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WVC Ch. 15: The Cxld Art Class

by gupiao©

The e-mail that I received on Sunday, March 22nd read.

"Meredith Reynolds has cancelled her Art Class for Monday. However, you are to report to the classroom at the same time as usual and wear your leather cock strap. Bring your collar and the box of numbered costumes that you retrieved Wednesday (WVC Ch.13- The Traffic Stop). Your trainer will assist you in understanding how to wear them. At that time, you will also learn more about the White Vampyres Club, and will be able to ask any question you may have. Skip taking your blue pills and the supplements today. Resume taking them tomorrow. You are not to ejaculate."

After reading the message, I went back to bed and slept some more. But when Monday morning dawned, I felt fully refreshed. There was a spring in my step as I crossed the campus. Cumming four times in one night after weeks of restraint and denial will do that.

I arrived right on time, and was surprised to see that Valerie waiting for me in the empty classroom as well as Erika. Sitting beside a long table, both girls wore loose summery blouses and tight shorts that emphasized the long tanned legs that extended in front of them. Valerie's shorts were dark blue while the other brunette's were tan. As I stood awkwardly just inside the door, I was struck by how attractive they were. The curly haired art student's appeal was a wholesome girl next door look while Erika's was more sultry. Her deep blue eyes gave her a smoldering look.

"Hi, Bill. Did you get lots of rest?"

Valerie's words didn't have a hint of irony. Suddenly, I blushed, seeing in my mind's eye the eager expression on her face as she sucked my cock.

"Yes Ma'am.'

Avoiding their eyes, I could feel the flush spreading across my shoulders as Erika took charge.

"Since you're going to be trying on all the display suits you have in that box, you might as well start by taking off your clothes."

"Yes Ma'am."

My blush deepened as I set the opened box on the table. An image of her kneeling before me, her pretty face streaked with ropes of white cum sprang into my mind. My cock started to swell as I began to pull off my t-shirt.

"Where's your collar?"

That stopped me in mid-movement. With my shirt around my neck, I reached into my pants pocket and retrieved the black leather. Holding it up, I could feel my cock continuing grow, lengthening beneath the tight denim.

"Put it on first"

I obeyed my trainer, wrapping it around my neck, and then tossing my t-shirt aside. Both girls were studying the bulge in my crotch as I faced them, making no effort to conceal their interest. Feeling more than a little embarrassed, I started to turn away from them to finish taking off my clothes. Erika's voice halted me again.

"Did I give you permission to turn away?"

"No Ma'am."

"Then stay facing us as you strip."

Her blue eyes bored into mine before dropping once more below my waist.

"Is your penis erect?"

By this time, my face was beet red.

"Well, not yet."

A look of annoyance flashed across her beautiful face as she straightened up in her seat, the rounded globes on her chest swaying slightly. My cock continued to fill and thicken inside the confining cut-offs that I wore.

"Why not? Aren't you wearing your leather strap?"

"Uh, no Ma'am. I forgot."

The growing bulge in my crotch had become uncomfortable enough that I had to reach down and rearrange my swelling log as they watched. A smile flickered across Valerie's lips as Erika frowned.

"Is your penis getting hard now?"

"Yes Ma'am."

The blush on my face intensified even as my cock kept burgeoning.

"Well, take of the rest of your clothes and get that leather strap on."

"Yes Ma'am."

With the two of them watching every move, I unzipped my cut-offs. Bending over, I drew my pants and briefs all the way down to the floor in one swift movement. Although my cock wasn't fully erect yet, it jutted out toward them when I straightened, twitching and quivering under their steady gaze. My trainer nodded approvingly as she picked up a sheet of paper from the open box.

"On with the strap."

With my swelling cock swinging back and forth, I retrieved the black leather restraint from my pocket and bent at my waist. Arranging it around my cock and balls, I snapped it firmly in place. As I straightened up again, my cock jerked higher until it stuck straight out in front of me, level with the floor. Valerie wet her lips as the other brunette consulted the paper.

"Find the plastic bag labeled #1."

Right on top, the bag contained a shiny white G-string. It appeared to be identical to the most recent posing pouch that Ms. Reynolds had me wear (WVC Ch.12 - The Int Drawing Class #3), including the sheath extension. As I stepped into it and pulled it up my thighs, the only difference I could tell was that this one was white, whereas the one from art class had been black.

Made of a thin white cotton and Spandex blend, it felt like a second skin very as I slipped my balls into the pouch and slid the snug sheath down over my thickened stalk. Not only was the dark red of my engorged cockhead clearly visible beneath the cloth, but the tight material molded to every ridge of skin and revealed each pulsing vein along the sides of my throbbing shaft.

I could feel the flush spread down my neck and across my shoulders as I took a deep breath and stood up to face the girls, my cock now fully erect. They were silent, studying my hard-on as it trembled, protruding straight out in front of me. Erika motioned me to come closer.

With my jutting cock swaying ominously with each step, I walked to where my trainer indicated, stopping only a few inches in front of them. They leaned close to study my twitching erection. I could feel their warm breath on my cockhead as I automatically assumed the position, feet well apart, hands clasped on top of my head, arching my back slightly and pushing my hips forward so that I thrust my stiff cock up toward their pretty faces.

"Do you know why these are called 'Display Suits'?"

Erika didn't look up as she spoke. She was busy studying my bobbing hard-on.

"Because they display your male genitals, your penis and your testicles for the maximum benefit."

As she continued, the dark haired trainer reached out to run her hand along the outside of my hip, caressing my skin.

"Some suits, such as this one, are designed to be worn in the water."

Her teasing fingers slipped between my open thighs, the back of her hand brushing against the taut material of the bulging pouch. When she turned her hand over to cup my balls in the palm of her hand, I gasped.

"Although this suit will most likely become completely transparent. Don't you think so, Val?"

Reaching up to place one delicate fingertip right on the indentation at the very tip of the shiny sheath caused by my gaping cockslit, her curly haired companion grinned as she answered, slowly rubbing it back and forth.

"Absolutely. It'll be like he's totally nude."

My face now beet red, I started to squirm as two girls kept playing with me. Erika rolled my tightly bound balls in her hand while the curly haired brunette pressed her finger against the side of my bloated knob and spun it in an ever widening circle.

"This suit seems to fit him quite well. Try on the next one."

My shapely trainer released her grasp of my balls as she spoke. Stepping back, I peeled the white thong off my distended shaft and down my thighs. As I retrieved the second plastic bag, my projecting hard-on waved proudly in front me and she asked.

"What would you like to know about the Club, Bill? This is your chance to get some answers."

"I count a total of nine members in the Club. Plus Mistress Shannon. Is that right?"

"That's right, in the current Club membership. Although there are many alumnae, both on campus and off."

The gorgeous brunette paused as she watched me unwrap display suit #2, a bright blue Spandex pouch with another skin-tight sheath, this one with lots of straps attached. Once I pulled on the sheath and tightened the strap behind my cock and balls, I didn't know what to do with the others.

"Need some help?"

"Yes Ma'am. I guess I do."

I turned toward my trainer, my hard-on jutting out from my crotch, the neon blue straps hanging down between my legs. Erika gathered them up and began tightening them, one by one, starting with the one around the base of my shaft. As she watched my trainer lace them around the swollen sheath, Valerie added.

"You've already met several alumnae of the Club."

"I have?"

She nodded, eyeing my bloated log as Erika tightened the second strap around the middle of my thickened stalk.

"Dr. Henry, the shop girls at the Velvet Fist and the Swimmer's Edge, as well as Coach Turner. Plus there are more mistresses that you haven't met yet."

"More mistresses?"

The final strap fit just under the ridge of my bloated cockhead, and Erika gave it an extra tug so that the swollen bulb appeared larger than normal beneath the bright blue material. Inside the shiny Spandex, it looked like a squeeze ball, although one with a sizeable indentation where my cockhole was. Leaning forward, Valerie ran her fingertip over the rounded surface of my trembling knob as she answered.

"Yes. You may meet them during your training sessions with Erika."

I shivered as she continued to tease my hard-on through the shiny cloth.

"What are those like? Are they hard?"

The two girls exchanged glances and giggled.

"You might say that, although you most certainly will be. This suit obviously fits him. Try on the next one."'

I had no difficulty unfastening the nylon straps, or peeling the skin tight cloth of my raging erection. As I retrieved the next bag, I probed a bit more.

"So these training sessions are private?"

"Yes, usually it will be just you, me, and a Mistress, probably Mistress Shannon to begin."

My trainer continued as I withdrew the third display suit from the open box, a black Spandex pouch with a single attached strap and another tubular extension, only this one was open at the tip.

"What are they like? I mean, what kind of training will I have?"

Erika paused as I slid my swollen cockshaft into the close fitting sheath, arranging the long tube so that the elastic edge was snug behind the prominent ridge of my cockhead before carefully dropping my leather bound balls into the pouch. The single snap at the base pulled the shiny cloth tight around the base of both my cock and my balls. My bare bulb protruded from the end of the sheath, dark red and eager for attention.

As I faced the girls and assumed the position once more, shoving my quivering hard-on toward them, my gorgeous trainer answered me.

"I'm afraid l can't say any more. That's really up to Mistress. Next question."

Before I could respond, Erika reached up and caressed the taut skin of my exposed bulb, lightly running her forefinger back and forth across the smooth top. I swallowed.

"Nine is an odd number for the current Club members. Why nine?"

The dark haired trainer kept fondling my bloated knob while she answered, studying the way my stiff cock quivered under her delicate touch.

"Three per class. Three sophomores, three juniors and three seniors."


As Valerie leaded forward to slip her hand between my spread thighs to cradle my balls, she added.

"We're both juniors."

I drew what I thought was a logical conclusion.

"So that means there'll be three freshmen, uh - women."

I was starting to breathe heavier as Erika curled her fist around the upper section of my thickened shaft, just below the exposed head and squeezed.

"You and two freshmen girls. We think we know who they are, but we'll know for certain soon."

"You'll meet them. Soon."

Valerie assured me as she continued to bounce my balls lightly up and down in the palm of her hand.

"Try on the next suit, Bill."

My trainer consulted the sheet of paper while I stepped back to unsnap the pouch and peel the sheath of my throbbing hard-on. The fourth display suit was bright red, and when I held it up, I discovered that it was only a pouch. Where a sheath might have been, there was only another hole, one with a metal ring sewn into it.

Erika was grinning when I looked up, puzzlement on my face.

"Yup, this suit only holds your balls. Your penis goes through the smaller hole."

Even though I'd been standing totally nude before these two gorgeous women for the better part of an hour, I still blushed at her words. As I worked my thickened cockshaft through the narrow opening, my trainer continued.

"They've been customized to fit you, but we're never sure until you try them on."

"And while your suits exhibit your penis, ours reveal our breasts and pubes."

The curly haired brunette helpfully added as I finally squeezed my bloated stalk through the unyielding opening and straightened up, sliding my feet apart and assuming the position again. My shaft had turned dark red, wedged through the ring that felt just a little too small.

"What do think, Erika? Is it too tight?"

Valerie asked her friend without raising her green eyes from my quivering bulb. My trainer didn't answer. Instead she curled her hand around the root of my stalk, where it emerged from the neon red pouch.


As she gripped my swollen pole, she ran the fingertips of her other hand over the engorged knob, now purple and stretched incredibly taut. She still fondling me when there was a knock on the door.

"Oh yes. I forgot to mention that we're expecting a couple of guests. Val, could you see who that is?"

Guests? Standing with my purplish hard-on bulging from the tiny pouch, my feet spread apart and my hands clasped on top of my head, I felt extremely vulnerable as Valerie rose to answer the door. Erika idly stroked the tip of my cockhead as we waited for the visitor to enter. I tried to swallow, finding little saliva to help me.

The woman was short and vivacious, an attractive brunette with lively blue eyes, surprisingly thick eyebrows and a tight, compact body. Her small breasts barely moved as she walked, sharp nipples poking determinedly through her thin blouse. As she came directly up to me, coolly examining my body, my trainer slowly released her grip on my obscenely swollen cock, sliding her fingers lightly alongside my exposed shaft, causing it to bob up and down as she introduced us.

"Bill, this is Ms. Terri Morris, the instructor for the advanced drawing class. She's heard from Ms. Reynolds how good a model you are."

Centering her gaze below my waist, Ms. Morris studied my jutting erection for a long moment before she spoke. I could feel the heat rising from my face as my blush deepened.

"They were right. He does have a rather large one."

Erika cleared her throat as the short brunette continued to examine my dark red hard-on.

"We were concerned that the metal ring in his suit might be too small."

Leaning closer to inspect the base of my swollen shaft, the art teacher nodded.

"I think you're right. Have him take it off so I can evaluate him better."

Not sure I should I should obey her, I looked at my trainer for guidance. She grinned at my hesitation.

"Go ahead, Bill. I'll make sure this suit is fixed."

Immediately, I bent over and pinched my bloated knob to force the blood to retreat back down my stalk. It took a while, but finally I was able to squeeze the rigid ring off my cock and unwrap the neon red pouch from my balls. Erika took the tiny suit from my hand and dropped it into her backpack on the table as she ordered me.

"Assume the position."

As I followed her directions, my sore cock hung down between my legs, still thick and heavy but bright red from the display suit. The petite instructor strolled behind me, letting her fingers trail across my shoulders as she continued to look me over. I shivered at her touch as she let them drift down my back until they grazed the upper curve of my ass. Cupping one bare buttock, she squeezed firmly, and then rotated the muscle in a large circle. Grabbing the other cheek as well, she pulled them wide apart.

It didn't take much imagination to realize what she was examining now. With my ass spread open, I was certain she inspecting my exposed sphincter. As the moment of silence stretched longer, the flush on my face and neck grew darker.

Abruptly, Ms. Morris released my butt and ambled around to my right side. I shivered again as she softly caressed my chest, letting her fingers trail across my stiffened nipples before drifting lower, lightly stroking the ridges of my abdominal muscles. I could feel the blood below my waist reverse course once more, flowing back into my reviving cock.

I swallowed as her circling fingertips slid lower still, over my smooth pubic mound until they were just above the root of my burgeoning stalk. Staring down at the twitching pole sticking straight out from my crotch, she asked my trainer.

"Does it get any bigger?"

"No, he's about fully erect now."

"I ask because it seems that the angle of his erection seem relatively low."

"Apparently, it's because of his size. The heavy weight of his penis keeps it from elevating and pointing up to the ceiling as with most other males."

She reached out toward me, and I thought she was going to touch my projecting cock, but instead, she clutched the front of my thigh, squeezing it, testing to see how firm my muscles were, I guess. My hard-on bobbed up and down in response to her attention, and she nodded.

"Yes, he does have excellent muscle definition, which would be wonderful to draw. And I like that he shaves."

She paused, watching closely as she ran her fingers along the inside of my open thigh, excruciatingly close to my quivering cock.

"He'll do."

With that, she withdrew her hand, spun around on her heels and left. I watched her slim hips sway with each step. She was quite attractive.

"I think she likes you."

Valerie grinned as she glanced up from watching my stiff cock jerk and twitch as it jutted out from between my legs. My trainer consulted the sheet of paper as she directed me.

"I think from here on, you'll need to discard the leather strap. The rest of your display suits have built-in enhancements."

Without any hesitation, I unsnapped the strap and tossed it aside. Released from the leather restraint, my cock drooped only the smallest amount. I'd become so used to wearing it, and since it had been only two days since I'd cum voluminously, I wasn't sure how my erection would respond.

As I rummaged in the box to retrieve suit #5, I asked.

"When you talk about the display suits, I understand what's being displayed, that's kind of obvious -"

I held up #5 to make my point. It consisted of a black nylon strap, a G-string tied to three metal rings, welded together to make my point. I stepped into the leg holes and pulled the metal rings up to my crotch and then, I stopped, stumped as how to put on the rings, I looked up toward Erika. She was smiling broadly.

"Pull both your penis and your testicles through the largest ring. Good, now slide your penis through the smallest one."

Valerie was watching intently as I followed directions.

"Excellent! Now all that's left to do it to pull your testicles through the last ring."

Immediately, my cock responded by stretching up and out, swelling from the trio of shiny metal rings, reaching out toward the two girls who were studying its twitching progress. My trainer nodded approvingly as I finished my earlier thought.

"So when do I wear these display suits?"

Still watching my throbbing hard-on, Erika answered.

"In addition to formal ceremonies, Club members also participate in various scenarios. You'll receive instructions when you'll wear them, and what else you are to do."

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