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A Different Type of Party!

by MaxiJ©

(This story was written a year ago after a cyber friend of mine described one of his adventures to a swingers party he attended in South Florida. I loved listening to his stories as he was a vivid storyteller. Not long after his telling of the party I had a fantastic dream… so vivid it could have been real. This is that dream.

Tony has since passed away this year but he did so love this story. So....... this is my tribute to a man I have never met but who touched my heart with his openness. I shall miss him dearly.

I have since Tony’s death found a new and exciting man in my life. I know Tony would have been happy for me. David, the complete opposite of Tony, has and will continue to fulfill all my physical and mental needs. He has opened me to adventures of myself as no other has.

I hope that while you enjoy Tony’s story, that you will also look for David’s. Both men so different but both are a part of who I have become!)

Please don't forget to vote on my story... and I would love to hear your comments.

************************************************ A different type of party!

The phone is ringing as I walk in the front door after my morning walk. I wonder who is calling so early in the morning. When I say good morning, a very sexy voice answers me.

“Alone this morning Maxi?”

I smile, for only Tony would be so bold as to call the house knowing my husband might answer.

“Yes love.” I reply.

“Think you can you get away tonight? I have an invite to a party I’d like to take you too.”

I do so enjoy my times with Tony. He is such a good lover and with a chance of being with him as me starting to get wet.

“Really? In the city?” I ask. I love the city and Tony knows that.

“Just outside. Can you get away?”

There is no hesitation as I reply.


“Good! Then I will pick you up at 7. Oh and Maxine?”

Suddenly his voice goes deeper and so dangerous sounding.

“Where something sexy. For me Max!”

As he hangs up I am shuddering. The orgasm that hit me was a strong one. Amazing that he can do that to me with just his words.

Thinking on what to say to get away tonight I call my sister who will watch my child all night, I call my husband at work telling him that I have a meeting in the city tonight. Won’t be home until real late. Go out with friends and have a good time I tell him. He likes that idea and I know I am safe until the wee hours.

I search my closet and find exactly what I want. I have a dress hanging in the back that is still in the bag I bought it in. I have never been bold enough to wear it. It is black crepe that will cling to my body. Spaghetti straps, and the front has a V neck that will show my cleavage but the back is the clincher. It falls in ripples all the way to the base of my spine. It is so low that he will wonder what is keeping it on me. Which also means I cannot wear a bra with it.

That makes me smile cause Tony will like that. I saw this dress and knew that I had to have it… I knew that the one person who would appreciate it would be him.

Time is getting close now…. I shower slowly. I am feeling very sexy when I slide into my black lace panties and then add the garter. I slide my legs into black silk thigh high stocking and lock them into place. My body is so aware of the sensations of these simple but sexual items.

Almost 7pm now and I slide my arms into my dress and it flows down my body. Falls just above my knee. Not real short but short enough. I slip into my heels and as the door bell rings (Tony sees Jims truck is not home, so he comes to the door) I have just finished applying my lipstick.

I grab my purse and little carry case that has a change of clothes in it for me in case my husband is home before I am. I answer the door and take a deep breath. God he is gorgeous! A black suit with a gray shirt and blue and gray striped tie. Oh my! He takes my breath away. But he is not looking at me but behind me. I step back!

“What?” I ask.

I forgot that behind me is the full length mirror and he is seeing my back. He reaches and grabs for me and kisses me so hard and fast. His hand find my bare skin and the feel of his fingers thrills me. I reach for him and hold him tightly.

“You like?” I ask.

“God yes!” he answers.

He takes a deep breath as he holds me and breathes in deeply. My scent is not of perfume but of vanilla. He shudders and slowly lets me go. I smile at him and that smile almost convinces him to forget his plans.

“Sexy enough for you baby? Think it will be alright for tonight?”

“Babe it is just perfect.”

He takes my bag and reaches for my hand. We walk out to the car. He brought the Lexus tonight. Oh I love this car. The drive to the city is fun…we talk of what has happened to ourselves in the three weeks since we last met. I have him laughing telling him my son’s newest antics. He tells me about work and play.

As we get nearer to the city the traffic becomes thick and I just stroke his leg with my fingers. I ask where we are going to dinner and he replies the Rainbow Room. Ohhhhhhhh dancing!

“I cannot wait to show you off tonight on the dance floor” he says.

The table is ready for us and Tony orders us a bottle of wine and he choose our meal. He knows what I like and it was a good choice. As we sip the wine, he reaches for my hand and we walk to the dance floor. There are a few couples on it but plenty of room for us to move. The music has changed to a piano solo. Such a sexy slow song.

I love dancing with this man. We move so well together. Almost like making love. The song is perfect and I know we look good together. His hand on the small of my back with his fingers almost touching my ass. He whispers that I am very beautiful tonight.

“For you darling” is my reply.

The song ends and we kiss. Such a sensual kiss that I melt against him. I manage to get back to the table with out embarrassing myself and our meal is now ready. We talk of up coming events and how out time together will be affected. It saddens me that we will not be spending much time together over the summer months. But we both know eventually we will get together again.

I ask about the party we will be attending. Tony clears his throat.

“Well babe” he starts. “Its like this. I was invited to a special type of party. Something I am sure you will like but have never been to.”

“Really? What kind of special type?”

I have no clue what he is talking about and when he says a swingers party I still don’t. He begins to explain what we might see and find and so and now I begin to get nervous and jumpy. He senses this and reaches for my hand. He reassures me that should I be uncomfortable in anyway we would leave in a heartbeat.

“It won’t be bad babe… I would not do that to you. It is a type of party that I have enjoyed in the past and I just know if you give it a chance we can share this one together and make it special to us. Would you likehink you like to try it?”

I know that Tony has done these before, we have talked about some of the things he has done in his life. I do trust him and I trust his word that we can leave when I ask. Nervously I say that yes I would like to try it with him.

“But you better stay by my side the whole time Anthony.” I caution.

“No problem there baby!”

I decline dessert and after dinner coffee and we get up to leave. He takes my hand and squeezes.

“Relax babe”

I didn’t realize that I had a white knuckle grip on his hand and I physically force my body to release the tension. The drive to the house is a short one from the restaurant. The neighborhood is very good. The homes are beautiful show pieces. We turn into the drive of one of those beautiful homes and I can see a few cars already parked in the arched driveway.

My legs are so wobbly that I sit in the car for a second when Tony opens my door. He squats down in the door and takes my face in his hands. I look at him and he looks in my eyes.

“Trust me Maxine”

Three simple words and I place my hand in his and he helps me from the car. He takes my bag and hands me my purse. Gripping him tightly we walk to the front door. It opens before we reach it. Standing in the doorway is a very beautiful woman. A little older than me but so beautiful you can’t help but think she is probably a bitch. She greets Tony with a long and sensual kiss which shoots arrows through me. He knows her! His hand is lightly touching my back and he brings me forward.

“Loraine this is my friend Maxine. Maxi, this is an old friend of mine Loraine.”

Long fingers reach out to touch my hand as she welcomes me to her home.

“Please come in both of you… the party is downstairs.”

She sees another car pull up and turns to Tony,

“Darling, take Maxine upstairs. I put you in the blue room.” She turns to me and smiles… “you’ll find something there to change into if you would like, but what you are wearing is absolute wonderful too.”

She turns to her new guests and Tony leads me to the stairs. Blue room indeed! I am a little pissed that he knows her house well enough to know where that is but that is pure jealously taking over and I have no right to do have that feeling. But damn it I still I do.

He takes my hand and we go past many doors before we turn into one of them. It is definately a blue room, done in so many different shades that it is quite pleasing to the eye. Calming somehow.

The bed is large and very inviting. Hanging on the door is a short blue silk robe with a longer one behind it. Tony puts my bag down and reaches for me.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you are tonight?”

I bring my hand behind his head and pull his head down to mine to kiss him. I let him know how much his compliment touched me. My lips are soft against his and my tongue searches his mouth. His tongue follows mine back to my mouth and I suck gently. His moan is apparent and I relish the sound of it. His fingers are in the back of my dress tracing the outline of the material. I lean into him to let him know I like what he is doing. He lowers the strap and slides it down my arm.

“Aren’t we supposed to go downstairs?“

“We will baby. I want to relax you first. I know this is a little scary for you so we will take our time.“

Now I know why I enjoy this man so much. He uses his other hand and does the same to the other strap. The dress falls very easily to the floor. His sharp intake of breath sounds so good to my ears. His eyes take it all in. My naked breasts, the black panties, the garter belt. His fingers follow his eyes and his touch is so hot against my skin.

I reach up and take his jacket off his shoulders and down his arms. It falls to the floor. I begin to unbutton his shirt pulling it from his slacks. I return his compliment.

“Did I tell you how handsome you are tonight?”


Darling man has a hard time believing I find him sexy and desirable. His classic Italian good looks are apparent to most but he doesn’t see himself that way. Such a sexy combination. His shirt is off now exposing that chest and I love to run my hands all over it. Touching everywhere. His hands are doing the same to me and my nipples are so hard under his fingers. He reaches behind me and grabs the robe. I start to kick off my heels and he stops me.

“Leave them on”

This surprises me and kind of excites me too. He helps me put the robe on. My nerves start to return. Dam I wish I wasn’t such a prude. I watch as he slides out of shoes, and slacks. I smile at the bikini briefs. Black and tight.

“Oh Tony!”

“For you babe” he says. He starts to remove his tie and this time it is my turn.

“Leave it!”

He laughs out loud at that. He slips out of the shirt but does leave the tie as I have asked. He slides into the second robe.

“Ready?” he asks.

I place my hand in his and we walk out the door. We head for the music playing nearby and when we arrive at the party so many sights hit me. There is a huge bar in the corner. The room full of beautiful décor with colors that I know were meant to entice and excite. There are couches along the wall. Mattress’ on the floor. I look away when I see some are very occupied.

Embarrassed by the sight of a man and woman who are very naked and very much into each other I turn quickly and run right into Loraine. She steadys me and senses my embarrassment and smiles.

“Tony darling? Why don’t you go get Maxine a drink. She looks a little nervous."

Now is that an understatement or what? Tony looks at me and I nod. Loraine take my arm and leads me to a table. As we sit, she asks how I am holding up. I am surprised. I didn’t expect her to be so nice.

“I was in your same spot a few years back. I was so naive even though i was married for 20 odd years. I still knew nothing of the adventures of sex. So I hope you will relax and trust Tony baby he will help and guide you. Just enjoy yourself”

As Tony walks back to the table she gets up and leaves.

“You ok?” he asks as he hands me my drink.

“Fine, she is very nice Anthony. Have you known her long?”

“A few years now, she used to be married to my business partner. Then when he moved to younger material, she and I had a fling for a few weeks. It never clicked but we parted as friends.”

His attention is suddenly drawn from me to the couple on the couch. He leans over to me and whispers for me to look.

“The man must be 10 inches if not more.”

I giggle. But he is right. And the woman is enjoying every inch of his cock. It is sliding in and out of her pussy and she is moaning so loud. Faster and faster then man moves in and out of her and dam but watching begins to excite me. Tony takes my hand and pulls me onto his lap. He also has been effected by the site of the couple and I wiggle on his lap. He slaps my leg and I smile. I wrap my arm around his neck and I bring my mouth to his. Licking his lip with my tongue opens it to me slightly. My tongue find his and we taste each other.

I accept his tongue in my mouth and begin to suck on it slightly. His moan of contentment is for me. For what I am doing to him. He cock under my ass is getting hard and I love the feel of it. He begins to kiss my neck. Oh my neck! His lips find that spot he knows excites me and my body begins to respond.

I don’t see the mattress with the new couple, or the couple on the couch that are still going at it. When my eyes open I do see Loraine standing in the door looking at Tony and I. I don’t want to see her watching us.

I close my eyes again and enjoy the feel of his lips on my neck and his fingers sliding up and down my leg. I want his bare skin and pull the robe off his shoulders. He slides his arms out and it slides to the chair. I touch his chest and rub my hands up and down his nipples. All of a sudden our attention is drawn to another couple who are making quite a scene.

Both are very good looking but the kind that know that they are and love the attention they cause. Very young! To watch them is erotic but only for a short time. They are putting on a show they obviously have performed many times. But I am memorized.

They are both upright, he on his feet , she on her hands. He in front of her with his hands on her ankles spreading her legs. His head is bent in her pussy eating away. Her mouth is on his cock sucking and licking. What a acrobatic feat. I look at Tony and pull his hair to get his attention.

“Don’t expect me to do that!”

A full belly laugh has me smiling.

I feel lips on my neck and a hand on my nipple. I arch back and I forget everyone and everything but Tony. He is sliding my robe off and I am allowing it. So into his touch I forget that I am almost naked underneath. His mouth moves onto my nipples is shooting arrows through me.

“Harder Tony!” I whisper in his ear.

His arms tighten on me and his mouth gets harder. I arch back and his hand find the other and I dig my nails in his shoulders. He lifts me suddenly and carries me to one of the couches. As he lays me down his hands remove my panties but he leaves the garter and heels. I feel so sexy laying under him and his gaze.

I watch as he lowers his briefs. He is so hard and ready for me. I sit up so that my mouth meets his cock. I know he is pleased as I hear his moan of contentment. My mouth finds the head of him and slowly I slip it in. My eyes are on him and he closes his eyes and he has a dreamy smile on his face.

“Open your eyes for me and watch as you slide into my warm wet mouth Anthony” I say

I hear a intake of air and he watches himself disappear in my mouth. He is watching me as I slide off of him and slide back on, sucking harder each time I do. My fingers rake his back and ass and I love the feel of his thrust in me.

His hands move to my head and hair and I tilt my head and he pulls me to him and thrusts his hips up. So deep he is in my mouth that I don’t think I can take much more but I relax my throat and he slides all the way in. My lips are pressing on his balls and somehow my tongue just finds a way to flick and lick them.

In and out he slides, faster and faster. IN and out. My mouth is wild on him. I feel his balls start to swell in my hand and he suddenly pulls out of my mouth. He takes my legs and spreads them wide. He pulls my ass to the edge of the couch and then slams his cock in my very wet pussy. My ankles are in his hands and my legs are so opened wide for him.

He slams in hard, pulls out slow. He is so good to me… knows I like it very rough at times and I am sure that my mouth made him so very ready and his sheer will is keeping him from cumming in me. Short stokes, then a long hard thrust. Holding it tight in me with my muscles brings a smile to his face.

Squeezing him hard as he slides out brings us both pleasure. Over and over he slides in and out of me. My moans get so loud. I want so badly to cum but again he stops. I open my eyes and frown. Tony is changing his position. He takes my hand and helps me off the couch. My legs are shaking so badly but I do as he commands. I love that he is so in control of himself and of me.

“No rush tonight Maxi, we have lots of time. Dance with me?”

I now hear the music and it is a soft romantic ballad and I slip into his arms. I am feeling so sexy in my heels and garter. His cock is still hard against my belly as we move together to the music.

As he holds me close his tie is brushing against my nipples keeping them so hard. My fingers are threaded in his hair and our bodies are pressed so closely together that nothing could pass between us. My eyes leave his for a moment as we dance past Loraine.

“I wonder why Loraine looks so lonely Tony?”

I have noticed her sitting still at the bar. He looks over and he makes an affirmative sound.

“She probably is Max. Think she wants to join us?” he asks.

I look at him and raise an eyebrow. He smiles. Oh shit! I know that smile. He wants something. Damn! Am I ready for that? I am not sure what he would want me to do or what I should do but he is waiting. I know it is my decision and as we move to the music his hand moves to my ass. Caressing it. Mine moves between us and I grasp his cock hard, my exasperation showing in my hand. His chuckle is silent but I feel it in his body.

“Tony you know I don‘t know what to do. What do I say? What will she do? I just don’t know.”

“Maxine, do you trust me?”

“Of course I do, how can you ask that?”

“Then trust me now. You will know what to do and when to do it. Don’t do anything you don’t want to and keep your trust in me. I will be there.”

As simple as that. My fears lift and I say.

“Ask her Tony.”

He kisses my lips, gently and sensually. Our tongues meet and we sway to each other. My hands reach for his head and he pulls me closer. His lips move to my ear and whispers,

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