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The Visit

by Erosness©

I was glad to be returning home again. Every since the first time I put on a pair of my mom's panties I could not stop wearing panties. During a visit after boot camp, I snuck into my parents room to get several pairs of my mother's panties from her dresser and her hamper to take back with me to my duty station. On another visit I had taken two pair of my mom's panties to bed with me. I used one pair to sleep in and the other pair I would use in the morning to catch the sperm as I masturbated thinking about how hot mom's ass looked covered in the nylon panty briefs. I fell asleep with my erection covered in mom's panties and was soon having wet dreams of her coming to my bed taking her panties off, climbing in bed with me for a night of hot incestuous sex. When I woke up the first thing I did was grab the other pair of mom's panties, pull my hard dick from the pair I had on, wrap them around my dick as if it were my mom's hot pussy as I stroked my dick to a morning cum. Just as I was about to cum the door started to slowly open giving me only seconds to pull the covers up to my chest.

I managed to compose myself as my youngest sister walked in the room wearing nothing but a sexy thong panty. She came to sit on my bed asking me if I would join her for a drive downtown. I agreed and she left to allow me to get dressed. I did take a few minutes to lay there and enjoy thoughts of seeing my sister in her panties, but then hastily jumped from the bed stuffing mom's wet panties under the sheets before I through them back over the bed. I showered, got dressed then joined my sister for the drive. By the time I returned, to my shock the bed was made. I closed the door and frantically searched for mom's panties that I had left, wet, under the covers. The panties were nowhere to be found.

Another exciting part about visits to my parents was the fact that mom on most mornings would come into my room to wake me for breakfast wearing only full cut brief nylon panties. She would stand at the door and softly call my name until we made eye contact. Then topless, in just the panties she would walk across the room, lean over me, then kiss me full on the lips as her tits would press gently against the blankets covering my chest. Then she would rise up from the kiss with her beautiful 36C cup tits hanging in clear view as she would ask me what I would like for breakfast.

I had been on a six month deployment with the Navy and had not visited my parents for nearly a year. I arrived in the early afternoon while both my parents were at work. Since the place was empty I went straight to my parents room to find a pair of my mom's panties. I found two pair and went to change into one of them. I slipped on one pair of the full briefs. As I pulled the panties up, the feel of the panties and the thoughts of seeing my mom's sexy ass covered by the soft nylon caused my dick to get harder and harder. Once the panties were on I began to stroke my dick to thoughts of hot sex with mom. When I was ready to cum I pulled my dick out of the panties I was wearing and wrapped the second pair around the shaft and head of my dick as I continued to stroke my hard dick. I stroked faster as I imagined the panties being my mother's pussy.

Jet lag and the massive orgasm made me very tired so I decided to take a nap, sure to wake up before my parent's arrived.

While I was sleeping my father had come home and found me asleep, wearing a pair of my mom's panties, and holding my limp dick with the another pair of mom's panties wet wrapped around my dick. Dad removed the panties from my dick put them by my pillow, then tucked my dick in the panties I was wearing before he pulled the covers over me allowing me to sleep.

When mom arrived home dad allowed her to complete her ritual of stripping from her work clothes to her panties before he told her of his findings. Mom insisted that he show her what he had found. Dad agreed and with mom just in her panties they both came into my room. Dad first showed her the still wet panties that he had put on the pillow beside me then pulled the covers back enough to show her the panties that I was wearing.

For the rest of the evening neither of them talked much about the findings but the conversation did come up when they got in bed for the night. Mom told dad that what she had seen had her pretty hot and wet. To prove her point, mom straddle dad, then pulled her panties aside, grabbed dads dick, pointed it at her wet pussy then lowered her body until she had him completely buried in her wet pussy. She leaned forward laying flat on top of dad and laid her head near his as she began to ride up and down on his dick. Once she had established a good rhythm she told dad how she has known for years that I was wearing her panties and how this knowledge has been fueling her sex life ever since she made the discovery. While riding up and down on dad's dick she continued by saying that she often fantasized about putting her panties on me then kissing and sucking my dick until I soaked her panties with my cum which she would suck through the panties until she had taken all my cum down her throat.

Mom's breathing became heavier as her body was soon wracked with her orgasm.

Mom fell asleep with dad's dick buried in her pussy.

The next morning she was awakened by the steady rhythms of dad stroking his dick up into her pussy and kissing her on her neck and shoulders. When dad realized she was awake he stopped kissing her long enough to whisper that part of her fantasy was already in place as I lay sleeping in the other room. Mom rose up to look dad in the eye and found him smiling. She had a question on her face that dad answered by stroking his dick inside her a few times then telling her to go, her fantasy awaits her.

Mom raised her panty-covered body from dad's dick, got to her feet then pulled her panties to cover her hot, wet, incestuous-wanton, pussy before she walked to the room where I was sleeping.

She knocked on the door and opened with no intention of allowing me to respond even if I was awake. I was not awake, I was still asleep when mom walked into my room. She pulled the covers off me down to my knees then climbed onto my bed. She straddled my body then began stroking my dick through her panties. Even though I was still asleep my mom-panty covered dick did not disappoint mom and was soon hard. She got between my legs and went straight for my panty-covered balls. Mom took first one of my balls in her mouth, and then the other, and then both my balls were in her mouth at the same time. As she sucked on my balls she used both hands to rub and stroke my panty-covered erection. Mom stroked my panty-covered dick and sucked my balls until the panties she had on and the ones she was sucking me through were soaking wet with her juices. When her pussy juicy had completely soaked her panties she stopped soaking and stroking then raised her body on one knee until her soaking, dripping wet panty-covered pussy was dripping over my panty-covered dick.

First mom pulled her panties aside, dipped her two fingers as far as she could get them in her pussy, pulled them out then sucked all her juices off her fingers. Then she pulled her panties off my dick, which popped up, like a jack-in-the box. Mom tucked her panties under my balls then grabbed the shaft of my dick. She stroked it a few times then positioned her pussy over the head of my dick before she started lowering her body.

Mom lowered her body until the head of my dick was just inside her hot pussy. When her hot, tight pussy lips had a good grip on my dick head she leaned forward over my body, put her hands on the other panties that dad had left on my pillow, then softly called my name. When I did not immediately wake up, mom maintained her body in position with my her pussy lips holding my dick head as took the other panties and rub them across my face. She kept a hold of my dick with her pussy lips as she rubbed the panties all over my face and repeatedly, softly called my name.

When I still did not respond mom took the panties and spread them across my face. She found the leg openings and adjusted the panties so my face was covered except my mouth. Then with her pussy lips still holding my dick she leaned forward until her hard, 1.5 inch nipples, and partial weight of her heavy, full, 36C breast were pressing on my bare chest. Mom lowered her body until the head of my dick was completely inside her hot pussy. She then lowered her head and began to kiss, lick, and suck my lips through the leg openings of her panties. She used her tongue to opening my lips and lick around my teeth and gums until she felt me respond. Once I opened my mouth and allowing her tongue inside our tongues began to tangle.

Mom was now convinced that I was awake. As our tongues danced inside my mouth she lowered her upper body until her full breast pressed firmly against my chest. Then in one motion she put her other leg down and slowly lowered her body pushing her pussy slowly down the length of my 7.5 inch dick until I could feel her bare pussy lips pressing against my groin. She pressed her body firmly against mine forcing my body to squirm with pleasure. Her pussy squeezed tightly around my dick as I began to push and pull my dick out of her body.

Mom's panties were covering my eyes so I had no idea who was providing me with so much pleasure. At that point I did not care either. I just know I did not want the pleasure to stop. The pleasure increased when I reached my hands up to put them on the ass that belonged to the pussy that was providing me so much pleasure and discovered mom's ass was completely covered in nylon panties. My dick got harder and my pumping into mom's pussy grew faster when my hands touched the smoothness of my mom's panty covered ass. I put both hands on her panty-covered ass as I pumped my hard dick into her pussy faster and faster. We continued to kiss and suck each other's tongues as we fucked each other slow, but with an ever increasing pace. Mom's panty covered ass was bouncing up and down in the air as my hips came up to meet her down strokes.

What started out a slow sensuous, hot passion filled moment soon grew into mom slamming her pussy down hard to me my hard upstrokes. Mom's pace increased as my hands rubbed and squeezed her juicy panty-covered ass. I rubbed and squeezed every inch of mom's smooth panty-covered ass. At one point I began spanking her ass with one hand. When mom's pace increased I read that as a sign she enjoyed the spanking. I spanked her ass harder as she moaned into my mouth and squeezed her pussy tighter around my dick. Suddenly I could feel hot juices running down my balls. I now starting spanking mom's panty covered ass with both hands and the flow of juice got heavier, soaking my balls.

Soon we were fucking each other fast and hard, both our bodies bouncing off the bed so hard we made the bed bounce. We continued at this pace for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly mom slammed down hard pushing my body down deep into the mattress where she held me as her orgasm took over her body. Mom broke our kiss long enough to whisper for me to lay still. That is when I realized it was my mother's pussy that was giving me so much pleasure, my mother's panty-covered ass that I filled my hands, that I was squeezing, rubbing, mom's ass that both my hands spanked until her juices ran down soaking my balls and her panties that she had pushed under my balls.

Mom's body began to shake as she laid on top me, my dick buried as deep as possible in her pussy, my hands holding the cheeks of her ass, her tits pressed firmly against my body. She shook slowly at first then faster and harder pushing her tongue deeper into my mouth, and her body harder down onto mine to keep my dick buried in her pussy.

As her orgasm began to come to an end, mom broke the kiss with peck on my lips then pulled the panties from my eyes keeping them on my face. She sat up and pushed her pussy down harder on my groin forcing my dick even deeper in her hot pussy. In this position more of her juice ran down my balls as mom smiled down at me and began to talk.

Mom told me how she had known for years before I joined the Navy that I was borrowing her panties. She said she also knew that when I came home that I continued to borrow her panties and even took some with me when I left. As mom's juices leaked from her pussy she continued to tell me how sexy it made her feel to know that I borrowing her panties. Mom admitted that she never knew what I was doing with her panties until she found the pair that I had left under her the covers when I rushed out with my sister. She said she found them while making the bed and she got so excited that she had to take off the panties she was wearing and put on the wet ones that I had left there. When ever I masturbated into her panties I made sure to soak the crotch or both the crotch and ass with my incestuous cum as I pretended to fuck both parts of her body. The panties that she found had both the crotch and ass wet. She said she put the panties on then laid on my bed and rubbed my juices into her pussy and ass using her fingers as if they were my dick.

Mom smiled as she grinded her pussy down on my dick then asked if I was ok with the morning's events. Instead of using words I answered her by putting one hand on her tits, the other squeezed one of her tits, as I slowly pushed up from my waist, pushing my dick further up into her pussy. Mother's pussy tightened around my dick and she smiled brighter.

Mom went on to tell me how I ended up with my dick in her pussy starting with dad coming home finding me asleep, then him pushing her out of bed to come to me so she could fulfill her long time fantasy.

I rose up from the bed to hug mom. As I did I saw dad step to the door way smiling. He came into the room, stood next to my mom then reached down to kiss her. He then turned and hugged me. When we broke mom asked if there was any film in the camera. Dad said yes and turned to get the camera. Mom yelled behind him to bring the video camera.

As dad went after the cameras mom pulled her legs from under body and sat back on her hands with my dick buried in her pussy. She told me that she hoped I don't mind if dad took pictures and video of the rest of my visit. She said she wanted me to wear just her panties for the rest of my visit and to allow her to have my body when ever the urge hit her. I agreed. She then asked me if I had ever had anal sex. I said that I had and often fantasized about putting my dick in her ass. Mom smiled then told me that soon my dream would become a reality.

My dad came back with the cameras. Once the video camera was set up, mom asked dad there was any more KY-jelly left. Dad just smiled as he left the room knowing what mom had in mind. While dad was gone this time I just sat back and enjoyed looking at mom's sexy body. Her boobs slowly moved up and down in pace with her relaxed breathing. Both nipples were hard and standing straight out. My eyes moved down to her 24 inch waist line, her smooth, muscle-toned taunt stomach, then down to her completely shaved pussy with her swollen lips tightly wrapped around my hard dick. This was a position I had dreamed of being in for years every time I put on my mother's panties or sat and watched her strip to her panties before putting on one of her short night shirts that left her smooth panty-covered ass exposed for my pleasure for years.

Dad came back with the lubrication. Mom hugged her body next to mine, pressing her tits into my chest as she slowly lowered our bodies until she I was again flat on my back. She then turned to dad and asked for his assistance. Dad got behind mom then pulled her panties down as far as he could get them exposing mom's ass. He then used one hand to raise mom's ass and the other to grab my dick as he pushed mom's ass up high enough for my dick to come out with a pop. My dick was soaked with mom's juices. Dad stroked up and down the length a few times before he put his hand to his mouth and licked all the juices off. Mom then put both her hands on either side of my body. With dad's help she then raised up with both her legs and hands on either side of my body putting her ass high up in the air. As we kissed, dad pulled her panties down and off her legs. Mom looked back between her legs and watched dad put mom's panties around my dick through the leg openings then he surprised us both as he leaned forward and took my dick into his mouth and kept going until the entire length of my hard dick was out of view from mom and me. When he came up he sucked hard on my dick to make a loud pop as he released me.

Mom then lowered her body back down. She came down on my stomach then pushed back so my dick was pressed into the crack of her ass touching her pussy and tight asshole. Dad then grabbed my dick pulling it from between mom's cheeks. With one hand he stroked my dick and used the other hand to put lubrication on and inside mom's tight puckered rear hole.

As dad did his handy work on my dick and mom's ass I told mom how for year's I had enjoyed looking at her tits and panty-covered ass as she talked to my sisters and me when she came home from work. I told her that I spent many of nights grinding on my mattress while wearing her panties as I dreamed of sucking her tits and fucking her pussy and ass. Mom kissed me and told me how sexy that made her feel and that she could not wait to feel my dick inside her tight backdoor.

Dad pulled his finger from mom's asshole and patted one of her ass cheeks as a signal for her to raise up some. She told dad she would take it from there and asked him to get the camera. Mom got on her knees over my dick and stroked me as she waited for dad to get the camera ready. Once dad was ready, mom told dad to make sure he had a close up shot of my dick and her asshole. Mom then put the other pillow under my head so that I had a good view of her my dick, her wet pussy and well-lubricated asshole.

Dad assured her he was ready with the camera, and then mom pointed my dick at her asshole then lowered her body pushing down on the head of my dick. I watched every second that it took for my dickhead, then my entire dick to disappear deep into my mother's bowels. Mom sat back allowing my dick to go deeper into her ass, then she put both hands behind her, her feet flat on the floor and began to raise her ass up and down on my dick.

I was so glad that mom had put that pillow under my head. In this position I was able to look into her open pussy. I could clearly see her juices flowing from her pussy down to her tight asshole that was so beautifully covering my dick. Mom would bring her ass all the way down until her ass cheeks were pressing against my balls then go all the way back up my length until just the head barely remained in her tight hole. The more mom did this the more the juice flowed from her tight pussy. I just knew I would lose it when mom lower her ass until half of my dick was buried in her ass then started wiggling around on my dick.

As mom wiggled she would clinch her ass muscles make her hole tight and tighter. I could also see mom's pussy moving as she flexed her ass muscles.

Mom then raised up far enough to release my dick. She then turned around, got on her knees, put her head to the side on the mattress then spread her cheeks inviting my dick back into her asshole. As I got up on my knees I could kept my eyes focused on mom's wet pussy and tight but slightly open asshole.

Dad put the video camera on the tripod then grabbed the digital to snap some still pictures. He came close enough then wrapped one hand around my dick to stroke it as he snapped pictures and guided me to my mother's tight asshole. As dad but the head of my dick against mom's asshole he snapped a picture that showed him holding my dick against mom's ass. He pulled me forward so the head of my dick pushed in mom's ass then snapped some more pictures as mom pushed back and I pushed forward until my dick was completely back in her tight hole.

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