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My Roadtrip to See Master

by Ownedslut©

My hands gripped the steering wheel as my car sped past the signs on the side of the highway. The miles were blurring together, landmarks were just background noise and despite being totally focused on the road, I was completely distracted by the thoughts going on inside my head. Hundreds of miles in my rear view with hundreds left to go and only my throbbing wet cunt to keep me company.

I had my skirt hiked up and my shirt pulled all the way down so my body was on full display but still right there in case I needed to cover up. No one seemed to notice though; if the truckers did they didn't honk sadly but was nice to have my window down to feel the cool wind against my body.

I would snap back from my thoughts of my Master every so often, away from the dreams of being at his feet whenever I had to make a stop to get gas or stretch my legs. There is something so freeing about hopping out of my car, cut off denim mini skirt barely covering my ass, tits peeking through my sheer lace tank top and knowing all the eyes on me are ones which have never seen me before and will never see me again. The joys of a road trip.

But what brought me to this point in the middle of nowhere, USA? Backtrack two days.

I was sitting at my desk at work, trying to look busy while being incredibly bored and trying to get over my Monday morning sleepiness. My computer beeped that all familiar sound at me and a smile spread across my face as I knew it was Master without even having to look. We do not live together, long distance makes computer messaging a given and he was currently away on a business trip which made me even more happy to hear from him.

"Hi cunt."

Every morning it is some variation of this. Hi cunt. Good morning cunt. Always cunt and it always makes me smile when I see it. I am not one of those high strung women who cringes at the word. I love it and it is more a term of endearment than anything to me now in my life.

The morning chat progressed as usual, that is until it took a turn quickly in a direction I was not expecting.

"Do you need to suffer pig?" his words appearing on my screen.

"Yes Master," the answer a reflex ingrained in me, my nature making my responses pour out of me as my needs chip away at my insides.

"Do you need to be used by Me?" Each of his questions putting me on the edge of my seat.

"Yes Master, badly," I responded.

He of course knew I would say that. He knew I cannot resist my needs, to be at his feet, to suffer in pain, to be his depraved piece of meat. Before I could blink twice the plan began to unfold. Master had driven down to his business meetings and I was to meet him halfway on his way home, the day after the next.

He let me go after we discussed the details and there I was at my desk. Trembling in excitement that I would get to see Master. Realizing in that moment just how much I had been missing him as it had been months since I last got to worship at his feet. And in honesty, nervous when I realized I had nine hour drive across a few state lines I had to face.

The next day seemed to fly by as I prepared myself for my trip. My nerves really started to play up but I knew the second I was behind the wheel of my car, nothing but the highways and my own thoughts, that those would calm right down. What did I have to be nervous about after all? I knew what to expect, I knew what was expected of me but yet this feeling persisted.

The nerves were in fact my excitement. The butterflies were me realizing that I had just agreed to a nine hour drive just to see my Master for only a few hours, without so much as questioning it. The feeling in my tummy was me swallowing down my fears about my own submission and embracing it full on.

The night before leaving I ran through my usual routine before seeing Master. I washed all of my toys and made sure they were clean and neatly arranged them in my luggage. Dildos, plugs, clamps. Ropes, weights, restraints. Hood, gag, crop and lube. Each item has its own little way I pack it up, making sure I don't forget anything.

The last thing that I placed so carefully into my luggage was his leather belt. Master had given it to me when I first started submitting to him and he has used it in every single session we have had. The amount of tears, sweat and cum that have been working into that leather have made it all the more special to me. In fact I sleep with it every night. Sometimes tucked under my pillow or sometimes I cuddle up with it, which I know sounds ridiculous but it has such a calming effect when I am apart from him.

Once I had forgotten his belt. I was in so much trouble but Master made sure I would never forget it again. That kind of pain just burns certain lessons right into your memory. I now triple check to make sure it is in my bag before zipping everything up.

Next on my fuckpig check list was prepping my body. Enemas are never a pleasant ordeal, but an oh so important step. Master has reinforced how important this is. Porn star squeaky clean whenever he is going to gape out my ass. Over the years, I have gotten pretty good at it, although it still is a challenge to get perfectly porn star clean, I do my best. A few the night before and then a few the day of before I see him as I am prepping to be used, that usually does the trick.

I needed to get my sleep. It was going to be a very early morning and I had hundreds of miles to go before I could be at his feet. But sleeping would not be easy. I was throbbing. I was in need. All I could think about was him. The pain he gives me, the discipline, the pleasure. His cock, his ass, his sweat, cum and piss. It was all racing through my mind and soon enough it all faded while I drifted off to sleep.

My alarm went off before I knew it. Instantly jerking me wide awake, I jumped out of bed with purpose. Time to get my ass in gear and get to Master. I had to be at the hotel before he got there so I had time to finish my prep, now was not the time to drag my sleepy little feet. I got ready, packed up my car and my road trip was on its way.

I texted Master when I was on the road to let him know I was on my way. The second I was out of city limits, my skirt got hiked up so my cunt would be exposed and my shirt was moved so my tits were out and on display. It was going to be me, my thoughts, the road and the glancing side looks of truckers I passed for the next few hours.

Which catches me up in my journey. Middle of nowhere, USA. Every time I had to stop for gas, for a stretch, body hanging out everywhere, I could feel the eyes on me. I would match them with a clueless smile, a peek out from my sunglasses and an extra wiggle in my walk. Keep on looking strangers, talk about the slut you saw at the gas station for a week with your buddies, gossip about it over coffee at your girlfriends place. I love small town gas stations but I had to put it in my rear view.

My sloppy cunt was leaving quite the mess on my car seat, should have brought a towel to sit on. Such a messy little pig. It was just one more thing to put a smile on my face as I continued my drive. It seemed to take so long, trying to get to him. Counting the miles in my head, doing the math of how much further I had to go. My foot wanted to hammer on the gas and make my suffering less prolonged, but I know Master does not tolerate excessive speeding and so I just had to tap my fingers on my steering wheel and keep my eye on the prize, my mind focused on nothing but being at his feet.

Finally, I pulled into the sleepy town that marked the half way point. my heart started beating a little faster as I parked at the hotel and grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and headed inside to check in, making sure to cover up just enough so as not to startle the nice lady at the front desk. My legs felt like jelly, hours of sitting and driving made me feel weak and I knew I would need a nap before Master arrived. Timed perfectly so I would get there before him, I knew I had a few hours to prep and rest.

The room was basic. A big bed, a chair and ottoman. A television and desk. I wasted no time as I walked in, texting Master to let him know I had arrived safely before unzipping my heaving suitcase of toys. I went to work laying out Master's playground. Everything neatly arranged on the desk so he wouldn't have to fumble around for anything. Once everything was unpacked, I scurried off to the washroom with my enema kit. Methodically I went through the process of filling and unfilling my ass with warm water. It can be a tiring thing to do when your body is already reeling from a day of driving.

My phone lit up, almost as if Master knew I was in a compromising position. He was two hours away. Perfect timing I thought as I smiled to myself, enema bag draining above my head. The butterflies of getting to see him filled my tummy. Or perhaps it was the last of the water filling my slutty hole. Either way I was swimming in nerves and excitement. Enemas done, I cleaned up, inspected myself in the mirror and set my alarm to go off in 75 minutes. As if I could sleep, but I had to at least shut my eyes and rest.

It didn't even seem like 15 minutes had gone by when my alarm blasted and jolted me in bed. I got up, fixed my hair and makeup. Double checked to make sure everything was where it should be. Then I set the hotel room door so it was ever so slightly a jar just in time to see Master's text light up my phone.

"Here" was all it read. "I am ready" was all I need reply and then I took my loving position on the floor. Facing the door, on all fours, legs spread shoulder width. Ass presented high in the air, chest low, face to the ground. Not only do I know that it is expected of me, this position is one so important to me as his submissive, his slave. my moment to collect my thoughts, to catch my breath, to remember my place. my special place at his feet.

The door open and shut. my heart did a slight wobble of panic as if it could be someone other that Master but I didn't dare look up. I knew it was him. He walked in past me, without saying a word, as if I were just another piece of furniture on the floor, a part of the room to be looked over. I tried not to smile to myself, but I could feel the little smirk from the situation form on my face. I love being treated like an object, that feeling can't help but make the happiness of it show on my face.

I could hear Master moving about the room. Undressing, picking things up and putting them down but again I didn't dare try to catch a glimpse of him. I just waited as he did his thing, as I always do, face to the floor, holes becoming wetter by the second.

Finally he grabbed my ponytail and used it as a leash to guide me to where he wanted me, in front of the comfy chair in the corner of the room, ass raised facing him as he took his seat. Then silence. The long pause. The final chance for me to catch my breath and collect my thoughts.

"Why are you here pig?" Master said is his steady monotone way.

"To be used and abused like I was born for Master," was all I could muster as a reply. I knew I had a world of pain coming my way, a much needed and deserved punishment and it was like my brain fogged over. That entire drive all I could think about was being at his feet. The second I got there, my brain turned off, my body wanted to be used.

And that was all it took for Master to get up and place the hood over my head blocking out any chance of me seeing anything. He guided me up into the ottoman and had me flip over onto my back, legs spread, totally vulnerable to him, face ready to receive him like I was born to. I wasn't expecting to get to taste Master's ass so soon in the evening. I instantly welcomed the taste of his skin as my tongue buried into his ass. I could taste and smell his sweat from a long days drive and I didn't care. I was completely content instantly, until he made sure to shatter my brief moment of ass heaven.

His crop landed down on my cunt. Swift and without any warning. The pain shot through my cunt and into my brain releasing a muffled scream and cry into my Master's ass. My instinct was to shut my legs and recoil from the jolt but Master patiently made sure my legs stayed open as I tried to regain my composure and get back to tonguing his ass. Like a pacifier, it calmed me right away and my focus recovered, but I knew this was only the beginning. My cunt already on fire from just one crop impact. Miles to go cunt, I reminded myself.

Just as I got back into my happy place, again his crop shattered it into pieces. The pain tore through me even more intensely. It made me writhe underneath his, muffled screams escaping my mouth as I tried to keep my slut tongue buried in his sweaty ass. Under my hood I could feel the tears welling up. This is punishment, this is what poorly behaved cunts need to learn, this is what I needed to learn and Master was in full control to make sure I didn't soon forget.

I can't remember how many crops my red swollen pussy received, after a few, they blend together but it was only the beginning. Master had enough of my screaming and moved me off on the ottoman and onto my feet, parking me over on the bed. I was blind to what was going on around me, disorientated as he had me get on all fours on the bed. Master had lubed up his cock and had only once place in mind for it.

He lined up his thick cock with my tight, unlubed fuckhole and impaled Himself into me. I have never resisted Master's cock on purpose, I love it when he fills me to the brim, but this intrusion of brutality had me pulling away from him as if I could stop it from happening. Master just grabbed me tighter and drove deeper into me as I squealed and pleaded. Flattening me out on my belly, Master used his whole body to restrain my squirming, his fingers fish hooking into my mouth as he brutally tore into me. That was what I needed. To be broken, to be reminded of who owns my fuckholes.

Master hissed into my ear the entire time. He knew this is what I needed, he only had to remind me and sure enough my squirming gave way as my ass opened up on his cock. Cunt flooding with juices and just as my pleads turned to moans, Master withdrew his thick cock and sat on the bed in front of me.

"Clean pig" was all I needed to hear to know what was expected of me. My mouth found it's way to his cock as I savored my ass slop covering his cock. That mix of my own depraved hole and lube and precum that I have grown to love so much invaded my senses while I worked my tongue across every last inch of his thick cock, making sure not to miss a single spot.

Master then shifted his weight, presenting his foot to my whore mouth instead. I fumbled at first, the hood blocking my eyes from seeing what was going on. But once I realized Master was presenting his foot for me to worship I knew exactly what to do. Each toe getting special attention from me as I propped my body up to display my tits properly. The degradation of the act was totally lost on me as I did my best to lick his feet as he presented them to me. My head was swimming in submissive happiness just being able to worship him in any way possible.

His weight shifted again as he let me get back to sucking his thick cock and licking his balls. In the back of my mind I knew that I still had suffering to endure. But as I settled into some proper cock worship, those thoughts floated out of my head, the cock in my mouth letting me drift off into my little pig happy place. But quickly that would be shattered, the reality of pain would make sure of that.

Master got up and directed me to get back on the ottoman, reminding me I still had a lesson to learn. Part of my head knew I had to suffer at his feet to make up for some past discretions. Part of my head was screaming to go back to worshipping his cock, to go back to my happy place. Deep breaths while I tried to prep myself mentally for what could be coming my way as Master secured my ankles and wrists with some rope restraints. There would be no getting away from what he had in store, the ball gag going into my mouth solidified that fact beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The first sting of his crop landed down on my ass. The pain cut into me like a hot knife into butter and I was not prepared for it as a scream worked its way past the ball gag firmly blocking my mouth. It seemed that just as I would calm from lash cutting into me, another one would land on my skin, breaking my focus even more. It didn't take much before I felt utterly broken. Part of it was embarrassment for breaking so easily, I usually do not cave so quickly under his leather. But I obviously needed the release of it, the catharsis that pain can bring at his feet.

The pain stopped though and I could hear Master moving about. I wondered what he was doing. He was grabbing things and that made my mind race with excitement. Master had allowed me to buy some new toys a while back, but had not allowed me to play with them. A nice big, pretty glass dildo, covered in nubs and heavy in weight. It was a work of art in my eyes. The second was an even larger, massive black rubber dildo, larger than my own arm in length and girth. A punishing looking cock that made me swallow extra hard just looking at it. I wondered if my holes would finally get introduced to them.

Cold lube hit my asshole, startling me slightly but made my pussy start to flood for what might be coming. Something cold lined up against my ass. Cold and hard. Glass. A smile spread around my ball gag for a second realizing Master was going to introduce me to my newly acquired piece of art. But that smile faded the second he started working it into me. The biggest toy I had ever had used on my ass, the feeling of my ass spreading, stretching and stretching some more to accommodate it was almost alarming. I felt like I was being split in two and there was nothing I could do about it. Deeper and deeper Master began pushing it, past the first row of nubs, then past the second. Each time he would pull it out, he would drive it back in deeper.

I get this odd sensation of pride when I can that my fuckhole is being pushed, being stretched more than it ever had. All that pride bubbled out of me in the form of guttural moans muffled by a gag. Master then kicked it into high gear by resting the vibrating wand against my sloppy cunt. The pleasure that started coursing through me instantly had me overwhelmed. I couldn't tell if I was in pain from the pleasure. Part of me wanted to present my fuckholes even more to him while he diligently kept working the glass dildo in and out of my ruined ass or if I wanted to squirm and struggle to get away from the wand and protect my sensitive clit. I was a good pig though and tried to present myself as best I could and soon the need to cum was overpowering me.

I begged Master, I know never to cum without permission, and so the begs started coming out incoherently from behind the ball crammed into my mouth. I begged some more, desperate for the permission I needed so badly, my cunt felt like a dam that was waiting to burst. The glass dildo slowly pulled form me and the wand taken away, I could feel my ass was gaped and ruined and sore. Half twitching from my need to cum as it slowly dissipated ever so slightly. I could feel a new toy lined up my cunt, the sound of lube globbing out onto the area. I tensed knowing I was about be impaled on the new monster cock toy, instantly making me a little nervous.

Master pushed the monster into my cunt. It's sheer size tearing me in two instantly while he popped the huge head of the cock into my sloppy cunt. He had no care for the pain, he didn't care about my sobs of protest, all he cared about was reminding me what my holes were for. Suffering and degradation always serves as the perfect reminder. Once the head was popped all the way into my hole, Master began letting me experience what it is like to be fucked by a monster. The cock worked back and forth inside of my sloppy hole with little resistance as he impaled me deeper and deeper. The wand buzzed back to life, firmly placed against my clit, I was instantly back on the edge of cumming, I could feel myself try to buck back against the cock like an animal with no control. The begs for my release came without a thought, I needed to cum on this monster cock like the cum pig I was born to be. The yes coming from his lips was music to my ears as I clamped down and let my orgasm rip through me. I felt like I could have passed out from the intensity of it as it hit its peak and then the wand kicked into overdrive.

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