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WVC Ch. 11: The Pool Workout #1

by gupiao©

As usual, I awoke the Tuesday morning after the Art class (WVC Ch.10) with a persistent hard-on, one that seemed to linger longer than normal. Despite the difficulties I had in trying to conceal my swollen log, my classes went smoothly.

Heading off to the gym for a Wednesday afternoon workout on March 11, I was feeling pretty good about myself. From the conversation I'd had with Valerie on Monday, it seemed as if I'd be accepted into the White Vampyres Club soon. And with that approval, I'd finally get to empty my pent-up balls. I had a bounce in my step as I entered the athletic building.

As it was built years earlier, there were only two entrances to the weight room, one through the lockers and shower area while the other was through the pool and the coach's office. Since I'd been accepted to Western Valley College on a partial athletic scholarship, Coach Anita Turner had allowed me to use her office as a changing room whenever I wanted to work out.

Looking up from her desk as I entered, she smiled.

"Hi Bill. Ready for another workout?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Even after all these months, I still was awed by her near miss at Olympic greatness. The white of her teeth contrasted nicely with the tanned skin. With the arrival of warmer weather, she must be spending more time outdoors.

"Pool or weight room today?"

"Weights today. I'll be back later in the week for the pool."

Nodding, she pushed back from the desk and stood up. She was tall, almost as tall as I was. As she walked toward the exit out into the locker room, I eyed her trim body, full breasts that rode high on her chest, long sleek legs with muscles that rippled as she moved, and slim hips that swayed most invitingly.

Pausing at the door, she turned back to me with just the hint of a smile on her lips.

"Have a good workout."

And I did. After changing into a pair of running shorts over my tight jack strap, I pulled on a faded gray t-shirt. Exiting through the other door that led directly into the weight room, I immediately spotted Brooke and her regular workout partner, a striking Asian.

Amid the other dozen or so perspiring girls, the muscular blonde nodded curtly when I made eye contact, barely acknowledging me as she kept her focus on her routine. I was a bit surprised. I thought as a friend of Valerie, or at least as a fellow sorority sister, she would be more sociable. I guess I was wrong.

From the amount of perspiration soaking their clothes, it was apparent they were nearing the end of their workout and probably didn't want to be distracted. At least, that was what I supposed. As I warmed up, I took the opportunity to check them out.

Brooke wore a loose t-shirt over a pair of baggy gym shorts, but even through the oversized outfit, it was obvious she carried a large pair of breasts. The damp cotton clung to her heavy curves, outlining two huge nipples. I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help it. They were enormous, fully 3 inches across and firmly erect.

I could feel the blood beginning to flow below my waist so I looked away, drifting back to assess her partner. A couple of inches shorter, she was more cute than pretty, with wide cheekbones and jet black hair, also cut short. She wore a skimpier outfit than I recalled her wearing before, a tiny pair of shorts that hugged her rounded ass cheeks and left most of her muscular thighs bare. Her skin looked smooth and tawny, glistening with the sweat of her exertion.

Her sleeveless t-shirt was cropped short, baring her tight abdomen and leaving the well-defined ridges of her six pack fully visible. While not as large as Brooke's, her full breasts were still impressive. And from the way she arched her back and squared her shoulders, she appeared to be quite proud of them.

My cock continued to swell and I closed my eyes entirely, trying to focus on my own workout as I stretched out on the floor mat. I opened them just as the pair finished their routine and walked toward the locker room. Brooke nodded brusquely, and the cute Asian gave me a tight smile as they exited. I guess the blonde must have mentioned me to her workout partner after all.

After working up a good sweat, I called it a day and headed back to the coach's office. She was sitting at her desk, and rose when I entered through the open door.

"Shower time?"

"No, Coach. I'll just grab my clothes and shower back at the dorm."

Although she always offered to let me shower there in her office, I always felt a little awkward asking her to leave. So I only took a quick one whenever I swam. Gathering up my street clothes, I waved goodbye.

"See you later, Coach."

Back at my dorm room, I found another message waiting for online, this time from the Physics Lab.

The Pool Workout, Part 1

"You will have your next swim workout at 5 PM tomorrow. Wear your new swim trunks, the white spandex suit. And under it, wear your black rubber cock ring. When you become erect, do not conceal your sexual arousal from anyone. Instead, you will assume the present position and openly exhibit your erect penis to anyone who wishes to examine you. Take your blue pills tonight and tomorrow, so that you will have taken a total of three by your workout. Remember, you are not to ejaculate."

A shiver went down my spine, and my cock started to swell. I followed the instructions, and by the following afternoon, I was almost constantly erect. When I arrived at Coach Turner's office, she was nowhere to be found. Quickly, I stripped off my clothes and slid on the ring, squeezing my shaft to get the black rubber all the way on.

After I pulled in the spandex trunks, I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. It left little to the imagination. And as I watched, my cock began to expand, growing longer and thicker beneath the white cloth, reaching out toward my left hip. The shape of my swollen shaft as well as the reddish bulb on the end were definitely noticeable beneath the stretchy material.

I took a deep breath and opened the door, walking out onto the deck to the pool. There were a number of coeds, but they all seemed to be focused on their own workouts. No one gave me second glance, and I let out a sigh of relief as I approached the far end of the swimming lanes.

Coach Turner was in the waist deep water, helping out some novice swimmers. She was wearing new swimsuit, at least one that I'd never seen before. Pale blue, it was cut lower across her chest than the ones she usually wore. It was thinner too. As she waved to me, I could see the dim outline of pinkish brown nipples, fiercely erect against the nylon. The walk from her office had allowed my erection to begin to soften, but the glimpse of her puckered nipples caused the blood to reverse course back into my cock.

Splashing her way through the water, she stood at the edge of the pool where I waited, looking up between my legs and staring for one long moment at the swollen bulge in the pouch of my suit before she raised her eyes higher and met my gaze.

"You're wearing a new suit, aren't you?"

I blushed as I nodded.

"Yes Ma'am, brand new."

"So am I. Do you think it's too revealing?"

Resting her hands on her hips, she arched her back to emphasize her point, looking down at her outthrust breasts, clearly revealed in the thin nylon.

"Well, it's hard to say, Coach. It's certainly not more revealing than what most people wear to the beach."

"That's true. I just worry that it might not be appropriate for me to wear while giving lessons."

She shrugged, setting her full chest in motion. My cock surged inside the spandex suit, stretching the taut cloth even tighter, as she glanced back down below my waist. Embarrassed by her attention to the obvious bulge between my thighs, I hopped into the water and started swimming laps, hoping that exercise would deflate my aroused organ.

After about ten minutes, Coach stopped me.

"Something's not right with your stroke. Stand up and turn around. Arms down."

Obediently, I faced away from her, my arms dangling loosely by my sides. I felt her move behind me, close against my back, resting her hands on my shoulders, her fingers light and feathery across my skin. Slowly, she began to knead the muscles, working them, massaging them, thoroughly, skillfully.

"You carry a lot of tension in your body. Here in your shoulders for example."

As she continued to rub my shoulders, she moved closer, until I felt the tips of her nipples brush against my skin. Still working my shoulders, Coach Turner inched closer, pressing her full breasts against me, her stiff buttons poking into my back. Shoving her hips forward so her crotch snuggled against my ass, I found my cock trapped against the side of the pool. As she continued her massage, her hips undulated against my butt, grinding my now fully erect cock into the hard tile. Finally, she stopped, resting her hands on my shoulders, her crotch still tight against my ass cheeks below the waterline.

"I have a close friend who's a professional masseuse. In fact, she teaches a class here on campus. Let me arrange for her to give you a really good massage so she can take care of those shoulder muscles. They are way too tight."

With that, she abruptly stepped back and pulled herself up and out of the pool. Standing above me, water streaming down her parted legs, she rested her hands on her hips and looked down at the front of her suit.

"Are you sure this suit isn't too revealing, Bill?"

From my vantage point in the water, I was staring up at her, directly into her crotch. The wet nylon clung to every curve of her muscular body, displaying full breasts topped with prominent nipples, fiercely erect, showing the lean arc of her flat abdomen, hugging the plump lips of her pussy, even exposing the smooth expanse of her bare pubic mound. My cock felt incredibly bloated, hard and stiff beneath the water. It suddenly dawned on me that her suit appeared so sheer because she had no modesty panels, and that my suit would be just as transparent.

"No Coach, its fine."

The curly haired blonde smiled down at me.

"Well, thanks for your reassurance."

Leaning over, she reached down and offered me her hand.

"Come on out, Bill. Time for your shower."

Accepting her lift, I climbed out of the pool and stood next to her, dripping wet. Coach Turner gazed down at the swollen bulge in the front of my trunks.

"I like your suit a lot more now."

Following her amused gaze, I glanced down at my crotch and began to blush. It was if I was wearing plastic wrap. Beneath the white spandex, now turned completely see-through by the water, every detail of my erect cock was on full parade. As it stretched out toward my left hip, the thick veins pulsing along the distended shaft, the rounded bulb, fat and purple at the end of the stalk, the tightly bound balls lifted up and out by the black rubber cock ring, and even the dark shadow of my cockhole were clearly visible.

"I'll walk you back."

As I looked back up into her twinkling blue eyes, she took my hand and led me back toward her office. A pair of coeds strolled in our direction, chatting back and forth. The tall brunette had long tanned legs and a tight body with small breasts that barely tented her one piece swimsuit. Her companion was very shapely, her dark hair almost black, and her full breasts swaying slightly with each step.

They glanced in our direction, and did a double take when they glimpsed the engorged lump in the front of my suit. Stopping short, their eyes grew wide as we continued to approach. Coach Turner greeted them once we were only a few feet away.

"Hi Anne, Lindsey. This is Bill."

As I began to blush, the tall blonde turned to me.

"Present yourself."

I hesitated and she cleared her throat.

"Assume the position and present yourself to these young ladies."

"Yes Ma'am."

Shuffling my feet apart, I let go of Coach's hand so I could clasp both of mine on top of my head. Speechless, the two girls stared directly at my throbbing hard-on as I thrust my hips forward and arched my back. A pretty blonde in a blue striped racing suit came up behind them, probably wondering what was going on. She stopped dead in her tracks as she too caught sight of my raging erection.

No one said a thing as Coach Turner continued to lightly rub my shoulders. Leaning close to my ear, she whispered.

"I think they like your suit better wet, too."

A group of three girls wandered over, talking casually as they approached. A broad shouldered black girl with high shallow breasts and firmly pointed nipples seemed to be the leader. Wearing a bright yellow one piece swimsuit, she had the pigeon-toed swagger of an elite athlete. And with closely cropped hair and large black eyes set wide apart, she was quite attractive. Eyeing the distended pouch of my suit, she smiled.

"Coach, it looks as if your male protégée has developed a bit of a problem."

The other two girls crowded closer, the pretty brunette with lightly streaked hair catching my eye before she glanced lower. The shorter blonde never raised her eyes from my crotch, staring intently as if she were trying to count the number of veins pulsing along my shaft. I could hear the smile in Coach's voice as she replied.

"Not a problem at all, Lydia, not as long as you like them long and hard."

The black girl chuckled as she made eye contact with me, before deliberately dropping her gaze between my thighs. Her blonde companion may have had heavy thighs and wide hips, but her breasts were outstanding, high and full, standing proudly on her sturdy chest. But the slim brunette may have had the best figure of all, long sleek legs with well-defined muscles, deep rounded ass cheeks and spectacular breasts, spilling off both sides of her slim chest and apparently topped with large stiff nipples.

The curly haired coach continued to stroke my shoulders, her massaging touch becoming lighter as the girls stared silently at my bloated crotch. The crowd around us drew others, wondering just what the attraction was. A blonde in a bright red suit swam over to the side of the pool near us and poked her wet head and shoulders out of the water.

"What's going on?"

No one answered her, but when her pale blue eyes focused between my spread thighs, they grew wide and I knew she had her answer. I took a peek down. The force of my erection had bowed the thin material out away from my body, the purplish cockhead extending out nearly beyond my hip, twitching with each beat of my pounding heart.

Leaving one hand to caress my shoulder, Coach let the other trail down my back, sliding lower until she palmed my left ass cheek. Squeezing it firmly, she encouraged me to push my hips farther forward, offering up my throbbing cock for a thorough examination.

As she kept kneading my buttock, almost like she was laying her claim on me, another blonde and a dark skinned black girl came from behind us, peering around my torso to see what all the commotion was about.


"That's the biggest dick I've ever seen."

"Can we touch it?"

The last question came from the blonde who'd emerged from the pool. She'd crawled closer until she was kneeling on the tile between my parted legs, looking up at my engorged cock. I'm not sure whom she was asking, but the black haired girl with the large heavy breasts who Coach had introduced earlier didn't wait for an answer. Leaning forward, she reached out and curled her hand around the base of my swollen shaft, squeezing me through the transparent spandex.

"Lindsey, I'm not sure that's a good idea."

Coach Turner's protest sounded weak, even to me. The kneeling blonde reached up between my spread thighs and cupped my balls, cradling them in the palm of her hand. And the dark skinned black girl, the one who was peering around my chest, slid her hand around my waist, over the taut suit and fingered my cockhead, her touch light and teasing on my swollen bulb.

My breathing ragged, I started to push my hips forward and back, shoving my rigid cock against the tightening grip of the busty brunette. Both she and the black girl matched my rhythm, openly jacking my hard-on as I increased the pace, panting.

"I think that's enough, girls. Lydia, Erika, can you help me here?"

The black girl with the high, shallow breasts and one of her companions, the pretty brunette with the streaked hair and the stunning figure pushed through the surrounding crowd and took my shoulders, one on each side and guided me through the gawking girls. Coach Turner kept her firm grip on my butt as we walked around the pool deck to her office.

Once the four of us were safely inside, she gave me a last affectionate squeeze and let go of my ass. Uncertain as to what I should do, I just stood there and waited. The two students stared down at the throbbing log in my sheer suit as Coach Turner started the water in the single shower stall. Turning her back, the tall blonde stepped under the running water.

"Erika, can you get us a pair of towels, please?"

The attractive brunette knew where they were, going straight to the lockers and pulling out several large white ones. Under the cascading water, Coach quickly rinsed off, catching my eye as I gaped at her. After washing her curly hair, Coach turned her back to step out of the thin swimsuit.

I caught my breath at the sight of her rounded ass as she bent over to retrieve it from the shower floor, the valley between her muscular cheeks deep and well defined. As she reached for a towel that Erika handed her, I caught a glimpse the stiff peaks of her nipples, pinkish brown and firmly erect. Wrapping the cotton tightly around her full chest as water dripped from her blonde ringlets, she smiled sweetly at me as she stepped out of the stall.

"Bill, you're next."

Sliding past her, I took her place in the cramped space and let the warm spray splash over my back. Ducking my head under the stream, I started to turn away from the three women.

"No, stay facing us."

Nodding silently, I obeyed her directions and turned around. Clad in the fluffy towel, the coach stood with her hands on her waist. The white of her towel contrasted sharply with her tanned skin, and the deep valley between her rounded breasts drew my eyes.

"You can't get clean wearing your suit. Take it off."

As I hesitated, the two girls pulled up folding chairs and sat down to get a front row seat. Taking a deep breath, I bent over, drawing my suit down my legs to the tiled floor. When I straightened up, my raging hard-on swung stiffly between my thighs, jutting out toward my audience. No one said a word as they studied it, still tightly bound by the black rubber ring.

I washed myself thoroughly, paying particular attention to my cock and balls, even taking my shaft in hand and stroking it firmly up and down, pointing it toward the girls. Remembering that I wasn't supposed to cum, I stopped before I passed the point of no return.

As I began to rinse off, I took a closer look at the brunette. Thick streaked hair fell over her broad shoulders and framed a slightly square face with high cheekbones and a straight prominent nose. She had full reddish lips, a dimple in her chin and deep blue eyes. I decided she was truly gorgeous, and I wasn't about to lose my erection with her staring at me. Finally finished, I shut off the water and stepped out of the stall, my wet cock bobbing up and down.

"Assume the position, Bill, so the girls can dry you off."

As I obeyed, both Lydia and Erika rose from their chairs, each with a towel in hand. The muscular black girl stepped behind me and shoved my hand aside so could dry my hair while Erika started on my chest. They dried me thoroughly, spending much of their time between my ass cheeks, and on my protruding hard-on and bulging balls. I wondered if I was supposed to take off the rubber ring, but Coach Tuner said nothing, nodding and smiling as she supervised the process.

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