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A First Time for Everything

by trymeout8©

As I get older, I have an ever present fantasy of sharing my wife with another man. I'm not a cuckold and I'm certainly not lacking equipment, I just have a strong desire to see her be completely consumed.

We both are in our early 30's and we've been married for 5 years. Our sex life is still amazing. We tend to each others needs, explore each other's fantasies, and keep an open communication. Like most happy couples, we've run into situations that push our boundaries and lead to us spicing up things up a bit. Between fetish clubs, swinger parties, and just your everyday nightlife in NYC, let's just say we've had our fun. However, I've yet to provide her with that one particular experience.

This is how the story begins:

I was going to make this happen. I was going to find my wife another stud for her pleasure. The catch was that I wasn't going to tell her. I figured the adrenaline of the surprise would only add to the fantasy. It's a strange thing cruising for another man to fuck your wife with you. My first instinct was to find a stranger. I don't think she or I could deal with the awkwardness of inviting a close friend or even a casual acquaintance into our sex life. Looking online seemed like easiest way to begin my search.

I posted an ad on Craigslist and opened up an account on Adult Friend Finder determined to find a match. What came was a slew of duds. All I got were creepers who sent one line of text followed by a blurry dick pic. It was incredibly difficult to find someone I thought would both turn my wife on and respect our relationship at the same time. Also, my standards were ridiculously high. You see my wife is a drop dead gorgeous lingerie model who nearly stands at 6 feet and has big dark eyes that match her beautiful long dark hair. It sounds like a bold lie, but it couldn't be further from the truth. I absolutely couldn't settle for second rate.

2 weeks went by and I nearly gave up my search until I received a very articulate well formed email from a guy who was in NYC on business from Italy. In brief, he was looking for a sexy, sane couple to play with and attached a couple of perfectly normal G rated pictures. Something about his email gave me a very good feeling and I followed my gut.

His name was Marco and he was 33 from Milan. He was a handsome guy, he matched my height at 6'0, and had a light olive complexion with dark close cropped hair that had a slight curl to it. He definitely had a young business man vibe about him, but with out the douchiness of your typical Wall St. guy. Needless to say, I think my wife would approve.

He told me that he was staying at a sexy, luxury hotel room in Tribeca and that he'd be happy to host us during a weeknight. I accepted, but explained that I'd like it to be a surprise, so we came up with a plan. I told my wife that a friend at work had a free night at a hotel downtown and gifted it to me. In doing so, I told her we should make a night of it. I told her to put a sexy dress on and meet me for dinner and drinks before we enjoyed our little stay-cation.

The day arrived and I was acting really fidgety. Noticeably so. I kept spacing out at work didn't get much of anything done. The idea of executing this gave me a ton of anxiety, but also left me extremely horny. I had to hide my throbbing erection for much of the work day.

After work, I raced downtown to the hotel to meet Marco in person. It was awkward at first. Looking into the eyes of a man that would possibly be deep inside my wife in just a few hours. The meet and greet was important for the simple fact that I realized that I had chosen well. He was extremely friendly and had a very calm and relaxed demeanor. We didn't talk about the sex, but I made it very clear that he was to follow my lead and treat us both with respect. He gave me an extra keycard to his room and told me he was looking forward to the experience.

I set off to meet my wife at the restaurant and I was the first to arrive. The waiter brought me a drink and I as I was taking my first sip I saw her enter the dining room. The way she entered made the entire room fall silent for what seemed like an eternity. She was wearing tall black heels followed by the shapeliest dress of black silk i have ever seen. In the most tasteful way possible it looked like it was painted on her 38" hips and natural double D breasts.

Dinner was incredible and lavish and it felt fun to splurge on a random weekday. We had one last round of drinks and then I suggested that we go check out our room. In the elevator, on the way up to the 27th floor, I told her that she looked exquisite and she leaned in to kiss me and reached down to give my cock a subtle squeeze. She was just as horny as I was and she had no idea what was about to happen next.

We got to our room and before I opened the door, I took off my black tie and told her that I wanted to blind fold her with it. She nervously agreed. I gave her a look and trusted that she couldn't see. I opened the door and it revealed an unbelievable room that put most New York City apartments to shame, plus the view was incredible as well. I led her inside, I put some music on and then returned to her gently caressing her body and kissing her neck. She let out soft sighs and smiled at my touch. All the while, Marco was sitting on the sofa completely quiet watching us wearing a devilish smile.

I moved behind her while kissing her neck and started to unzip her tight, beautiful dress. The zipper went down slowly and reached a point where it fell to the ground revealing her big, perfect tits as well has the rest of her striking figure. Marco was staring in awe and sporting a not-so-subtle erection. Nervous on how to proceed I motioned towards us and decided to just go for it. I was still behind her caressing her hips and ass while kissing her neck. She continued to smile in glee and sigh at the sensation and sensory deprivation. Marco was right in front of her now and I nodded to him. Without hesitating he bent down and took her erect nipple into his mouth and gently sucked.

She jumped when her body realized what was happening and let out a series of short breaths. I whispered to her that she's ok and that I'm with her and that I may have invited a friend. At this her fear turned into an almost maniacal grin. Marco continued to fondle and suck on her tits with a gentle passion and my wife continued to enjoy herself even more.

With the blindfold still on, she reached down and squeezed my hard cock through my pants and began to unfasten my belt. She dropped to her knees and took my pants down. Marco took this as a cue to step away and take his shirt off. She freed my 8" cock from my pants and immediately put it in her hungry mouth. With her other hand she reached blindly at where Marco had been. Using some kind of mystical female sonar, she found his bulging crotch and stroked him through his pants while she slobbered all over my aching hard on. She took me out of her mouth and pivoted over to Marco and began to unzip his pants. As his cock flung out of his briefs, I slipped off her blindfold..

She looked at his big, thick uncircumcised dick and she smiled at it Then she looked up at him and said, "hi," before taking him into her mouth. I just stood there examining this undeniably hot scene. Marco was not quite as long as I was, but he was definitely thicker. I loved seeing her raw sexual passion being taken out on this stranger's cock. His eyes were rolled back into his head and he was moaning. I stepped closer and she released him from her mouth and took both of us in her hands and stroked looking up and smiling at us. She knew she was in for a fun night.

We led her onto the bed were I buried my face into her soaking wet pussy. While i was busy, Marco was getting acquainted with my wife kissing her and squeezing her tits with both of his hands. I could hear muffled moans as I began to intensify the stroking of my tongue. Being very focused for a while I looked up to notice that Marco was kneeling next to her head as she sucked his cock some more.

She couldn't take any more tease and demanded that one of us fuck her. Marco gave me the honors, but I insisted that he go first. I wanted to watch my wife get fucked from a 3rd person perspective. I knew how hot she was and I knew how good she felt, but nothing solidified those feelings more than when I watched another man take her for the first time.

He placed her feet on his chest and lowered his thick cock into her tight aching pussy. Even with all of her wetness, she was incredibly tight. I watched him enter her inch by inch. Once he found a groove, he began slowly pounding her deeply making her wail in delight. She motioned for my cock and wanted me near her. She looked into my eyes and she didn't even have to speak to tell me that she loved this idea and loved my dirty mind for making it happen.

We continued for awhile taking turns fucking her and getting sucked at the same time. One of the walls in the hotel room was a large scale mirror and it was particularly hot watching the scene. It was like being in a porno starring us. The more we fucked the more creative we got. I had her on all fours on the bed, while i stood and fucked her from behind. Marco was relaxing in the bed receiving an incredibly slick hand job while his balls were being licked and sucked.

And then it was time.

I pulled out and slid my wife on top of Marco and placed her on his cock. She sat still kissing him while he was deep inside making her entire body quiver. I leaned down and dove my tongue into her asshole providing it was even more lubrication than what was already there. She clenched realizing what i was about to do, but gave no sign to stop. I reached down and slowly guided my cock into her ass.

It wasn't easy or quick, but Marco and I managed to fit our hulking cocks inside of her at the same time. I hadn't felt tightness until that moment. Almost like a well functioning machine, we began alternating our thrusts making her screams inaudible. She yelled, "don't stop! Harder! Faster! Stuff me with those cocks!" I've never seen her more ravenous for sex than in that moment. We fucked her hard and we fucked her long until Marco tapped me on my leg. I knew he was about to explode. And so was I.

I gently pulled out of her ass and she flipped on her knees in front of us. Like a crazed, proud slut, she presented her tits in her hands and opened her mouth wide. She commanded us, "give me your cum!" "Shoot your hot fucking load into my face!" Marco looked at me and I nodded knowingly back at him and he stoked him cock more fiercely and let out and long groan as his cock exploded in four quick bursts filling up my wife's mouth and drenching her chin in hot cum. She swallowed most and the rest dripped down to her waiting tits. She turned to me and said, "your turn baby, give it to me." I slowed my stroking, increased my grip on my cock, and took a small step back. At the point of no return, I squeezed the head of my cock tightly and shot my cum all over her tits.

Both of us dazed and confused over an intense orgasm, we couldn't help but notice her bright smile piercing us with her face glistening in cum and her tits covered and dripping.

We cleaned up, we showered, and shared a bed together. My wife cuddling both of us and drifting to sleep, exhausted from our well organized fuck fest. We both worked in the morning, but it was completely worth it. She woke me up the next morning quietly and kissed me. Marco was still sleeping. She said that she had on of the best nights of her life and that she couldn't imagine that experience going any better. I told her that I'm so happy I have a such an amazing wife that I can be so open and honest with. I asked her if we should head home and let him sleep, but she said "I think before we leave we should say goodbye first and I know just how to do it." I smiled as she got on top of Marco and put his sleeping cock into her mouth.

Written by: trymeout8

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