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A Day at My Aunt's

by matusik©

“Oh mom, you look so beautiful. He has such a big cock, don’t you like it? Oh mom I love you,” said Julie as she started to lick my mother’s nipples. My mom was groaning loudly as Brian fucked her brains out. Now I started to get angry. I couldn’t believe my cousin was fucking my mom. What’s more is I couldn’t believe mom would let him. I was pissed that she wasn’t watching me, that she was just concentrating on Brian. I was pissed that she hadn’t asked me to fuck her, that she just grabbed the nearest cock and thrust it in her pussy.

Meanwhile my uncle was giving me a good pounding and I hadn’t even noticed. “Oww,” I started to cry as his cock was really starting to hurt me. He just kept on fucking me harder and deeper in my ass. Soon I was begging him to stop, as he seemed to be lost in a state of ecstasy. He opened his eyes, looked down on me and withdrew his cock. He looked over at his son fucking my mom and licked his lips.

“Oh, does the poor baby’s ass hurt?” my aunt mocked over me.

I just lay there watching as my uncle made his was over to the couch. Brian slipped out of my mom and moved down on his back. Mom got up and lay on top of Brian, grabbing his cock and sticking it back in her now sopping wet pussy. Uncle Jim moved in behind mom and pushed his cock up her ass. I sat up and stared in disbelief as my mom rocked back and forth between the two men and their cocks. She moaned loudly as they fucked her hard. Aunt Suzy went ballistic as she watched her husband and son fuck her sister, moaning even louder and fucking herself with both hands. Julie and Lisa were looking up every so often from their 69.

I just sat there playing with myself, staring in amazement. I couldn’t believe this was my mother being fucked by her nephew and brother-in-law. She loved every minute of it. “Fuck me, fuck my ass hard!” she screamed. My uncle had his hands on her waist and pounded his cock in and out of mom’s ass. Brian fucked my mom’s pussy as he licked all over her big tits. He moved his mouth up and kissed my mother hard on the lips, their tongues playing with one another.

Soon my uncle was groaning and got off my mom. He stood up by the side of the couch and pulled my mom’s hair back forcing her to sit up on Brian’s cock. “Mmmm, give it to me,” mom pleaded. “Uuggghhh,” Uncle Jim moaned as he shot his load all over my mom’s face and tits. “Yes, come all over her,” commanded my aunt. Uncle Jim slapped his cock against my mother’s face and wiped his cum all over her. Looking at his father cum all over his aunt, Brian soon started to buck and moan. “Yes, come in her. Come in your auntie,” Aunt Suzy said to Brian.

“No, he can’t,” mom said.

I remember that a year ago Dad got himself “fixed” so that my parents couldn’t have any more children. I realized then that while dad couldn’t get mom pregnant, my cousin could.

“Please, I’ll get pregnant, just shoot it on my tits,” mom begged Brian.

“NO,” my aunt shouted as she jumped over to them on the couch. “Let him come in you. You know you want him to. Just let it come inside you,” Aunt Suzy said as she held my mother down on top of her son.

That was it! I was just about to jump up and pull my mother off Brian when I heard her say, “Yes, do it. Come inside me Brian. Come inside your auntie’s pussy! Please, I need it soooo bad!”

With that Brian let out one last grunt and filled my mom’s belly with his hot cum. “Oh fuck yes,” moaned my aunt loudly as she came all over the rug. I had never seen a woman cum before, but she kept fingering herself as fluid came out of her pussy and coated her hand and the carpet below. When my mother came back down from her high she got off my cousin and rubbed my uncle’s cum all over her tities. My sister asked our mother if that meant we were going to have a little brother or sister, and she just replied “maybe.”

Mom and Aunt Suzy tongued one another as they looked over at me. “Looks like your son is jealous,” my aunt said as they both laughed at me. “He’s pissed that his cousin and uncle got to fuck his mom before him.” It was true, I was jealous, but also pissed at my mom for letting Brian cum inside her. Mom continued laughing as she crawled over to me like a cock-crazed slut hungry for cum.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry, did you want to fuck me?” she asked mocking me. “I thought you were gay.”

“I’M NOT FUCKING GAY!” I shouted at her.

“Well then why don’t you show me,” she said lying down on her back next to me.

“Do it Mike,” my sister said. “Fuck mom good.”

I crawled in between her legs and knelt before my own naked mom. I looked down at her and saw Brian’s cum leaking out of her pussy and onto her thighs. I put my cockhead at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in as I moved on top of her. “Ooooohhh, yes, that’s it baby,” moaned mom.

“I’ll bet he’s wanted this for such a long time,” said Aunt Suzy.

“Is that true baby, have you wanted to fuck your mommy?” asked mom as I started to fuck her. Not knowing what else to say in that predicament I replied, “yes.” “Then do it,” she said, “fuck your mom.”

I started to pump harder than I had with either Aunt Suzy or Lisa. Soon I was fucking her even harder than Brian had. Part of it was that I now knew she was a whore and liked being fucked hard. The other part was that I was still so fucking pissed at her for being such a whore that my anger came out in my fucking.

Then mom did something I’ll never forget. She reached up and kissed me full on the lips. When our kiss broke she looked into my eyes and said, “I love you so much.” We then kissed again, this time her tongue slipped into my mouth and I greeted it with my own. After that I didn’t pay attention to my aunt or anyone else in the room. I was making love to my mother and loving every second of it. Soon I felt how warm and wet her pussy was, and the incredible sensation it sent through every inch of my body. I looked down at my mother, her face glistening with sweat and cum. I kissed and licked her all over her face. I clamped my mouth over her nipples and sucked them vigorously. I pumped my cock into my own mother and soon felt myself about to cum.

“Yes baby, do it. Come in mommy, cum in my pussy, please,” she moaned looking right into my eyes.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, even though I wanted to so bad. I wanted to continue fucking my mother forever. But soon I felt that familiar feeling and was soon dumping load after load of semen into my mother’s womb. She squealed with excitement as I came inside her. I looked at her when I was done and we kissed for several minutes before I lied on top of her and we cuddled, my cock still buried in her warm, damp cunt.

After that, we all cleaned up and mom agreed with my aunt to let my sister and I stay overnight. My mom later brought my father over after dinner and they “caught” my sister and I fucking on the edge of my aunt’s hot tub. It was all just another scheme by my aunt to get my dad into their little “incest club.” My dad put up a fight at first, but once he saw Lisa walk over to him naked and grab his cock through his pants, he didn’t struggle too much. The best was when we all watched dad fuck Julie. He kept moaning about how much he’s always wanted to fuck her. He came all over her sexy little body and mom licked up every drop.

Later, mom had a little boy and Julie and I had a little brother. We’re still not sure whom the father is, I mean, who’s going to take a blood test? Although, everyone says he has the same eyes as me.

Written by: matusik

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