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Girls Night Out Ch. 01

by jeninflorida©

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I have been married to my own stud. My husband Mike is simply a hunk. Mike is a soft person but on the outside looks as tough as they come. He has this scar below his left eye that scared me at first. For the first few dates I was always on guard until this warm teddy bear of a man exposed itself to me. He looked so dangerous, yet so exciting. The great part is that we give each other room. Mike is not jealous if I flirt a little and always gets firm when I flash him or strangers. Us girls tend to get a little wild.

All my girlfriends think Mike is great, as they love to flirt with him. I know he loves the attention. What man wouldn’t? I love to watch as my horny husband gropes my friends every now and then. None of the girls has every tried to stop his roaming hands yet. In a way watching him with my friends is foreplay for me. I’m so aroused after my girlfriends go home.

Every now and then I tease Mike about my body. I’m not jealous but would love to look like a sexy movie star. Mike always says to me, “Jennifer, I wish that there was something I could say to help you feel the same way I do about your body.”

After a late night with our friends, I can't wait to get home and rape my husband once we're in the bedroom. Guess that keeps a marriage happy, as I hear men love their wives to be sluts in the bedroom.

I hear a car pull up and our doorbell ring. “Susan, how did you get out of the house wearing that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Girl, your dress has no sides except for these spaghetti straps holding the front and back together and it's way short.”

“Oh do you like?” All the girls laugh then Susan says, “I got dressed at Heathers!”

“Oh, and how did the two of you walk out of the house?”

Heather turns and proudly says, “We flashed him our tits.” Heather is wearing a short black leather skirt with matching boots. Her blouse is almost transparent but I can still make out her lacey bra. Heather has perfect tits but she never displays them.

Susan pipes in, “And, we promised that if we had a great time he could watch us kiss.”

“You sluts!”

Heather proudly answers, “Why thank you!”

Misty says, “I’ve always wanted to kiss a woman.”

The group becomes quiet. No one knows what to say. I’m sure that they all have thought it. Hell, I know I do but never thought that I would. Women are soft, sexy, and easy to look at. If I ever need to get in the mood, I just look at my husband’s playboys.

Susan has organized a little party for Heather as she’s getting married on Saturday. I can’t believe that we are going to a male review. After all why would they use such a cheesy name? Just call it what it is. It’s a male strip club. Susan lies when we enter the club; she says that it’s Heather’s bachelorette party. The manager offers us a room and tells us he will send us his "special" dancers. What can be so special about a bunch of male strippers?

We’re led into this room, a private party room. Loud music starts to play as four male dancers come out. They start to dance around the room, catching our attention. Ok, these men can move. Like any cheesy place, they pull their pants off and then rip their shirt. After a few songs these dancers are down to a bikini.

Then things change.

Oh my, there is a guy fully erect. Pam has him rocking his hips. He looks funny, having the head of his cock peeking from his uniform. Pam looks up and winks at me. Next, she reaches out and grabs him. No, she won’t? Oh my god, she takes him. I watch as she starts to give his guy head. Her soft red lips open as she guides this guy’s cock into her mouth. She takes all of him. Pam's actions totally catch me off guard.

My nipples harden begging for some attention. I’m amazed as my panties become uncomfortably wet. This is not like us. Best to my knowledge none of us has had an affair, yet here is Pam with this dancer's hard thick cock deep in her mouth. And she is enjoying it!

I’m amazed, as Pam acts so sluttish. However, my body starts to react. She looks hot. Not sure if this happens often, as the dancer looks a little stunned. Yet he’s able to reach down her blouse grabbing her breasts. Her eyes open and we make eye contact. I watch intently as she smiles with this stranger's cock in her mouth. Wonder how her husband would feel? I bet he would love it, as he is a kinky bastard.

Pam looks just like the actress in Lethal Weapon 4, Thomas Crowning Affair, and Renee something. I can’t believe I’m watching my dear friend giving this stranger head. She is good, making me jealous. I’m becoming jealous of him, I want her lips on me. Oh my god, what is this? Now I’m thinking about having my friend going down on me!

Misty reaches up and rips this guys thong apart and off of him. My eyes are glued, as well as Misty, as he becomes hard. She has the dancer sit down in her chair. This black stripper has the largest cock that I have ever seen. Her hands reach under her skirt. Oh she won’t. Oh god she is. Misty slides down on him. Her body moves down slowly, becoming accommodating to his size.

“Remove your skirt, you slut!” The words scream from my mouth. Did I say that?

She lifts up then down hard taking all of him in her. With this look that I have never seen before, she looks like a different woman as she stands up. I have to see him in her and move closer to her. What am I doing? She unzips her skirt allowing it to hit the floor. I’m standing next to my good friend as her nude body mounts this stud again. The contrast is breath taking. The head touches her wet lips, parting them and then he disappears deep in her.

I looked over as something catches my eye. Heather is stroking this guy. Are all my friends sluts? She has his thong under his balls, freeing his cock. Now I see a pattern, these guys are big. They all must be at least eight inches long.

Heather has this guy inches from her face. Her firm breasts highlighted by her erect nipples. She takes him, making him wet and then starts to stroke him.

It’s a good thing we're all in skirts. Misty will not be the only one to take a dancer tonight. I started to wish to be a man, as both Pam and Heather enjoy them. I want any one of them to take me. My body is aching for relief. I would bend these sluts over, taking them from behind while slapping their tight ass.

Then a finger slides under my panties and in me. Then it feels like a second finger has parted my lips. I look down to see Misty looking up at me. She stands up off of him, his cock dripping with her juice. She unzips my skirt, pulls down my panties, and then lifts up my blouse and removes it with my lacy bra. I don’t even stop her; my mind doesn’t even register what she is doing. I’m fully nude in front of my best friends.

Misty holds my hand and leads me over to a table. She lies down, pushes me in front of her. Her stud boy moves between her legs. His massive pole, how did he fit that in her? I move over her, my pussy inches from her face. It takes what feels like hours, until my wet slit finds her pleasure giving mouth. I reach out and take hold of him. Mystically I guide him into her. I watch the mushroom head disappear into her. Then an inch, a second, more into her, until all of him is back in her. Her mouth opens, taking my clit in her mouth.

Then she hits me, does something with her tongue and mouth. All I can think about is what she is doing to my body. Deep in my body an orgasm starts. I can’t open my eyes, I can’t think. I can't breath. All I can do is nothing. I collapse on her, giving her complete access to my clit. She works me, teases me, and toys with me.

Stronger the orgasm builds, and the more I need to cum. I hear her, those wet noises, her tongue on my wet pussy. Hopefully she can breathe and will not drown. My body tightens, every muscle tightens, squeezes. Oh god, I can’t take it. Her face gets pushed hard into my sex from her lover. The dancer pumps Misty hard pushing her tongue into me. It grips, and then it hits. My body convulses, pins and needles. My hair even tingles as I cum on my friend. I can’t speak, just grunt. My eyes are too heavy to open.

I can hear them talk. They are around us. Misty's lover works his love tool deep in her, giving her great pleasure. Her moaning becomes louder as her orgasm builds.

I slide off Misty and stand up, and see Pam work this stud. He gives one final thrust, starts to fill her. She takes and even swallows. Then stud man, pushes deep “I’m cumming.” That gets Misty, I watch as her body shakes on him. Her pussy grips him, the stripper says, “Damn girl, you’re a vice grip!” They cum together as he fills her and she uses him.

Then Heather starts to loudly moan catching my attention. Looking over, I see her bent over a chair with her dancer going to town. Her eyes are closed, her shirt up, and her left hand massaging her breast. Her mouth is open, in awe as her stud boy works his magic. The dancer makes faces, as he gets close. He pushes hard, and she screams. She falls forward as she takes all of him.

My girls have never done something so wild. Three of them had just allowed strangers to cum. Misty has some guys cum in her as well as Pam. I don’t know if we can keep tonight a secret. I’ll tell Mike in bed tonight, but I’m sure the others will take this night with them.

Susan pushes Pam on the couch. Like a mad man Susan rips down Pam’s panties. She just takes her, going down on her. I’m watching my wildest friend molesting Pam. Is this the first time Pam has allowed a woman to go down on her? Susan looks like a skilled woman. She brings Pam to the edge and pushes her over. Pam's orgasm is hard and fast.

Proudly Susan stands, her face glistening in the nightclub lights.

A new dancer comes up to Susan. He places his cock against her face. She doesn’t think, just opens her mouth to greet him. This guy is hot. Wow, Pam really gives a great show. I can tell Susan loves sex. She’s a giver. I can’t wait to get those lips on me! her stud is no match as he cums in two minutes.

Now, sitting here nude it's time to take inventory as to what we did. Pam is wearing most of her clothes, but missing her panties. Misty has no skirt or panties. Heather is missing her panties

Susan has a little cum on her face, as she swallowed most of his cum. Misty allowed her stud to cum in her as well as Heather. Susan just went down on Pam, and then a dancer. Misty ate me out to a mind shattering orgasm.

We all decide to head over to my house and spend the night. My husband will not judge, only in his amazingly great fashion, he will understand. We'll have to save that story for another day. I’m sure some of my friends will try to be with him, and I might want to watch that. The only thing to worry about is their husband. However, most of them have been trained to expect the wild night. If only the husbands could handle the truth.

Some men have fragile egos. Sure size matters, if you don’t love the man! On the way to my house, I call everyone’s husbands and tell them that we all drank too much. After tonight, we might need to add some of the cool husbands. Only time will tell us which of the husbands are cool and which ones are controlling.

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Written by: jeninflorida

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