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Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 22

by SteveWallace©

When I called home from Denver on Wednesday night, Fran explained that Sheila was on an airplane bound for LA. Apparently, the museum where she worked had a chance to borrow some rare Chinese art for a year in trade for various carved Italian marbles dating back to the dawn of civilization.

Sheila took every job assignment with great enthusiasm and also care in terms of getting the best for the Boston Museum. She'd already developed a worldwide network of friends who were curators at other museums and spent part of each day talking to them and arranging interesting displays and trades that were usually win-win situations for both museums.

I called Sheila's cellphone, not expecting an answer, but I left a long 'I love you' message for her, and told her I'd try to check in with her the next day. Fran thought Sheila might be on the west coast for ten days or so. In my message, I suggested that Sheila think about swinging through Denver on the way home to see some of my friends in that city whom she hadn't met yet.

Ally was off prowling with her friends that night too. Given our family arrangement and open relationship, I rarely minded when any of the girls went out, even if they might hook up with some new guy that hadn't been on the radar screen before. After all, that was what I had ended up doing, so I never felt I could hold them to a different standard than I held myself.

Nonetheless, after the incident with Joel, any hookups that Fran, Sheila, or Ally had chosen to do so far were within our established network of friends, most often Aidan. He'd try to stay with the girls at least three nights a week, usually Tuesday through Thursday nights. The other nights he'd be with the Reddicks or Dunns at their homes in Farborough.

Other hookups were rare. Aidan had brought Chip by for two nights when Gale was out of town. Another time, Lyle had come into Cambridge for a night to join Aidan with the girls. Even Aidan was skittish about introducing new male blood into the circle since he'd been one of the people that thought Joel was acceptable.

I'd made it clear that I was comfortable with these situations, and that they didn't need to feel any guilt for not checking with me ahead of time. I always enjoyed hearing about their assignations after they occurred, as they seemed to enjoy hearing about mine, particularly the new swing group Jane and Brady had introduced me to in Denver.

Friday, I had lunch with Jane and Marge. I was staying the weekend, planning to work on the TCI strategic planning project for the Rocky Mountain Division, and then continuing the work until the following Friday when I'd fly back home to Boston.

Jane and Marge were ecstatic that I was staying. Marge whispered to me that she expected me to be her 'boy toy' the rest of my visit, rending her pussy a 'shivering mass of orgasming protoplasm' several times a day. Jane liked the sound of that, and after repeating the phrase several times, declared that I needed to render the same service to her.

About that time Brenda joined us at our lunch table. She heard enough to suggest that I hold a small reserve to do the same to her, while Mike plundered Jane and Marge. She invited us to their home Saturday afternoon, explicitly suggesting that we stay over so we could fuck all night into Sunday. Brenda had turned out to be as big a slut as Marge and Jane, so I felt right at home with any of them, and I loved them all - with a very special place in my heart for Jane.

Jane remained trapped in the role of Acting Vice President for the Rocky Mountain Division of TCI. She firmly told the TCI president that she didn't want the job on a fulltime basis, and that she wanted to head back east as soon as possible. He wanted her in that position, so there was some sort of standoff between the two that left the status quo in place for the indefinite future.

When I was in New Jersey I continued to use Jane's home as my home away from home. René was weeks from finishing her advanced degree as a Physician's Assistant. She'd move into the condo I shared with the sisters in Cambridge when she started her work at a hospital just outside Boston.

Jane had made it home to New Jersey once in the months she'd been in Colorado, mainly for a three-day strategic planning session at corporate headquarters. She informed me later that the session had turned out not to be strategic or about planning due to the shortsightedness of the senior executives. She had pushed again for a broader corporate planning job, and I, of course, was interested in getting the consulting side of that job for FDC, my consulting firm. John Ringler was the TCI man knighted as the head of corporate planning, but so far his job had been wrapped up in a two-year budget cycle exercise involving the entire company; so, no strategic vision, and not much planning beyond extrapolations from the past couple of years.

Jane was thinking far ahead in grooming people to move up behind her, partly so she'd be free to move back east. In the short time she'd been in Denver, she'd been grooming Brady Burstein to head the Division. They met daily, talked about every part of the Division operations, and she often involved him in key meetings including those with major accounts.

Back in New Jersey, Pam Goodwin had officially taken over Jane's old job. Jane was sorry to see that happen, partly because it took away the berth she could return to, but she had done a super job of grooming Pam to do just that and Pam had proven her worth so the Executive Committee made it official.

One night after we'd made love, Jane's mind went back to work. I tried to calm her by assuring her that just the right position would open for her when the time was right. In the meantime, I encouraged her to keep helping Brady to grow to fill her shoes in Denver, and even to get him working on a replacement for himself.

Brady was my strategic planning client. He was also my primary contact for the Denver swingers who seemed to hold parties almost weekly where Marge, Jane, and I could go, sometimes with TJ, Mike and Brenda, to fuck ourselves silly with some great friends.

Brady's wife Edie had declared her undying love for me, particularly after I'd delivered the Big Steve Experience to her, a mind-blowing orgasm. Their next-door neighbor, a young girl named Ivy, was similarly enamored with me as I was with her.

At every swing party I went to, Edie and Ivy made sure I spent significant time with them. A third woman, Robyn, was similarly inclined. The three of them had staked out such a claim on my time, I met the other women in the swing group only a few at a time at each party, almost on a 'sign-up ahead of time' basis.

I knew the reason derived from the training and practice I'd had in the westernized version of Tantric sex that I'd learned at a retreat Fran, Sheila, and Ally had insisted I attend a couple of years prior. In that weekend, I'd learned how to pay special attention to my partner, control my own orgasms and ejaculation, and thus how to make love for hours. Coupled with greater knowledge of the female anatomy and erogenous zones, I had learned how to do some amazing things to a woman when we made love. Thus, my reputation spread.

I set up Brady and Edie to attend a weekend retreat by the same workshop leaders as the sessions I'd gone to on Cape Cod. The couple went down to Colorado Springs to the Broadmoor Hotel for a long weekend to go to the workshop, and Brady came back all smiles with what he'd learned and eager to start practicing on Edie, Ivy, Robyn, and the rest of the women in his swing circle. I figured I'd created another male energizer bunny.

Saturday night a week after Brady's Tantric weekend there was a swing party. I was in Denver, so I brought Marge and Jane to the party. By the time we got there, Brady had already worn out Robyn. Her beautiful nude body lay slumped in a living room chair with a towel beneath her. She begged off from participating with other males in the group for a couple of hours until she could recover from the Big Brady Experience.

Brady captured Ivy, and they went off to the master bedroom so he could merrily screw his cute next-door neighbor. Ivy gave me a longing look as she disappeared with him. I'd already pledged some time for her later, but I could tell she wanted it now. Marge and TJ went off together. The December-May pairing seemed unusual to watch, but the two were devoted to each other, and liked making love together at every opportunity. Marge was exceptionally responsive, and TJ had the enthusiasm and stamina of youth on his side, so the pairing worked well.

Jane got captured by a hunky looking young man named Martin who I learned had been a quarterback for Colorado, until he'd had a knee injury that put him out of college and professional sports for the rest of his life. Apparently, he remained athletic enough to fuck the daylights out of my girlfriend. Jane looked happy with the hookup as she went off with her new friend.

I watched the two of them wander off to the mattress strewn family room when Edie came and put her arms around me. "Hi, Lover. I am really looking forward to making love to you. Can we be together now?"

I smiled at her. Edie was a pint-size cheerleader type nymphomaniac, now armed with the teachings from the Tantric sex class from the couples weekend. "I would love to be with you, and I have thought about this moment every day since we were last together." I kissed Edie, and she swooned into my arms, pressing her barely clad breasts against my polo shirt. We found a vacant bedroom, where I stripped Edie down to her essence, joined her, and then we joined together.

Initially, Edie wanted to be in control, so she pushed me back and straddled my body, taking obvious joy in sinking her pussy slowly down my full erection. After we made out for a while, she started to talk about what she'd learned during the Tantric workshop. She talked about the mind, body, and spiritual adventure of coupling with me, and feeling the multiple levels we connected on.

I rose to meet not only her thrusts but also her mental connections through touches and my own words back to her. Gradually, I could feel us ascending up a scale of connection, transforming a sense-laden fuck into a multi-dimensional lovemaking coupling that did engage us at many levels of our physical and spiritual selves. The love poured out of us to the other.

We rolled around a bit, but remained coupled, and in each of the Tantric positions we traded the love energy between us in new and wonderful ways. I realized how many of my recent encounters, even with Jane, Marge, and the people I loved deeply, had become mundane and failed to achieve the mystical element Edie and I now found with each other.

Our energies started to peak and as we talked to each other with words of love and adoration, we both came, mingling our body fluids in Edie's warm vagina until we were satisfied that our love had been communicated in physical and spiritual ways.

Gradually, we pulled apart and I pulled Edie to me for further kisses and love words. I quoted a poem to her I recalled by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Where did that come from; I couldn't remember memorizing it, yet the words came to me clear as a bell.

As we basked in our afterglow, Jane slipped in behind me, and Brady slipped in behind his wife. Jane said, "You two were beautiful together. I could see the spiritual connection you forged - the many dimensions of love you expressed."

Brady said mostly to Edie, "You, my darling, learned your lessons at that workshop very well. I'm not sure I ever saw you reach such a peak."

Edie turned and squirmed into Brady's arms. "I love you," she told him. "Thank you for allowing us to be with each other, particularly in this way. I love Steve too, but you've known that."

Brady laughed, "I'm not sure I've yet had an experience with you like what I just witnessed between the two of you, but after watching I have something to aspire to."

Jane said, "Brady and I coupled too. He and I had a good experience. He is sensitive to our Tantric energies and brought me to wonderful levels of experience. We both wanted to be with the two of you so we came in, but you two were so tuned out from the outside world you didn't see us. We stood and finished off together at the door to the room."

I said, "You mean standing?"

Jane nodded, "I leaned against the doorframe as Brady took me from behind. I would have fallen when I came except he caught me. We lay on the carpet for a while, but you two were still going."

"What time is it?"

"Ten-thirty. The two of you have been together for almost two hours. Ivy wants to be with you too."

I laughed, "Right at this instant, I'm not sure I have anything left for anyone else. I gave Edie all I had."

Another female voice came from the foot of the bed, "Then, I guess I'll just have to hold you and love you in my own way until you recover."

I looked down my body, and Ivy's gorgeous naked body sat at the foot of the bed smiling up at me. She was stroking Jane's legs, and it appeared she occasionally allowed her hand to make a foray into pussy so she could smooth her fingers through the cum leaking from Jane's slit. I liked the way Ivy thought.

As Brady pulled Edie up, Jane and Ivy pulled me up from the bed. "Come on. You need some fluids. A trip to the kitchen and some snacks are required for this healthy male specimen." The five of us walked through the house to the kitchen bar, watching as we went the roiling sea of a dozen other couples making love in the living and family rooms.

Jane sat on a tall kitchen stool, ignoring the white seepage below her waist. Ivy couldn't ignore it. She pulled Jane to the edge of the stool and squatted in front of her for a couple of minutes and lapped and sucked the seminal fluid from Jane's cunt.

Finally, Ivy pulled away. She asked Jane, "I taste Brady ... and?"

Jane volunteered, "Martin. No one else so far tonight." She giggled at Ivy's implication that she could determine her past partners by the taste of their cum.

Ivy said, "Well, the rest of what I just found must be you then. You taste divine. I'll always want some more of you."

Jane ran a finger down Ivy's toned body, obviously pushing into her pussy. She kissed Ivy. We could see Jane's fingers pump a little, as Ivy held Jane's shoulders and she closed her eyes. Ivy panted until Jane extracted her sodden fingers and sucked them into her own mouth.

Jane said, "You don't taste too bad yourself."

Ivy volunteered the names of three men she'd been with so far that night. She added, "But the real reason I'm here tonight is to be with Steve. I love him, even if we don't have sex, I just want us to be together."

Brady said to me with a smirk, "Now, you know that's an even tougher order to comply with."

I checked with Jane. As she saw my glance move to her she nodded to me, and pushed Ivy into my reach. She gave me a further nod as though to say, 'Go on, do something with this sweet young thing that I know you want to bang into the next century.' By implication, I think Jane felt glad that Ivy loved me.

I kissed Ivy. "Give me a few minutes, and I think we can do everything you wish - the cuddling, the talking, and the loving." I ignored the obvious taste of Jane, Martin, and Brady in Ivy's mouth and just focused on the French kiss.

Ivy broke into a big smile and tucked herself under one of my arms, placing the hand from the arm around her shoulders onto her full breast as we stood there drinking orange juice all around. I could feel the nipple harden into a golden nugget almost immediately, and that in turn gave me a surge of hardness. Ivy accelerated things by reaching across me with one hand and holding my relatively flaccid cock in her nearest hand.

Several other people came and joined us for refreshments. Jane and a man named Nolan excused themselves and left with the obvious goal of fucking each other. Brady and Edie excused themselves to go check on the other guests, so Ivy and I left the others and found some space on the sofa in the now empty family room. A porn film continued to play in a loop on the large screen TV in the room. A young blond was in the midst of a sexy gangbang with four other men. Her gyrations and eye contact with the camera were notable.

Ivy said to me, "I did a gangbang like that with some of the men here one night before we met. God, up until you, it was the most exciting night of my life. You upped that evening the night you made love to me." Ivy threw herself into my arms and we kissed.

Before I could do much, Ivy's young mouth was around my cock, bouncing up and down, and trying to get the full length all the way inside her. She succeeded, and I had the unique feel around my glans of her vibrating throat as she hummed a little tune to me.

After Ivy had gotten me to perfect '10' on the Cock Hardness Scale, she lay back on the sofa and pleaded with me to plunder her sweet body. I ate her cunt for a minute and then slowly sank my cock into her, a quarter inch at a time as we slowly oscillated together with me going deeper and deeper on each subsequent push into her.

When I bottomed out, Ivy and I moved to that place where I'd been earlier with Edie; making the mind, body, and spirit connections on multiple levels with each other. I was surprised at the energy I felt coming from Ivy, and I reflected that back to her. Soon, we were both lost in the high level connections we made with each other. I know I had several climaxes while we were together, and Ivy must have had ten times as many.

Eventually, I felt the large demand for us to peak, and so I relaxed into my physical body and blasted a gallon of my cum deep into Ivy's tight cunt. The overage oozed out around the side of my cock and splattered over the two of us as I made my last thrusts of orgasm into her. And then we were in afterglow mode.

Ivy asked me, "What would I have to do to move in with you?"

I chuckled, "Are you sure you want to do that? You know I live with three - about to be four other women - and that's in Cambridge, just across the river from Boston. So you'd have to convince each of them, and then move two-thousand miles. Of course, then you'd have to share me with them."

"You have male friends that keep them company if I recall an earlier discussion we had."

"I do. There are several men that stop by, often while I'm away, but we do get together with some of them most weekends when I'm home."

"So, if I moved in with you, I wouldn't have to do without sex for five days until it was my turn." She laughed at the thought.

I said, "Well, you are bisexual ... or you seemed to be when I've seen you with Jane."

"That doesn't count. I like cock more than pussy."

I stroked my hand down Ivy's body, over her erect nipples to her pussy; "Funny, I'm one-hundred percent the opposite. I just love pussy ... and right now, I love this one." I sank three fingers into Ivy's drippy cunt. She closed her eyes and sighed.

Ivy said in a soft voice, "Could I come visit ... to meet the other women and see whether I could convince them to admit me to your harem."

I blanched. There was that word again: 'harem.' I said, "I don't have a harem. I have women I love."

"Do you love me?"

"I love having sex with you and I care a great deal about you. On the 'Like-Love' scale, you're inching your way up to love, but I reserve the use of that word for people I feel really deeply about. If we dated and spent some real time together, I'm sure I'd get there with you. I'm sorry, but I tell the truth about stuff like this."

"Not a problem. And you love the others you live with?"

"Yes, plus Jane, Marge, and some others whom I don't live with but have grown a relationship with over the past year or two."

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