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A Love Story: Emily and Snake

by Iread2relax©


This is Emily's short romance. She was introduced in A Love Story: Dina and Daniel.

Emily is special. The only girl of four brothers, she has always stayed one step ahead of her brothers. She knew so much about them that I wondered what if she has a secret. In this story, her secret will be revealed.

All the characters in this story are above the age of consent.



Emily Graves was exhausted. It was exhausting being the only daughter of a prominent lawyer dad and a socialite mom. Her brothers did not make the situation any better. She spent most of her time spying on them and making sure they weren't keeping tabs on her. She loved her brothers to death, but they drove her insane. Lately, they kept asking about her friend Oman. He was coming to the city for the weekend, and she was accompanying him to a program at his sister's school. He rarely stayed over but he was this time and her brothers even paid for his hotel room.

Her oldest brother, Andrew, was being extremely overly cautious. He'd ask her about her male friends, and the discredited each one. For instance, Brad, a guy from her brother's Daniel's firm, asked her out. All of a sudden, he was being investigated. All of the previous men she dated ended up breaking up with her for one bogus reason or something. Every since Sunnet's wedding, and she befriended Oman, all four of her brothers dropped hints. However, Andrew was the worse. He simply told her he approved of Oman and she could date him.

Emily smiled. Next week, her special friend would be back. Her poor clueless brothers had no idea about him, and she planned to keep it that way. Emily ended her work day and headed home. She called Dina, her brother's Daniels wife, to check in. She and all three of her nieces were fine. They talked for while until Mommy duty called. She then called Kim, Peter's wife. They chatted for a few minutes. Finally, she called Cici, Andrew's wife. She asked about her nephews and Cici offered to let her keep them next weekend. Emily laughed and told her she had plans, but she'd keep both boys soon. Soon, Cici had to go and Emily had made it home.

Before hanging up, Cici suggested that they have a girl's night. They knew poor Dina needed a break and it would give Daniel time with all three girls. Emily laughed and told her she'd work on it. Soon she was pulling into her driveway. As she pulled into her garage, Mom called. She told her she was fine just tired, but she knew she did not believe her. Emily reassured her Mom and told her she loved her and hang up. Securing her garage door, she went inside.

"You're back early." She greeted her guest.

He placed a steak and baked potato in front of her place at the dinner table and smiled. Emily looked at him. Terrance Sumner was the one guy no one would think she'd be attracted to. He was huge, standing almost seven feet tall, bald, muscular torso, with a goatee, His round face full of frowns and angry. His body was covered in tattoos. The most prominent tattoos he had were snakes, not just any snakes, but rattlers. He was scary, but he didn't scare her. As a matter of fact, he excited her.

"You're almost late." He replied. She placed her bag on the counter and embraced him. Snake smiled. She was adorable. Compared to him, she was so small. She looked up at him; her dark hair shimmered and her eyes twinkled. Her expression delighted that he was back. She was a little over five feet tall, and her body was perfect in his eyes.

"Does Andrew know you're back?" She asked.

"I have not reported in yet. I needed to see you first." He paused. "Sit, eat. You will need the energy, believe me."

Instant heat filled her body. This man drove her mad. One look, one word and she dripped like a faucet. In private, when they were alone, she could be what she truly was a woman with needs, but as soon as he reported in, he became enemy number one. "Well, Terrance, it looks delicious. How did you grill two steaks without going outside?" she asked.

Terrance smiled, "Who says I didn't grill them outside?" he queried.

Emily's eyes widened, "Someone might have...?" he laughed.

She frowned. "Jerk." She mumbled.

"It's hurts being your dirty little secret." He replied and Emily gasped.

They ate in silence. Soon they finished and Emily helped load the dishwasher. He moved behind her pulling her into him. Emily sighed. She loved being in his arms. He was so big and strong. She looked at his bicep and whispered, "Another tat?"

"Yes, just a small one." He spent her around and lifted her onto the counter. "Has anyone seen my mark?" he asked.

Emily blushed, "No, and you know why."

"Damn right, you're mine. Don't forget it." He teased and then he kissed her.

Emily melted into him as he lifted her and carried her into her bedroom. He had drawn her bath. "Don't lift a finger," he whispered as he took his time and removed every stitch of clothing that she wore. Emily knew he could feel the heat emanating from her. She was hot and wet.

Terrance laughed and said, "Patience my Emily. Patience." He unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her creamy skin to his hungry view. Terrance groaned and tasted her skin. Kissing her gently, he tasted her skin as his fingers unbuttoned the rest if her clothing. Soon she was a quivering mast in the sexiest pale pink underwear he'd ever seen.

"Let me look at you." He whispered as he sat on her small love seat and simply stared at her. Emily was embarrassed but the hunger in his eyes made her bold. She moved forward into his muscular arms. She needed to feel his skin against her and attempted to remove the tight black shirt he wore. He took it off exposing his magnificent chest that was covered with a gorgeous tattoo of a diamond back rattler poised to strike. Emily traced the tat. Caressing his, shoulder blades, pecs, and abdominals.

He grabbed her hand to stop her, "No, let me wash you first. He lifted her, carrying her into her bathroom. Emily removed her underwear and Terrence smiled as his mark was exposed to his view.

She trimmed but no longer shaved herself completely bald. He requested that she let her hair grow when they started this relationship three years ago. Right above her dark bush, that he carefully stroked, was a small tattoo of a diamond back rattler. It was an exact replica of the one on his body. He recalled giving her the tat a little over two years ago, and then explaining what it meant.

They had been seeing each other secretly for a few months. Each night, Emily admired and stroked his body art. When he asked to give her a small tattoo, and she asked for a butterfly, but he needed more. He needed a symbol that let others know she was taken. So he asked her to let him choose this one. She trusted him and nodded. He tattooed her with his symbol, a tiny diamond back rattler.

They made love that night for the first time. It was no longer just sex. He had to claim what was his. Emily Graves was his. The next day he was so excited that he wanted to tell her brother, but Andrew said something and he knew they would not approve. Emily would be embarrassed, so he told her to keep quiet.

For three years, they stole moments alone, keeping her family completely in the dark. In public, Emily treated him with cold disdain. She was so cold, that her mother once reprimanded her and made her apologize. Snake was just as bad. Whenever she mentioned dating someone, or her brothers mentioned a male showed interest, he would make some type of derogatory remark.

This went on so much that at one point, Andrew addressed his friends about his treatment of his younger sister. Snake apologized and resolved to not talk to her in public. Emily gladly did the same, but in private. He always apologized and reminded her of how he truly felt. She was as much his secret as he as hers. He feared her family would not approve, but she didn't need their approval. She needed him.

He was an ass. He acted as if he was God's gift to women. A few years ago, he came to dinner at her parents' home and brought a date. Peter was silent as was Brett. They knew the young lady from a local establishment. Kim, Peter's wife, was tickled at her husband's discomfort. Emily was furious because he had the gall to bring a hooker into her parents' home.

As far as her family knew, she hated him. They had no idea that three years ago, Terrance came to her house and blew her mind. Initially, he wanted to confront her about some snarky comment she made that embarrassed him. He as even going to apologize for bringing the girl to her parents, but she opened her door wearing the tiniest sleepwear he'd ever seen.

He forgot why he as angry and gave in to what he'd been thinking about all night. She didn't fight him. She was as wild and hot as he was. The next night, he snuck back over and they coupled all night.

After the first time, he snuck over to her house every time he came home. He was leaving for a job and asked her to make her mark on his skin. He gave her a black permanent marker. Whatever she wrote, he would tattoo onto his skin. Emily faced him and smile. She leaned forward and kissed his pectoral muscle, right above his giant snake. Then she took the marker and wrote a capital E. Snake smiled and got his needle and ink. She watched as he made her mark on his chest. Watching him was fascinating, as she caressed the tattoo he'd given her months earlier.

Emily wanted to know if he would tell Andrew, but he stopped. Andrew was his best friend, but today he cracked a joke about taming Emily and Andrew didn't like it. Her family would not accept it. He should have left her alone. "Em, this was a mistake. Look, forget about me. You deserve better."

He stood to leave when she stopped him. "Don't go! You gave me your mark and I've marked you. No man can ever take your place. Terrance, you are all I want." she whispered. Terrance "Snake" Sumner fell for the one woman he could never have.

Now here he was in her bathroom with her years later. His need for her extended beyond friendship to something much deeper. He was done hiding ad he needed to let her know.

Terrance sat on the side of the tub and looked at the beautiful woman standing before him. Cupping her between her thighs, he absorbed her heat. She was already dripping for him, but she was tired and he planned to pamper her. He pulled her to him and kneeled before her; she smelled heavenly and he had to taste her. He licked her pussy causing her to scream for him. She was drenched in her own secretions and he greedily feasted. She came quickly and he placed her in the water. "Terrance, join me." He quickly undressed and climbed inside.

Slowly he washed his woman, exploring her body, caressing her between the thighs, exploding her folds. Not to be outdone, Emily became bold and touched every inch of him. He lifted her and she sank not his throbbing cock and rode him slowly. She was amazing and she was his. The water grew cold and he wanted her beneath him. Stopping they left the tub and went to bed. Terrence made love to his woman, his Emily.

He licked and caressed her breast, rubbing her slit; Emily opened her legs as wide as she could. The feel of his hands caressing her drove her wild. He flicked her clit causing her to tremble. Emily had to touch him She traced his tats. His body art fascinated her.

Emily grasped his cock, stroking him slowly. Terrance groaned. He moved needing to taste her. Kneeling between her thighs, Terrance called to her. "Emily, Look at me." She looked. Terrance smiled, "This is mine. Say it."

Emily gasped and she needed more, "Yours" she whispered. He licked her and she groaned.

"No, Emily, say Snake, it's yours" he demanded.

"Ter Terrance, it's yours." She moaned needing him even more.

"No, that's not what I said," He teased, "Call me Snake."

"Damn it, Terrance, stop teasing." Emily moaned.

"Then say what I want, and I promise you make me feel good baby." He insisted.

"Sn Sn Snake, it's yours. Please." Emily stammered.

Terrance smiled, and then pleasured her all over with his tongue.

She wanted him. She wanted him so badly; she needed him inside of her. Terrance changed positions. He entered his woman. Emily groaned and he froze. She amazed him. She was so hot, so tight, so wet. She began to pump, begging him to love her. He stopped moving until she looked at him.

Their eyes locked, and then he smiled and them he began to move. Emily moaned as he filled her. No man was ever going to please her, only Terrance. She only wanted him. Her body quaked as she came the first time. Terrance chuckled; she was so sensitive and so responsive to him. The sounds she made when she peaked were the sweetest.

He loved her more. He had to taste her lips so he kissed his lover, the girl that had the ability to destroy him. She opened her mouth taking his tongue. Their tongues dueled in an erotic dance matching the rhythm of their joining.

She climaxed a second time. The feel of her pussy clinching his cock pushed him closer to the edge. Finally she begged him to cum inside of her. He closed his eyes and his balls clinched, shooting rope after rope of his life giving fluids inside her womb. Emily came with him, screaming his name. Terrance laughed, and she feigned outrage. He held her as their heartbeats slowed to normal rhythm.

They were content. He wished he could stay here, stay with her like this, but tomorrow he had to play the heel and she had to dislike him. Soon it was two am and neither one of them had slept. They'd made love numerous of times.

"Are you still taking birth control?" Terrance asked.

"Yes, why?" Emily wanted to know,

"If I asked you to stop taking them, would you?" he asked.

Emily took a breath. "Do you want me to stop taking them?" she asked.

"Are you fucking anyone else?" he asked.

"No, are you?"She asked, afraid of what he might say.

He laughed, "I can't. They are not you. I want a son, Em. I want him with you."

A baby, a little boy or girl, "Wait, we can't. What would everyone think?" she asked.

Terrance sighed, "You're right. We can't have a little one." He turned and kissed her. "I wish your family wouldn't have a problem with us."

Emily opened her mouth to protest when he stopped. "Emily, I need more than this. I'm too old to be a secret anymore. Andrew is sending me on a job. I want you to think and when I comeback, tell me if you want to tell them or if we need to end it." Terrence explained.

"Wait, where is this coming from?" Emily asked. He got out of bed, and she felt cold.

He started to dress, "Terrence it's three in the morning. You don't have to go."Emily explained.

"Andrew has a patrol drive by every morning. He'll patrol again at four. I don't need to be seen leaving, right." He kissed her. "I'll arrive in town in time for breakfast at Andrew's and we'll come by your office to speak. Play along."

Emily got out of bed and walked him to his bike that he parked behind her garage out of sight. "Terrence" she whispered.

"See you later baby." He kissed her slowly. Emily wanted to hold on to him, but he hopped on his bike and rode off. Emily went back inside and sat. She was about to lose the best thing in her life. She did not want to let him go.

Emily lay in bed. She didn't sleep. She rolled over to the side of the bed that Terrance exited and inhaled his scent.

She dozed and her alarm sounded at six am. She showered, dressed, and realized she was still tender. Terrance was wild and she loved every minute of it. Then she thought about his ultimatum.

Emily took a deep breath. She checked her reflection to make sure her skin was clear. Then she went to her office. Emily was a public relations organizer. She had her own office but it was under the umbrella of her father's law firm. Andrew had his agency. Daniel had his own law firm. Peter was a doctor, and Brett worked for his father. She often kept check on her brothers.

Today was no different. She'd go to work and pretend that her world was not about to implode.

Snake rode to a coffee shop until a little after seven. Then he headed to his friend's house. Andrew was feeding his two sons, Kevin and Ian when someone knocked.

"Babe, can you get that?" Cici called. She was in the bathroom.

Andrew wiped his hands and went to the door.

"Well I'll be damned..." Andrew swore.

"Daddy, bad word." Ian called out

"Sorry son, "Andrew chimed. "Come in. Did you just get here?" he asked. "Babe, Snake is here."

Snake came in and the boys ran to greet him. He joined the family for breakfast. Andrew told him to park his bike and ride into the office with him. The two left with Andrew dropping the boys off at school.

They arrived at the office where everyone greeted Snake. Several girls flirted and Snake played along. Andrew called him to his office and his three brothers showed up.

"We have a job for you. A guy at Daniel's office likes Emily. We want you to research him. Also, Oman is visiting this weekend. We like him, but we want to see if you think he is right for Emily. You did pick Cici for me and warned Peter about Bunny. So we trust your instincts." Andrew explained.

"Who is Oman?" Snake asked. The four guys blinked. There was something in his tone, but they had to be mistaken. He didn't like Emily. He was always so rude to her and did everything he could to piss her off.

"Right, we'll explain. Come on, sit." Andrew offered.

"Do you remember the gorgeous brunette that worked with Daniel, Sunnet Dreamfeather?" Andrew started.

Snake nodded. Daniel was foolish not to notice that hot chick, but he was married now and his wife, Dina, was perfect for him. Snake met Dina a few weeks after they had married. He knew they had just had twins and was happy for him. There was one dark spot and Andrew called him to take care of it. He was stumped. That was part of the reason he was back. Lionel James was a ghost. The man seemed to have vanished from the planet.

Peter started talking. "OK, Oman is a member of Sunnet's tribe. He is the first guy we have ever seen Emily show interest in. When we went to Sunnet's wedding, his grandfather died and Emily was concerned. As far as we know, they still talk."

Snake was silent. She never mentioned this man. If she never mentioned him, then what does that mean? Her brother's liked this guy and honestly he could not find any faults. He thought it strange that Andrew had him research this guy now he knew why. They handpicked this guy for Emily.

Snake was a bit too quiet. The brother's noticed and Daniel grew concerned. Here they were in the room with the big man. He never removed his shades but Daniel knew something wasn't quite right with his reaction. He shot a quick look at his three brothers. They needed to stop singing accolades for Oman. Finally, Snake stood.

"When will he be here?" he asked.

Brett chuckled, "His sister goes to school at the university. She's presenting tonight and Oman is coming to support her. He'll stay over this weekend and we all will catch up. If you meet him and see them together, you can tell us if you think he is right for her." He explained.

Snake was silent. The brothers moved on to new topics. Daniel did not. He knew his sister. He understood his younger sister better than the other three. Since marrying Dina, she spent more time at their home, and she was different now. He suspected it had something to do with a man.

He had a thought, What if Emily and Snake were... he shook away the thoughts. Looking at his watch, he had a case to present. "I need to get back. Guys, let's get together for lunch. Brett is paying. Snake it was nice..." Daniel exited quickly. He was soon followed by Brett and Peter. Andrew finally caught on that his friend was upset.

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