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A Love Story: Dina and Daniel

by Iread2relax©


This is Daniel and Dina's short romance. These two characters were introduced in my Werewolves and Indians series. I think this chapter can be a stand alone, but you may read the series of you feel you need too.

Dina and Daniel are two unique people and I felt they deserved their own tale. I hope you enjoy this brief romance. Please share your thoughts.

All the characters in this story are above the age of consent.



Have you ever seen someone and in that moment only the two of you existed? For those moments, everything around you faded and the two of you stood alone. Daniel Graves spent hours thinking about one woman, Dina Tallwinds. Daniel felt like a man possessed. This obsession with one woman had to come to an end some type of way.


Everyone returned to the office Monday talking about the wedding. Sunnet had to be the most amazing bride anyone had ever seen. Daniel was happy for her, but he would miss her. She was one person he trusted as much as he trusted his family. The week flew by. Things settled and soon the talk faded.

Each day he came to work. His employees only spoke to him if they needed to. One of the associate attorneys, Brad, approached him about taking Sunnet's office. Sunnet was not a partner in his firm, but she was the second highest ranking attorney there. He told the gentleman he'd consider letting him take the office.

That was mostly it. Besides Valerie, if his siblings or parents did not stop by, he was alone. If he was honest, Sunnet was just as distant with him at first, but she did like being with him. However, he was now thinking about Dina. Daniel sighed. He looked around his immaculate office. He was successful, had the trophies to prove it. However, after attending the wedding of his only true friend, he realized that he needed more.

She came to mind, and his heart raced. His need to see her became almost unbearable. It was only ten in the morning. He'd see her at lunch. Daniel shook himself and focused. He was Daniel Graves, Attorney. He would not be conquered by a woman. He took a deep breath and prepared for his next meeting.

Daniel really enjoyed the weekend. He spent a lot of time with Dina. She was amazing. He actually had plans to see her tonight. Each night, when he left his office, he would stop by her apartment. He'd done so many times now and she seemed to like having him visit. He was taking her and Leona out for dinner on Friday. He had no idea where to take them, so he called Andrew. His brother Andrew had two boys. They were seven and four. He loved is nephews, but he wasn't good with kids. Until Leona, he rarely spent time with kids.

Daniel smiled; that little girl was the cutest little thing he ever saw. She would become so excited when she saw him. And for that moment, he felt powerful. She would hold him tightly, and not let go. He sang to her, not that he could really sing, but if Leona's reaction proved anything, he was a rock star. He loved that little girl and her mother. During the visit home, Dina reconnected with her friends. He never found out why she left, but he suspected it had something to do with Leona's father.

He actually asked Jacob about the man, and the look of pure hatred that spread across his face told him all he needed to know. He did learn that the guy decided to just walk away one day. Dina never talked about him, but he wanted to know. He could call Emily, and she'd dig up the dirt. His brother Andrew could send his people to find him. He'd wait and then if he needed to he'd call Andrew.

"Mr. Graves, your client is here." Valerie, his assistant called.

He had to get to work. He'd go to the diner and see his dark haired beauty at lunch. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he stood as he walked out to greet his new client. Daniel greeted his client and escorted him into his office. It was an interesting case. The man was worried about his daughter marrying a felon. He wanted Daniel to create a document protecting his daughter's assets and to make sure if they divorced, the young man left with only what he brought in.

Normally, Daniel handled criminal cases, and one of his associates handled things like this. But this man was a friend of his mother's and she requested him personally. So, he took this case. He'd created the documents and make sure everything was filed appropriately. The client was satisfied, but he looked at Daniel strangely. Daniel thanked his client and he escorted him out. He had a trial this morning so he had to prepare for court. He worked on some depositions for a while then his phone rang. Andrew was returning his call from earlier.

"So, little brother, you finally plan to take her out. Leona is as cute as can be. We need some little girls in this family. God knows Cici and I have no intention of having any girls." He joked.

Daniel laughed and thanked him for calling back. Andrew knew several restaurants that were kid friendly. Daniel picked one close to where Dina lived and called to set up their date. Friday night, he was showing his two women a nice time.

Meanwhile, at Tastee Hastee, Dina had just clocked in. It was half an hour before the lunch crowd came in. She loved her job and lately, was raking in tips. It seemed that the Tastee Hastee was a hotspot for office workers.

She noticed that everyday Daniel came in for lunch, he always sat in her section. Some days he'd come alone but some days someone would be with him. He was so quiet, but something about him called to her. He was never mean or rude to her. He treated her as if she was the most precious thing on earth. At night, he often stopped by her apartment. He'd spend time with Leona, and her little girl loved him. It frightened Dina that she had grown so attached to this man in this short time that she knew him, but how could she not.

"Dina, get your behind hopping. We have customers, besides, we need you free at two when your boyfriend comes in." Her boss teased. Dina laughed.

"I'm just someone he's curious about. He'll more than likely meet a supermodel, or some gorgeous lawyer that will distract him. But for now I'm enjoying the view." She declared.

Everyone laughed but her words saddened her a bit. She and the other waitress had regulars and they went about their day. Most of the customers were very generous. They kept their tips. Her boss did not have a tip pool. If you didn't earn tips, then that was your issue. No one was giving you their earnings.

Dina watched the clock. Time ticked by so slowly. Soon two o'clock arrived. Then it was two thirty. Her shift ended at three and he didn't come by today. Her boss knew she looked forward to seeing the young blond man, so she said. "Maybe he had to be in court or something."

Dina smiled and nodded. He was not obligated to eat here, right?

Then at two forty-five, the bell chimed. Dina looked up and a huge grin spread across her face.

His stomach growled and he wanted lunch. He knew exactly where he was headed. He walked out and told his PA he would be back in an hour. Unfortunately his Dad showed up and wanted to join him. His father would more than likely wand risotto and clams, so he would miss seeing Dina today.

He got in the car and asked his dad where he wanted to go, Earl smiled, "Where does that pretty little girl you like work? I want to go there. Peter went last week and he and Kim bragged for days. I want to see what all the fuss is about." He added.

Daniel laughed, "It's the Tastee Hastee Cafe." Five minutes later, they were at the diner. Daniel walked in and was greeted casually as he was now a regular. Dina waited on her customers in order and then she came to his table.

"Daniel, Hi, I was wondering... Um, I mean. Welcome to The Tastee Hastee, what would you like to drink?" she asked.

Earl cleared his throat. "Oh, Hello Mr. Graves. How are you today?" She paused.

"I'm fine Dina. I'm a bit hurt. We invited you to dinner and you have yet to accept our invitation." Earl accused smiling.

Dina smiled. She liked the Graves. They were nice people, but she was not like them. "Mr. Graves, I didn't think you were serious. But I'd love to join you all. Now you two, what would you like to drink?" she asked.

Daniel smiled, "A tea for me and water with lemon for dad, please. Can he have a few packs of sweetener?"

"I'll be right back to take your orders." Dina told them as she rushed off to get their drinks.

When she left, Earl faced his son. "I like her Daniel. She's good for you." Earl added.

Daniel smiled, "She is special."

Dina returned, and she gave them their drinks. "Gentlemen are you ready to order?" she asked.

Earl ordered a roast beef and Swiss half sandwich with vegetable soup. Daniel had the same. Dina told them their order would be ready shortly.

Earl sat and talked with Daniel. He was a serious man and Daniel was the one child that was most like him. He never played, and worked too much. Even now, as he attempted to pursue this young woman, he needed to loosen up.

Earl smiled and recalled when he pursued Bria. She could not stand him at first. One day he was working at the office and she was with a group of interns, they were goofing off. Earl decided to put them in their place and most were contrite. Not Bria, she was annoyed.

The group went to work. The day ended and Bria found Earl finishing up filing and clearing their assignments table. She was a bit surprised. She had no idea he'd taken on that extra responsibility. From now on, she'd make sure she completed her part. Then she remembered she was pissed at him.

"You don't have to be an ass. We were just having fun. Why do you have to be such a prick Earl Graves?" she demanded.

Earl turned and faced the furious petite brunette and he was at a loss for words. She was so damn cute, and she was seriously pissed at him. "I'm sorry Ms. Knight. We are here representing different areas of the university, not to have parties. I was simply reminding you all of that fact." He explained.

Bria stalked to him. "Look, you sanctimonious prick. You need to take that giant stick out of your ass and breath. We're only in our twenties once and we should enjoy it. Learn to take chances."

Earl couldn't explain what happened. Here was this gorgeous woman standing nose to nose with him. All he could think about was how her cherry covered lips would taste. So at some point in mid-rant, he kissed her. He expected her to shove him back and slap the hell out of him, but she didn't. She stared back at him wide-eyed for a moment and then realized she should be outraged. She feigned anger and slapped him, but not before he saw the tiny smile she tried to hide.

Things were different after that. Bria always found some way to be alone with him. They talked and became friends. By the end of the three month internship, he knew she was it for him. He looked at Daniel and Dina and he saw him and Bria.

Dina returned with their lunch and offered them refills. Then she left. Daniel watched her and Earl laughed. "Your date with her and Leona is Friday night, right?" he asked.

Daniel nodded, "Yes, I made reservations for the three of us at Regale's."

"Well, don't piss her off. I want her and Leona to come to the house Saturday. Andrew and Cici are bringing their boys and we are spending time in the pool. I'm inviting her today. You won't invite her but we expect you to pick them up." He explained.

Daniel frowned as Dina returned to check on them.

"Dina, we're having a pool party this weekend. We want you and the lovely Leona to come. Make sure you bring Daniel," Earl leaned over in a stage whisper. "He'll try to sneak into his office."

Dina smiled and was about to decline when Earl spoke, "You might as well say yes. I will show up Friday night on your date tonight and tell the baby. You know she'll want to be there."

Dina smiled, "OK Mr. Graves, What time?" she asked

"Early, Daniel is picking you up." He explained, "Now sweetheart lunch was lovely but we have to get back." He gave her a generous tip and even left one for the cashier, cook then they left Daniel lagged behind and left reluctantly.

He drove back to the office smiling. Earl chuckled. "I'm glad we were wrong about Sunnet. This is the right girl for you."

"Dad, you don't know her. How do you know that? I like her. She isn't intimidated by me, and when we are alone, I can tell her anything and not worry about her laughing at me. Besides, she has the cutest little girl that thinks I'm superman." Daniel sighed. "I'm moving too fast here. I don't want either of us to end up hurt."

Earl smiled as Daniel parked back at his office. "Son, take your time. Give her time. Either way, your mother wants a granddaughter and she's adopted Leona. So make it work." He teased. The two men entered the building and both adopted their serious demeanor. Earl chatted with Daniel a bit more then went back to his office. Daniel finished his day. At five, most people left he and a few others stayed. He looked out and saw that Sunnet's office was still dark. He needed to promote someone to fill the vacancy. There were two other lawyers that could move up but he couldn't decide which one right now.

Daniel worked on some more cases. Soon, his phone rang. "Hello"

"Big brother, are you still at the office? You need a life. Why don't you leave and stop by Dina's apartment and check on them?" Emily suggested.

"You know what, sis. You're right. I'll stop by for a minute to see if they need anything." Daniel sighed. "How are you doing?" He asked. As they attended Sunnet wedding, a member of their tribe passed away. Emily had befriended his grandson and Daniel knew she was worried abut him.

"I'm fine. I talked with Oman earlier and he is doing OK." Emily answered. Daniel was quiet. "Stop it. He's a nice guy, but not my type. He's just a friend." She insisted.

Daniel teased, "OK, I'll leave it alone. See you tomorrow sis. Go to bed and read something." Emily laughed and the two disconnected.

A few minutes later, Daniel was in his car headed to Dina's apartment. He parked and walked to the door. He knocked softly. Dina cursed and he laughed.

She swung the door open and gave him an irritated glare. "Daniel, it's late."

"It's only eight, and I wanted to see if you needed anything. " Daniel explained.

"Momma, momma" was screeched loudly. Daniel came in and asked if could he go to the nursery. Dina took him.

Dina opened the door to the nursery where her daughter refused to go to bed quietly. Leona saw Daniel and lit up.

"Danny Danny" she chanted. Daniel walked in and scooped the rambunctious toddler into his arms.

He held her close and she calmed down. He watched her irritated Mom and wished he could be here like this with them every night. But it was too soon for those thoughts. They had not even had a second date. Their first date was a birthday party for her twin nephews. Friday, he was talking her and Leona out.

Soon Leona dozed, and he placed her back into the crib where she slept soundly. He noticed the time. It was almost ten. "Well, Dina, thank you for letting me spend time with the two of you tonight. The next time, just call me."

Dina looked at the handsome male. He was so sweet. Leona adored him and they had only known him for a short time. She could easily give in to him; give him the control he seemed to seek. She was scared. If it was just her, she could give in. But she had to protect her daughter.

Daniel left, kissing her gently on the cheek. He liked her but never pressed for more. Theirs was an unusual friendship. The honest truth was dating was just a formality, for she knew him. They spent the entire weekend together when she went home. She didn't have any family there, but her friends accepted him as hers.

Dina locked the door behind him and wondered if she was reading too much into his acts of kindness. He adored Leona and was good with her. She knew that she and Sunnet formed a loose friendship and wondered if that was why he was attracted to her He could not have Sunnet, so he'd pick a runner up.

Dina hated doubting herself, but the truth was the only other man she ever cared about wanted someone else. She could not allow her heart to be broken again. So Friday, they'd have their second date, and then she was cutting him lose.

Leona was already growing attached. Tonight proved it. She would not settle until Daniel came and held her. Dina closed her eyes and wished... Well wishes were for silly girls that thought by giving yourself to a man, he had to love you.

She walked to her room. She reminded herself that giving yourself to man lead to him calling you a slut and throwing twenty dollars in your face with people gawking and whispering things about you. Men like Daniel married women like his sister or mother. They didn't marry Native American girls with babies out of wedlock and barely a high school education. She could not see him again. She had to break it off.

She waited, giving him time to get home, and then she called. Daniel answered. Dina took a deep breath and cancelled their date. She asked that he stop stopping by and ended his pursuit of her.

Daniel was stunned, "Wait, what did I do? Dina, I'm sorry..."

"Daniel, I wish..." She said as tears rolled down her cheeks. She hang up.

Daniel hopped back into his car and drove back to her apartment. He walked to the door and banged loudly.

She tried to ignore him, but he kept beating. Finally she answered. He could tell she'd been crying and he asked one question. "Why?"

If she gave him a valid reason, he'd walk away and never return. But it would be hard. He was in love with this girl. He'd know her less than two months but he knew he loved her. That little girl that was sleeping in the next room owned his heart.

"Why do you want me Daniel? Is it because you could not have Sunnet? Is it because I'm not like the women you would normally date. I'm not very smart; I barely graduated high school. I know you have degrees and are a well respected attorney. Everyone in your family has.... I was second once before and like a fool I thought I could make him love me. I became everything he said he wanted. Even though I knew he wanted someone else. I was at his beck and call. Our last night together, he hated me. The look he gave me scared me because I knew he hated me as much as someone could ever hate another person." Dina stopped and walked away.

Daniel sat on her sofa waiting for her to continue. She did not speak for a while. The silence was deafening. Finally he could not take anymore, he had to know.

"Tell me about him. Tell me about Leona's father." He inquired.

Dina smiled at him. "I just did. His name was Lionel James. He never wanted me, but I fell for him. He was the most handsome man and one day when I'd just turned eighteen he came on to me. I was flattered. The strongest, most powerful, and most handsome man was interested in me. I went home with him and was with him that night." Dina closed her eyes as she relived the memory of being with Lionel.

"He told me to tell no one of our relationship. It would be scandalous if people learned he was messing with a squaw." Dina dropped her head and Daniel saw tears fall. He didn't know who this Lionel was, but he hated him. "He wanted a white woman. Everyone knew he was obsessed with Kerri, even though she never encouraged him."

Kerrie, was this the girl that Sunnet introduced them to at her wedding. She was married to a black man named Ja'Mal. "Is that the girl that's married to...?"

Dina nodded. "She never encouraged him. She avoided him like the plagued. She even tried to warn me but I was so jealous. The man I loved wanted her. He wanted her because she was not a squaw. He hated me because of who and what I was."

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