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Twin Sisters Ch. 03

by mountainboy©

It was almost 7:00pm as Debbie Pearson stood in the kitchen waiting for her husband Stanley to come downstairs. She was 39 now having married Stanley when she was 19. Kirk had come along a year later and the twins 14 months after that. She had gone back to college and gotten a degree in Business Administration. She was the office administrator for the water company in town. “What are you staring at Kirk?”

“You Mom. You’re pretty,” Kirk said. Krista and Kimberly giggled.

Debbie Pearson blushed a little as she said, “Thank you Kirk. That was very nice.” She was wearing a blue peasant top that showed a little of her cleavage. Her proud 36c breasts had just a hint of the nipple showing. She had on white short shorts and her long slim nylon covered legs were set off nicely buy the black 4 inch heels she was wearing. At 5 feet 9 inches tall and 130 pounds she had maintained her good figure. She had the same deep blue piercing eyes and long wavy natural blonde hair of her daughters. She was much more than pretty; she was stunning standing almost 6 feet 1 inch in the heels.

Stanley Pearson came striding into the kitchen. Stanley had graduated from college with a degree in marketing and was working on his masters when he met Debbie. He was the Executive V P for a large brokerage and very successful. At 6 feet 6 inches tall and a trim 235 pounds with sandy hair and deep hazel eyes he presented an imposing figure, not to mention that he was an extremely good looking man. Kirk was the apple of his eye. His identical twin daughters looked so much like his wife it was almost like having 3 Debbies around. He looked at his lovely wife and said in his deep voice, “Are you ready Honey?”

Debbie Pearson looked at her 3 kids. Damn she thought her twins were gorgeous and her son was a real hunk. The door to the bathroom had been open a little earlier in the day when she walked by and Kirk was urinating in the toilet bowl. Her pussy had twitched when she saw the long piece of man meat that hung between her son’s legs. It was all she could do to keep from bursting in and sucking it. Her pussy twitched again as she thought about it. “We’ll be over at the Reynolds tonight playing cards, the phone number is on the counter,” Debbie Pearson said.

“Kirk, why don’t you take your sisters to the show,” Stanley Pearson said as he handed Kirk 20 dollars. “Maybe have a bite to eat too. We’ll be home around midnight.” They walked out the kitchen door. The kids heard the car leave.

The twins looked at each other and giggled. “I’ll bet Moms pussy is dripping juice at the kind of cards she’s going to get tonight,” Krista said

“Did you see the bulge in Dads shorts, I’ll bet he was thinking about those thick lips of Jennifer Reynolds sucking on his big cock as he shot Jizz into her throat,” Kimberly said.

“What are you 2 talking about?” Kirk said his cock starting to throb at the sex talk.

“What Dad and Mom are going to do tonight and it’s not play cards,” Krista said. “They belong to a swap club.”

“Kimberly, what do you think your doing?!!!!” Kirk shrieked. Kimberly had ran her hand up the leg of his loose fitting shorts and was rubbing his rapidly hardening cock through his jockey shorts.

“Showing you what that Jennifer Reynolds is going to do to Dad tonight,” Kimberly said. “She loves to suck a big cock and Dads must be 10 inches. Oh Kirk, you’ve got a big one.”

“Yea,” Krista said, “and Mom’s going to milk Jizz out of Jeff Reynolds thick cock with her pussy.” Kirk was sitting in one of the kitchen chairs. Krista had his shorts unzipped and pulled down far enough to loop the waist band of his jockey shorts under Kirk’s balls. “Oh Kirk, it’s bigger than Dads. I want to see if I can get it all in my mouth like Mom does,” Krista said as she plunged her mouth down over Kirks hard 11 inch cock. Krista started gagging half way down.

“Let me try,” Kimberly said as she took Kirks cock in her hand. Krista had let go choking when she hit her gag reflex.

“What, are you, girls talking, about?” Kirk gasped as Kimberly started to suck Kirks cock into her mouth. “Aaaahhh shit,” Kirk cried as he felt the head of his cock go past the back of Kimberly’s mouth into her throat. “Oooohhh Kim, that feels so good,” Kirk whined.

“You’re doing it Kim,” Krista exclaimed excitedly. “You’ve got him all in your mouth.”

Kimberly had her face buried in her brother’s groin. Kirks hard 11 inch rod was deep in her throat as she deep throated him. “Oooohh Kim, you’re, you’re, shit,” Kirk cried as his Jizz raced out of his balls, up his cock and into Kimberly’s throat. Kirks ass was 6 inches off the chair and he could feel a hand gently squeezing his balls gently, milking them.

“I see what you meant Kim. I can feel his balls pump every time he shoots a stream of Jizz,” Krista said. “I don’t think he’s ever going to stop.”

“Damn Kim,” Kirk groaned as his cock shot 1 more stream into Kimberly’s throat. Kirks ass slumped back into the chair. Kimberly let his softening cock come out of her mouth as she stood up. Kirk reached up and pulled her body to him. His hands slid under her loose halter top and brushed her nipples. “Jesus Kim, your nipples are hard,” Kirk gasped.

“Uh huh, they’re all tingly too. I think my pussy’s wet too. Did you like it big brother? I know I liked doing it. I wonder if Mom does it like that,” Kimberly said.

At that very moment the Pearson car was stopped in the park 2 blocks from the Reynolds house. Debbie Pearson had her husband’s fat 10 inch cock in her hand massaging it. “Our kids have sure groan up fast,” she said running her tongue over the head of Stanley Pearson’s big cock.

“Yes,” Stanley gasped. “Thank God there good kids.”

“Kirks cock is bigger than yours is Stan. I saw it today in the bathroom. He jacks off all the time you know,” Debbie said as she sucked the whole head of his fat cock into her mouth and then released it adding, “I saw him once when you were on a trip. He comes a lot just like his daddy. I better take care of this so you can last longer in Jennifer’s ass tonight,” Debbie said plunging down Stan’s 10 inch cock taking it deep in her throat just as he exploded.

“Jesus Deb, nobody sucks cock as well as you do,” Stanley gasped. “Your ass is better than Jennifer’s to; hell your ass is better than anybodies. I must have the sexiest, horniest wife in town.”

Debbie Pearson finished up on her husbands cock and looked at her watch. “Come on Stan, we’re gonna be late and my pussy needs some attention,” Debbie Pearson said smiling.

“Can’t wait for that thick 9 inch cock of Jeff Reynolds to tickle your sweet spots huh,” Stanley Pearson said grinning as he dropped the car into gear to head for the Reynolds.

“You know Deb there are going to be 2 new couples tonight, they’re black.” Debbie Pearson gasped. “I know how long thick black cocks excite you honey.”

In the kitchen at the Pearson house the kids had cleaned everything up when Kirk said, “What shall we do?”

“Let’s go get something to eat I’m starved. We can skip the show and come back here. I want to fuck and suck my big brother again,” Kimberly said.

“Me too. This time I’ll get it all in my mouth,” Krista said as they started for the door.

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Written by: mountainboy

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories