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My Nasty Honeymoon

by Linda Jean©

I caught my breath and went back to sucking Pete’s cock. I am sure it appeared to Tony and Pete that I loved every minute of this. Tony stayed in place fucking me and with Bob going in my ass. Tony was able to look up at me sucking Pete’s cock and he reached for my nipples. When he started working them, the nerve ending started there and ran straight to my clit. I was feeling pleasure, and I am sure it showed. It made him respond with even harder thrust, and with those thrust upward, it caused me to push back onto Bob’s cock shoving his cock deeper into my asshole. It was crazy and I know I was putting on a great show for these men. Yet I also knew that I loved the feeling of being taken like this, I love the feeling of being fucked like this. I loved the big fat cock in my pussy and I loved the cock in my mouth. And oh God how I loved the feeling of being fucked like this.

I did not like the cock invading my ass what so ever I think because he was so big. I decided to ignore the discomfort in my ass and concentrate on the good feelings. With the bouncing around it did not take long before Bob had the head of his big dick in my ass, once inside Bob changed his pace and he gently slid his cock in and out gradually increasing the depth inside my asshole. Once this started it changed everything for me. I mean I could picture myself floating up above watching what was going on. I was standing off watching myself being fucked by two men at the same time and sucking another man dick I saw all three of my sex holes being used for pleasure. I could see this sex crazed woman fucking and being fucked for pure sexual pleasure on her part. Thinking of this only added to my mixed up sex confused mind. It made me excited and hot as hell. Because of this wonderful great feeling of being fucked in all three holes I did not want these men to ever stop fucking me or ever have then leave.

My ass is as tight as my pussy, (you have to remember both were virgin holes until my wedding night just three days ago) Tony told Bob that he could feel Tony’s cock pushing against his, as they were both inside me. The initial pain in my ass went away faster this time compared to the other 10-15 times that Bill fucked me there. The feeling of being stuffed and used like this was driving me crazy with lust. I was sweating profusely as the three guys fucked me like crazed animals. Pete couldn’t hold back any longer and he let a load of hot cum leak into my mouth. I knew he was close but it caught me by surprise, I love swallowing Bills sperm so I swallowed all that Pete could give me. I had another mind boggling climax at the same time when he came in my mouth I could feel his big cock swell up and start to pulse as he emptied it his balls into me. This along with my climax caused a muscular reaction down below, my bottom started clamping, and that feeling gave Tony and Bob so much pleasure they also responded. As Pete drew a sigh of relief I slid my lips off his cock and twirled my tongue to catch the drips, (I wanted every last drop of his sperm).

Bob had been watching this and almost immediately afterward shot his load of white hot cum inside my ass. It gushed inside the confines of me and I became drenched as the heat caused my pussy to react with more pleasure. This pleasure kept my cunt in a hard spasm; Bob slid his cock head out of my ass. Tony felt like his cock was in a fucking machine as my pussy seemed to clamp onto his cock trying to milk him to get him to feed me his cum. The temperature of my pussy seemed to rise and a shower of fluid oozed throughout my pussy. It was very lubricating and sweet and Tony’s cock responded by spitting a load of cum into my belly. I groaned and had my sixth hard climax as I felt the hot splash hit deep inside of my belly. I could feel the pulsing and the throbbing of Tony’s cock as it pushed every last drop of sperm into me.

When Tony had finished I collapsed on top of him tired, exhausted and spent. After a few moments Tony pulled his cock from my pussy and rolled out from under me leaving me naked and dripping from both holes lying face down on the deck of the houseboat.

With a quiet nod to each other the three guys jumped on their Jet Ski’s and sped off up the river. After they had left and noise of the Jet Ski’s had faded, I stood up and ran to the edge of the houseboat, I dived in to the water. I was very mixed up and glad to be alive. I tossed around in the water and tried desperately to rinse myself of all the cum and juice that those men had all shot into me. I wanted it all gone before Bill got back. Eventually, I heard the sound of Bill and his speedboat returning. I felt like I was going nuts, I could not tell Bill that I had just been raped by three strangers and that I loved every fucking minute of it. I could not tell him how much that I loved fucking their big fat dicks. I could not tell him that they made me climax harder and better than he ever had. I loved fucking him my husband, but it just was not the same. I mean no, this was all so fucking crazy, I love Bill, and I can’t tell him I climaxed over and over again with three strangers. How could I tell him that now I know men have bigger dicks than he does, and that they feel better inside of me fucking me than he doe's when he fucks me? I can’t tell him I love being fucked by men with big cocks? How could I tell him that these three men made me climax so hard in such a short period of time?

I knew I should tell him of the rape, I should tell him three men took me and used me for my I mean their pleasure. I should tell him to call the Police and I should tell them everything that I memorized. I knew I should tell Bill that they treated me as a nasty little cock hungry cunt. I knew I should tell him that they acted as if I was just waiting to be used by them and their big cocks when they rode up. I should tell him that they treated me as if I was nothing more than a sperm receptacle for them, and it drove me crazy with lust and hungry for more. I decided that Bill must never know about this, I knew that if he ever found out about it, it would just kill him. If he ever found out that I loved being fucked like a nasty slut that it would destroy him and us. I thought about this over and over again. After one last fight with myself I swam back to the houseboat just in time to meet Bill as he arrived.

"What are you doing?" Bill asked.

"Oh, just cooling off," I replied.

"You must have been hot to swim naked, he replied. I smiled and said, "I didn’t think it would matter, we are all alone out here, what could possibly happen?"

"I suppose you are right," Bill said as he unloaded the supplies onto the houseboat. "It’s just you and me, right sugar?"

I smiled, but I knew that this little dark secret of mine, will fill my days of masturbating (when Bill went to work) I just knew that I would be re-living this rape the rest of my life. It was then that I realized that there was no way on this earth that any honeymoon could be better than this one was for me. I hugged and kissed Bill as I grabbed his limp cock down in his shorts; I knelt down and pulled down his shorts. I looked at his dick and realized that he was half the size of the smallest man that I had just been fucking me earlier. I took him in my mouth and worked his cock with love and I kept thinking of those three men with their three big hard fat cocks. As Bill came in my mouth and I swallowed his sperm, I was thinking of some way to get him to go back to the store tomorrow and maybe, just maybe those men might come back, or maybe someone else. may come by.

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Written by: Linda Jean

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