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A Friend in Need Ch. 02

by wingwagon©

This continues the tale of my best friend Sondra and our wild sexual adventures, this is an absolutely true story.

I was enjoying a post-coital snuggle with my best friend, Sondra, when she said, "I want to sleep with a woman."

Now normally that would be the opening line for a great evening but because I have never known her to even mention women in this way, I was curious.

"Okay," I said, "was I that bad? Have you decided to switch teams? I mean we can start again I promise to do better."

She laughed and said, "No silly but I was just saying that I have thought about it but have been too afraid to tell anyone."

"Well, if you were to sleep with a woman what would want her to look like? Do you want big tits like you have?" I said with a grin.

"No," she said, "I want more of an athletic type, slim, great body and a very pretty face. She has to beautiful."

"Yeah," I said, "you and every other guy, fella."

She jabbed me with her elbow. "I'm serious," she said, "I don't know what to do, I would hate to approach a woman and be rejected and then have her and everyone else think I'm gay."

"Okay, name some women that we know that would fit your type?" I inquired.

She named several beautiful women, most of whom I would do in a second, none of whom I knew very well. Then as she listed several more, I heard her say Mary.

I stopped her and said, "Mary's a lesbian you know."

She laughed and said "no she's not, I was in class with her boyfriend."

"My dearest naive darling, Mary and I are very cool and she came out to me and asked me never to tell anyone. We used to go out to clubs and picked up women together. She had a harder rap than most guys. I was happy just to get her overflow pussy."

She looked at me and was about to speak, when I said, "no, I never slept with her or had any sexual encounters with her, she went home her way and I went mine. But I would absolutely love to be in a three way with us and her. Knowing her type, she would eat you alive, she loves very feminine woman. Someone, big and soft like you, cutie."

Then she said, "are you saying I'm fat?", with her fist under my chin poised for the answer.

"Only in all the right places," I said, as I planted a kiss on her sweet lips.

Over the next few days, I proceeded to reconcile schedules with Mary and Sondra and determine an appropriate place to rendezvous. I reserved a room in a great hotel downtown. Then I told her to meet us at a restaurant within the hotel. When Mary came in, she was dressed conservatively. She had just come from work in a proper office with expected levels of decorum. As she sat, her drink was there waiting just as she liked it.

"You remembered," she said smiling. Then she greeted Sondra. She did not know that we were now a couple. Mary asked her how was graduate school going and when would she be graduating.

The conversation started off pretty mundane, reminiscing about school and future plans, then unexpectedly Mary started to discuss how she wanted to get married soon and have a family. She was talking to Sondra but kept looking at me.

Then she said looking at me, "we really should get together more often."

The next thing I know her hand is under the table and on my dick. I kick my friend, who glances and catches the action. Mary was now in her attack mode. She started talking about how she can't find any good guys and how she's been almost a hermit since she started this job.

My dick was rock hard and she was stroking it in an almost imperceptible manner to anyone in the restaurant but I was about to cum. I made a move like I dropped something and then I pulled out my cock and Mary was holding it in her hand.

Sondra kept kicking me in my shin and mouthing the words, stop it. I shrugged my shoulder and pointed towards Mary.

Mary suddenly stopped and said, "I'll be right back."

She got up and headed for the bathroom. As soon as she was out of earshot, my friend, Sondra came over to my side of the table livid.

"I thought you told me she was a lesbian, she been all over you since she's got here and what that bit with the handjob under the table." Then she looked down and saw my cock erect and with pre-cum on the tip. "Put that thing away," she said, as she looked around the restaurant concerned that someone could see what's going on.

"Let's pay the check and get the hell out of here," she was pissed. I was on the other hand very horny and wanted to make sure that this threesome took place. This would be my first and it was going to happen.

Mary came back looking a bit flushed. So I decided to hell with decorum, I am going to ratchet this thing up a bit. I looked at Mary and said, "Did you just go to the bathroom to masturbate?"

She laughed nervously and said, "I can't believe you just said that," looking to my friend as if I was crazy.

"Don't look at her for assistance; she knows everything including your little trips to the island of Lesbos."

Now Mary had both a shocked and hurt look on her face. I had betrayed a confidence and she had an image to protect. She was about to say something when I interrupted her,

"Listen," I said, "Sondra and I going out now and the reason I set up this whole evening was to get the three of us together in a hotel room I've booked upstairs. Now both of you are so worried about your images, that you are going to let a prime opportunity for a hot threeway slip right by you."

Then I continued, "Oh and by the way Mary, I remember a couple of years ago , when you told me how you would love to get your hands on those big, juicy tits of Sondra's and at the time I said me, too. Well, let me tell you, I have and they're even more beautiful than you imagined. So let's get the hell out here and go have some real fun."

There was quiet at the table, the two women barely looked at each other. I got up from the table and began to walk out; either they would come with me or ... I didn't want to think about it.

As I left the restaurant I heard them behind me laughing, I knew they were talking about me but that didn't matter now, I just wanted them upstairs in bed, naked.

A half hour later, Mary came out of the shower, she said she felt sweaty and dirty and wanted to wash up. My friend was under the covers, naked. A freshly poured glass of champagne in hand and a smile on her face told the whole story.

Mary came over and took the champagne poured a little into her own mouth and then began to passionately kiss my friend. Each time she kissed her she would sip more champagne first. Mary than eased the cover off of my friend and leisurely surveyed her body in a way that a man would never do. She was in no rush and you could tell. Her hand caressed her shoulder and slowly swooped down her chest until her fingers just slighty touched her large erect nipple. She circled the nipple and then she moved on.

Sondra's body writhed during the process as she anticipated every touch and feel. Mary worked her like the expert in the female form she was. She praised her looks and she worshiped her breasts and all I could do is stare in admiring amazement.

Mary finally made her way down to my friend's shaved pussy. She was glistening with wetness. Mary kissed around her pubes and began to gently bite on them. She eased her forefinger into her and began to move it gently. My friend's moans became louder as Mary finally found her way to her clitoris. Mary licked and pulled and sucked her clitoris in every direction. Her finger was massaging Sondra's G-spot and her other hand was playing with her nipples.

Sondra was breathing heavy and I knew she was about to cum. But the intensity of her orgasm surprised even me. When she came, she screamed and then she wriggled back and forth on the bed as if unable to control her body. Mary snaked her way to my friend's mouth and engaged in some very deep and soulful kissing.

After a few minutes, Mary called me over and said, "I need you." I walked over to the bed, erect and ready to go.

"I didn't bring my dildo, so you will be my dildo, but you are not allowed to cum until we both have cum first, or you will be a bad dildo," she said smiling.

"Ok," I said smiling from ear to ear.

"And remember" she said smacking me on the ass, "dildos don't talk, so be quiet."

Mary grabbed my hard cock and put it in her mouth and began to suck on it. She gave a wet, sloppy blowjob with a lot of hand action. I thought of baseball, Richard Nixon, anything in the world but what she was doing. It felt so damn good that I just wanted to shot my load. She looked at me and smiled obviously aware of my dilemma. She called Sondra over and they took turns sucking on my hard, near-bursting dick.

Then Mary told my friend to get up on all fours, which she did obligingly. Mary stood behind me and eased my dick into Sondra's pussy. Mary held my dick in her hand and whispered dirty things in my ear while I stroked my friend from behind. With her whispers and her hand, Mary controlled the tempo and the intensity of our fucking.

Sondra's ass was sticking high in the air, her head down as her orgasm approached. Mary commanded me to fuck Sondra harder as she held my dick with her hand. Mary was now licking my nipple and occasionally pulling out my dick to suck on it before putting it back in Sondra's wet pussy. When Mary wasn't talking to me, she was down licking my friend's asshole as I stroked her pussy.

Finally I moved Mary's hand out of the way, grabbed my friend hips and proceeded to fuck her as hard as I could. I was bouncing off her soft, plushy ass. My friend came hard and as she came Mary slid two fingers up her ass. This caused Sondra to cum even harder.

Mary then looked at me and said, "I want you to fuck her up the ass."

I shook my head no, my friend always told me that was something she never wanted to do and I respected her on that.

But Mary looked at me and whispered, "she wants it, trust me."

Now this whole evening, I have not seen Mary play a wrong note yet, so I took my dick out which was as hard and as thick as it has ever been and Mary sucked on it, making a special effort to put lots of spit on it.

Then, Mary, eased my dick slowly into my friend's tight asshole. I heard a low moan and then I heard Sondra say, "ohhh," Mary continued to press my dick inside of her. Too my surprise, my friend began to move her ass towards me. I couldn't believe how good it felt.

Then I heard my friend say, "I can't believe it, this feel so good."

I was shocked, she had always made such a big deal about anal sex and here she was telling me how good it felt. But I am one never to look a gift horse in the mouth. I started to stroke a little bit deeper and then I realized that she was moaning with a muffled sound, I looked up and Mary had position her pussy under my friend's mouth who was eating her first "coochie" ever. Then the realization had suddenly dawned on me at that moment, that no matter what I did in life or what I accomplished, it isn't going to get much better than this moment here and now.

I continued to fuck my friend up the ass, as Mary writhed in orgasmic pleasure. Then I thought I want to fuck Mary now. So I pulled out of my friend's ass and ran to the bathroom, wiped off my dick with soap and water and ran back in to the bedroom. I moved my friend out of the way, spread Mary's legs really wide and sank my dick deep into her.

She screamed, "Oh god," and than I eased out a little but eventually I continued fucking her hard. She had turned me on so much that I couldn't cum. So I was just like the dildo but I was in control. I turned Mary over and fucked her doggystyle. Unlike my friend, she had a firm, hard ass and as I stuck it in she tried to wriggle away but I held her hips tight and fucked her in long, slow motion. She then wiggled her ass in a circular motion which was sexy as hell.

Then my friend, with a devilish smile on her face said, "it's her turn."

I knew what she meant and I eased my dick out of her pussy and slowly stuck it up her ass. She was a trooper, she begged me to put it in and I pushed my dick all the way into her quickly. She grunted and I felt a wave begin to overtake me. I held tight to her hips gave two very long, fast stroke then I pulled out and shot the biggest load I ever shot all over her ass, her back, in her hair and some on the headboard.

Sondra laughed at the site of my body jerking with each shot. But I didn't care because it felt as good as hell. My friend surprised me again by licking the cum off of Mary's back and cleaning her off. I just looked at both of them and said this was definitely a night of surprises.

This was just a one night stand for our threesome. The two of them never saw each other again, probably out of embarrassment. Sondra said she was glad she got that out of her system and that she liked dick too much especially mine, though I know that she has had a woman or two since our little threesome.

Mary stayed closeted but is still very popular amongst a certain group of women in the city though is known to take the occasional dick every now and then, though unfortunately not mine. Oh well, I still got my memories.

Written by: wingwagon

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