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Dance Club Slut Ch. 01

by ranchhand©

This is a continuation of "Steam Room Slut".

After our adventures at the massage parlor Lisa and I were relaxed and ready for anything. The two friends that had enjoyed Lisa in the steam room told us where they were planning on partying later that night and that's where we were headed, right after we stopped by our house for Lisa to change into her club clothes.

Lisa's skin was still glistening and slippery from the oil used during her massage, as was her slit from her own juices. We picked out a sheer black halter dress for her to wear. It had a plunging neck line and a very low back that left no doubt she wasn't wearing a bra, going almost all the way down to the crack of her ass with a spaghetti tie midway up her back and another around her neck holding up the front of the dress. It was loose fitting, about 2/3 down the length of her thighs with high slits on each side, and was a light enough material that it fluttered as she walked through the house. She didn't bother with panties and put on her black leather sandals with 2 inch heels. In the bright lights the sheer dress was very transparent but in the dim lights of the club it would be seductively subtle, although if she had worn panties they would have been very noticeable through the dress. She put on dark red, nearly black lipstick and dark eye shadow, which contrasted dramatically with her pale white skin. At my request Lisa had earlier polished her fingernails and toenails a glossy black.

To finish off the ensemble, I surprised her with a black leather collar and matching wrist and ankle straps. They were soft leather bondage restraints about an inch wide, each with a silver ring for attaching to straps or a leash, although I had no intention of using them for that purpose - this time. They were expensive and classy, and on first glance they just looked like leather accessories. Lisa was definitely surprised but liked the look, and even though we weren't into BDSM the thought of wearing them out in public to the clubs gave her a sexual rush. Spiking up her short thick black hair with gel, she looked incredibly hot, sexy and exquisitely sluttish.

The dance club was a relatively new addition to downtown. It was in a 4 story renovated brick building and was known for good local bands and a large dance floor. Only the first floor had been finished, the other 3 stories were empty with large openings in the front of each floor facing the street where windows were going to be installed. There were 16 foot ceilings in the first floor, two bars, pool tables, and open air tables in the front, but the main focus of attention was the stage and crowded dance floor in the middle of the room.

When we reached the club, Lisa headed over to check out the dance floor and I headed to the bar. I got a Coors Light for Lisa and myself a 7up(I am the permanent designated driver). When I found her she had located Rick and Chris and was chatting with them and two of their friends who were introduced as Marie and Ian. Marie was an attractive oriental with a terrific body, and Ian was tan with blue eyes and short dark straight hair. He was about my height with a lean athletic build. Lisa quickly took a drink of her beer, she was probably feeling a little nervous around our new acquaintances.

The first thing Marie asked me was "Did you enjoy the steam room as much as the others?" so I knew they had already talked about our earlier adventure. No wonder Lisa was sheepish.

"Hell yes!" I said. She and Lisa laughed.

Lisa had already told them we were married and got off while fulfilling each other's fantasies. The guys congratulated me on having such a great wife, and I wholeheartedly agreed. I was relieved to know I didn't have to act like we were strangers, and also because given the situation the other guys most likely wouldn't be trying to take Lisa home.

Lisa looked fantastic as she talked to the group. Her areolas were fairly visible through the sheer material of her dress, and the cool air of the club along with the sexual atmosphere of the night kept her long nipples as stiff as I had ever seen them, tenting out the thin fabric of the front of her dress. I watched Marie staring intently at her breasts as Lisa talked to the other guys. I could see the curves and crack of Lisa's fine ass through the material of the back of her dress, making it apparent to anyone who looked that she wasn't wearing panties. I couldn't wait to see her on the dance floor where the lights were brighter.

Lisa gave me a quick kiss and asked me to get a round of slippery nipples for the group before we started dancing. I quickly retrieved the drinks just as the band was getting ready to start their next set.

They kicked off with a good dance song and after the group downed their shots, we moved onto the dance floor. Being four guys and two girls, Lisa and Marie danced in the middle of the group and we more or less surrounded them. The girls appeared to be dancing more with each other than with us, which was definitely turning me on and I could tell it was affecting the other guys as well by the bulges straining against their jeans. Ian was the only one with dress slacks on, and he had a very obvious erection showing through the thin material. Marie was dressed in a gold metallic disco halter-top and very micro black leather miniskirt. Her top was barely big enough to cover her obviously enhanced tits, and you could see the bottom curve of her bouncing breasts from the side.

A couple of songs later the dance floor had really filled up and people were packed together gyrating against each other. Marie put her hands on Lisa's waist and moved against her, breast to breast, naughtily straddling Lisa's right leg and thrusting her hips to the beat of the music. Lisa's arms came down to rest on Marie's shoulders and Marie moved her head forward and kissed her passionately. Lisa returned the kiss and pulled Marie even closer and began grinding her pelvis against Marie's leg. This was amazing, I had seen Lisa kiss other women when she was just kidding around, but this was the first time she had done it so passionately and in an erotic setting like this. When they pulled their heads back from the kiss they smiled at each other and looked around at the guys in the group, whose jaws had all dropped with their tongues hanging out, and they just laughed, but stayed close together continuing to grind against each other's thighs.

I could see the lust building in Lisa's eyes and since her dress had ridden up in front where she was humping against Marie, I imagine her bare pussy was creaming all over Marie's thigh.

The band was playing a great song and the floor was so packed with people that no one was really taking notice of our little group. I moved in behind Lisa and pushed my bulging erection between her ass cheeks. Rick moved behind Marie and I'm sure was doing the same. Marie moved her right hand down to Lisa's cunt while Lisa unbuttoned the top button of Chris's jeans and put her small white hand down the front of his pants. She pulled Chris's dick up out the top of his jeans, and since he was well hung the entire head and about an inch of the shaft was visible above the waistline and open button. Lisa had her hand in his pants around the base of his cock and was pulling his cock up and down as he was dancing close to her side. She then unzipped Ian's fly with her left hand, pulling out his erect penis and started to stroke it as well.

I moved my hands around and slipped inside Lisa's dress and grabbed hold of her breasts and squeezed, she let out a squeal "Oh yeah, baby, squeeze my tits!" I squeezed hard and twisted her hard nipples between my fingers. I could feel Marie's breasts pressing against the backs of my hands.

Marie must have found Lisa's clit with her hand and was working it because Lisa started to moan loudly. "Fuck me, Fuck me with your hand bitch!" she yelled. The music was loud enough that only our group could hear her along with a couple of other guys next to us who turned around to watch the show. Rick reached around Marie lifting her small top, grabbed both of her breasts and started squeezing. Lisa was convulsing and moaning through a cataclysmic orgasm and I could see the beads of perspiration building on Marie's forehead and the tension in the muscles of her face as she was nearing an orgasm grinding on Lisa's thigh.

Marie moved her other hand down to pull up her mini-skirt and started frigging her own clit, taking herself over the edge, "Fucking shit... Fucking slut this is good!" she moaned.

I'm surprised Ian or Chris didn't cum all over the girls, but maybe they did and I was too busy humping Lisa's ass and watching the girls to notice. The song ended shortly after Lisa and Marie had fucked each other to orgasm. We collected ourselves and moved off the dance floor to get drinks. We got to the bar and one of the guys who had been watching us bought our group a round of beer while the girl he was with was giving us a cold stare, poor guy. I had a swig of Lisa's beer and a big glass of ice water. Damn, that cold water tasted good. Lisa and Marie headed off to the ladies room, and I went to the head and took a nice long piss.

When I got back I saw Rick over talking to the Bouncer by the front door. I had no idea why, just figured they were friends.

Marie and Lisa came bouncing back from the ladies room and Lisa rushed up, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a nice long French kiss. "I'm having a great time! Did you enjoy the dancing?" she asked jokingly.

"Duh." I could feel Lisa's ass through the thin material of her dress almost as if she were standing there on her tiptoes naked hugging me. I felt the hard nipples of her superb tits pressing against my chest.

Lisa beamed, "Marie told me in the bathroom that they have a surprise in store for us. She wouldn't tell me what it was, but she said she has done it a couple of times and thought I would really enjoy it. I'm so fucking horny right now, I'm ready for anything!"

My cock was stirring as I was thinking about the possibilities for the rest of the evening. "I saw Rick talking to the bouncer a couple of minutes ago, maybe it had something to do with the surprise," I said.

Rick and the other guys returned and our small group was back together. Rick whispered something in Marie's ear, and she smiled.

Marie turned to Lisa and ask "Are you ready for the surprise?"

Lisa looked at me and I gave her a shrug of approval, "OK, what is it?" she answered.

"Follow me" said Marie, grabbing Lisa's arm and starting toward the back of the club. The guys all followed along as Marie led Lisa through the club, arm in arm past the bar down a hallway to a door at the back. The bouncer I had seen talking to Rick met us at the door and unlocked it. Through the door was a stairway leading up and Marie took Lisa scampering clumsily up the stairway in their tall shoes, laughing and giggling all the way. The guys were right behind staring at the girls asses going up the stairs.

Marie's ass and pussy were bare and easily visible up her tiny miniskirt. Lisa's dress was flipping back as she struggled up the stairs, showing her milky white bare legs and ass almost all the way to her waist. I had a raging hard-on and was aching to fuck my wife as I followed the group up the stairs to the second floor.

Part 2 - cumming soon!

Written by: ranchhand

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