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A Gift From His Father Ch. 19

by Absolutelywickedthoughts©

Chapter 19

She made her way to the west end of the room, just as two security guards came bursting into the room with their weapons drawn. Fortunately the rows and rows of servers didn’t make it easy to see from the end of one row to the next and they would have to search each row.

Using her telekinesis Elizabeth held the door open and quietly slipped out just before two more guards shuffled through, barely missing her. The entire building was on lock down; she would have to be careful. The first thing she needed to do was cleanup, she could smell herself. What good was it being invisible if your scent gave you away, so she made her way to the women’s restroom choosing the last stall. She squatted on the seat and relaxed her nude beauty materializing and becoming visible again.

Despite the cool air she was perspiring. Her naked body was covered in a light sheen of sweat. Droplets rolled down her large breasts collecting at her hardened nipples then dropped to the floor one by one. Using the toilet paper she dabbed herself dry, once she had cooled down she left the safety of the stall and used a little soap and water to eliminate her aroused scent. She knew it would be just a matter of time before they began a room to room search. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. This is what she’d been training for the last six months.


Of John’s three half sisters and the one that gave him the most trouble from the outset, Heather was his favorite. She was independent and headstrong, opinionated and often spoke before thinking through the impact of her words. But, John liked her best of all because she was genuine. What you saw was what you got. And since they made up and had been intimate on several occasions she was becoming more than a sister but a true friend. She didn’t really understand what was going on with John, for some reason she simply accepted things the way they were and concentrated on being a good sister to her younger brother. Having different mothers and only knowing him for about eighteen months didn’t seem to matter anymore. Besides since John’s mother Mary, her father’s mistress and her mother Jacqueline had been getting along so well together, Heather began to think of and accepted Mary as she would any other relative.

Heather’s swimming gave her a goal to reach for, when she and her sisters weren’t fucking the help and she was becoming very good at it. She was good enough to compete and she grew interested again in beginning her much delayed college education. She and her sisters Samantha and Isabel had shrugged it off college as a waste of time. But the truth was until John had altered their appearance they were too weird looking and would attract the wrong kind of attention to have been successful.

So, they all enrolled for the fall semester at Stanford University. It seems like waiting turned out to be a good idea and having wealth didn’t hurt. Because of her swimming times, she tried out for and made the women’s swim team. She couldn’t be happier and as a result, she began working out with the team in August.

Most of the girls were friendly enough, but a few were simply mean and wanted nothing to do with her. They had heard she came from money, an immediate turnoff, leading them to believe she simply bought her way onto the team, despite her continuing impressive swim times.

She ignored those girls that scoffed at her and concentrated on her swimming. It was late in the afternoon when their daily morning practice was over. Heather and a few remaining teammates were showering; the locker room was mostly empty. Heather spent a longer time than usual getting the chlorine out of her hair. Before she realized it she was alone until three large muscular girls stood between her and the shower exit. They were naked, but they didn’t appear to have an interest in showering and they were closing in on her and looked to do her harm.

She recognized them as the disgruntled three, from the 200 Free Relay Team. Heather was being considered for a position on the relay probably knocking one of them out.

“Hey rich bitch! You didn’t think that you would make the team without your initiation, did you? If you are going to be on the relay team, then you will have to come over here and eat my pussy, bitch. She looks like she’d be good at eating pussy. What do you think girls?” The large blonde asked as she stopped just in front of Heather while the other two larger brunettes flanked the blonde on each side, blocking Heather’s exit.


April had awakened cheerful and early looking forward to her 10AM meeting at the attorney’s office. She was meeting with Dinah Cohen again; she was one of the named partners of the law firm of Basil, Cohen & Brown the firm that specialized in not for profit law. April was surprised that Dinah hadn’t assigned her to a third or fourth year associate; they weren’t a big client, yet but April was happy for the attention that her account was receiving. John will be pleased when he hears about this at their weekly meeting, she thought.

Meanwhile Dinah Cohen was finishing up her morning workout in her home gym; she had worked up a good sweat. Although she was a partner she didn’t like to arrive before 10AM, that way she avoided most of the traffic into San Francisco. Despite the grandeur of the San Francisco office, the view of the bay and the excitement of the corporate office, she preferred the quiet the Mountain View branch office had to offer.

She had gotten up extra early this morning and doubled her normal exercise time; she was thinking about her meeting with April Martin. Her lean sleek body was covered with a light sheen of perspiration as she finished the workout with a ridicules amount of abdominal reps. Standing she gazed into the mirrored wall at her naked and sweaty body. Her large pink nipples were hard and betrayed her arousal as she thought again about April Martin.

She had done her research and learned a lot about April and her employer. “The things that you could learn off the internet these days”, she mused as Dinah reviewed in her mind what she had learned. April was single attending the local college and lived with her mother a divorced nurse. She attended high school with her boss and they grew up together in the same neighborhood. It wasn’t uncommon for startups to employ friends they grew up with. Her boss, John Smith, son of the late Dr. Zachary Smith, inherited most of his father’s wealth and was attempting to make a name for himself.

As she admired herself in the mirror she hefted one large tit after the other finding comfort in their springiness, they were all natural yet amazingly still firm sitting high on her chest, considering she was in her early forties. She attributed it to her good genes and her ambitious fitness campaign. Looking down she could smell her arousal and watched had her labia grew larger and her clitoris poked through. Absent mindedly she rubbed herself as she imagined what April looked like naked and how her mouth would feel on her pussy.

Her plan of seduction would be to drag on the meeting as long as possible then propose an early lunch and see if she could steered the conversation to the right path. She had a few different cards to play so it would depend on how April responded to her overtures. And if all else fails she still had the drug.


All of his hard work was beginning to bear fruit, Dr. Zachary Smith had thought of hardly anything else since his imprisonment except escaping. Sure he listened to, advising and comforted his whiny son, but imprisonment within the Ring of Power was a strange thing. You existed in a state with no real body although you saw yourself with one and the others with whom you were imprisoned. Duping his son into believing all he said, he managed to attain a position of authority within their confines and also acted as a look out for John, monitoring his surroundings and being a source of wisdom and counsel for the young man. But it was all to help him achieve what no other had done before him, to escape from the ring’s prison.

He had tested his theories and was convinced that they would succeed. He was ready for the final test.


The drug as Dinah liked to refer to it as was a little thing that one of her larger clients Jones & Jones, an American multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer had accidently stumble upon. She was given a small amount which she used sparingly and on just the right unsuspecting victims. The results were amazing it rendered her victims with the temporary loss of free will allowing Dinah to take complete control of the person and in some rare cases rewrite her victim’s personality and sexual preferences as she did with her secretary.

It was perfect. The victims never suspected a thing and believed whatever Dinah told them to believe. The only problem was that it only lasted a few short hours. But for those special cases, she was able to install trigger words allowing her to control the person indefinitely without using more of the precious drug.

Grabbing her towel she patted her face dry while she smiled thinking of the unsuspecting young coed. She hoped that she wouldn’t have to use the drug. She laughed. Who was she fooling; she was looking forward to using it. April Martin was perfect.


Los Angeles turned out to be the sexual energy goldmine that John thought it would be. He now had almost as many agents there as he had employed in the Bay Area. His expansion had been a gamble that paid off big.

Tammy and Jerome had succeeded beyond John’s expectations for their first year. In addition to making more than twenty films they had a bumper crop of want-to-be porn stars which they coached and turned into a small business. Because they didn’t need the money, they charged very little if anything and they collected huge cache of sexual energy at each class. The classes never ended at the scheduled time usually because small orgies often broke out.

John had expressed an interest in buying a house with an ocean view so between the two of them they began to see what the market looked like and since John was in no hurry they could take their time. He confided in them that he may be interested in opening a branch in San Diego, so he was very interested in their feedback.

Tammy and Jerome were very comfortable together, particularly once they moved in together. They each had their own bedrooms, but they usually sleep together. It was the perfect arrangement.


Early as usual April sat in the lobby reviewing her notes for the meeting. Dinah was aware that she was waiting but continued to place and receive calls while answering email and text, thirty minutes later, when she couldn’t stand the anticipation any longer Dinah came out and greeted the young woman. Taking April’s hand in hers as she apologized for being late, lying that she had been detained on an urgent matter, while deeply inhaling the scent of April’s perfume.

She looked the young woman over appraising her attire. April had pulled her hair back into a kind of pony tail thing. It was professional enough yet betrayed her youth and inexperience. Her hands felt so soft in Dinah’s harder older hands, and she gentle pulled the young woman into the small conference room, nearby and told the receptionist they weren’t to be disturbed.

For almost two hours they worked on the legal implications of John’s pet project the homeless shelter and how he might logically grow it from there. Dinah was impressed with April’s knowledge and grasp of the concepts and how easily she retained facts and logically came to her conclusions.

It was almost 12:30 when they had exhausted all the avenues they needed to discuss; the paralegals will be able to handle the formatting and filing of the documents, Dinah told her and apologized about the hour offering to buy April lunch.

April accepted having enjoyed the older woman’s company and since her firm would be handling John’s business it seemed only prudent to accept the invitation, particularly since she didn’t have any classes scheduled today.

“Do you like Sushi?” Dinah asked as she stood pulled her suit coat on.

“I love sushi!” April replied a little too enthusiastically.

“Great, I know a nice little place that makes the best rolls. Give me a minute to put this file in my office and grab my purse. I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

Dinah put the file on her desk and retrieved her purse, she went to the wall safe hidden behind the painting behind her desk, turned the combination a few times, opened the safe and grabbed the premeasured drug and placed in her purse.

They were soon at the restaurant and were being seated, they engaged in light chit chat until the waiter came. He looked over the two lovely women, and asked for their drink orders, the younger of the two smiling at him. April ordered an ice tea, but Dinah talked her into trying a Long Island Ice Tea. April had never heard of such a tea but agreed when her attorney said that she’d love it.

“Bring my friend a Long Island Ice Tea extra long,” Dinah said, “and I will have a white zinfandel.” And if it were an afterthought she shrugged and said, Why don’t you bring us the Samurai for two.” It was a three course meal of assorted sushi, fried rice, tempura and other favorites.” The waiter smiled and left, thinking to himself “cougar and prey”.

April was impressed, she’d never had anyone order for her like that, and she smiled brightly as she thanked Dinah. They talked a little more before she excused herself to use the restroom.

Dinah could hardly contain herself she was eager to spring the trap even before finding out what April’s views were sex and having sex with another woman. This was going to be easy she thought and as removed the drug from her purse and had it ready to be sprinkled into April’s food or drink.

During their meal two women talked about all sorts of things and April seemed to genuinely enjoy Dinah’s company. However, Dinah learned that although April’s attitude was pretty liberal towards sex, and she was flattered that Dinah was interested in her, she wasn’t interested in a lesbian relationship. Having consumed three “ice teas” April found it necessary to visit the ladies room once again and clumsily excused herself again and toddling in the direction of the lavatory.

“Well,” Dinah thought to herself, “we tried the easy way looks like we’ll have to be a little more insistent.” And she poured the premeasured powdered drug into April half full glass and stirred, the mixture immediately dissolved. The drug took only about a minute to work so Dinah had to just get April to finish her drink and stall for a minute or two.

When April returned to the table she was really feeling the effect of the alcohol, and a small belch escaped her lips.

“Erp! Oh, excuse me,” she apologized, “that was some ice tea. What was in that?”

“Oh a little vodka, a little gin, a little tequila, and some rum,” Dinah said.

“Oh my,” April said, “Maybe I shouldn’t have had four.”

“Three and a half,” Dinah said pointing to the half full glass. “But if you hurry you can call it four.”

“Oh, yeah,” April said and grabbing the glass and quickly consuming the remaining beverage. “I’ve had a lovely time, bud I must be going.” April wagged her finger at Dinah as she began to slur her words.

“Oh you can’t go now. What about dessert?” Dinah said knowing that would give her more than enough time for the drug to take effect.

April’s eyes brightened for a moment and then she said, “I can’t eat another ding right now or I will bust or puke.” She said as she belched quietly again and excused herself.

“Well how about we just look at the dessert tray?” She motioned for the waiter to bring over the samples. She needed only thirty seconds more.

The waiter brought a huge tray over to their table; it had cheese cake, carrot cake, chocolate mousse, bread pudding and kiwi pie. April simply stared at the tray not able to say a word.

“Never mind,” Dinah told the waiter, “Looks like she’s had enough,” she handed the waiter a three Ben Franklins and said. “Keep the change.”

The waiter smiled realizing that he was done and accepted the payment. He smiled and thought to himself, “Looks like the cougar had captured her prey.”

“How are you feeling April darling?”

“Pretty lightheaded,” she responded slowly as if it was hard to talk.

“You’ll be fine, darling. Now listen to me carefully. You will act normally, not even slurring your words. You feel great and are so pleased with the time we spent together that you agreed to walk me to my hotel room right next door. If you feel like your balance isn’t good you will hold on to my arm for support. Do you understand?”

April snapped back to full alertness and fixed her stare on Dinah and simply said, “Okay.”

“That’s better.” She said. “Now you told me that you were flattered that I was attracted to you and that you had no interest in pursuing a relationship, but that’s not true is it.” She paused and watched as April hanging on every word.

“No” she said.

“The truth is that you are very interested and in fact you are so horny right now your pussy is watering in anticipation of the two of us being together.”

April shuttered and a small sigh escaped her lips as she realized that Dinah was right. She was so incredibly turned on by this woman. She tried to question it, why was she feeling this way? “But Dinah won’t lie,” April realized. “She was attractive mature woman and she wanted to have sex with me, April Martin, this named partner of this important law firm. I am so lucky and she was right,” April thought as she felt so wet below.

Dinah continued as she read the confusion in April’s face. “In fact right now I’ll be you are trying to imagine what my pussy looks like, aren’t you. You naughty girl, you are wondering if I am shaved or if I have a neat little landing strip. Be honest April. Am I right?”

“Damn how did she know?” April thought, as her pussy continued dripping into her panties.

“Are you wet for me, April,” Dinah continued to induce the young woman.

“Yes. I can feel myself leaking into my panties.” April confessed.

“Really,” Dinah said. “Show me. Take them off and hand them to me over the table.”

April obeyed immediately. She shimmed her skirt up her legs and pulled down her wet black panties and handed them to Dinah. They were silk and soaked with her juices.

Dinah was impressed with the quality of the lingerie and knew that she had chosen well. She pulled them to her nose and took a deep breath.

“Yes, you’ll do fine.” She told the young woman. You are ready to go now, it is likely that you skirt is stained, but you won’t notice or care.” They stood and Dinah motioned for April to lead the way. She watched April move through the restaurant to the door and yes her skirt was indeed stained.

When they arrived at the hotel April was holding on to Dinah’s arm, her balance was off and needed help to walk, but they looked like lovers already as they took the elevator to the 14th floor, room 1456 their destination.

“April why don’t you get more comfortable and loose all that unnecessary clothing,” Dinah said. Realizing that she had only about two hours remaining and she had a great many things for April to do.

Once she had disrobed she tried to stand still tittering slightly as she waited for Dinah’s next command. But Dinah didn’t want to command April all night. No she wanted a new lover who would be creative and imaginative, so she told April.

“April, how long have you known that you were a lesbian?”

“I am not a lesbian,” April said, as her mind tried to fight back and she shifted from foot to foot.

“Yes you are, April. You told me so. You said that you were done with limps dicks and the men they were attached to and that they did nothing for you despite trying. You are turned on by pussy.” Dinah said making her case. “You came here to my hotel room to have sex with me. Look at you. You’re already naked and you were so horny you gave me these at the restaurant.” Dinah held out April’s wet panties and waved them for her to see as she continued to manipulate the poor helpless girl.

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