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The Truth Ch. 06

by The_Fractal_King©

Olivia looked out over the water from her reclining chair while she absently fingered herself. The honeymoon was wonderful. She and Billy made love twice every night and twice every day, whether she wanted to or not. When she wasn't in the mood he seduced her or forced her depending on his inclination. She quickly learned to keep herself constantly ready for him since they inevitably had sex anyway. She sipped from her drink and smiled at the way it made her head swim.

"Enjoying the beach view?" Billy asked from behind her.

"Yes, I am."

"Come over here, honey," he said taking a seat on one of the other chairs. "Crawl for me."

Olivia rolled off of her chair and crawled to where he was seated as she had been taught. Without waiting for a prompt she pushed her nose into his crotch. "Can I?"

He patted her on the head. "Suck."

She pulled down the waistband of his pants with her teeth until his ready manhood was exposed. Olivia kissed it. She parted her lips a moment later and accepted it into her throat like a gift. The last few weeks had taught her more than she ever thought it was possible to know about pleasing a lover. Inch by inch she pushed it deeper, her eyes never leaving his.

It was a special kind of experience to make herself do it. His eyes weighed down on her but she was the one who chose to choke herself for his pleasure. Her lover's sex filled her throat, keeping her from speaking or breathing. He smiled at her. She pushed it further.

Finally, lightheaded from lack of air and surplus of endorphins, she began to draw herself away. He placed a hand on the back of her head. The touch was soft. Not strong enough to hold her in place by force. She knew what he wanted. It was like having him physically suppress her will. Olivia stayed where she was until he released her.

She collapsed on the ground at his feet with a thread of drool strung between them. She gasped gratefully for air.

"That was good," he told her. "We want to kill off a few brain cells every time."

Olivia nodded.

"But we're not done yet are we?" He turned her chin back up. "Get going."

Olivia took him into her mouth again and began to suck in earnest. It felt good to be a proper woman after years of denying it. She lived to please him. If she was good enough he might even let her touch herself while she sucked. She put the thought out of her mind. As she sucked and licked all the thoughts were eventually pushed away into pleasant blankness. The trance was better for her than sex.

After several minutes of tasting her lover he finally pushed her away. She fell back, gasping and shivering from pleasure. A moment later Billy's seed sprayed across her skin. Olivia lay where she had fallen.

"You look good like that but it's going to start to smell. Get a taste. I know how much you love it."

"Thank you." She scooped the cum up and sucked it from her fingers.

He studied her while she cleaned herself. "You are a fucked up, broken down little slut, aren't you?"

Olivia nodded.

"Time to erase what's left of that naughty reporter who tried to defy the High Truth." He turned her face in his hand. "One more time before we go."


Olivia returned to work in appropriate office clothing with an eye toward showing off her body. It had been a mistake to dress to too conservatively before. Her new skirt hugged her ass and heels helped to make it pop. A half cup bra pushed her breasts to nearly the limits of her blouse. As she walked through the office everyone turned their head to watch.

She had never been so confident in herself. No more self deception.

"I have the article for you, Jack."

He stared at her, mostly at her body, for a few seconds before answering. "Olivia . . ."


"You said you were going to be gone for a week. Its been two months. Also you look like a . . ." He didn't finish the thought. "What happened?"

"It took longer to write the story than I thought it was going to." She handed over the paper Billy had helped her to write about the real truths behind the High Truth. "Here it is."

Jack shook his head. "The deadline is long passed. But," he glanced at her breasts again, "fine, let me see what you wrote." Her editor picked up the paper that Billy had written for her and scanned the first several lines. "This isn't exactly what you said you were writing."

"I said I'd do a story about them. That's the truth."

"Actually I recall you being pretty clear that they were a sex cult and you wanted to take them down. This is nearly hagiographic."

Olivia shrugged. "I don't know what hieroglyphic means but changed my mind. They're good people."

"Changed a lot of other things, too," muttered Jack. "Are you really sure this is what you want to print? It doesn't even read like your work."

"I had some help."

Jack nodded. "Right." He set down the article. "I'll get back to you by the end of the day."

Olivia walked back out of the office with another word, swinging her hips to give everyone a good view. Billy was waiting for her in the car. He put his hand down her skirt the moment she sat down and pulled her into a deep kiss. When he released her she pushed his fingers deeper into her with a breathy sigh. "Thank you."

"Of course. Did he like the article?"


"Did he like your new look?"

Olivia grinned. "Yeah."

"Once that article gets published you're going to quit your job," Billy told her. "It's a distraction and, besides, people will start to notice the change in you. Can't have them getting suspicious. I'm sure you would rather help at the compound anyway." He pulled her closer. "Besides, we both know you're too dumb to be a reporter anymore."

She kissed him.

"Do you want a reward for being such an obedient slut?"


They found an alleyway to use. Billy pressed her against the wall. "This is who you are now," he reminded her. "A month ago you might have objected to me taking you like this but now there's nothing left of pride in your head. You give yourself over to lust because you know it is in your nature. Too weak to resist."

"Yes," hissed Olivia. She felt him push inside of her. The most fulfilling feeling in the world. Sex was what she lived for. She pushed back o get him deeper. "I live being dumb and sexy."

"Good girl, learning to accept the Truth."

She panted for him.

"That's right." He held her there, using her body, until he was satisfied and cum dripped down her legs. "Do you still want to be a writer?" Billy asked as he escorted her back to the car.


"I was thinking that we could put you to work doing an easier and more important job than being a reporter. You're going to start a website to tell all the other girls out there how better it is to be silly and sexy."

Olivia squealed with glee.


Billy set up the website for her the next day, a place where she could spread the Truth to everyone in the world. Getting to have a computer in her room was an incredible privilege so she had to promise not to tease the other girls about it or abuse the privilege. Olivia spent several hours thanking him for the gift.

The screen of her website was bright pink and white with distracting little spiral patterns everywhere. She got lost in the spirals for an hour the first time he showed it to her. Music played whenever a new page opened to encourage proper behavior in her and any girls from the outside who got curious.

She took questions and offered explanations to anyone who sent them. She left links to the High Truth website to other girls could become enlightened like she had. Mostly she wrote about how good it was to be a real woman. Whenever she heard a good mantra during morning education she rushed back to her room to tell everyone.

Her writing on the website quickly became more popular than an of the "serious" stuff she had tried to write before. Billy was right, her old career was a waste of time. She made sure to edge herself while she wrote to keep her mind in the proper state. People were so supportive and she loved helping the other girls to discover their true selves.

Weeks went by with all of Olivia's energy focused on pleasing Billy and working on her website. The posts she made helped to train herself every day. The last few old beliefs she had were discarded quickly.

One day Billy found her at the computer, fingers buried in her sex. He pulled her hand away and waited while her mind slowly returned to the real world. When she finally turned toward him in recognition he smiled brightly at her. "I have a surprise for you today," he said. "Close your eyes."

Olivia obeyed, wiggling excitedly in her seat.

While she sat there, blind, Billy's fingers played over her skin. "You are the best investment we ever made, honey. Usually a girl comes in and is fun for a few quick fucks before we find a buyer but you're actually turning a profit. That website of yours has brought in a dozens curious little bimbos and a few angry feminists that didn't know what they were getting into." He kissed the back of her ear in a way that made her giggle. "I want you to meet one of the girls you lured to us. She's still a bit too clever to be a bimbo."

"Oh . . ."

"Do you think you can fix that for me? You'll get a nice reward for it."

She nodded.

"It really is amazing," mused Billy. "We put so much work into breaking down the little sluts we get when you can do it just by talking. The best drug in the world. I just want to see you pour it right into her brain." He took her out to the courtyard where people were gathered. He pointed to a girl in a bubblegum pink shirt and a jean miniskirt. "That's her. Go talk. Help make her like you."

Olivia bounced over to the girl. "Hi! Welcome to the High Truth."

"You're Olivia, right?" asked the girl. "The natural sexuality advocate?"

"Umm . . . I've got a website."

"I am sure a huge fan of yours, your thoughts on how corporate culture seeks to commoditize the female form in the guise of feminism is totally making waves. This place is so amazing," said the girl. "I wasn't sure it really existed."

Olivia nodded eagerly. The girl sounded really smart. She was sure that would get fixed really quickly. "It just the perfect place for girls to live. The boys are so nice."

"Listen, I super want to stay but I don't want to intrude on a meal or an orgy or anything."

Olivia grabbed her hands. "You can stay here no problem! It's almost just time." The drugs would help dumb down her new friend. "This will be great. She pulled her along toward the lunch tables."

"The women here are . . ."

"Naked?" said Olivia. "That's right to keep us physically close to the world. Just enough fabric to protect the skin." She jiggled her breasts and giggled. "Outsider clothing is too confining. It's really artificial."

Billy stopped by with a plate of fruit shaped sweets. "I thought these would be good to impress our guest with," he said, setting down the platter. He kissed Olivia deeply then drew away while her sex overflowed onto the table. "Have fun, girls."

They ate for several minutes, Olivia making sure that the other girl

"I'm . . ." The girl shook her head. "Kinda tired."

"And horny, right?"

"Umm . . ."

Olivia giggled and pulled her into a kiss. The outside girl still tasted of the drugged food she'd eaten moments before. "You're going to have so much fun here."

"No, I'm just vis . . ."

"Good girls always say yes." Olivia cast her robe aside and snaked a hand inside of her new friend's pants to rub against the girl's already dripping sex. "Just have fun. You never ever have to leave." She kissed the girl again. "One of the boys will help take care of you but we should put on a show to let them know how sexy you are."

The girl resisted weakly while Olivia helped her out of her clothing. She spread her legs and bared her breasts so everyone could see.

"I'm going to show you how to edge," promised Olivia, fingering her friend. "Just touch yourself like normal without cumming. It messes with your head super good. Get yourself stupid. Remember from the website? Get your brain all melty for them."

"No . . . stop . . ."

"Don't worry, I'm not going to stop." She massaged the girl into limp relaxation. "You think too much. It isn't natural for a woman to think. Sex is natural and it's more fun that talking and thinking and arguing. All you have to do is learn to say yes."

"No," mumbled the girl.

"Yes," encouraged Olivia. She pumped her fingers inside of the girl. "Just say yes and that could be a man. Submit your soul to him. They can clean all the icky thoughts out of your head and when they do it feels so good. Like getting scrubbed down in a shower."

Speechless the girl trembled in her arms.

"Once you say yes," said Olivia, "a boy will come over and make love to you so you can learn. You might even get to cum if he likes you." She smiled. "But only if you're very good. When you cum its very special."

The girl nodded.

"You have to say it so I can hear."

"Yes . . ."

Olivia squealed with glee and kissed her new friend on the lips. The girl looked up at her, defeated.

When Olivia turned away Peter had approached from where he was seated. He took the new girl by the hand and drew out of Olivia's lap with a smile. He whispered something in her ear that made her flinch away but with one hand on bottom he guided her along anyway. After a few more kisses she followed him like a puppy.

They made love for everyone to see, Peter making sure that no part of the girl's body went unexposed to the community. It reminded Olivia of her own initiation. Billy taking her into his arms to teach her about being woman. She began to edge herself as she watched.

"I am so proud of you, honey," said Billy, suddenly blocking her view. He picked her up by the hips to place her on the table. "Her mind will be broken in a few days. For that you deserve a reward." He didn't hesitate another moment. The petals of her sex split to give his manhood entry.

Olivia gasped.

"You were so smart and proud when you came here. I'm glad we fixed that."

She nodded. "What was her name?" asked Olivia. "I never . . ."

"Does it matter? She's going to be as silly as you in a few days. Another whore for us." Billy rubbed his hands over her breasts tenderly. "I think I'll keep you. In fact you could be the next matriarch some day." He tasted her skin. "A bit more time and your head will be totally empty. Right now you can still think but soon only the Truth will be left. Lust. Desire."

She groaned.

"That's right, just cum your brains out for me you little slut." He pumped in and out of her. "So long only getting to edge. You have permission to fall apart for me now." Billy kissed her, his tongue invading her mouth. "Let's make love, dear, until you have nothing left to give."

Olivia wrapped her arms around her lover as she began to lose control of herself. Spasms rippled through her muscles. She clamped down on his manhood with her sex, feeling every inch of it. The pleasurable wave of each climax broke in success against her soul. A primal growl sounded in her throat, rich and deep.

Billy pressed his lips against hers to cut off her voice. His energy was limitless. Olivia panted and shuddered. She was pushed out of consciousness by one especially intense orgasm. She struggled back to the surface where her body sent such sensations to her mind. Unable to keep her mind together she gave up and let herself just experience the ride. Her body was no longer her own and neither was her mind or soul, her lover decided what she would feel.

She was grateful for that.

Eventually one wave pushed her under and she stayed there, drowning in a hormonal sea.

Olivia awoke alone on the ground, discarded and used. Sweat had pooled around her. The musk of her lover overpowered everything else. Semen dripped from inside of her. She squeezed the muscles of her sex to feel it slide around. Her hips began to move as she raised them up. Billy might want her again soon, it wouldn't do to not be ready.

She licked her lips and dipped two fingers inside of herself. They scooped up the mingled juices for her to taste then returned to her sex. In a matter of seconds every thought had been banished from her mind. She laid there for hours making love to herself without ever letting herself move past mindless to climactic pleasure. That was a gift for her lover only.

It was so good to be in love.

So natural to be stupid.


Over time the High Truth wore away their former enemy's mind. Edging ground her will into dust. Hypnotic mediation erased her thoughts permanently. Drugs turned her stupid while every skill but lovemaking faded away from lack of use. Desire melted away any notions of independence. Constant carnal need ate away at everything else. Olivia became nothing more and nothing less than what they told her to be. Gradually she was turned into less than Billy's wife.

A woman. A body. Wanton flesh kept warm by the beating of her heart.

She was kept as a particularly responsive sex toy. Her natural sexual responses were more pleasing than her thoughts had ever been. Each day someone whispered praise to her.

"Good girl."

Her experiences were simple. Obedience. Weakness. Lust. Lust most of all. She couldn't help but do as she was told and loved every moment.

"Good girl."

Those were her favorite words. The only words that matter.



"Good girl."

She still knew her lover's voice when he spoke to her. The words were sweeter. They caressed her simple mind differently than any other. His smiling face made her laughed. His body made her body burn.

One day when he was done with her turned her face so he could look into her eyes. She saw herself reflected back. Every trace of thought had been erased from inside her head. Only the base animal instincts remained. Sex. Hunger. She smiled at him but never stopped edging herself. When he kissed her a wordless moan rumbled inside of her, the closest she could come to speaking any longer. He placed a hand on her cheek and she licked at it hungrily.

The hand moved away and was replaced with her lover's manhood. She let it past her lips.

"Good girl."


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Written by: The_Fractal_King

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