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A Love Story: Peter and Kim

by Iread2relax©


I'm back with another installment of my series A Love Story. All of the marriages seems so perfect and happy, right? Maybe or maybe not? For Peter and Kim, there is trouble in paradise. Every relationship goes through storms. Let's see if they come out of the other side.

For now, I hope you enjoy reading about Peter and Kim.

All the characters in this story are above the age of consent. This is a slow burn. If you want a quick fix, then you may want to read another story.





Kimberly Jamison, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He asked on bended knee. They were at his parent's anniversary celebration. His parents were celebrating thirty-five years of marriage, and their son chose this place, this moment, to ask her. Smiling with tears cascading down her cheeks, Kim squeaked out, a yes. People applauded as Peter lifted her and twirled her around in excitement. She felt like the luckiest woman alive.

Kim wept softly at the memory. She remembered his mother hugging her and charging her with keeping her son happy. His father gave her a big bear hug and welcomed her into the family. His brothers and his sister hugged her also. She had met Andrew's wife, but they weren't really friendly, however, Cici congratulated her as well.

She was so happy. The only day she was even happier was on her wedding day. Her Mom was still living and she came from the long-term care facility she lived in. Kim was so proud that she came. Soon she had to go back, but Peter assured her mother that Kim was safe now. Her Mom died a few months later and his family supported her in every way they could.

Kim barely finished college with a degree in fashion. Her father in law took a chance in her. The mall had a store space available, and he secured it and soon Kimberlie's was born. Peter was so supportive. He was there. Now it was over; too many mistakes, too many lies, and too many sorrys, She was done. Kim sighed, and then she pulled her duffel from their attic.


In the city, Kim was packing. She was done. She loved Peter. She had dedicated her life to him. For seven years she was a devoted wife. She knew his family was not very fond of her, but she spent as much time with them as she could.

Anything he wanted, she gave. He wanted to be a doctor, and she never interfered in his work. She stayed home at night waiting for him, even when he did not come home. Four years ago, he cheated, and she kept it secret, not wanting to tarnish his reputation with his family. He apologized, and swore to her it would never happen again.

He said he didn't want children, and she agreed to not have a child. That's why she had to go. A social worker stopped by looking for Peter. He had a three year old son, and they needed him to take custody. She was done. He said he never wanted kids. Yet, he was a father. Kim knew she was never good enough and now she was giving him his space.


Three months earlier

Kim attended the graduation of her friends Isla and Mia. Isla and Brett had married in Vegas a month ago and she was happy for her younger brother -in-law. Often, Brett was the one member of the Graves family that Kim felt s kinship with. He was not an entrepreneur, and when compared to his siblings, he still depended on his parents. Kim knew how he felt.

She was so different from her sister in-laws. The other women were brave, beautiful, and had clear goals in mind. Kim ran a fashion boutique. Her main establishment was in the mall and with the backing of her in laws; she was initially turning a small profit.

Not wanting to disappoint them, Kim worked day and night establishing her place of business. She smiled as she recalled meeting her husband almost a decade ago. Peter Graves was the most handsome man she very laid eyes on. Unfortunately, he was off limits. You see, Peter was actively dating a girl she considered a friend.

Bunny wanted her girlfriends to meet her boyfriend. He was a medical intern and she was already planning to marry him. Peter joined them at a local nightclub and Bunny made no secret of letting everyone now he was taken.

She introduced each friend. Then she introduced, Kimberly. "Hey, Pete babe, this is Kimberly. We let her hang around us. I mean, she is a friend too."

Kim was hurt. For three years, she did everything she could to fit in with these girls. Soon some of his friends joined them and Kim was left on purse duty again. Peter dated her friend Bunny for a few months and they broke up.

She was in her junior year when Peter walked into the coffee shop where she worked. He recognized her immediately. Her friendship with Bunny had ended last year, and she was surprised her remembered her at all.

"Kim, right?" he asked before placing his order.

"Yes, how are you Peter? It's nice to see you." Kim replied.

"Go out with me." Peter suggested.

Kim laughed. He was not serious. Peter frowned slightly. "Come on. You must feel like slumming." Kim suggested.

"No, I like you. If Bunny wasn't around, I would have asked you out before now. Come on, go out with me." He whispered.

"OK." Kim whispered.

He then ordered, and Kim quickly prepared his meal.

Smiling, Kim resumed packing. That was a little over seven years ago. Today was another time. Her husband had other responsibilities. He wasn't home right now and she planned to be gone when he returned. She was sure the social worker had found him at the hospital by now.

"Kim! Kim!" Peter yelled as he rushed into their home.

He knew the woman stopped by the house and spoke to his wife. He wasn't sure what Kim knew, but he had to explain. This was a mistake. He messed up a few years ago, but he was not going to lose her because of it.

Rushing upstairs, he found his wife weeping softly and packing.

"Baby, it's not mine. I didn't mess with anyone else. I gave you my word and I meant that." Peter whispered.

"He looks like you, Peter. I saw his picture." Kim sniffed, "I won't be a fool. Four years ago, I stayed. I kept your secret. This little boy is three years old. You got her pregnant. Tell me the truth. Is he yours?"

Peter was speechless. The possibility was there. Shania left and he pretended the affair never happened. Shania was found dead in her apartment and her son was taken into state custody. They searched and found him. His name was on the child's birth certificate. The social worker said the state would pay for test to determine paternity. Peter was afraid. He knew the test would prove this was his child. He also suspected that when the results were revealed, Kim was gone.

He didn't want to lose his wife. He knew she'd leave him. He had to stop her.

"Kim, he could be mine. She never told me she was pregnant, but my name is on his birth certificate." Peter explained.

Kim looked at the man. This man owned her heart. She could forgive him. She could understand, maybe even accept his child. But he told her he never wanted kids. That was not true. He just didn't want them with her.

"I can't look at you now. I can't deal with this. She had your child and you hid him from me." Kim sobbed softly.

"Baby, I didn't..." Kim stopped him.

"You said, no children. I love you, Peter. So I agreed to never be a mother. Now you have a child with someone else." Kim sniffed. Peter realized the true sacrificed his wife made for him. She never said anything about having children. He recalled when they first married. He was finishing his internship, and a child would complicate things. He told her he didn't want kids. She was silent, and then she smiled and said "All I want is you."

He was on call fourteen straight days. He couldn't go home and Shania approached him. One night he lost several patients, and he was down-hearted. She came to him. It wasn't the first time, either. She had approached him many times before that night. Yet, he refused. However, that night, she came to him in the on-call room. He gave and buried himself inside her hot sheath. Watching their reflection, he noted how her dark hair contrasted his fair locks. She did not mute her cries but begged for more, deeper, harder, and faster. He was lost in his lust as he came deep inside of her womb. If it only happened once, Kim would never have known.

But he went back to her again and again. Kim found out and went ballistic. He would never forget the sheer look of horror in her face when he found him and Shania fucking on his desk. Kim stood and cleared her throat. They scrambled into their clothes with Shania fleeing his office as he pleaded with his wife. He wasn't sure how, but he convinced her to stay with him.

He told her it was over, and a part of him meant it. However, he went back to Shania a few more times until she moved away. Kim was wonderful and he knew he did not deserve her, yet, he begged for forgiveness, and she gave him another chance. She even kept the affair hidden from his family. Now, this happens.

Kim hoisted her bag over her shoulder, Peter blocked the door. "I'm not letting you leave me, Kim. We can work through this." He explained.

She looked at him. "You have a child Peter. He needs you. I need space." She whispered. She moved to go around him when he wrenched the bag from her shoulder causing her to cry out in pain.

He regretted that immediately. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her pain. "For better or worse, those were our vows Kimberly. You said them, just like I did. We can work through this. I won't let you leave me." He yelled. Just then someone knocked.

"Peter, open this door!" Andrew yelled.

They were insistent. Peter went and answered the door. His brothers Andrew and Daniel walked in. They noticed that Kim was crying, her bag strewn across the room. Cici and Dina rushed to Kim. Checking her, they were satisfied that he had not struck her. Not that they believed he would, but they heard the shouting and it frightened them.

"Come on, Kim." Cici whispered. "Let's go." Dina stood beside the weeping woman as they comforted her. Both Daniel and Andrew were concerned as well and each faced their brother with sheer disgust on their faces. Dina and Cici helped Kim pick up her bag and they left in Andrew's car. Andrew stayed with Daniel.

Peter glared at his brothers. "What are you doing here? Who called you?" he demanded.

"Staci from the boutique called Cici. Kim called in sick and when she talked to her she could tell something had happened. Then, I learned that child services were looking for you. I had some guys track the social worker down, and it didn't take long to put two and two together." Andrew growled.

"How in the hell could you cheat on Kim? Then you kept it secret. Does Mom know? Dad?" he demanded.

Peter faced his older brother. "This is between me and my wife. It's not your business. Andrew. Stay out of it."

"Peter, what happened?" Daniel asked.

"I fucked up, but Kim knew. She said she forgave me, and now this bullshit. What in the hell is she thinking? She can't leave. Our prenuptial is iron clad. You wrote it Daniel. She gets nothing if she leaves me." Peter growled.

Daniel frowned. Eight years ago when his brother came home and announced he was marrying a girl his family did not know, he immediately wrote a prenuptial to protect his brother. Peter was furious and refused to sign. Kimberly, told him not to be angry. His brother was looking out for his best interest. She signed the papers first. Daniel recalled that he was shocked. He expected her to resist, but she was instrumental in getting Peter to sign. They married and Kim was a devoted wife. Something happened four years ago, but they never talked about it. They assumed Kim had an affair, but no one really asked.

Now they learned that Peter had a son outside of his marriage. Everything was so clear. She kept quiet to protect him and he repaid her by impregnating another woman. Kim didn't want children. She said they were not in the cards for them. Peter explained their stance years ago, much to Bria's disappointment. Daniel could see how this would be a deal breaker for his sister-in-law.

But now, learning of his brother's deceit, he was questioning, Was this what Kim wanted, or what Peter in his arrogance demanded.


Cici drove Kim to her home. Dina sat with the woman holding her hand. Kim was silent. They arrived and the women escorted her inside. Within minutes, Emily arrived. Something was going on and she wanted to know what.

Cici and Dina explained that Peter had an affair and it was exposed. Wanting to defend her brother Emily asked Kim, was she sure?

Kim burst into tears. She fought to contain them, but to have someone blame her was too much. "He slept with her for several months. I stopped by his office one night and caught them together. He swore to me it was over. He lied. He got her pregnant. Now he has a child as proof of his betrayal." Kim sobbed.

"Kim, look. The affair was years ago," Emily tried to explain.

Kim glared at her. "I gave him everything. He wanted to work long hours, and I never complained. He flirted with other women and I pretended it didn't bother me. He was with another woman and I forgave him. He swore to me it was over. But it wasn't. He created a child with this woman after he swore to me the affair was through."

Kim sobbed as Dina tried to comfort her. She knew it hurt. The other women had never had a man use them and treat them as such, but she knew how Kim felt.

"Wait, she could have gotten pregnant before he called it off." Emily suggested. Kim's cries ripped her apart. She could not believe her brother would do this.

"The baby was born in February. I caught them in March. He swore it was over and he lied. I need space. I need to be alone." Kim stood and started to leave.

Cici stopped her. She hugged her close. "No, we are here for you. You are not alone Kim."

Kim sobbed. The love of her life lied to her. No one seemed to understand. Dina's heart broke for her. Cici hugged her as Emily cried with her. As the women comforted each other, Andrew called.

"Hey, she's upset. Andrew, how could he do this? I am so furious with him." Cici whispered.

"Baby, we're talking to him. Just keep Kim with you. She's too upset to be by herself." Andrew explained.


Daniel and Andrew sat down. "Kim is upset about the baby. We know she never wanted kids. I guess your having a son is a deal breaker for her." Daniel stated, watching his brother carefully. He had his suspicions, and Peter's answer would confirm or dispute them.

Peter exhaled. He would not let his brothers find a way to blame her. She was innocent in this. He whispered, "I didn't want children. She did. Tonight, before you got here. I realized that my wife gave up having a child because I asked her not too." Peter paused as the depth of his betrayal dawned on his brothers.

"You fucking idiot!" Andrew declared; ready to punch his younger brother.

Daniel stepped between them. He was furious as well. But beating Peter right now would not fix things.

Daniel sat, "Explain." He commanded.

Peter felt embarrassed. This was one shame he hoped to never share. He sat and explained to his brothers how this all happened.

"I don't know what happened. Her name was Shania Vega. She was a nurse at the hospital when I worked in Rhys. She was friendly, very flirtatious. At first, I thought she just had a crush, and I ignored her.

The longer we worked together, the more friendly we became. I worked 14 on and 14 off days. Kim complained, but I reminded her that as a surgeon I had responsibilities. When I worked, Shania made sure she was scheduled on my shift.

We became friends, and she became my confidant. Some nights, I could have come home, but I stayed to talk with her. Kim grew suspicious. I accused her of being insane. I was a surgeon after all. We flirted back and forth for months. One night, Kim stopped by to surprise me with dinner. I remember being pissed because I usually ate with Shania.

Shania stopped by the office and Kim invited her to join us. She didn't suspect anything unusual. Shania talked about her fiancé and asked Kim questions about our wedding. They agreed to get together and look at some things to help Shania plan her big day.

I was totally pissed, but hid it. Soon, Kim left and I pulled Shania into my office and demanded to know what in the hell was going on. She laughed and said "I had to do something to distract your wife, right." I knew then things with her had gone too far. But she fascinated me. She was exotic, beautiful. And she wanted me. As long as I kept it at work, Kim would never know.

A few months passed and I lost three young boys. They died needlessly. I went to the on call room and she followed me. That was our first time. After that night, I would see her as often as I could. Kim accused me of cheating again, and this time she was right. I pretended she was imagining things and reminded her that if she kept accusing me I was calling Daniel.

She froze and apologized. She was willing to do anything to keep me happy. I had what I thought I wanted. I had a devoted wife at home and a hot lover at the hospital. Shania and I were all over each other, until one night Kim stopped by unannounced and walked into my office. We were on my desk, and completely engaged in our dual lust. All of a sudden, she cleared her throat and I looked around. The hurt in her eyes killed me. Shania grabbed her clothes and ran and I started apologizing. Kim was hurt, and furious. She was within her rights to be angry, but I begged and swore to her that it was the only time and that Shania seduced me.

She didn't believe me, so I convinced her to take a vacation. Remember we went to Athens for a few weeks. I spent the time begging for her forgiveness, and I swore it would never happen again. We returned and for months, I avoided Shania. Fates went against us, and we ended up working together once more. She swore she loved me, and I gave. We just had to be careful and I had to keep Kimberly from finding out. We continued our love affair until Shania left. She felt guilty and hatred hurting Kimberly the way that she did. The only way to truly end it was for one of us to leave, so she opted to go.

For the next few weeks, I was devoted to my wife and my marriage. I would keep my promise and never stray again. Then one day, I was at a consultation when an old friend of mine mentioned Shania. She said that she would give birth in a few months. I knew it was mine. I called Kim and told her another doctor cancelled and I had to cover his shift. Then I drove to Marxim, Shania was working and she was carrying my child.

I confronted her, and demanded the truth. She finally admitted that her pregnancy was the reason she left. She had her sister call when he was about to be born and I gave Kim some excuse and went there. I didn't want to be a part of his life, but I did agree to support him. I came home and acted as if nothing had changed.

Shania was killed and as the only surviving parent, the state wants me to take him. I can't lose my wife. I can't lose my marriage." Peter concluded his tale. Daniel and Andrew were speechless. But they understood. Each man faced temptation, and although they resisted, they could see how a guy could succumb.

"So you knew about the baby?" Andrew asked.

Peter shook his head, no. "Yes, I know he's mine. I told Kim that he isn't. She will leave me after this." Peter sobbed.

His brothers offered him no comfort. They couldn't. They felt horrible for the beautiful woman their brother had hurt so badly.

Andrew stood and paced back and forth. He faced Peter. "You need to tell mom and dad." Peter froze. Andrew was right. He needed to call his parents.

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