much she was enjoying eating her first pussy. It was like she had just discovered ice cream and couldn't get enough. Who was this guy, she thought. What did she say his name was? His thick cock was driving her crazy with passion. She lost count of how many times she climaxed, but she did know that they have been at it for hours and he still hadn't come. The blonde, happy to have her friend return the favor had always secretly wondered what it would be like to have a woman eat her pussy. Knowing now how good and different it felt, she realized that it wouldn't be the last time.

As the women were tiring and about collapse from exhaustion never ever having achieve this much sexual pleasure, together they took the large cock in their petite hands licked and sucked trying to coax the precious fluid from it as if it would restore their energy so they could continue.

Taking turns wrapping their hands around the massive cock, working it up and down while the other gently massaged the huge testicles with her mouth until it finally it was having the desired effect. With a roar that startled them the man let loose a huge volley of his man juices, followed by at least ten slightly smaller volleys which covering the face of each woman as if they had applied cold cream. They squealed with delight as they licked the cream off each other's faces and mouths, neither letting go of the slowly shrinking cock, taking turns pulling it into their mouths trying to get more of the delicious cream, both thinking it tasted a lot like butterscotch.

Once they'd thoroughly cleaned the cock they went back to each other's face trying to find any remaining droplets and winding up in a passionate kiss exploring each other's mouths as they fondled and rubbed their bodies together. They were totally exhausted and when they couldn't find any more of the delicious cream, their play slowed and fell asleep in each other's embrace.

John Smith smiled looking down on the two exhausted flight attendants. He thoroughly enjoyed them so as a thank you he decided to make a few minor adjustments. To the red head, he turning her D cup breasts implant into real flesh. She would not remember the surgery or that they were anything but what they are, real in every way.

As for the blonde, she would no longer crave tobacco, no longer would she desire a cigarette and she would easily be able to manage her weight.

Both women would remember this night vividly when they woke and would only repeat the acts they were comfortable. Neither would become a lesbian because of this night and no major changes would occur in their lives. They would however enjoy sex much more and be open to new things.

It was early, around 3AM. John cleaned and dressed himself instantly as only he could and left the two sleeping soundly. He had their cell numbers and might check back in a few weeks when their schedules put them back in town.

It had been a year since he'd returned from the trip to Bahamas and John Smith was stronger than ever. His agent count had doubled, and things had finally returned to normal, accept that his sexual appetite had become insatiable. He was having sex five to seven times a day and with the amount of energy his agents were transmitting to him on a regular basis he was able to rest easily knowing that the safeguards he had put in place would keep him and his people secure.

Strolling out of the Fairmount San Francisco on Mason Street, his car idling and waiting for him in valet parking he slid behind the wheel and pulled out onto the empty street. He'd taken care of the hotel room, ordered breakfast via room service for the women and even arranged for a car to get them back to the airport for their return trip to New York. It pleased him that he was able to do these things.

"Not sleepy son," the voice of his father asked from his prison within the Ring of Power John worn on his right hand.

"No, I don't seem to need much sleep anymore. Besides, had I slept I would have awaking craving more sex and the girls would have missed their flight." John said aloud. He didn't need to speak, but sometimes when his father's voice spoke to him in his mind he seemed so close it felt so natural to answer verbally.

"I thought you were going to kill those two, I don't think they'd have survived the morning." His dad joked. "Probably best that you did leave."

After a few minutes his dad asked. "Where are we headed?"

"I don't know. I am thinking of going home, but I have a meeting with April in the morning as you know." John answered as he sped through the empty streets towards the interstate.

"She has done a fantastic job with the homeless center." His dad said. "She's become a very good project manager."

"Yes, she has," John agreed. "She wants to discuss the next phase and what's beyond." He said as he took the on ramp and sped on to the freeway.

"But that's not what you want to talk about is it?"

"No it's not," John admitted.

He needed to decide what to do about her and about them. He loved her, he knew that was true, but he could never be monogamous and that wouldn't be fair to April.

"So, my son, the real question is do you love her enough to give her up?"

"There has to be another way," John said.

"Don't ask me," his dad shrugged. "You know how I handled things with your mother and you don't think that was fair."

The drive was quick and soon was back in the suburbs, finding himself parking in front of the Martin's home.

"Can't stay away, huh?" His dad chided him.

Concentrating for a moment he watched as a light came on in the upstairs bedroom, and then one light at a time came on until the large foyer chandelier illuminated the room. John was at the front door just as it opened.

"I was wondering if I would see you today," she said smiling and beckoning him in. As she closed the door he slipped into her arms and nuzzled her neck enjoying the fresh scent of her hair.

"Hmmm. You smell good. Miss me?" He asked.

"Always!" she said as he pulled open her robe, she was naked beneath and he quickly found a ripe nipple and began playing with it between his thumb and forefinger.

"That feels good, are you here for a quickie or can you stay for a while?" Candace asked as she felt herself getting wet.

"I don't know, is April home?"

"You know she is. And that isn't a problem. Between the two of us, she'd know nothing of your visit unless you want her to know."

John smiled his infectious grin, "Guess I can stay for a while." She was startled with a flash finding herself completely naked her robe had simply vanished. John examined her divine body, large breasts jutted out from her chest defying gravity, her small waist flaring into womanly hips, not too big, she had a classic hourglass figure. Between her legs her shiny bald pussy, its diamond sparkling in the light. John never tired of this view.

"Damit, John. I really liked that robe."

"Relax, I'll get you another," he said smiling as he slipped into her again enjoying how comfortable they fit together. "Any big plans for today, I don't want to tire you out."

She smiled and pulled him closer, "I do have a pretty full schedule today and tonight, but I imagine I'll be able to squeeze in a nap if I need to, so don't worry about me. Let go to bed." She led the way pulling John by the hand and climbing the stair giving John more of his favorite ass wiggling up the stairs.


It was early; Jeff was used to getting up early. His internal clock allowed him to rise without the aid of an alarm clock. Since he'd been able to resume his exercises regiment after his leg had miraculously healed he'd been able to kick the coffee and caffeine habit. He exercised vigorously for months now and eating right he shed forty pounds and looked as good now as when he played pro football. The kids at his school gave their principal a new respect. They already admired him, but now they enjoyed him even more as he seemed to happier and more playful. No one gave any serious thought about crossing him he was a big man and now as quick and strong as he'd ever been. Although he'd never physically touch any of his students, they knew that like Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk, you didn't want to make him angry.

After his ninety minute workout he and his bride of twelve years, Debra would usually enjoy some morning sexual play before they headed off to their jobs. Debra was a successful pharmaceutical representative and worked from home on most days. Today she had an early meeting. But for the last three weeks she'd rebuffed his usual advances, being too tired, in a hurry or late. Jeff McBroom wasn't a dummy he was beginning to worry that his wife may be having an affair. But he shrugged it off, he was in too good a mood to worry about things he was likely imagining, so he took it in stride and kissed his wife and continued with his morning routine. He arrived early took his parking spot and was greeted by his newest employee and basketball coach, Chance Goodwin.

"Hey coach! How are we looking this season?"

Chance beamed. Principal McBroom asked him the same question every time they met. It was like a sort of greeting and Chance would answer the same as he always did. "We've got a chance, Principal McBroom." He genuinely like his new boss, he was a big man like himself and was dedicated to helping kids.

McBroom was big, linebacker big and strong, but Goodwin was bigger and taller, at least six inches taller than the principal. But they got along well and seemed to enjoy each other's company. And because of the new coach, they seemed to have been able to attract new talent for their varsity squad, perhaps due in part to word getting out that Goodwin's had been on an Olympic team in his college days.

As the two chatted he learned that the coach had his mid morning periods open but always returned about 2:30 just before basketball practice would begin.

So around ten, Chance jumped into his Dodge Ram Pickup and drove downtown to the Marriott. He took the elevator to the fourteenth floor and made his way to room 1423 and knocked twice.

When door opened Chance smiled brightly seeing Debra McBroom standing naked in her heels and stockings. She was a beautiful woman, her caramel colored skin showed no blemishes and despite being in her late thirties looked to be ten years younger. Her mixed heritage, long flowing brown hair and high cheekbones gave her an exotic look, uncommon even in Northern California for African American women.

Her large breasts shuddered as she looked upon her lover and big areoles grew smaller and tighter as she became more fully aroused extending the length of her nipples to obscene proportions. Chance could smell her womanly aroma. She was craving him again. She couldn't get enough of his giant cock. Of course she couldn't he had told her so and once he had spoken it, she knew it was true.

As he entered the room Debra rushed forward and help him out of his clothing, when she was done he sat on the bed his massive tool hanging between his thighs, Debra knelt at his feet and when he gave the nod she reached forward with both hand and took his massive cock and began worshiping it.

Surprisingly she was able to get the flaccid cock into her mouth and down her throat until it began to grow hard and stiff and she was forced to expel it. Nevertheless, she continued to slather her salvia upon it licking around it while holding it in both hands like a batter with a baseball bat. Slowly reclining Debra knew what was expected of her as soon as Chance had flattened on his back; she climbed on top and slowly lowered herself on the huge cock, take pleasure in the full feeling as she stuffed her pussy full of his enormous cock.


Carmen and Maria had just finished playing three sets of doubles, and headed into the clubhouse for a shower before making the rounds at their usual night spots. They had taken up tennis in order to help them stay fit and meet new people, normal people with normal lives that could use a bit more sex.

They picked up the game quickly and within six months were playing well enough to join a USTA league and play competitively. Rated as 4.0 they were pretty good, they had learned to hit topspin and served fast and consistently. They would never become professionals, this was the type of things normal people did and it opened a whole new world to them and lonely people dying for more sex than they were used to getting.

As they entered the dressing room, several women were already there in different states of undress. Many were middle aged retired woman, some fat others lean from their constant work on the courts. They exchanged pleasantries with many of them as they stripped and headed to the showers. The locker room cleared out quickly as the top of the hour approached and the women headed out for their time certain courts. It was a busy club particular at this time of the day.

The women's showers were mostly open, but had a few semi private stalls for those who were a little shy about showering in public. The two decided that since things were quiet they could use a little play and both entered one of the stalls together.

After a few minutes Carmen knelt between Maria's legs using her fingers spread her friend wide and began to lick around her pussy, slowing and avoiding her most sensitive parts in an effort to tease her mercilessly. Carmen was just beginning to get Maria worked up when their team captain Cheryl White and her doubles partner Carol Bennett came into the locker room talking excitedly when they saw Maria's head over the stall. They stowed their clothes and decided to join her.

They modestly both wrapped their naked bodies in towels for the short walk to the showers then hanging them in nearby hooks just outside. They began to engage Maria in small talk as they washed; completely unaware of what was going on in the stall. Maria had a hard time keeping track of the conversation because Carmen didn't quit or slow down. They began to take notice when Maria didn't respond to a question and noticed she seemed distracted. Carol realized that she hadn't seen Carmen and asked knowing that the two were almost inseparable. Maria was unable to cover a moan and Cheryl looked down and saw another pair of legs, kneeling in front of Maria her feet on either side.

"Oh! Oh my," she gasped and pointed. Carol followed realizing what was going on.

Maria tried to stifling a scream as she reached her climax.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you were...ah...busy." Cheryl said.

Carmen took that moment to stand and curl her body around her friend rubbing her assets against Maria's in the most sensual way.

"Oh that's okay," Carmen said her face covered with Maria's juices.

"Why don't we just leave you two alone?" Carol said as she and Cheryl seemed to be repulsed by the pair and began moving away to the other end of the shower to rinse off the soap drying on their bodies.

"Aw, don't go girls," Carmen said. "Don't tell me that you never had a quickie with each other after a successful day on the courts."

Insulted by the accusation, both women scowled and insisted that they had never.

"But not because you didn't want to." Carmen said. "You can't tell me that you never felt the urge to do Carol, Cheryl? Or Carol you never wondered what Cheryl's pussy tasted like."

"Never," both women said in unison as if rehearsed.

"Are you sure," Maria asked joining the conversation as she reached over and pulled on Carmen's left nipple causing her friend to sigh. "Because it looks to me that the two of you are really into one another."

"We are?" They asked again together.

"Yeah!" Carmen said. "I noticed it right away. Are you sure you aren't lovers? It's okay, we won't tell."

Maria said, "I can tell that you are fighting to keep your hands and lips off of one another. Go ahead you're among friends."

With their minds changed by Maria and Carmen's words, the two women surrendered to the temptation and pulled each close. After a few minutes of feeling and playing with of each other's tits and ass they locked lips into a very passionate kisses that continued for several minutes, before they slid to the floor and curled into a sixty-nine. They licked other's pussies as if they had been doing it all their lives as the water from the shower fell lightly on their writhing bodies.

Carmen and Maria smiled at each other as Maria pushed Carmen back to finish her off. When she was done the two women were still going at it, Carol was on her knees bent over her friend as Cheryl let loose a muffled scream as she came hard again.

"Is this what league tennis is all about?" Maria asked Carol. Bringing the two women out of there frenzied lesbian encounter.

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