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Coach is Caught Watching

by Tyler5658©

The teacher knocked on the dressing room door, making sure that all of the girls had left before walking inside. As the last teacher at school, his job for the day was to make sure the building was locked up. He heard no reply to his knocking and ventured inside, shutting off the lights as he moved around. From the back of the room he heard a noise. Puzzled, he walked towards the rear of the dressing room, and then realized the sound he heard was running water.

He laughed to himself as he figured somebody must have left the water running in her hurry to leave. He sighed as he imagined having to get all wet just to fix someone else’s mistake, and turned the corner to the showers and froze. There, under the hot water, with steam rising, was Sally Beth. The head cheerleader was slowly running her hands over her body, soaping up, humming softly to herself. He tried to speak but could not, and embarrassed at the thought of being seen, slunk into the shadows. He watched as she played with her red hair, her perfect size tits, soaping and rinsing. The motions stirred him, and he chastised himself for being attracted to a woman such his junior.

Still, as he stood there, he could not deny how gorgeous she was, the water spilling off her. His cock began to grow beneath his slacks, and his breath came in smaller, shorter gasps. He rubbed his thickening cock through his pants, mesmerized, unable to move. As he watched, he noticed a change in Sally’s soaping, her hands staying longer on her tits, stroking her thighs, and he realized she was beginning to masturbate. He groaned silently as he watched her begin to tease her wet pussy, hidden from his view. He was shocked to watch as Sally sat down, back against the wall, eyes closed, and began to finger herself, first one, and then two disappearing inside her. She took her wet fingers and tasted herself, fucking herself deeper, stroking her clit faster. Unable to take it, he reached down and released his cock from his jeans.

And then she came, long and hard, her tits arching, moaning loudly, her fingers as deep in her as they could be. He felt his own cock begin to twitch, the cum rising from his balls, and with a silent groan of pleasure, he shot his cum all over the floor and his hands, instantly ecstatic and even more turned on that before. He watched as Sally turned off the shower, dried off, and moved to her clothes. The shadows were in his favor, she could not see him.

Sally began to dress, first her bra, then thong panties, followed by her school required uniform, plaid skirt, white stockings, and white shirt. Her hair remained wet, and as she pulled on her shoes, she reached for her bags to leave. At that moment, he slipped, the noise shockingly loud, and Sally gasped as she realized she was not alone. She saw his eyes, his shape, and realized she knew this man in the dressing room.

“Mr. Wilson,” she gasped, “What are you doing!”

“I was just coming to turn off the lights, are you o.k?” he stuttered, wondering if she would believe his story.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine,” she replied, “it was just that drill ended late and I needed a shower before I ran to dinner with my friends.”

“Ahhh. Okay then, well I am closing everything up,” he said, reaching for the last light switch in the room.

Sally looked at him, thinking it strange that all the other lights were off before she came out of the shower. She looked harder at him, she had always admired his body, his smoldering eyes as the girls called him, and his genuine sense of giving a shit about his students. And then she noticed his zipper was undone and his belt was hanging loose.

“Oh my god, did you see me in the shower?” she asked.

Mr. Wilson hung his head in shame. “I did Sally, I am so sorry. Please don’t tell anyone about this, it was an accident. I never meant to look, I just could not help myself, you looked so amazing,” he stammered.

She was silent for a moment, and then a smile broke across her face, providing an instant sense of relief to Mr. Wilson.

“Tell ya what,” she said. “You show me what you did while I was in the shower, and I will never tell. Only fair, since you saw me.”

“Sally,” he exclaimed, “There is no way I can do that.”

“Fine,” she said, her voice turning colder. “I guess mom will just have to know.”

The thought of a parent finding out sent cold shocks through his head and heart.

“Okay, okay, whatever you want, just don’t tell,” he said.

She smiled. “Okay, take off those pants, sit down over there, and let me see your cock.”

He was amazed at her language, and his face showed it. She laughed.

“What, do you think I have never seen a cock before? I have done a lot more than you know Mr. Wilson.”

He shook his head, sitting down, sliding off his pants. His cock was already hard again, the feeling of being seduced by this girl was driving him crazy. Her eyes opened wide when she saw it, and she moved closer.

“Wow”, she said, “that is definitely the nicest cock I have ever seen,” a small smile on her lips. Before he could say thank you, her hand snaked around it, sliding it slowly up and down, cupping his balls in her hands.

He grabbed her and pulled her close, all sense of right and wrong now gone. He kissed her hard, his hands reaching for her shirt, ripping it off, sucking on her neck as she moaned in pleasure. He kicked his slacks clear, and with one movement, ripped her skirt from her body. Not saying a word, he plunged a finger into her cunt, finding it soaking wet. He brought the finger to his mouth and sucked it clean, loving her taste. Without a word, he stood up and turned her around, leaning her hands on the wall. His cock throbbed, and grabbing the back of her hair, he drove his cock all the way inside her pussy.

She screamed in pleasure and surprise and pain. The rhythmic pounding inside her was bringing her unbelievable sensations, she had never been fucked so hard before, never given herself completely, and she loved it. She had always fantasized about being taken by a stranger, and now it was happening. His cock plunged in and out, covered with her wet cunt juices, his heavy balls smacking against her ass. She moaned and screamed and felt herself cum for the second time in the last 10 minutes.

As she exploded, he pulled out of her, lying her down on the ground. He moved above her, his cock glistening wet, and put it between her tits. ‘Squeeze them together” he gasped. She did, and she felt his cock moving up and down between her tits. She snaked her tongue out, touching the head of his cock, and then, without warning, he moved on top of her, shoving his whole cock down her throat. She gagged but took it all, sucking hard, swallowing, gasping for air as her eyes watered. He watched as she took it all, her hands moving to hold his balls, and he pushing them away so he could see his balls resting on her chin. The saliva dripped off her, his taste and her pussy making for an erotic combination that thrilled her taste buds. She could not get enough. As he felt himself close to the edge, he stopped, smiled, and flipped her over.

She smiled inside, ready for his cock inside her wet pussy again. Instead, she gasped as she felt his tongue snaking over asshole, teasing it, tasting it, loving it. She was wide eyed, the boys never did this to her before. And then, without knowing what was coming, she felt something pressing against her ass. “No,” she screamed, understanding what was about to happen.

He laughed. “Shut-up,” he said, “you’ll love it.” Without another word, he pushed his cock into her ass, slowly, letting her take every inch, so tight and hot. She moaned in pain this time as she felt him begin to move in and out. With every thrust, the pain turned to pleasure, and soon it was unreal. She had never felt so full, so stuffed. He fucked her now, deep and long in her ass, and she reached down to tease her nipples, sucking her own fingers. She felt his cock spasm, and then with a groan, and a scream, he began to cum. His orgasm sent her over the edge, and her eyes danced with lights of pleasure. They came together, his cum exploding inside her, her pussy contracting with wet cum. With a sigh, he removed his cock from her ass, and they collapsed next to each other.

“My god,” he said.

She was silent, afraid if she spoke she would either cry or beg for more. He took a look back at her, watching his cum drip from her ass, and smiled. She smiled back.

“Next time you have to be the student,” she said, smiling and laughing at Tyler as he slid his boxers on.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said, “but you know I only like one finger in my ass.”

They laughed together, knowing that more fun would be right around the corner. She began to think it was not fair that her pussy did not get a good eating.

“Honey,” she said, “Come here for a minute. There’s something I want you to taste…..”

The End.

Written by: Tyler5658

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