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A Gift From His Father Ch. 20

by Absolutelywickedthoughts©

Quick Recap: Nineteen year old John Smith receives a gift from the late father that he hardly knew only to learn it is the great Ring of Power, which endows the wearer with godlike powers and is powered by sexual energy which the ring collects. In order to grow in strength and power the wear must convert others to act as agents who feed on the sexual energy of others and each other once harvested that energy is then transferred to the wearer increasing his power. Ultimately John must become the Master of the Ring of Power and learn to manage his agents and his power by balancing and selfishness with good deals or face the same fate as his father, whose consciousness is imprisoned within the limbo of ring. John is able to communicate telepathically with his father who asks as a mentor but is not always truthful as he has his own agenda, escape. John meets Elizabeth an old and dying former agent until she is reconnected to the ring rejuvenating her and she helps him to build a network of agents making him even more powerful.

In the beginning John has trouble letting go of his old life and adjusting to life as the Master of the Ring of Power, where every woman he meets is a potential sexual partner. He feels guilty about his relationship with his mother, girlfriend April and her mother Candice. He meets his step-mother and step sisters who at attempt and fail to kill him.

He learns there are four other rings and The Ring of Justice, The Ring of Vengeance, The Ring of Truth & The Ring of Peace and a combination of or all four may be strong enough to overpower the greatest ring which he has learned to master. He suspects that he is being watched and his family and organization may be in danger.


On the drive home Heather was freaking out. When she tried to use her powers again, nothing happened. She vaguely remembered her step brother John saying something to the affect that her power would manifest itself only if she was in a threatening situation. She didn't quite remember all the details because at the time she wasn't really talking to him or listening for that matter.

Arriving home she went straight to her room, still shaken by what has occurred and needing to time to think, figure out just what had happened and what the consequences might be. She had to laugh, she never considered consequences before, she had always been very selfish and self centered.

She needed to discuss this. Pulling out her phone she thumbed her brother's number. It immediately went to voice mail. She left a message, it wasn't urgent, but it was serious and he would know how to advise her.

The house was quiet, but she suspected that her sisters were home. She went first to Isabel's room, there were soft voices come from behind the closed door. She opened it without first knocking and saw Ana their maid, naked with Isabel in her bed. Although Ana was a little over weight from her angle Heather thought she was beautiful. Her brown skin glowed with a light sheen of perpetration and her large natural breasts laid back on her chest her nipples hard and areolas crinkled. Isabel was strumming her pussy lips like a guitar with her tongue making the maid tremble and shake. They stopped and looked up at Heather as she entered the room and closed the door behind her.

"Sorry to bother you two, but I need to talk its important."

Isabel replied. "It's okay." She said something to Ana in Spanish that Heather didn't understand and Ana moved to get out of the bed, but not before kissing Isabel goodbye.

As Ana stood Heather couldn't help but appraise the woman. Her large breast jiggled delightfully as they settled high on her chest. Heather's eyes traced the contours of the woman's body, past curvy abdomen to the dark bush that ended just above her sex, her pussy lips were wet and the hair matted. She seemed to take her time letting the sister admire her naked body. Gathering her clothes, she went into the bathroom to dress.

Heather said, "Still fucking the help?" Smiling as she watched he sister crawl up onto her bed.

"Absolutely," Isabel said with a smile, "are you still fucking the pool man?"

"Touché," Heather said still not understanding how they all got started down that path, but Isabel seemed to be enjoying herself, so who was she to judge. Isabel sat on the bed a serious look breaking out on her face as she reclined on the pillows, not bothering to cover her naked body.

"When did you learn to speak Spanish," Heather asked.

Isabel shrugged not answering her sister waiting to hear what was so important.

"Do you remember when John took our powers away?" Heather asked trying hard not to stare at her sisters open pussy or lovely tits.

"Of course I do. What about it?" Isabel answered shaking her tits unnecessarily as she spoke and watching her sister's expression for any interest.

"Well, mine returned for a short while and I was able to save myself from a beating," Heather informed her sister.

"What?" Isabel asked, leaving Heather without knowing if she were surprised by the news of the possible beating or that she temporarily had her powers back.

So Heather continued and told the story to her sister. When she finished Isabel asked. "And you tried to move something again afterwards and failed."

Heather nodded and said, "Yeah and the feeling was gone." She looked up to see her sister's excitement. "What do you think it means?"

"It means that our brother was true to his word. We will be able to protect ourselves if we are threatened."

Heather looked at her sister, "Did he really say that?"

"Well, you probably don't remember, I think you were a bimbo then. You remember that don't you?"

"Thanks," Heather said. "How could I forget? Speaking of bimbos, are you planning on putting some clothes on anytime soon?"

"Why? Is my naked body turning you on, sis?" Isabel said as she lifted one tit to her mouth and sucked on her nipple while she brought her finger to her moist pussy. "Interested?"

Heather was torn, she wanted answers and was concerned about a confrontation at the next swim team practice, but her sister's pussy was looking very inviting. "Okay, but only for a minute," Heather said as she peeled her dress up and over her head, tossing it behind her.


"Thanks for seeing me." She said.

"Nonsense," Elizabeth said. You're family. Now what's so important that you needed to come all the way out here?"

"Well," Denise said after Elizabeth ushered her into her home and they both sat down on the leather couch.

"I will get right to the point," Denise said. "As you know, I am a shapeshifter and male, but John has denied me the ability to shift back into my male persona. And to be perfectly blunt, it has been messing with my head and I am constantly horny."

She went on to explain in detail what she'd been going through, especially her physical craving for cock and mental repulsion of the same. She further explained what she's tried and how well that has worked.

Elizabeth was very empathetic and asked her a few questions before offering some solutions of her own. She knew that John had made Denise crave cock and be constantly horny as part of her punishment in the early days, before proving herself.

"First of all, I am here to help you. If you like I can see what I can do to help relieve a little of the pressure and I am sure that anyone of us would be happy to assist, just let us know. It's been over a year now, Denise, you've proven your loyalty and we think of you as family."

"Thank you," Denise replied, surprised somewhat by Elizabeth's answer.

"Secondly, have you asked John to allow you to become a male once again? A lot of time has passed and you've been a valuable asset. I think his answer might surprise you." She scooted closer to her and took both her hand and placed on each side of Denise's face puller her into a hot steamy kiss that lasted almost a minute.

"Now why don't you join me in my bedroom so that we can give you a little relief?" Elizabeth rose and pulled the smaller woman behind her and into her bedroom.


John rang the door bell and waited. Candace opened the door and he stepped in.

"What's this about?" John asked, unable to read Candace's face for perhaps the first time.

"Come with me," she said and led him into the living room. There sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs sat a young woman with very short black hair. It looked like a woman, but she wore blue jeans and a tee shirt, but didn't look feminine at all.

As John got closer, he realized it was none other than his girlfriend. "April," he asked not believing his eyes. Gone were her beautiful long blonde locks, her womanly curves hidden by her large baggy male clothing. She was void of any makeup and had several piercings that he could see, one on her eyebrow another on her nose and two in her bottom lip. If he'd seen her on the street he'd not have recognized her.

"Hello John."


It was kind of strange at first, but she warmed up to it very quickly and was having the time of her life. It was as if her life had new meaning. Erica Green was enjoying the company of men for the first time in a very long time. Furthermore, she was fucking as many as she could discreetly get away with, without being too obvious. She hadn't given up on women, but she discovered that she did like men. And she was smoking hot, turning the heads of both men and women where ever she went.

She reconnected with old acquaintances from high school and they began to visit and meet for drinks regularly. Many of these old friends had either recently married or divorced and more than you'd think were into enhancing their sex lives.

It often began with innocent flirting at a weekend party at the home of a friend of a friend. After a little too much liquor and grass, the flirting would evolving into a little kissing and before you knew it there would be hot petting and one of the bedrooms would be used for a quickie. Sometimes it would be with more than one person and that made it more fun. If the kids were put down early than sometimes an orgy would break out. If not than the small group would break off and resume their fun at the home or apartment of someone more incline to participate in adult activities.

Erica didn't like to completely take over a party. She was sneaky, planting ideas in the minds of all the guest and host one by one as she made her rounds. Simple things, like encouraging the men to undress the women with their minds. Or pushing thoughts into the women's mind as to image the size of the men or wondering what it would be like to be with a woman. This usually led to clothing being loosened and unnecessary touching and the consumption of more 'spirits' and "herb".

Once that was done, it was an easy to push a couple into openly groping and feeling up each other. As others watched they too would follow suit and before they could object, clothes would be removed and the petting would become sucking and the sucking would become fucking. Erica would strut around these parties naked her labia diamond piercing glowing brightly between her dark long legs as it absorbed all the sexual energy around.

Erica was often pulled into joining one couple after another, some of the women were surprised to find themselves attracted to one another and acting out those new feelings. Nothing seemed to be off limits and some of these parties became wilder than even Erica could have imaged.

One party in particular she remembered as the best. It was an end of summer barbeque that began sometime after 2PM and the food was great and the music better. The guest list was mostly African American, with a nice representation of Latinos, Asians and whites. Everyone was having a good time, the host and hostess had a large property with a big yard and spacious home. Those with kids seemed to have all left just before sunset, dragging the tired kids from the pool and saying their goodbyes.

The alcohol was plentiful and the "weed" superior and in the warm night it didn't take long for the combination to loosen everyone up. It began around the pool and quickly took over the party. Everyone was involved with at least one or two other people fucking or sucking.

Yes, Erica did really love life these days.


John stared back at the woman not sure just what to say. So he decided to take it one step at a time, he would get to the bottom of this.

"Hey April, I almost didn't recognize you. That's quite a new look for you. Tell me about it."

"Thank you, John, for not being too upset. I know that it is sudden, but I needed a new look, you see. As I was telling Candace, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am gay."

John paused and looked at Candace and sent her a telepathic message. "When did she start calling you Candace?" Candace shrugged. She was so relieved that John was here, he'd get to the bottom of this and she'd get her baby back.

"That's seems a little sudden, Apes. When did you realize that you were a lesbian? Did you meet someone new?"

"I have always been gay John, and yes I did meet someone new. You'll meet her too, she's your attorney. I didn't mean for it to happen it just did. I love her and I love the new me. We've known each other since we were children, John, thank you for being so understanding. It is so hard for us to come out of the closet, thanks for not making this harder than it is." April said all of this almost mechanically.

Of course John wasn't buying any of this. She was obviously brain washed, but the question was why and how. "Excuse me April, I need to talk with Candace for a minute."

April smiles and gave him an approving look. John walked over to Candace and took her by the arm out into the foyer to talk.

Candace was a wreck she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So she did both. First at the ridicules story that April told and secondly that someone would be so cruel as to do that to her baby girl. John assured her that he could fix it all, but they needed to find out why this was done and how, they already had a suspect.

John told Candace that he would begin to probe her mind a bit to determine when things began to change and then he may be better able to determine a course of action.

Candace was feeling better already; she knew the resources that John had at his disposal. He would fix things, if he couldn't than no one could.

"Why don't you go back and see if you can find out what her plans are. I may have to intercede quickly.

John took that moment to call Denise's phone, she answered on the second ring, "Yes, sir."

"Denise, I asked you to do a little shadowing on April a few days ago, what did you find out?"

Denise told him about the law firm and that April had spent the night at a hotel downtown and later spent the night at the home of Dinah Cohen, partner at Basil, Cohen & Brown. She has been out of the closet for a number of years. She told John that anticipating that he might ask she looked into their client list. Then what she told John made him almost choke.

"One of their biggest clients is Jones and Jones." John repeated as if he couldn't believe his ears.

There was a long pause, John almost questioned Denise as if she could be mistaken, but he knew she wasn't. Denise's information was always very reliable.

"Thank you, Denise; I may have something for you later, are you busy?"

"No, boss, I am at your beck and call." Elizabeth nudged Denise in her side and she asked, "Boss, do you have a minute or two for me, I need to ask you something."

"I may be a few more hours here; we can grab a cup of coffee at 'A Cup of Joe' around one if that will work for you?"

Denise was all smiles and it came through her normal melancholy voice. "Yeah that would be great."

Elizabeth pulled the young woman back down and took the phone from her hand and set it on the night table, "See I told you he'd be receptive. There now let get back to seeing what I can do to relieve your stress," Elizabeth said as she maneuver Denise's pussy back over her waiting mouth and moved her tongue about playfully as she tried to find her place.

Denise attempted to reciprocate but was too overwhelmed by Elizabeth's skills to do much more than moan while occasionally taking a swipe at the pussy in front of her.


Dinah Cohen was in her office working on a case when she felt the familiar itch interrupt her thoughts. She tried to ignore it, and was successful for about ten minutes then it returned stronger than before.

"Damn," she thought. "This was beginning to become annoying." She looked at the time and saw that it was as she thought, almost 3 pm. She was just making headway but now she had to stop. She pinged her secretary via instant massager and got an immediate response.

The tall woman walked into the office, closed and locked the door behind her. She picked a pillow up from off the sofa and placed it on the floor next to where Dinah sat in her "Seven Seas Round Top Armchair". Dinah backed out from her desk and unbuttoned her skirt revealing the absence of undergarments, except for the garter and stockings.

As if she'd done this a hundred times, she knelt down as Dinah scooted forward and she began to lick her boss' naked pussy. Like a small cock her clitoris began to grow and she was already juicing. Her secretary was prepared and without missing a lick opened the bottom desk drawer, removed a small towel and handed it to Dinah. Within about ten minutes, Dinah screamed as loud as the towel in her mouth would allow as she released the built up tension, her secretary sucking and lapping quickly to stay ahead of the flow of her juices.

"Thank you," Dinah said as she stood and strolled to her private bathroom, checking her makeup and freshening up. "I don't think I could have waited another minute."

Wiping her mouth and standing the secretary said, "I my pleasure. Will you need me at home this evening or will April be there to tend to your needs."

"Hmm...I don't know, she'd supposed to be telling her mommy she's gay tonight, she may not make it home in time. You'd better be there I don't want to have to wait."

Her secretary nodded and returned to her desk and the work she was doing as if she'd just finished taking dictation.

While Dinah's lust had been satisfied for now she knew it would be back with a vengeance by the evening. One woman was no longer enough to keep her sedated any longer. April will be busy, but at least she would not have to keep going through these peaks and valleys.


John talked to Candace about what he had learned from Denise. He told her that it would be necessary to do a deep mind probe if he were to find out what had happened to her. "This may not be pretty you may not want to watch." He told the concerned mother.

"I am not leaving, no matter how ugly things get. I am still her mother and she'd my baby girl." Candace insisted.

When the two returned to the living room where April sat quietly waiting for them, she said. "Well, that's about all I have to say on the subject. I am going to collect a few things from my room and get going. Candace, we'll be in touch of course. John are we still on for Friday at noon?"

Candace was the first to speak, "Honey, where are you going? Where will you stay?"

"Why mother, I am moving in with my lover, of course."

"Who is this woman? You said it was John's attorney." Her mother pleaded as if she'd never have another chance to talk with her daughter again.

"Her name is Dinah Cohen and she is a named partner at Basil, Cohen & Brown, they specialized in not for profit law and I met her when I was working on one of John's projects. So in a way John you are responsible for bringing us together. Thank you."

That was like a knife in John's heart.

"It's late and I have to be going." She stood up and was about to walk to the door and exit.

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