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A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 43

by riverboy©

Chrissy called. The first one of 'my girls' that truly stole my heart. If it wasn't for that damn rich husband of hers . . . and that damn twenty year age difference . . . oh well, at least I got to spend time with her now and then.

"How does a couple days in the mountains sound?" she asked. "Can you get away?"

"I'm in sweetheart," I said. I'm sure she could hear me smiling.


I arrived at Chrissy's Lake Placid lodge on an overcast morning, and found her outside the carriage house garage with a hose in her hand, washing the Ferrari Dino, it's yellow color brightening up the grayish day. She ran to me when I got out of my truck, her bra-less tits bouncing under a white sweatshirt. She embraced me silently, with her head against my chest.

"Doesn't this feel so different this time?" she finally said, and I kissed her softly. "Last time we were here it was all so new between us, and there was so much unsaid that needed to be figured out. Now . . . it's gonna be wonderful Steve."

"I don't know if I've ever seen you look happier, or sexier," I said.

"You like my cleaning clothes?" she said, and she twirled around like a model, giving me a look at her water splashed sweatshirt, khaki shorts and bare feet.

"You make everything look sexy," I said, smiling my approval.

I took the sponge and we made quick work of the car wash. I grabbed my bag out of my truck and we walked to the porch steps of the big lodge and Chrissy sat down on the top step, looking out at the beautiful woodland that wrapped around the side of the old house.

"God I love it here," she said as she listened to the birds.

"So how are things going for you?" I asked. "Are you as happy as you look?"

"I am right at the moment," she said, "but not in general, no. How can I put this politely . . . my marital frustrations are becoming more acute."

"Ha! That's some mighty articulate politeness," I said. "So, I'm hoping that means . . . I get to see more of you?"

"I was hoping you'd hope that, because that's what I'm hoping too," she smiled. "I'm even hoping to get to Florida this year to do some suntanning on your boat."

"Oh my God!" I said. "Don't tease me now. For real?"

"I'd really like to, yes," she said. "It's not a done deal though, so . . ."

I cut her off with a kiss. A deep passionate kiss that ended with her on her back on the porch floor with her sweatshirt pushed up, and her beautiful olive skinned tits in my hands.

"My goodness Mr. Mills!" she said with a surprised smile. "I'm old enough to be you mother you know!" and then she giggled like a schoolgirl while my mouth ravaged her beautiful nipples.

I rested my head on her warm belly and her slender fingers played with my hair.

"I wish every day could be this wonderful," she said. The birds chirped and we listened to each other breathe for a minute or two. "So how are things going for you?" she asked. "Are you as happy as you look?"

"How could I not be right now?" I said.

"Tell me about your life," she said as she looked up at the porch ceiling, her body completely relaxed on the painted wood floor.

"My life?" I asked. "What do you want to know?"

"Oh I don't know," she said. "Are you in love?"

"Other than with you?" I said. "I think so, but it's a tough question with so many women in my life. I care deeply about all of them, and I love some of them, but in different ways. I know that's not what you're asking though. Yeah, I think I'm in love — Lee's daughter Becka, we've developed a deep connection. I haven't let it blossom fully, because she's young and halfway through college, and I don't think she knows what she wants out of life yet. I can't feel a hundred percent right about it until I get that feeling in my gut, that she knows exactly what she wants and I'm it. You know what I mean?"

"I do," Chrissy said, still twirling my hair in her fingers. "This might sound weird, but I think you and Lee make a nice couple too."

"Yeah, it's certainly an odd situation I find myself in," I said. "Lee's...she's pretty great."

"Is she still seeing Stewart?" she asked.

"Oh that's right, you met him at Lindsey's last party didn't you," I said. "I'm not sure, but I think that sort of fizzled out. She hasn't mentioned him lately."

"I probably shouldn't say this, but he wasn't a very good lover," Chrissy said. "The weak link of that night's chain anyway. I'm sure you've spoiled Lee—living right next door to her, she knows what good in bed is all about these days."

"She's pretty good at it herself," I said.

"I know, I could see that at Lindsey's," she said. " And she's so beautiful, and cute, and hot. I've always been jealous of her type, but she's so sweet I can't help but like her."

"You've been jealous of her type?" I said, lifting my head up of Chrissy's warm belly. "I can't believe that!"

"Believe it," she said, and she pushed me back down and played with my hair some more. "Being so obviously Italian—olive skin, black hair and big eyebrows—it was no picnic when I was a teenager, believe me. I would have given anything to have an athletic body like hers, and blue eyes and blonde hair."

"Wow!" I said. "You know you're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on, right?"

"Ha!" she said as she squeezed my cranium. "That's a gross exaggeration, but thank you sweetheart. So, is Lee one of your loves?"

"Oh, absolutely," I said.

"Yeah, I don't know why I even asked," she said. "I could see it both times I was with you guys."

"That's funny, because she said the same thing about you and me," I said.

"Here's a question for you," she said. "Do you think an open marriage would work?"

"It's working for Ronnie and Kathy, and they're pushing the limits pretty far," I said. "Depends on the person I guess. I think it would work for me, as long as neither of us let it get out of control. Maybe just an 'on special occasions' kinda thing. There'd have to be a lot of open communication all along the way."

"Yeah, that sounds about right," she said. "I can see that. Just hypothetically speaking, if you and I were married, I think inviting someone like Lee or Lindsey or Ally into our bed would be wonderful for everybody."

"Are you saying you'll marry me?" I said, lifting my head up again. "Because I'm ready, right now."

"No silly," she said, pushing me down again onto her warm belly. "I wish things were different and I could say yes, but you know it wouldn't work. When you turned fifty I'd be in my seventies. I do need a marriage with this though—laying here in the daytime with my tits showing, my lover laying on me. This kind of intimacy is something I'm finding I desperately need. And I've learned so much about my sexuality since I met you . . . I really think an open marriage would suit me."

"I'm glad you're thinking of a better future," I said. "You deserve it."

"The day is young," she said, lifting herself up on her elbows. "Let's go for a hike. I haven't shown you our woods yet."

Chrissy threw together some snacks and water bottles in a small backpack and we headed off into the woods behind the lodge. It was a well built trail and followed along a beautiful creek before heading into deeper woods.

"Nicki and her friends use their mountain bikes here sometimes to keep an eye on things and keep the trail open. See that cliff up ahead?" she said, pointing through an opening in the trees. "That's where were headed."

"So you guys own all this land?" I asked.

"Nine-hundred acres," she said. "It's mostly woods, but the cliff's a nice destination."

After a steep climb and an even steeper scramble up the side of the rock face we found ourselves on a beautiful look-out, with views of the Adirondack's highest peaks.

"Oh my God!" I said as I gazed out over it all. "This is spectacular!"

"I know," Chrissy said. "I love it here. I wanted to have a lean-to built up here, but I didn't get to far with my lobbying."

She pulled a blanket out of the backpack, and a thin sleeping pad for camping.

"Might as well be comfortable," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"I like where this is going," I said, and I helped her spread them out on the smooth rock.

The sun started to break through the overcast as Chrissy sat down and lifted her sweatshirt over her head. Her big bare globes lifted with her arms, and settled into their natural state as she set her shirt down next to her. She had a delicious little smile on her face.

"My God woman, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" I said. "My pulse is already racing from that climb you know."

She giggled a little, raised her butt and slipped her shorts down her tanned legs, stopping at her ankles while she removed her little hiking shoes.

"The sun feels so nice," she said as she tossed them all aside and stretched her naked body out on the blanket.

"Do you trust me?" I asked.

"More than anyone," she said.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket. "I'd like to take a picture of you, so I remember this forever," I said. "I promise no one will see it but me."

"Okay," she said with a little smile.

I took one, and then another, and before long had taken a dozen or more. Chrissy posed for them all, in a beautifully casual way, with a look of great contentment on her face. We finished with a stunning shot of her on her back with the mountains in the background, her own 'high peaks' stealing the show.

"I have a naughty thought," she said. "What if you take a video of us and edit out the parts where you can see our faces and post it on the internet for the whole world to see?"

"Nice!" I said. "I like it! Let me set it up."

"I'll watch it at night when I'm lonely and thinking of you," she said.

I found a snaggly dead branch, propped the backpack up on it and nestled the phone on the top of it. The view was perfect, tight enough that our heads would be out of it most of the time and the mountains looked beautiful off in the distance. I stripped off my clothes and switched on the camera.

"That looks good enough to eat," Chrissy said with a smile as I walked to her with a quickly rising erection.

She gobbled me up and the warmth and wetness of her eager mouth and her insistent hands had me spurting my cream onto her tongue in near record time. She swallowed with a beautiful smile and sucked me clean. She silently turned around, keeping her face away from the camera, and offered me her ass. I planted my face in it and licked her pretty pussy as she gazed out at the mountains. Her moans rose in intensity as I worked her over with my tongue, and she came with a beautiful silent shudder. While she was still gasping for breath I plunged my hot cock into her and her back arched up, as if she was offering her magnificent tits to the wilderness below. I cupped the luscious orbs in my hands and we fucked like wild animals, grunting primitive sounds and letting our primal instincts take over. Chrissy started screaming, freely and loudly, in a way she's never done indoors, so I joined her in a loud chorus of sexual ecstasy that took us both off the edge of the cliff, floating in orgasmic bliss above the green canopy of trees. We came down silently, my cock still deep inside her, her tits soft and warm in my hands.

"That'll be quite a scene to watch over and over," she said quietly as she caught her breath. "I don't know if I've ever felt that free before."

"Did I ever tell you you're a magnificent woman?" I asked.


We raced down a mountain road, and the shriek the little Ferrari V-6 made at 7000 RPM reminded me of Chrissy's screams on the cliff top. Up through the gears, onto a straight section of road, and then back down to second gear with a blip of the throttle for a tight left-hander. Quickly back up to fourth, and then back down to second again, finally unwinding through a big sweeping right-hander onto another straight section where we just touched a hundred miles-per-hour before quick downshifts for another tight corner.

"You're good at this," Chrissy smiled, looking calm and sexy in the passenger seat.

"This car's amazing," I said. "It's so light, I feel like it's reading my mind."

"Can you read mine?" she asked, and she started unbuttoning her little summer sweater, revealing a lacy bra.

The thin sweater came off and she sat there with a little smile, her tits jiggling with the bumps in the road. I could see one of New York's brown 'Trail Head' signs ahead and quickly downshifted through the gears and pulled off in the little dirt parking spot. The engine fell silent and the quiet of the deep forest setting overtook us.

"You know you could have caused an accident young lady," I said with a smile.

A red squirrel chattered at us as we got out of the car. Dappled sunlight filtered down through the forest canopy onto the yellow Dino, it's voluptuous fenders and curvaceous bodywork mimicking Chrissy's fantastic body.

"I need another picture," I said, and I walked out into the deserted road to get my angle.

Chrissy took off her little sandals and her shorts were off in a flash, leaving her in a matched set of lacy white bra and panties. She leaned seductively on the little car and the corners of her mouth turned up in a sexy smile. A few more shots and I had to have her. We walked up the trail just enough so we wouldn't be seen and Chrissy bent over with her hands against a huge old white pine tree and I pulled her panties aside and fucked her. Our cries of love echoed off a rocky outcrop alongside the trail, and the red squirrel sat above us in the tree chattering like a crazed lunatic.


That evening Chrissy made one of her wonderful dinners—pasta with a sauce of fresh tuna, olives, cherry tomatoes, anchovies and capers. Salad, a loaf of her homemade bread that she brought from home and good wine rounded out the meal.

"I think you should get married," Chrissy said as we ate.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"Just women's intuition I guess," she said. "I think it's time."

"You women are funny," I said. "About a year ago Connie told me I'd be married within two years. I already told you about Becka though. I'm not ready to lock her into a life with me until I know she's ready."

"I don't think it's going to be Becka," she said. " I could be wrong, but I'm usually pretty good with these kinds of feelings. The old women back in Italy feel this kind of thing very strongly."

"Okay Miss Psychic, care to tell me who my better half's gonna be?" I asked with a smirk.

"Not yet," she said, with a smirk of her own.

"So you think you know do you?" I asked.

"Pretty sure," she said with a growing smile. "And no, it's not me. Still to old, last I checked."

"You'll never be too old," I said. "You know I'm gonna fuck you when you're wrinkly, right?"

"I'm already looking forward to it," she said with a beautiful smile.

The conversation turned and we never got back to the subject, but she had me thinking, that was for sure.


The rain that threatened in the morning finally moved in, but there was no wind and we were able to use the wonderful sleeping porch on the third floor. The memories flooded back of our time there the summer before, our first real lovemaking together, and of course our time with Nicki, ushering her into the sexual world in such a beautiful way.

The lovemaking this time was just as beautiful, if not more so. The familiarity with our bodies combined with not seeing each other very often made it a very special night indeed.

"You know how I feel about you, right?" Chrissy said, riding me slowly cowgirl style with her hands on my chest. "It's okay if I say I love you isn't it?"

"It's better than okay," I said, and she leaned down and kissed me softly. "I love you too," I said. "I'm so glad I found you."

She buried her face in my neck and started to slowly fuck me with her hips. Her speed increased and I met her rhythm with slowly building upstrokes until we were moving together like a well oiled machine. The sound of the rain on the metal roof, the creaking bed, our moans and the sound of two bodies slapping together all joined together into a beautiful symphony of love.

"Oh Steve!" Chrissy said breathlessly between quick moans. "You bring me alive!"

My big piston ravaged her beautiful pussy, pumping her full of love, lifting her out of her unhappy life into another full of light and possibilities. My hips were a blur as she crested the wave, and a deep guttural cry lifted out of her chest. Her eyes rolled back and her world turned golden, her whole being consumed by love.


The next evening I returned home, and opened up all the windows in the camp. My mind was full of wonderful thoughts of Chrissy. We'd spent the drizzly morning in bed, drinking coffee and eating sweet treats between sessions of beautiful lovemaking. Chrissy made a fabulous lunch, and we ended our tryst as we started it, kissing on the front porch floor with my hands full of luscious tits.

"I thought I heard you over here," Lee said a she walked across the lawn.

"Just got here," I said. "Beer?"

"Sure," she said, and I grabbed a couple from the kitchen. "Is Chrissy as ravishing as ever?" Lee asked when I returned.

"She's spectacular," I said.

"So, I've got some news," she said, with a very odd look on her face. "You know that trip Becka went on to Brazil with her class?"

"Yeah. What happened? Did something happen?" I asked.

"She didn't get hurt or anything . . . but . . . she hurt you and me," Lee said, and her eyes welled up with tears. "She got married Steve."

I felt a strange jolt of shock, and Lee burst into tears.

"Stupid kid," she said through her sobs. "I don't even know what to think."

"How did that happen?" I asked. "Who did she marry?"

"A classmate," she said. "I guess they've been together for quite awhile. Instead of flying home they changed their tickets for Las Vegas and got married. I can't even believe it."

"Wow!" I said quietly, and I sat next to Lee and we embraced.

'I don't think it's going to be Becka,' Chrissy's voice said in my head as I remembered our dinner conversation from the night before. I guess the woman really did have some of that old Italian psychic ability.

"What do you think we should do?" Lee asked as her sobbing subsided.

"Support her," I said. "Assuming he's a good guy of course. A marriage has to get off on the right foot if it's gonna work. We love her, and we need to help her make sure it works."

"It's a good thing you're here because I just feel like slapping her," Lee sniffled. "She always was impulsive."

"But she's smart though," I said. "And a good kid and a good judge of character. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt."

"I thought you'd be as crushed as I am," she said. "What's going on here?"

"I don't know, maybe it hasn't hit me yet," I said. "I've always been one to take things as they're given to me and make the best of the situation. I'm an optimist, and I think things work out the way their supposed to. Let's just see what happens."

Lee wiped her tears. "It's a good thing you got here," she said. "I was about ready to burn down the whole world last night."

"Why didn't you call me?" I asked.

"That would have been a little to weird," she said. "Interrupting your time with your lover to tell you my daughter, who is your other lover, is getting married. Nope, to weird," she said with a little laugh. "Emma's here. She kept me from jumping off a bridge at least. She feels really bad for you. She wouldn't come over here with me because she didn't want to see you get hurt."

"She's sweet," I said. "You're all sweet, all three of you. I'm sure Becka feels pretty awkward about things too."

"Are you sure you're okay?" Lee asked, looking at me quizzically. "You seem way to calm about this."

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