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Daddy's Dirty Slut

by RandyCandy©

“ Oh daddy I want you so much. Make me your dirty little slut. I want you cock deep inside my tight virgin cunt until I bleed!”

Becky just finished cumming with one hand clutching her nipple and the other rubbing her clit. As she lay sprawled out on her bed she took her fingers and placed them in her mouth and licked them clean tasting her wet creamy juices. Becky had a fantasy about her dad taking her virginity – abusing her and taking advantage of her! Making her into his slut. But she wasn’t sure if she wanted it to come true. Little did she know her father was standing behind the door and heard everything she said about wanting him so much.

Later that evening when Becky was in her room there was a knock at the door. “Come in” she said. Her father walked in and over to Becky where she was sat down and he put his arms around her and kissed her cheek.

“I love you sweetie,” he said in a caring way.

“Aww I love you too dad,” Becky replied wondering what had come over him.

“Show me how much you love me you little whore,” Becky’s dad said angrily. “I heard you earlier on and your gonna get fucked so hard baby. You want daddy’s cock raping all your holes don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you mean, I was just – I didn’t mean it- its just a fantasy, please daddy don’t hurt me”, Becky stuttered.

Before she knew it her father had locked the door and undone his jeans. She could see the bulge in his pants where his semi-hard cock hung. “Strip,” he ordered.

Becky was confused. Half of her wanted this to happen and the other half was scared. “The longer you put it off the more I'm gonna hurt you bitch,” her dad yelled at her again. She slowly started to remove her thin top revealing her well-developed body. She slid off her skit and stood still in her underwear. He dad grabbed her and ripped off her panties and bra and forced her onto the floor. He pulled down his pants and revealed his huge hard cock to his scared little daughter.

“Suck it you sick slut”.

Becky had never seen a cock before, never even touched one. She wanted to do it so much but was scared to show how she felt. This had to be wrong she thought.

She slowly started licking the head and sliding her tongue up and down his cock in long strokes feeling how hard he was. She then sucked and licked his balls and heard him grown. She loved the taste and couldn’t get enough of it. She placed his huge cock into her mouth and sucked it moving her lips back and forth taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She started to suck harder and faster. Her daddy’s hands pushing her head down deeper onto his cock – fucking her face. He forced his cock deeper down her throat making her gag – he felt the back of her mouth and saw the terror in her eyes.

“You like that don’t you slut. Daddy’s cock down your throat. Mmm get ready for my cum”.

He started moaning louder and he pulled her head away from his cock and shot his cum all over her face. His white, thick cum was dribbling down her face. Becky loved it. She wiped it off with her fingers and licked them clean. Mmm but what would her daddy do next?

“You liked that didn’t you? You dirty little bitch – sucking your daddy’s cock and enjoying it. Well I want you to lay over the bed with that tight little ass in the air”.

Becky done as she was told – she had started to enjoy being controlled.

“I’m gonna fuck your so hard slut – that tight little ass of yours is gonna get ripped open”.

And with that Becky’s dad forced his cock deep into her ass making her scream with pain. She grabbed onto the bed and pleaded and begged him to stop but he kept thrusting harder.

“Well this is what you wanted isn’t it, my little slut? This is what you’ve been dreaming about”.

He fucked her harder and faster until he saw blood trickling down her ass.

“Daddy stop please, it hurts too much,” Becky pleaded. Her dad removed his cock and quickly pulled her over so she was facing him.

“Well if your didn’t like that, I bet your gonna like this bitch!”

He spread her legs wide and grabbed her nipples, pulling and twisting them making them hard. Becky’s body was reacting to it – the thought of him fucking her pussy still turned her on and she could feel her juices making her moist, especially after her daddy stuck 2 fingers up her cunt.

“Mmm so you do like it slut. Go on beg me for it – beg me to fuck you whore”.

He looked at her with a satisfied look on his face as if he enjoyed humiliating and abusing her.

“Daddy please don’t make me do this – its wrong”, Becky replied.”

Her father grasped both his hands round her neck and shouted, “do it slut”.

“Ok Ok - daddy please fuck my tight virgin cunt till I bleed – I want your hard cock inside me so much", Becky said shocked at herself.

“That’s better slut”. He thrusted his hard cock deep inside her hot wet pussy and Becky loved it.

“Oh daddy do it harder, that feels so good”. He was pounding her tight pussy feeling it grip his cock.

“Mmm you love it slut – your gonna be all mine after this – im gonna fuck you till your dry you dirty little whore.” He carried on fucking her harder and faster.

“Daddy cum on my face again – I loved that”. Becky requested. He daddy pulled his cock out of her cunt just as he was about to cum and sprayed it all over her face. Becky loved being a slut – she just wanted to keep getting fucked. He daddy owned her now and could fuck his little slut whenever he wanted to.

Written by: RandyCandy

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