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Office Sluts: Bonnie's Initiation

by sandymonroe©

"Okay, I will tell you everything," Bonnie said. "But give me a half an hour first."

I agreed. She looked like she could use some rest; her cheeks were red, and her hair was messy and sloppy.

I helped her undress. She went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. She was in there so long that steam was coming out through the door left ajar.

I listened as she was singing a song. She seemed relaxed yet tired. I called the room service and ordered two roast beef dinners and a bottle of champagne.

She stepped out of the shower, with her freshly washed body and hair. She sat to the table beside me, with only a short towel wrapped around her body—her boobs were barely covered by the top, and her pussy wasn't fully covered by the bottom. She ate the dinner like someone who hadn't eaten in weeks. After she gorged, she leaned back in her seat and started telling me her night.

"After the stranger bought me, he took my hand and led me out of the room. I could still hear 'you're next,' but I couldn't check who bought you. I was checking this stranger out: black hair, muscular body, dark grey suit. I couldn't deduce anything particular about him.

"'I'm doctor Surlove, I've been living here for a few years. You can call me doctor, or...' he hesitated, 'Master for tonight.'"

"All right, Master, I answered. My name is Bonnie and I'm here representing Walden, Inc.

"We stepped into the elevator. There were only the two of us in it. It had glass walls so we could see the whole city below us. I admired the view as he stepped behind me.

"I could feel the Doctor checking me out again. Then he reached out and pressed the STOP button. I turned around and found him facing me.

"'Who's your Master for tonight?' he asked.

"You're my Master, I answered immediately. And I'm your slut."

"'Oh no,'" he said. "'Not yet. You'll have to earn that.'"

"I followed him into the game, asking, How can I earn it, Master?"

"'You can earn it right here and right now.'"

"There was a moment of silence. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. If I were to continue this game, there would be no stopping me tonight.

"We were looking deep into each other's eyes."

"'Get on your knees', he said."

"I looked into his eyes once more and I decided I'd play his game. And I knew what he wanted. I got on my knees immediately and opened up his fly. I knew I had to be quick since people were waiting for this elevator.

"I took his cock out. It was a nice, long one, and it was hardening already. I pulled his foreskin back and while looking into his eyes, I licked around the head. He smiled and nodded.

"'Good girl,' he said. 'Now show me what you got.'"

"I opened my lips and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I could feel him hardening in my mouth. He even moaned out loud.

"I took his cock deeper into my mouth. I let my saliva drool around it, then removed it. It was fully erected now, glistening in the bright light of the elevator. I admired it for a moment then reminded myself we don't have much time. So I placed it back into my mouth and started sucking it and bobbing with my head.

"I even closed my eyes I enjoyed the moment so much. I was on my knees in this elevator, thousands of miles away from home, with the whole of Osaka below us, and I was sucking this stranger's cock who I just met and who just bought me for the whole night.

"He grabbed my head and started fucking my face. He pushed his cock really deep and I swallowed easily.

"He released my head so I removed his wet cock from my mouth so I could breathe. The mix of my saliva and his precum were dripping from it to my cleavage and my neck.

The Doctor was panting as well and looked at me, with uncontrollable lust in his eyes.

"'Jerk it on your face,' he ordered. And I did. I left my lips slightly open and jerked his cock wildly in front of my face. The Doctor leaned back, let out a loud groan and sprayed everything he had on my face. He must have collected it for several days since I got a huge amount of fresh, hot sperm on my cheeks and on my lips. I wanted to lick it up gracefully but he stopped me, saying, "'Let it shine on your face. I want everybody to see you're my slut.'"

"And he pulled out his belt from his trousers.

"'Now you've earned the right to be my slut,'" he said. And I could see his belt even had the word SLUT written on it. He had really prepared for this auction! It looked wild and scary yet it was intriguing. I was wondering how far this game would go. And I admit, I had fun! This guy was strange but attractive, and he had some nice ideas I could enjoy. So I decided I would go on.

"Yes, Sir," I bent my head towards him and let him put his belt on my neck. I felt like a wild animal on a leash.

"He pressed the STOP button again. The elevator started and within second, we were at the ground level. When the door opened, there were a few people waiting; the Doctor stepped forward and led me out among the people. I held my head up proudly and followed him. I heard whispers behind me but we left quickly, leaving them standing there. I hoped no one took a picture of me - I have to admit, I was too horny to think about that.

"The Doctor gave his card to the valet and waited for his car to arrive. He looked me up and down, and said, "'I'm proud of you, slut. You passed the first test.'"

"Thank you, Master," I answered. "I hope I won't disappoint you."

"'I'm sure you won't,'" he said.

Written by: sandymonroe

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